Zotac MEK1 Mini PC Review - The PC GAMING Console of 2018?

Zotac MEK1 Mini PC Review – The PC GAMING Console of 2018?

Today Briony takes a look at the new Zotac MEK1 Mini PC – a system that promises to bring great gaming performance in a small, console sized chassis. The big question – is it really worth the £1399 asking price?

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CPU: Intel Core i7 7700, Quad Core, 8 threads, clock speed 3.6 GHz, boost clock 4.2Ghz.
Memory: 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 2400 Mhz
GPU: GeForce GTX 1070 Ti , GDDR5 , 8GB
Storage Drives: 1x 240GB M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD + 1x 1 TB 2.5″ SATA HDD
PSU Wattage: 450 W
Network: 802.11ac WiFi,Dual Wired Gigabit LAN
Operating System: Windows 10 Home (64 bit)
Dimensions: 118.01mm Width x 415.15mm Height x 418.32mm Depth

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hello brandy – kit guru and in this video I'm taking a look at the zotac m EK 1 mini gaming pc it's going to retail for around 1399 pounds here in the UK it's got this very sort of small and slim ITX form factor so it's perfect for those of you that might not have that much space on your desk and you want something that is a bit more space-saving than a traditional desktop PC the dimensions of the m EK one its 118 millimeters wide 415 millimeters tall and 418 millimeters deep it is a prebuilt PC so I found it nice and easy to set up you just unbox it and then there's a power Lea to plug in the back you plug the two Wi-Fi antennas in the back as well so you can get Wi-Fi signal and then there's two plastic feet that you just slip on to the bottom of the case the operating system Windows 10 home is also already pre-installed so it's just a case of plugging all those extras in and then pressing the power button and it's ready to go and you can just get down to playing some games the case on the zotac m EK one is sort of a matte black plastic and to be honest I'm not really fan of how it looks it's got these big like sticking out fins on the side that remind me of like the funky looking cases from like six or eight years ago and also because the whole case is made out of plastic it doesn't exactly scream premium and does feel sort of like cheap and plasticky the two feet on the side and I understand whether they're it's because that's just a slim case and needs them to stay upright but I really don't like how they look once again a bad design I would say I'm and also like the glossy plastic IO cover on the front I don't really understand the pointing it I think it definitely looks better down and it's really quite ugly and sort of doesn't match the rest of the plastic on the case I think the same Jack over a done quite a good job to compensate for all of this there was the two customisable RGB straps down the side they're nice and bright and the colors are accurate as well and also customizable and the zotac spectra software I found is easy to use it's nice and intuitive and there's a few different options to change the lighting I've currently got it on the like cycle mode so it cycles through all the different colors and that you could there's like a static color mode there's also a strobing color mode as well and like breathing but I think the cycles my favorites just sort of scrolls through all the different colors and I know some of you might quite like the design of the mk1 I mean after all it's an aesthetic thing so it's all down to taste but I'm really not a huge fan I definitely think so it looks a little bit on the ugly side I guess on the inside of the zotac I mean k1 it is definitely a proper desktop PC it's got some really good specifications there's – a gigabyte sticks of DDR for two thousand four hundred megahertz Ram it's got an Intel Core i7 7700 CPU which I do think is a bit of an interesting choice for a PC in 2018 I'm waiting to hear back from ZOTAC on why they did opt to use a Kubelik processor it's got a blower style zu tack a gigabyte gtx 1070 TI which I do think is a really nice looking card is a shame that is hidden inside this case storage comes as a 140 gigabyte MT PCIe nvme SSD which is very important for a PC in 2018 sort of a must-have for me and then it's also got a two and a half inch one terabyte hard drive as well for storage for games and things it has got a small 450 watt power supply which does look like it's me by Silverstone and it is 80 plus one bronze rated as well I think the overall layout on the inside does make sense with the blower blower graphics card having plenty of room to breathe and it's got this like extra vent on the side as well that it can push the hot air out of there's these two extra small fans next the cpu and I guess they're there just to provide some extra airflow out the side of the case the cables aren't really anything special they're sort of these funky rainbow cables but I think now reasonably neat and they are cable tied into place the RAM harddrive and N m2 SSD also look like it can be upgraded and they're sort of like easy to access as well this PC has plenty of connectivity it's the same as you would expect to see on a full-size desktop PC so when it comes to Internet connectivity it's got jewel a gigabyte lan ports and there's two 802.11 AC Wi-Fi antennas and then there's loads of USB connectors as well so there's two USB two connectors on the back and then there's four USB three connectors on the back of a server two USB 3 connectors on the front there's are all the same audio connectivity you will expect to see loads of loads of different audio options on the back with a further headphone jack and microphone jack on the front of the PC when it comes to connecting a display because this computer has got a full-size gtx 1070 TI there's three display ports HDMI port and also a DVI as well now I'm going to move on to you performance and testing I've been using this PC for a little while getting to know it playing some games are checking their temperatures checking the noise levels and as normal I'll try not to bore you too much of loads of information in this video so you make sure to head over to the kicker website in your own time if you'd like a little bit more information I'm gonna start off with the temperature results that I got the zotac ME k1 is reasonably quite cool when it's idle everything stays around just over 30 degrees to test how hot it gets when it's under load I ran a 264 and you know general for 10 minutes to test both the CPU and GPU at the same time to check that the fans and things are efficient enough to call them both simultaneously so the i7 7700 isotactic a really good job of cooling that I stayed under 70 degrees throughout the testing the GPU did get a little bit hotter but I did see that the van fan profile is actually more on the passive side and the maximum fan speed I saw was 52% so it probably explains why it got up to 82 degrees which I would say is actually quite hot really maybe it would be worth tweaking the fan profile making a little more aggressive and I think it's worth having a little bit extra noise in order to keep that temperature down because of course at 82 degrees there is no option to perform any sort of overclock and sort of try to get a little bit more performance because of course that graphics card is probably going to overheat so I measure the sound levels on the M ek1 by using my sound level meter when it's completely I'd also on the desktop with no programs open I then did another cell level reading while I was running at the 8 is 64 and Unigine tasks to check the temperatures so all the fans are spending nice and fast and I could get a good reading when everything was sort of pushed to the limit and I actually found this PC isn't that silent and stealthy what's idle is 42 decibels as there's definitely some fan noise and but in fact it doesn't actually get that much louder when it's put under load and he gets up to 50 decibels so I found this PC is far from being irritating and annoying the sound levels are actually quite good I just wish maybe was a little bit quieter when it was idle another thing I will mention as well the fan noise isn't really a problem at all but one thing I did find annoying was that the particular review sample that I've been sent does have a little bit of cool wine not sure if it's coming from the GPU or the power supply it's quite hard sort of differentiate between which one it is because everything's also close together in this case and but it is definitely there when I put the PC under load like while gaming and or rendering something like that where it causes the parts to be under load and I did definitely notice some cool wine hopefully it's just on my sample and I've just got unlucky really but I think it is definitely something worth mentioning so I'll now talk about the cinnamon testing results that I got so I I basically compared the i7 7702 CPUs and other mini pcs that kick you have tested put them all on the graph here so you can take a look at the results and the i7 7700 isn't an overclockable cpu so obviously I can overclock it to get any extra performance out of it but did get a pretty decent score of 860 however as you can see it was completely smashed by the new i7 8700 because it's got two extra cause so to me it is quite interesting that ZOTAC have opted to use this Kubelik processor in a PC in 2018 I think it definitely puts this PC at a disadvantage when it comes to performance I'm not really for gaming and there's not very much difference between i7 7 700 and an i7 8 700 and those extra cores will translate to much fps but if you are someone that wants to do like video editing and like rendering and then the performance in this PC is definitely lacking compared to the newer processors and weakly was here back on ZOTAC as to why they have opted to use a cpu the only logical reason I can think of is because of cost but I mean for gaming is make much difference but it's definitely something to think about after the Cinebench testing I moved on and did the 3dmark benchmark so unsurprisingly the Emmy k1 got some very good scores are particularly on fire strike which is the 1080p benchmark I said just show this should be a really good gaming PC for gaming on a 1080p monitor the individual results of the GPU and CPU there wasn't one that seriously outperform the other so it shows that they are well matched pair and and overall I after doing 3d mark testing I was expecting some very good gaming performance to test the gaming performance on this PC I ran my three tests Akane's so that's rise to the Tomb Raider far cry 5 and Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon wildlands I tested them on two different graphics settings so it's either high a very high or ultra depending on which game it was and it's extra work for me a bit more interesting for you I also tried it on three different resolutions for each game so it was 1080p 1440 and also at 2160 as well so that allows you to see if you can be plug in a different monitor cuz I know everyone's got different preferences as to what resolution they like to use and it basically shows the different performance you can get from the M ek1 so 1080p resolution and all the tester games the this little piece you do really well and I think it would really benefit benefit from having a high refresh rate do something like 144 Hertz 144 Hertz trying to pee gaming this is the PC for you and 1440p resolution actually did really good as well and it got least 60 FPS on all the tester games a lot of the time it was much higher than that and so and that's even on like high graphics settings as well so 1440p very capable it did begin to struggle however when it comes to you 4k resolution that's pretty much as expected it's got a gtx 1070 T on it which is what I'm using on my main PC so you do sort of have to sacrifice fps really to get it running in that resolution and but it did achieve at least 30 fps the majority of the time so it did do pretty good at 4k resolution but of course it doesn't get that sort of like sweet 60fps that you would expect so overall what do I think of the zotac ME k1 and I think it is a good little PC it's easy to live with because it doesn't get too hot and it's not too loud and it's got some really good specifications packed into a smaller form factor so it's great for those of you that might have a limited space and just want something moving to like slip behind a monitor also makes it more portable as well if you're sort of partials are going into different land events I think that the 1399 asking price is fair really um you do pay a bit of a premium sort of 10 20 % because it is that small form factor but I don't think that is overpriced really and the main thing I don't like is this than the ugly side for me and is still all down to personal taste but I do think it is sort of like ugly and tacky looking but there are some of you that might actually quite looks like the look of the Mak one and another thing I'm not too sure on is why ZOTAC opted to use that outdated i7 7700 and it definitely doesn't have much influence when it comes to gaming performance so therefore I think the zotac m e k1 is a great little PC and I definitely recommended if you're looking for something to game on if you like this video from kicker get a thumbs up if you'd like to see more from kicker you make sure to hit the subscribe button and there is also a little below akin as well so you can get notifications of when a new video goes live

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