Yamaha MT-10 vs BMW S1000R Review Road Test | Visordown Motorcycle Reviews

Yamaha MT-10 vs BMW S1000R Review Road Test | Visordown Motorcycle Reviews

What do you think of the Yamaha MT-10 and the BMW S1000R and do you agree with our verdict on which is best? Full review here: 👉

Two super-naked motorcycles using the blistering engine and frame of a flagship sports bike, both detuned from about 200hp to exactly 160hp – Yamaha’s MT-10 and BMW’s S1000R couldn’t be more closely matched. So which is best?

Read our full review here:


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Simon and I are out with two of the most ludicrous bikes you can buy at the moment we've got Yamahas mt-10 a naked r1 and we've got BMWs s thousand are to the naked s thousand dollar are essentially let's find out which is best these two bikes have been itching for a dust-up since the Yamaha was launched in May it's too super nakeds using a sports bike engine and frame both detuned from about 200 horsepower to 160 they couldn't be more closely matched its Yamahas mt-10 and BMWs s thousand are it was difficult not to be blown away by the MT ten to talk the first time I rode it on the launch with its front wheel really eager to lift about 7000 rpm in second but I had a sneaky feeling it wasn't quite the brute the s thousand R is in the lower part of the range and having ridden them back to back I don't think it is the MT 10 retains a hint of the are ones top-end buyers while the s thousand dollar has everything top-end mid-range and bottom end the detuning has paid off more but that's not even the most impressive thing about the s thousand are what's really impressive is how controllable that aggression Suzuki GSX s thousand has a jerky on/off throttle response it's a pain in the arse and when I said that in my review of it some of you said I was just a bit scared of it I might be but this BMW is to prove that aggressive talk is not the same as on-off talk it will fire you down any straight just as quickly with just as little effort as that Suzuki but it understands if you just need to trickle through a village or around a mini roundabout ten miles an hour the torque develops almost seamlessly for nothing and it's easy to maintain a constant low level this is what a good motorcycle is like it shouldn't be a challenge to ride it anymore than the kettle should offer obstacles to making tea and if you disagree I'll buy you one with a spout curbing the wrong way around you'll like it the mt-10 is not a pain like the GS XS thousand but it's not as refined as the s thousand are both the S thousand are and the MT ten have three riding modes offering a progressively more aggressive throttle response meaning more torque for a given wrist movement the MT 10 is more jerky in its least aggressive setting than the BMW is in its most it's something that wouldn't necessarily be on your mind riding the Yamaha in isolation but it's just highlighted but I go on the BMW like the Yamaha Suika brakes they're not terrible they just don't match the bikes performance elsewhere and the s thousand are cants a brilliant light on that on the BMW you have to recalibrate your hand to the light touch required at times making you glad of the ABS the Yamaha course has ABS too but the lever takes a firmer grip and the field has more in common with wood it will stop the bike very quickly but it's just not in the same league the MT tends crossplane crank in June has a lot of character it's got a bit of a clan can rattle to it but it sounds different special and serious the s thousand R has a more conventional four-cylinder feel and sound that smoothness and it still has a deep inductor apart from some dope in the throttle and angry burble when you shut off use a quick shifter and it makes a really nice pop between each gear change both of these motorcycles handle like this for fun driving they are and have excellent suspension the balls on the s2000 are lower making you lean forward a little bit more and creating more of the sense of a naked sports bike and $1000 with the fairing and clip-ons ripped off there's a sense of sports bike like precision in the steering to the mt-10 feels closer to the typical naked bike upright with the straight bars right in front of you the riding position on the s2000 are is better for bracing yourself against the torque and you feel a little bit more part of the bike possibly helped by the lowest seat I'm 5 foot 9 and I could easily get both feet flat on the ground on the s2000 are but I was on the balls of my feet on the MT 10 the $1,000 seat was softer and more comfortable than the MT tends to and that should make it better for longer journeys but unfortunately the s thousand dollars a bit vibey through the pegs bars a mirrors at motorway speeds just a little bit with its slightly bigger headlight cowling offering a little bit of wind protection the MT 10 is the one I'd rather ride to Lands End on but who chooses a naked bike for that on a warm Dana City the s thousand are hovered at around a hundred degrees while the MT 10 got to 106 at one point the s thousand-dollar feels sometimes bid Li to get into neutral preferring to go down from second and that became annoying when there are lots of traffic lights but on balance its faults are outweighed by its strengths amazingly it's a better all-around motorcycle than the MT 10 as well as a more impressive super naked Yamaha R do optional panniers on at all screen for the MT 10 kind of making it an empty tent racer but you can get nice aftermarket throw over panniers for the BMW if that's what you want as well as a screen and anyway to up touring potential on the MT 10 is going to be limited by its pillion pegs which are ridiculously high but it's not for any of these considerations that the s2000 are wins this test means a better super naked it's the one that I think the average rider likely can exploit more performance from it's not so much a criticism of the Yamaha because that's amazing too as a testament to how good the X thousand dollar is it's got a stronger more usable engine and much better brakes and really that's all you need to know is set a very high bar when it is wrong for two years just happened one there's a lot of great things about the internet it is by no means a bad bike but it's saving grace is I think the way it looks an eye on 160 brake horsepower super naked should not be a shrinking violet it should not be by it just passes by in the street and this certainly doesn't it divides opinion and I think that is a brilliant thing from its out there styling to its Crescent wheels it looks like a transform it looks like it's come from the future and crucially it sounds like it as well you

48 thoughts on “Yamaha MT-10 vs BMW S1000R Review Road Test | Visordown Motorcycle Reviews

  1. Great review👏 …but this has me wishing for the new model to come out..as by the time it comes out I can afford it on my own.😃..Do you have any idea when it will be released?

  2. Lol I'm planning a trip across Europe (I'm Canadian) on my new bike which I'll be buying once my broken foot is healed.

    I've tested every super naked in the class. From Suzuki's GSXS 1000, to the Tuono and everything in between.

    It's down to the Speed Triple and the S1000R.

    The MT10 simply isn't in the same category as this bike. And it is fucking ugly! Lol

  3. GSX-1000 $10,500
    MT-10 $13000
    S1000R $14000
    I wonder why.
    Ide have any and currently run
    GSX-S1000 with HyperPro
    Tail of the Dragon 🐉 local
    318 turns in 11.6 miles
    No side roads n they blow it off.

  4. If you insist on using two fingers at the fulcrum like that, yeh the MT brakes are not ideal. Most people do not do that.

  5. A good review. Seems odd not to include a price comparison. A lot of the issues you've raised (temperature, throttle jerkiness which is annoying I have to say) can be fixed with an ECU remap.

  6. I don't get the name 'visor down'. Isn't it just gonna steam up?
    Maybe they should have called themselves 'visor open just a little bit'.

  7. Seriously for the value and bang for your buck… the FZ-10/MT-10 is hands down the winner! All the quips and moans are for dorks. You’re comparing a Japanese bike to an EU bike. Making this a bullocks of a review! Much better brakes for what?! The track?? I’m so confused does the bike it stop? I own one and sure stoops well enough for street riding. It’s not an R1 they are only derived from their Liter counterparts. Find another Japanese bike and console with that EU bikes are in a category all their own.

  8. I had my FZ-10 tuned by 2Wheel Dyno works, added some block off plates and threw on a Pipe Werx exhaust. That twitchy throttle response has disappeared entirely. When that BMW needs any work done, you will have wished you bought the Yamaha.

  9. I think you’re just bias ! I own both bikes , also a Ducati monster 1299 and guess what? I love Ducati but, MT 10 just surpassed the other two.

  10. Great review. Best Ive seen in a while. Clear, concise, uncompromising, unapologetic and totally accurate camparison. None of this "well theyre both winners really" crap. But the better bike? Not so easy… MT10 is highly feral – Its by some margin the hairest ride of all the supernakeds. S1000R is vastly easier to ride faster thru twisties – Damn near steers itself even when being thrashed giving serious technological advantage to the rider – And the S1000R is undoubtedly a hell of a lot safer for the average rider because they can use this big power with great control. But then the S1000R is so clever that it also loses something in the process. And wind protections a shocker even by naked bike standards – a real strength of the MT10. And even highly experienced riders will have something to evolve with if they buy the MT10 – It is a challenge and a hell of lot of fun even for riders who've ridden all the big power bikes. MT10 is without doubt a beast – They are both epic and we're lucky to have the choice. Only question is which flavour you will enjoy most

  11. FZ-1 still way better. The super gay fart-car sound of the cross-plane is the WORST, and it doesn't get to redline as fast as the 2006 R1 motor. (in fz1 trim)

  12. As an S10000XR owner, I recommend you switch to either Road, Rain or Dynamic for a more controlled throttle response 😉

  13. Just to let people know that Yamaha MT-10 has better brakes than BMW S1000R.

    Just search for videos testing braking capability for similar bikes from different brands and you'll notice it has the better brakes.

    The main reason people think(!) Yamaha MT-10 (and other bikes) don't have better brakes, it's because people judge brakes for it's initial bite power "feeling".

    But to learning it's real power, brakes need to tested under full braking tests and not be judged by "how it feels" opinions!

    Just my 2 cents.

  14. Having rode both bikes.the BMW was hatful rattling engine with only 500 miles on it gear leaver was to long you need cown feet the riding position was to far forward anything over 5'10" it's like a drag bike the mt10 was a joy to ride but did want to wheelie all the time but only if you rode it like a nutter. yamaha all day


  16. Yeah but insurance for the S1000 is ridiculous!!!!! 11500k for me to insure a s1000r and im 31……..

  17. Is it just me that finds that ginger haired guy's voice bloody irritating?? lol..2018 MT10SP would be my go to choice currently, each to their own, 2018 Speed Triple RS is a belter too, so much to choose from in the super naked class nowadays..

  18. Terrible review, regardless how good the MT10 might be, everything on the BWM is far superior, not ridden either, looking to by a z1000sx, but was advised to have a look at the MT10, not sure I have seen/watched such a biased reviewer, he should be embarrassed, and yes I’m still going to buy the Kawa.

    But you could get the reward, for most biased bike reviewer I have seen to date.

  19. BMW are redesigning a refresh of the S1000R and I hope Yamaha can do the same for its childish headlight nacelle thingy. As it stands the Tuono is clearly the best looking (to my eyes) of the class and best sounding with reportedly the best handling on road and track. Too bad in Australia they are so over priced compared to say South Africa.
    The reviewer didn't "dig" the Yammy groove at all but was fine with a vibbey BMW?…Personally I find the big inline-4 vibes induce hand numbness and to me that is a deal breaker. The Yammy exhaust has a chortling music sound and a sweetly smooth(!) inline-4. Let's see what BMW's reply comes up with.

  20. I test rode both of these bikes several times and came to the same conclusion: the s1000r has a better engine, brakes, and warranty and though hot doesn't overheat in traffic; its simply a better bike that also gets better gas mileage as a bonus.

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