X-Ray Hacks For MCPE/Windows 10! (Works On Servers) | Minecraft

X-Ray Hacks For MCPE/Windows 10! (Works On Servers) | Minecraft

YES, they work on all servers! Hit that thumbs up if it worked!! 😉

Link or the X-Ray hacks:


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Server: Private
But does work on any server!


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x-ray hacks right here on a server look server Pam stay tuned to know how what's up people now welcome to another gaming video here i am.here not quite as much of a server minecraft gaming video it's more I'm gonna be showing you how to download x-ray hacks on windows and PE basically any bedrock which is minecraft PE or if you have a tablet if you have an iPhone if you have enjoyed if you have a Windows computer like me and I'm gonna be showing you how to get extra tax on it I'm not sure for those cheap like the Minecraft version that you didn't quite pathetic pay for a work for it but I'm pretty sure it will so anyways right now I am on the newest version and basically so first stuff make sure you watch the whole video because there's a few little fancy touches you'll see the joke later fancy side you have to turn off fancy graphics and all this stuff that you have to do and if you tuned out then you won't know how to do them and it's not gonna look properly for you so anyways first off you're gonna click the top you got a closure minecraft which it shouldn't go up and for you because you're watching a video I don't know how unless you're on Windows that makes sense um so close your minecraft and first off you're going to go to the link I posted and it's gonna be a disc disc or it's gonna be a Dropbox link and you're gonna do direct download and it will work if you're on if you're on a phone you can use Safari save as whatever they're safe oh I already did it I would pre record this video that make sure it worked it does work I have used these in the past not on service but you can use them on service that is the coolest part of this this thing you can use in mind service this you can actually hack into a few little cheaters out there that really want to actually hack on servers it's not cool but it is what it is so anyways you whatever that last was you're gonna click on it twice and it's gonna start importing it same with your I guess if you're on an iPhone or an Android it's gonna directly download to your Minecraft Pocket Edition anyways so once you get there you're going to go to settings and you're going to go to global resources up I gotta turn off this so you just add your x-ray hack you put click the plus and bam that's it's it's ready to go now if you want like night-vision you can add a shader and all that whatnot which basically gives you infinite of night if you want to but I'm not gonna explain that in that video that's also somewhat it's not difficult but it's another video for another time so we click settings then you go to your you once you added it in it should be right there you're gonna go to video and you got to turn off fancy graphics and fancy leaves that is very important if you don't do enough that it's not gonna work properly and so once you do that you go to a plate and you can pick a server or a world I'll show you on this world first just that's why not and they're gonna had to have to hide the site IP server because I don't want to get banned because it is available and I do not condone it in any way shape or form but if you're really desperate for any really are a bad at minecraft then I wouldn't recommend it again hackings bad so anyways it looks startled it'll start looking a little bit different and so the only problem with this drawback is oh look I just found a stronghold just like that damn is you cannot see the block you're mining which kind of sucks but it is what it is there we go oh it's a zombie struggle what's in the chest oh nice anyways so you dig down and it will basically show you strongholds it will show you blocks once you get down I'll show you a lot like there was water up there it'll show you lava it'll show you oh um B C you can't see it just follow no you can't see you can see Mazda you can't see it blocks so anyways yeah here we go we're getting down there once you download a shader like those diamonds and the diamonds down there we'll be totally clear because that straight down to bedrock so if we come over here these will be diamonds I guarantee it because those are the only things I have that I the x-ray pack is designed only for diamonds at this point so you can grab torches you can download that shader and you won't need torches but it's all depends on how you want to do it so torches Bam Bam so there you go there's diamonds right there and so it's it's it's that simple enough for servers it's it supposed to be the same I'm going to all go on our server in one second make sure I turn all the HUD and everything off so y'all can't see what sitrep on so I just logged onto a server as you can see there's a few people online I'm not going to tell you the IP the server because I don't want to have anything bad happen to service because I respect them so I'll go ahead and grab a kit and just to I can mind there we go oops I think if you get a kit starter you also get night vision slash kit starter there we go we need night vision Minot there we go perfect so we go ahead and eat this up and grab our pickaxe or and a shovel as well BAM and you break all this you can't see and then you can just go with go to town with your pickaxe um so yeah once you get to the bottom you can find basis you can raid in which I wouldn't occur just once again because it's not fair to all the other players and you will probably get been like if you are going to do this like there's diamonds over there you can see him like if I turn my head see right there if you are going to distant don't go crazy mining diamonds because that's how you get caught uh BAM so there's iron see we can't even see iron but yeah once you get to the bottom yeah you can see all the diamonds so this efficiency is pretty bad I'm not I didn't remember I used to be in this but I have a play to serve in a while um yeah so see there's diamonds there's not many diamonds in this server if we go to the zoo slash Wow I'll try to find the base let's try digging down once again there we go our stronghold we found a strong wood I don't think they're strong loads on this server because they like customize the map like you see all the bedrock was flat that's something an server server people do if I remake a Sarah I don't see why I do that I'd have a lava in the middle of nowhere for those noobs that don't dig straight down see there's more diamonds yeah but we can see lava so yeah more diamonds more diamonds more time oh there's a chest I think you can see dispensers you can see chests you can see tortious you can see cobblestone anything up player places you can see it so that is also a prop to this x-ray hack because you can see anything you can see yeah anything a player places if it's naturally generated then you won't be able to see it like you can see stronghold still though because that's cobblestone because cobblestone is automatically it's gonna come up because it's not gener generated I guess it is I place cobblestone see I can see it but if I place dirt I can see it or look I just blocked myself in I cannot see dirt but you can't see a couple stone because dirt is naturally generative and cobblestone is not the only way you can get cobblestone is my mining stronghold or by mining the stone which gives you cuddle store it's as simple as that yeah so I do not seem to find any basis on this server at this moment even remaining as a basis but and I promise you it works so anyways guys if you want to download these x-ray hacks then make sure you smack that like button and go to the description and download them if it worked please hit the like button if you have any questions just comment them down below I'll be happy to help you out minecraft shape if you want to make a shader let's go just let me know I can send you a link I don't think you need another sorry was basically the same thing yeah there's diamonds by him well actually honestly you don't need a minecraft shitty with servers because like you can see it's not dark like because the clouds and I mean the sky even when it's dark outside you can still see but yeah if you enjoyed this video thumbs up and hit the subscribe button if you want more videos like this then let you know in the comments below any questions comments below see guys the next video

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