World War Z Review "Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?"

World War Z Review "Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?"

Karak sits down to review World War Z for out for ps4, xbox and pc. Subscribe for more reviews.
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World War z review

Zombies they truly are the JK Simmons and bad guys if they have their own Internet Movie Database entry just be a single picture of a mobius strip each one starring in their own game called slower zombie number one or zombie that explodes falls in love and then turns into green smoke number four and I get that and I feel the same way you do so when World War Z the game was announced I thought to myself hey maybe this is the airplane flying variant we can have some zombie airplane dogfighting antics going on that was probably asking too much but let's see what it is if you made it this far you're at a CG and I'm Carrick and it's my continuing job to bring you reviews that aren't two minutes longer filled with sponsored bullcrap World War Z a third-person horde based shooter in the same genre that made classics like left4dead a nerd household name we're here the zombies are not only fast like freaks but somehow figured out to build human pyramids like they're all failed cheerleaders leaping from the top hoping they might land and a spot close enough to you to take out the good guys by opening their mouth as they scream on by world war disease by sabre interactive and published by focus interactive it's out on the 16th for PC on the epic store and on ps4 and xboxone for the price of $34.99 and $40 respectively let's see how it did shall we as always if you liked the video maybe subscribe so here's my review for war war z bubble wrap gun sounds AI Savior's and the realistic fact that no one runs away from grenades graphics are at first this is surprisingly better than I anticipated by a good amount while not interposing the Moody confines of neglected villages and mystical locations like say the vermintide series with its rustic medieval gone wrong kind of artistic fantasy style World War Z does some sound work with its own space though with a fallen world right after the zombie plague is spread with each location offering a unique feeling throughout from the doom graffiti spread around and the not so abandoned subways of some Forgotten burg and fighting off a zombie zerg rush as you try to gain access to the next location or working across the docks of Tokyo trying to escape by boat because as we all know that worked out perfectly well for the folks at the end of the Dawn of the Dead remake it looks very good locations are nicely packed out with debris and an architecture that does its best not to give you the four flat edges look many games have while Tokyo I would say is both the strongest looking and weakest of the bunch of local stations with its sedate and cultured homes and unique color scheme and just set up also hiding a larger number of structural dead ends that the other levels didn't always have in that high of a number each one also has some kind of environmental effects with the verticality and vision blocking architecture of Tokyo causing you to constantly Crane your neck for a bunch of dead people trying to do their best version of a flying squirrel onto your head all the way to the snow bank ridden locations and Moscow to the dirt and sands of Jerusalem right after the worst week its ever had environmentally World War Z is not amazing but it does hold up really nicely in this genre I wouldn't say the levels are incredibly complex and most do hinge on objectives that range from go-to this touchpad and enter a key combination or go to this power breaker and switch it on they at least offer a good amount of horizontal and vertical gameplay space to keep the flow going and keep you always guessing where enemies are gonna come from in fact with the huge number of zombies I wasn't sure what to expect but the first time a horde came pissed tearing through the backend of a Japanese maple garden into our team obviously starving for the last human biscuit it actually looks really good with many animations playing out for them tripping and falling all over themselves are rolling around as they try to take corners too fast leap off and around cars and so forth it really does look pretty good and with the sheer number of zombies involved the game up-close looks better than I thought was satisfying snarls a primal bloodlust curling up on faces of the enemies as they get close also collision detection is handled a bit differently here with some tricks for instance it's a bit less model-based and a bit more about the enemies having a zone that they won't pass there if another enemy is close but that can get overridden at times and so occasionally you have that moment where you have three zombies who seem to have merged into a flesh-eating Sheva arms and fingers ripping and grab it and slash it but it's not as obvious as you would expect or as we've seen in other games and the Horde technology itself does work very well with what seems like thousands of popping together in a river of uneasy living undead maple syrup and just spilling out of rooms and off the side of buildings like they're all in the desperate bid to see which one of them can wear your friggin face around in a poorly playing Hannibal Lector escape and yes you will see that procedural generation pop up which means the same cavalcade of 15 rednecks running at you all of them seeming to look like they had just shopped at Nordstrom's right when everything went to shit and then ended up running through downtown mosque now this can also lead to a couple issues as well first sometimes the zombie hordes do seem to make sense when they come Terrace and down the pave to buffet lines of some Street in New York but then other times you're gonna be neck deep in a subway and they sort of sprint down into your play level from a room you know that's pretty much gated off as if they politely open the door let a thousand slathering beasts in and then the most polite action ever they lock the door up tight again it's also noticeable in some levels – when zombies just erupted from the top of the buildings like a fondue volcano with them just shooting out mobile Magma's they land and then sprinting down the sides of the buildings after you this is a small quibble but it is noticeable especially as we've seen this excellence in other titles sort of go away from this for example the climbing creeping areas in vermintide we do see that here it's just not as often also when you're playing you're probably gonna notice that a lot of the explosions are more sound than they are overall visual it doesn't mean they don't look visually impactful it's just you can sort of tell that most likely to keep those FPS solid they were doing some changes to the way those look lastly some of the locations can look a little bit funky for instance Moscow with its frozen out wintered locations that for some reason seem to have got about 10 times more snow than normal just because the zombies attack like they were all friggin weather Wizards before they died it's done for dramatic effect though and to me honestly it was pretty much fine lastly the game does remove dead bodies really fast so it's possible to occasionally see an outpouring of zombies from the sky like God just sort of poured him out and said you know what I don't like any of you and then many of them disappear for a game of this scope and budget I still think it's really impressive also a Kudo I absolutely love that they give every location different characters you can be and they're not just the same couple jetsetter somehow Elon Musk and around the world their own personal rocket saving the day so for example in Tokyo or Moscow you have different choices for the character models this helps a great deal to break up some of the visual monotony that might have otherwise said in now when it comes to options graphically the game does not have a ton anti-aliasing resolution scaling and others which is always nice and a couple more sadly many of them do fall into the bucket list kind of situation where something called effects changes the settings of like six things making adjusting the game perfectly to your system a bit difficult and of course speaking of effects that brings us to performance I got to say it's actually also surprisingly good on the console sadly you are looking at 30fps a 900 P resolution on the Xbox and ps4 running at 1080p surprisingly enough the FPS is very solid for all the platforms with the pro versions unfortunately though not getting 60fps modes but getting higher resolution on the PC the World War Z runs insanely well on a 47 80 and a 980 TI 1080p with all the settings on Ultra resulting in a lowest FPS of 85 and highs in the hundreds with current drivers and of course you have the ability to crank that resolution up or down on a Kurenai 7 at 4.9 with a 20 atti 4k with the lowest FPS of 80 and highs in the 150s was absolutely possible all settings on ultra as well the performance really is rock-solid I have to say that this is with Direct X though things are a little odd with Vulcan which it allows you to switch to with lower fps is pretty much all around at this time not a huge amount but the inflammation did not seem rock solid there were some issues here and there like some low quality textures on cars and elsewhere but World War Z does an impressive amount almost surprisingly so on the PC and even on the console keeps a much steadier frame rate than many other games that do far less and especially when they're throwing these incredible numbers of enemies your way and that brings us to sound music and voice this can't be good I don't trust this psycho open the door yet sweats right we're stuck here until we get the key didn't find a key on this guy and we're gonna do music first so I would say well this is generic to an almost extreme level I would be lying if I didn't say it didn't really fit the mood there's some moody acoustics and echoing some solar strings hiding and weight every time you walk down a solitary street then it builds up with this drum flourish and a discordant shifting guitar sample and odd warbles that offer excellent almost discomforting atmosphere to a lot of the battles and locations well it doesn't elevate in terms of the Arrangements themselves or uniqueness there's sometimes to me a mastery and timing and mood that crops up and especially here that you begin to notice and most settings yes they're not really reflected in their scores they didn't really have any connection thematically overall it was just good music with a couple audio options as well for dynamic range I did notice that the layering and Direction information offered by the game was very good which does help trying to identify where a hordes coming from if you're playing with the HUD off or if it's just really busy on screen and when it comes to what's happening on screen that'll bring us to sound and a little bit like the accuracy of the game shotguns this is a bit hit-and-miss first we're gonna cover the good parts there are a few things more satisfying than this airy thump of a grenade going off in this game turning a zombie horde into a bunch of poorly planned fireworks into the sky body parts flying around with Fulda lemming effects at play at all times that is glorious and a number of weapons do just that from the crossbow dynamite combo to grenade launchers rocket launchers as well as just the plain grenades themselves very well done machine guns run from sounding excellent with a nice report to being a bit on the weak side and to keep the stealth element really anything with a silencer sounds like someone ordered something from Amazon than just Lord of the danced across the bubble-wrap from the delivery box while I didn't necessarily like that I did like the nice sound implementation they have of the acoustics win in or outside of buildings with the reports amplifying when you sprint into a location and everything becoming this nice tight coffin II a gunpowder reaching ignition and bodies flying around or slashing a machete through some chick in a flower dress and her arm flies off and hits the bus and you actually hear the thud sound sadly it's also rife with audio bugs first when the going gets incredibly busy here many times guns will just stop making sounds not all the time but in the busier moments when auto cannons are set up and mortars going off and you're gonna notice that some guns just stop making sound at all like the audio buffer is full and just decided to take a nap and sleep it off you can feel like you might be out of bullets for a second especially it was so much going on around you before you realize it's just that audio bug it doesn't happen all the time but pretty much everybody I've talked to and everybody I played with did have that problem as a package it is pretty good with some excellent processing and gun sounds mixed in with a couple questionable ones and unfortunately those bugs and that brings us to voice ignoring a couple of the accents I would say mostly this is hit rather than miss it's not bad one of the excellent parts here though is that the AI is in a constant chatter mode informing you of enemies come in or major semi bosses showing up and new threats always attacking it's done very well overall and everyone from every location has their own little things they discussed during the down times as you go about searching for items and locations you've cleared out I really do like the amount of audio information you get in this game whether it be the sound or here in the voice I would say well not outstanding it wasn't bad at all and that brings us to gameplay and a bit about the story you play as different series of fighters from different locations as the world has seen the zombie Menace ravaged throughout the land the story elements betraying each group in each location are different either trying to escape it or trying to stop the Horde with some ultimate super weapon or virus in the last level it's a four person team based shooter with each player able to choose a class prior to starting any level one of six gunslinger Hellraiser medic fixer slasher and exterminator now each starts with their own unique loadout and as you level up as you go it allows you to unlock up to 30 skills as you go with those experience points each set of skills is in blocks at 9 with 3 columns and you can have one of each column lit up and usable which does require a specific level as well for some of the later skills to be unlocked you can switch classes between levels as well what that does is it allows a lot of variability even if two people are sharing a class while much of it is not really a surprise the the game plays in the amount of weapons you can get there's 18 normal ones as well as a hundred and ten purchasable variants for them there's this interplay of moments of sheer action with downtime mixed with skills hordes are handled dynamically based on time and noise you make with each word having its own normal basic zombie style bad guy that's easy bullet fodder but does some serious damage up close as well as biotoxin zombies that have to be killed in the right way otherwise they release gas or screamers that if not killed keep calling more zombies all stuff we've seen before have you taken them out you're constantly finding secrets like breach charges these are items that can be used to open locations where more weapons both normal and special might be hiding out as well as always being on the lookout for environmental ways to kill zombies like shooting ceiling pieces to kill large numbers of them or tropa shred barrels of course filled with gas that someone for some reason thought wouldn't be worth taking with them the gunplay here I have to say really does work every gun has just about the right amount of recoil if a bit on the low side but I would say for a game like this that's sort of expected you have to keep a watchful eye on your own health as well as your partner's and that's vital because losing one of you means that square of Defense starts to collapse really quickly and the game has no problem sinan enemies tumbling through skylights or climbing over barricades to get at you since each team member has very unique skills and strengths as well it can be the end of a team very quickly on the higher difficulties if you are not really careful of the status of the other players and that synergy continues because the weapons upgrades are not the low level IQ upgrades we expect that you get a plus 1/2 damage which can't really be felt in a game like this anyway I mean in World War Z most guns do enough damage already to separate the enemies into so many body parts you'd need to order one those special build instructions from a Lego construction website to put them back together instead there are things like starting out with different guns items that help everyone on the team when you use them or otherwise what's intriguing here is that the switch up to a more powerful weapon for instance may indicate switching away from the original starting silenced handgun which is powerful all by itself trading damage for alerting the enemy and trust me stealth works in the game a silent team can get deep into a level much easier than a loud one popping off enemy heads like twisty tops and well placed silenced weapon so her machete strikes working incredibly well however of course you may not be getting as many experience points that way if you skip some of them now as you guys know I test every difficulty on a game all the way from the easiest who think that zombies are just stinky people who try to give you hugs all the time to the Hard difficulty where mortality is as fragile as alliances and Game of Thrones they did a really good job here as well spreading out the ability to choose difficulties where friendly fire actually starts to climb up dangerously high as well as the number of times that you can be knocked down before you're fully dead with your own body rising slowly from its dead state to an undead State to take out your prior friends and I love that and on the hardest difficulty friendly fire is very heavy and items are sporadically placed out in the world and the hoarder relentless with five difficulties that's really awesome and it lets everyone from various skill levels enjoy the game but yes there are some problems in the game the first is the AI is awesome if teamed up with more than one other player for example two people in two AI those AI do a great job taking out enemies and helping out in all the bad spots sadly they seem woefully uncaring of the other AI friends meaning I've seen one AI stand and watch another a I just get absolutely guttersnipe by a bruiser over and over and over and over again in his ambivalence towards it all makes you think that there's some kind of past relationship there that hasn't been explained then I got knocked down and suddenly he was all action it's an odd and noticeable flaw that I'd like to see fixed also well they can shoot and scoot and heal you like Doogie Howser don't expect them to know how to flip switches open doors are helped with any of the mission objectives which can be a bitch in scattered groups I beat all the levels with a mix of human players human players in AI and AI alone though not on that hardest difficulty and the last one is they refuse to help each other very often and they are still some of the better AI overall in a game like this you just have to sort of plan around them generally hating each other when it comes to the length the game isn't super long if you play it on the easiest difficulty but I would say that is a cakewalk once you stop and turn that difficulty up even just to normal it climbs and on the hardest it can be an excellent trade-off of speed versus lifespan which I dug and of course games like this have never been about levels overall but leveling up and that's gonna take you a hell of a lot longer as all the weapons have their own experience bars and of course you do have to buy those variants now while all that is co-op mode with four players online and offline with bots multiplayer is four by four with both teams fighting for objectives while swarms come at them and they have their own classes each with their own starting loadouts and a smaller list of separate more PvP based skills which adds a ton of replay and that is something I actually wasn't expecting as a package World War Z offers an excellent assortment of engagements some pretty good ideas I like a lot of the weapons in it it's got a fun leveling system the Horde style zombies are interesting there's some unique moments it is held down by no real bosses though but I'm not under really a hundred percent sure how they would do that I would have liked to have seen one or two button factor it's a blast there are issues and you will notice them but at the same time the difficulty setting the skills the gun levels the various classes the changes in the multiplayer versus the normal game really do add up there's a ton to enjoy here for the price and it's a blast to grab an auto shotgun and just waste hundreds of zombies crawling up the side of a building and then realizing suddenly that they're also pouring in through the roof as well their desire to get to you probably far higher than their own need to live but speaking they need to live it is held back by that AI and I would have liked a little bit more level design work on a couple of locations and that gets us to the review score itself I review games on a by weight for sale rent or never touch it again rating scale with rent being replaced by deep deep sale on PC titles if that ends up being the score at this price 35 bucks if you get at PC forty bucks which is a slightly budget price if you get it on the consoles I actually have to say this is a Buy there are a couple great entries into this category that you could be playing but some of us have played them to death that's why it's called a genre not the left4dead is the only game allowed to be in this genre genre many titles offer unique elements and World War Z does it as well even if it stumbles occasionally so anyway that's it for me I hope you guys liked the video if you did give it a thumbs up maybe check out reddit Twitter or Facebook and of course you can become a patron on my patreon website which allows you to get in to some of the coolest places to talk about games jump into the discord it helps we continue to give you guys reviews and as always I buy a game even if the developer gives me a code for review peace out and enjoy the rest of your week

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  1. Actually i live in norway wich is connected to russia and we get a lot of snow… And the "ammount of snow" there is not unrealistic at all.. in fact it seems the zombie outbreak JUST happened because that's just a little bit of snow. that much snow is pretty normal when you dont have anyone fixing the streets

  2. I'd be sold if it was open world. I personally think the railroad gamestyle is archaic nowadays.
    Guess I'll just have to stick to Days Gone.

  3. I think that super difficult and longer missions similar to raids in destiny and the division would work really well in this game

  4. If anybody remember the game โ€˜the clubโ€™ on the last generation, this game reminds me of that. Itโ€™s that combined with left 4 dead.

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