Women Give Men Relationship Advice [W.I.T.S]

Women Give Men Relationship Advice [W.I.T.S]

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Asking Women To Give Men Relationship Advice 😲🤯🤣
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W.I.T.S aka We In These Streets is a improve vlog where I ask random people questions and get their honest opinions on various topics. Enjoy

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you're watching t pendulum weenies put your nah I got the sauce I got the juice blow the – three or four to cover my style y'all got my sons I am a vest made a hole Tamar come alive Whitney we offer Ocala Tampa Callan this video is about giving men relationship advice if you can give a man a piece of relationship advice what would it be wait Oh like can't calm the fuck down calm down I don't even know how to talk Oh what is this even me Oh calm the fuck down excuse my language but calm down like don't push yourself on a female like I like you like make sure you get to know the person first before you're like damn I kind of like this why do you like her are you infatuated with her slow down a little bit yeah Julia we are from Pompano um I think that when you're with me if your first thing and I relationship and you're asking a girl on the date I would say pay for them and don't don't be cheap about if you're asking a girl on the first date you know don't expect the girl to pay and you got the power to change don't be cheap man when you're dating so how many days do you go on before you be like okay I'm gonna take care of this one take care of this one how many days no days Nick I honestly I think it just depends on the person and how they their personality isn't if they deserve it well you eating it shit no Erica and Norma I brought it out I'm from Massachusetts how are you man if you could give them in any relationship advice what would it be always be honest you're gonna forget how many lies you tell and your lives are gonna get caught up in your lives yeah I lost end up creating more lives from us mmm don't cheat like if you don't want to be you that person no more you want to have something else either like dump them or like talk about having an open relationship would like girls are more open about anything what would it Pam no what's your ID oh I've no more Norma mine's Erica stone 13 no I agree with her but also you need to like take time for your girl to like you can't just like look you need to prioritize her – all right so I've you in relationship she has to be like a priority if I have if I set it right yeah for sure but you also need a prioritize like other things too like school like above her but like still like you know like have your priorities in check Broward County bra count in the building are so if you give men relationship advice what would it be I would be proud to listen to the females you know listen yes cuz that's the key some of them don't listen alright so I'm out here with Danny are you from Jamaica but I go to say you never saw G Jamaican underscore red put that on okay so if you give men some relationship advice what would it be um I would say to always be transparent and communication is key be open with your girl tell her everything if you make a mistake right tell her so you guys can talk about it because if she has to find out that's when it really becomes a problem so just be transparent destiny the young male from North Carolina Miami Avon Park everybody else like a cool place I don't know where it's like central like very very well part of North Carolina Charlotte what's our chief everybody home Yami with five eyes it's s H EA a period one eight soon as you put that city girl period what's your it's phrase so what's some relationship vice y'all will give two men to be honest why you get that bones up this money to be honest stop playing games mind games my biggest advice is be honest because a lot of guys be lying out here and it's not okay what's y'all Instagram um take a breath I cam Santana with two A's at the end it's Whitney that's it yeah how did you get that yeah like ayy i TS whi tney why hey good luck with that good luck with that guy Jackie are you from Delray ok Delray Beach in the house what's your a G Jackie with three I've three evil of that's a lot good luck at home you're looking so with some relationship advice you would give to me be honest don't lie just be straight from jump so you dove in line over your friends or something like that yeah they're always lying trying to go out with you stuff just be honest like it's not even a big deal so middle of money woman nope but men lie dumber than women like women are more sneaky man did do the moment they all smart men make sure that she's happy and do whatever she wants everything obviously I second my own eyes okay yeah Trinity we got from Pompano Pinot in the building one shot oh gee don't go away boy all right there's not yet yeah Renee turn three all right I want some relationship advice you can give him in out there so you know I'm saying something you doubled in the past you seen your home girl go through anything like that what some relationship advice you got for men don't cheat yeah just be loyal nobody close my understanding not it's just like different people got different perspectives in life you argue with somebody don't just like oh I'm right because then that's it who cheat more minute woman i'ma say it's equal but women are just smarter yeah maybe I don't even care with a side nigga but a nigga could never do that cuz it's too messy and sloppy like but she basically said a girl could have you chilling with her side do and you the man do and you'd be clueless about the whole situation giving DAP our all kinds though that's terrible we drop in videos every week don't miss the episode of wits subscribe and turn your notifications on let me see y'all next time

35 thoughts on “Women Give Men Relationship Advice [W.I.T.S]

  1. Y’all female not even sneaky niggas tryna fuck anyway so they don’t got no problem being a side nigga Nd ain’t go say shit but when a nigga got a side bitch she’s tryna expose the whole relationship. Females just want everybody to kno who they fucking which is weird. So wat I’m saying is the side niggas will play along but the side bitches won’t. It ain’t got nun to do wit sneaky

  2. My advice to men: try your best to listen to what we say, even if its not that important. It makes us feel very loved and respected. I always listen to my man even when he rambles on about things I dont really care about. Also be honest, lies and distrust can quickly destroy a relationship.

  3. To all the girls watching, it's not in my best interest to give u this advice as a 21 yr old single man, but i truly want the best for you,because one day I'll have a daughter and i would want her to be treated right. if you trynna find the right guy, do not sleep with him ,90 day rule, if he's not willing to wait then its not what you're looking for. Simple, build connections without sex first

  4. I couldn’t even finish the video, women are hypocrites when it comes to these advices, this gave me a headache within seconds hearing em talk. Good topic though, T. Gave me a laugh as well

  5. They’re all literally saying the same shit that comes with being in a relationship. If yo dude ain’t doing the basics then he simply don’t give af bout you or trying with the relationship 😂

  6. Remember, women are naturally backwards in what they want and what they say they want. Just take this advice and do the opposite and you’ll be swimming in pussy

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