Why iPhone XR is a BETTER CHOICE than iPhone XS

Why iPhone XR is a BETTER CHOICE than iPhone XS

The iPhone XR has gotten a bad rap, and I wanted to set the record straight by doing a detailed comparison review. Let’s see if I can convince some of you to believe in the iPhone XR!

I'm about to make a controversial statement and I ask you to hear me out before you judge me too hard the number one best iphone for 2018 is obviously the tenth s max if you don't factor in price the 10s max is clearly the best but here's where I will differ from a lot of other reviewers and that is that I think the iPhone 10 R is in fact better than the iPhone 10 s I have a number of reasons but the first and most important reason is that the iPhone 10 R costs less while still maintaining nearly the identical same feature set at seven hundred and forty nine dollars versus nine hundred ninety nine dollars the 10 R is 25% cheaper which obviously provides more bang for the buck especially when you consider it has the same identical a 12 Bionic chip which provides fantastic day-to-day performance and power it's incredible gaming experiences it has the exact same primary camera the same front camera the same face ID the same App Store and it's even better in some areas which we're gonna dive into here in the following reasons reason number two is that the iPhone 10 R has a larger screen we're talking about a 6.1 inch screen versus a 5.8 inch screen I'm a person that's all about a larger screen that provides for a better viewing experience getting you more immersed into your content whether it be games TV shows movies it doesn't really matter a larger screen is typically almost always gonna be a better experience now I know there's a bunch of you out there right now saying but-but-but the iPhone 10 are only has a 720p display and that is blatantly false a 720p display actually only has nine hundred and twenty 1000 pixels 1080p has a little over two million pixels and the iPhone 10 R has one point four eight million pixels so that is closer to 1080p than it is to 720p but it is pretty close to in the middle there all of that said Apple is calling this display the liquid Retina display and that is because this is still a Retina display at normal viewing distance which is like eight to nine inches you will not be able to discern the difference between the 10 s and the 10 R and I think that is something a lot of people are misunderstanding the iPhone s has a super Retina display it's just overkill and the iPhone 10 R it meets that baseline standard of at normal viewing distance you're not going to see any pixels it's it's a solid enough resolution the only time that you're even gonna be able to tell the difference at all like literally at all is if you're holding the phone like two inches from your face and you're like looking at really freaking close but that's a completely unrealistic scenario no one uses their phone like that it's plenty enough resolution so don't worry about it now a number of you are also gonna point out that the 10 s has an OLED display and the 10 are only has an LCD display now the thing you keep mind with this is a much improved LCD display I have watched content side by side between these two phones and it is ridiculously hard to tell any visual quality difference like the brightness the colors the contrasts that all look on point with the 10r Apple rates them to have the same color gamut the same level of brightness though the 10 s does have a higher level of contrast at least on paper the additional contrast of the 10 s is only gonna really translate into content that is super dark like dark scary movies for example will look better on the 10th s then the 10 R but those are far and few in between generally speaking it's gonna be like an identical viewing experience between these two phones except the 10 R has a bigger display so you're gonna get more enjoyment I think from the 10 R reason number 3 the iPhone 10 R has 25% better battery life and this is according to Apple's official ratings on apple.com we're looking at 15 hours of Internet use on the 10th r and only 12 hours of internet use on the 10 s and that is with Apple's official rating I'm gonna be doing a battery test comparing all these phones look at the C I think the 10 R should even outlast the 10 s max which is a beastly battery life guy anyways there's a couple of different reasons for the better battery life on the 10 are first of all is the battery size now the 10r utilizes a 2943 mAh battery versus the 26:58 in the 10s and on top of that the 10 R has a lower resolution we talked about earlier which means the processor and GPU don't have to work as hard to push out as much information which helps lighten the load on the battery those two things put together means that in general browsing the internet you're gonna get 25% more but when you're doing something really intensive like playing a high-end 3d game you might see even more battery life from the 10r when compared to the 10s reason number for the iPhone 10 R has arguably a better portrait camera mode and that is because the 10s utilizes both a wide angle and a telephoto angle which means that you have to crop super far in on the telephoto sensor in order to even take a portrait mode shot and the downside here is that you no longer have a wide angle perspective which looks super super cool for portrait shots the iPhone 10 R on the other hand uses a single camera system with an algorithm to detect edges and it does a pretty freakin good job and in some cases an even better job than a 10 s neither phones gonna be perfect at edge detection technically the 10s might perform just a little better in certain instances but because you have that wide angle perspective the portrait photos just look more dynamic and interesting on the 10 R so what are the downsides to buying the 10 R versus the 10 s well obviously we have the design the 10 R has bigger bezels and with a 6.1 inch display this phone could be a little bit smaller if the bezels were also smaller now I was able to get used to the thicker bezels eventually after using the device for an hour or two you'll just start zoning out you won't even notice the thicker bezels you just be focused on your content that you're consuming that's more just that it increases the size of the phone I think that's the main downside there that said the phone is still a reasonable size it's smaller than the 10s max it's a nice and middle ground you get a bigger display than the 10s I think it's the sweet spot for a lot of people because I think the 10s displays content especially sixteen by nine content very very small another downside for the 10r is that it doesn't have that telephoto camera so if you're someone who's Doom's into your photos a lot I don't know how to take your photo of a concert or your dog running around the dog park or something or the mountains in the distance the tennis is gonna be able to take a better photo in those circumstances because it's got that telephoto camera and last but not least we have the lack of 3d touch on the 10r if you're someone that's using it to constantly get to secondary functions in iOS you're gonna sorely miss it now since the iPhone 10 art doesn't have 3d touch apples included workarounds for the vast majority of 3d touch features for example in an iPhone 10s when you're trying to move your cursor on the keyboard you can do a hard press now with the 10r you do a long press on the spacebar to access the same feature and move the cursor around so it's not quite as convenient but it still works just fine and that about sums it up I think the 10r has more pros than cons going for it when you especially when you compare with the 10s it's cheaper same level performance sim camera better battery life better display better portrait mode and I think the downsides are overall rather minimal for what you're getting so if you're on the fence about buying a 10 R I'd say go ahead and give it a shot it's a really heck and impressive premium phone that I don't think will disappoint hardly anyone out there so that's it for this comparison with the 10 R and 10's let me know what you think in the comments down below don't forget to subscribe if you want more awesome tech videos particularly smart phone and laptop videos and of course if you enjoyed this video don't forget to smash that like button we'll see you guys in the next one Brandon out [Applause]

41 thoughts on “Why iPhone XR is a BETTER CHOICE than iPhone XS

  1. the xs has 3d touch… and a 10x zoom, i cant play pubg mobile without the 3d touch. and i like taking creepy pictures of ppl now at a safer distance!

  2. If you are already going to spend over 800-900€…. then it doesnt matter to spend a few more Euros to get the "better" device! And better Display on XR? Holy…dude IPS better than OLED? Im done!

  3. When you try to make the iPhone Xr better 😂😂😂 there is no arguing that the iPhone Xs is better

  4. IPhone XS is like the worst iPhone ever in terms of value. If you want a good value iPhone, get the iPhone X. No suffix, just plain iPhone X.

  5. I have the xr just got it last week but for me the resolution is what gets me a tad annoyed I had the 7s plus and it was sharp ,, the xr is a nice phone but the screen is what gets me ,,, slowly I’m getting used to it but I was even considering an iPhone X over this one but at this point I’ll just settle with this

  6. I have a 7 and contemplating on switching to the XR or the XS and I’m not that big on the features but I’m think the XS will be better but when I did watch where he was comparing the pictures it always seems like the XR made him look skinner which is always a plus in my opinion lol but the XS looks nice and I like the long camera but I’m really indecisive and I’m still not sure I’ve watched 4 videos on these and I still get the same answers

  7. In the side by sides the colors looks better on the Xs max… I’m conflicted, I want this phone primarily for filming YouTube videos but idk, I’ll probably stick with my 8plus for now, I didn’t want to play over 1k for a phone I’m just getting for a better camera 😅

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