25 thoughts on “When to farm? When to spawn boss? – TIPS & TRICKS (Risk of Rain 2)

  1. I usually rush the first loop, opening large chests if possible and opening 1 or 2 equipment containers if i can find them. This gives me a red item if i'm lucky and might give me good equipment to help me early. The gun thingy is also nice if i'm fast enough of course. Occasionally getting turrets to help with bosses, mostly skipping drones. I often like to get the last stage guaranteed legendary on loop 2 or 3 when gold isn't as hard to ramp up.

  2. So even though this video is a month old and the next update is days away, what would you suggest on the 3D Printers? My buddy and I always play Engineers, so finding Maker's Glasses, Tougher Times, Sticky Bombs, Banners, Tri Tip Daggers, and the beloved Bustling Fungus is always desired. I've had a blast with giant piles of each and throwing down turrets that have crazy high numbers of one or another.

    Would you suggest using them at all, even if it's just to try swapping out an item you have extras of for something else?

  3. ive never had time be a factor into how hard my runs are(as it pretty much is the same every time) (the way it scales)….items the only thing that effects my runs…… no chance on hit? harder….no movement speed..harder….no healing harder….that's pretty much the only things that seems to matter…not getting enough of 1 of these 3 things…

  4. So let's say hypothetically that I enjoy playing with red items too much to leave unopened legendary chests. Do you have any advice about how to incorporate this habit in the least ruinous way? Asking for a friend.

  5. just letting you know from one professional ror2 runner to another, they're called three-ways not multishop

    jk call em whatever you want lol

  6. Great video, I already kinda rush for the preon ult but I never thought to play on drizzle to farm lunar coins, I'm going to do that now! I was cheap with my lunar coins and only used them when my run was good already.Thanks for your video.

  7. This really didn't help. I ended up dying 3 times in a row. Once trying to kill a beetle queen with 3 items and the second and third trying to kill a Wandering Vagrant with 3 items.

  8. Fun fact : When I try your tips, I end up dying at the 2nd or 3rd stage because I have either : not enough healing, not enough mobility to avoid hits or not enough damage, while I have no problem going for long run when I farm down every stage to the last bit. So, how many times do you fail a run before getting a good one ? (by good one, I mean a lucky one)

  9. Transcendence is ALWAYS garbage never pick that up, it makes over 10 items in the game worthless to you.

  10. Thank you for the video hopefully I can convince my teammates to activate the boss faster now after I have more proof.

  11. So your saying that the best way to farm lunar coins is to what? i have to reach the snow map on second loop and what? kill myself? for 5? im sorry i just didn't understand, im at 8 lunar coins but i need 2 more for the survivor trapped in the portal world.

  12. How to get better? Don't die. How to not die? Don't get hit. Kinda hard when the game is all about one-shots and fire towards the end. 🙂

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