WHAT I WISH I KNEW BEFORE COLLEGE | freshman year advice

WHAT I WISH I KNEW BEFORE COLLEGE | freshman year advice

college is such an amazing time but there are definitely some things that I wish I knew before going into it! hope you all find this helpful!!

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47 thoughts on “WHAT I WISH I KNEW BEFORE COLLEGE | freshman year advice

  1. All of this is so so accurate. I haven’t gotten done with my first two assignments now because the websites they’re on suck and don’t work. Gotta love it 🙄

  2. Walk around your campus
    Have a MENTOR
    Use your friends and teachers AND TAs
    Use your library
    DO EVERY case competition, and make friends there because those are the ones who want to be better
    You don't have to go to parties
    You don't have to befriend EVERYone
    Be friends with upperclassmen
    Have a study group
    Do exercises
    Don't HAVE to go to classes ONLY if you know that you know the material by heart. (Take 8am classes so you always get up on time)
    Use Grammarly (totally not an ad)
    Have a planner

  3. Girl, I thought I was low key ready but now I feel super anxious! This video deadass helped me though to get an idea of everything !!!!

  4. Every semester i make a cumulative syllabus, where I take all my syllabi(syllabuses?) and create one big syllabus and color code it w each class. It takes a bit of time but during syllabus week youre not really doing anything anyway and it can be helpful to refer to everything all in one place

  5. Excellent Info Macy!!!!! Thank you so much!!!! My son is a in coming freshman this Fall so I will definitely have him look at this Vlog. I'm (his mom) the only one looking at all of the Vlogs right now…Love them…LOL.

  6. Also use ratemyprofessor to find out what books your actually using in class! A lot of students will complain if they bought the books and they didn’t use them.

  7. thank you for this, I start this august at UB and I'm sooo nervous about being on my own and being so far away from home as well as having to start fresh but i'm so excited at the same time

  8. Understanding how YOU best manage your stress will help you handle the first year without having multiple break downs. Also understand you are not alone if you are stressed or struggling, You got this!!!

  9. this is genuinely all such good advice that I haven't heard a million times before. I'm actually going to remember this video come the fall. thank you sooo much, I just subbed ❤️

  10. So I’m already in college but it’s community college so I’m still watching these videos so I can know what to expect when I transfer to a university next year and this one was super helpful!

  11. Im a rising sophomore (at a different school tho) too and I can COMPLETELY agree with ALL of your points!!! Couldn't have said it better myself tbh. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask!!

  12. The thing is with the “ rate my professor” app is that the teachers know.. and they “pay” the student to rate them good with extra credit and stuff.

  13. While i agree with not letting people influence you is good, but you should also keep an open mind. College is the time to grow, form your own opinions, and become your own person. Dont let people negatively influence you, but also remember education is more than just class, its the people around you.

  14. I'm about to enter my junior year of college (love watching these videos even though I've never lived in campus or anything haha). My biggest advice is don't worry, it'll work out. The friends you make your freshman year are not likely to be your friends forever, classes range from 30-300 people freshman year. Freshman year is about finding yourself, after that you can work on the forever friend part. Surround yourself with people who share your values and lift you up. Join a class just for fun. My biggest motto is: "If your schedule is full of required classes, you're doing it wrong." ALWAYS take a class just because it looks cool or it's something you did in highschool or it's something new you want to try. It gives you a break from the academics and you'll likely find a few interesting people in those courses as they tend to be smaller and more intimate.
    Also, TALK TO PROFESSORS. It's easy to be intimidated and nervous about taking to professors but most of them just want to see you grow. Start with emails, my first semester I emailed all of my professors before classes began to introduce myself and let them know how excited I was for their classes. It not only kept me in control of my first impression, it showed them that I was at least a little serious about their courses. If you're nervous in front of people, just email your questions until you are more comfortable. You can tell them that you're anxious, they'll understand and work with you.
    If you're living on campus (based off of what my friends have told me), learn to be okay at home. Starting my college career in my own apartment made it easy to say no to parties because I had to drive, that's different for people living on campus. It's easy to say yes to everyone and everything. Your priorities are school, you, and (if you have a faith) your religion. Also, get comfortable with your dorm supervisor. They are there to help you.
    Money goes fast. Campus cash will disappear in a month or two if you don't monitor it carefully. It's easy to feel like it's not real money, but it starts to feel real when you're eating peanut butter sandwiches for every meal the last month of school. Ask upperclassman how they manage their money. Talk to your parents about setting a budget or monthly allowance to provide cushion for that first semester, especially if you aren't working.
    On the topic of working, I HIGHLY recommend that you wait to start working until after your freshman year. I was blessed to be able to do that, my fiance was not. If you have to work that is perfectly fine, but you have to be proactive about being upfront with managers and your school schedule. You need time to study and time for academic help. Try to get jobs at places super close to your campus. Most managers there will try to work with you.
    Utilize academic assistance at the University. It's free, it's there, and it makes you smarter for asking for help before it's too late.
    Never go to parties alone and always go to a party with an upperclassman you can trust to take care of you. Every campus has different rules on alcohol and drugs, having someone more experienced with you can help keep you out of trouble. NEVER take a drink from anyone. It's easy to say you won't but once you're caught up in the party you went think about it. Also, have someone know where you and and know to call you regularly.
    Save ALL of the campus safety and bus numbers in your phone. You won't remember them when you need them and you may not have an internet connection to look them up.
    Have fun. College is an experience, make mistakes and LEARN FROM THEM. Participate in your classes, hang out with friends, forget to study for you midterm, cram for your final with five cups of coffee and end the semester with a 3.0 gpa. As long as your are always giving your best that day, you have nothing to worry about. Have a fun freshman year!

    From the junior that's technically a senior due to extra credits from highschool
    My majors: Psychology and Professional Writing
    My minor: Counseling
    My job: Writing tutor at our campus writing center

  15. Also DO NOT buy your books before you get your syllabus or go to the first class or the first real day, half of the books for the class you won’t use or your prof won’t even require you to have any books, also don’t buy too many school supplies or unnecessary things you won’t use most of it and it takes up too much space. Last side tip don’t go to parties every night during the week it’s not worth it and it’s not helpful… telling from experience❤️🤷🏼‍♀️😂

  16. Hey, Macy thanks for the tips I start my classes in business administration in August! And this going to be helpful

  17. You made such good points and I can totally say that these are super helpful! ❤️
    ps: I made a similar video!

  18. Can you do a video on what school supplies you should have? Like are notebooks or binders better. That kind of stuff.

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