What Advice Would You Give Your Younger Self? Part 1

What Advice Would You Give Your Younger Self? Part 1

Watch as “The Real” ladies take trip down memory lane and share what advice they’d give their younger selves.

do you ever wish you can have a conversation with your younger self like if you could say something to your younger self would you say like would you give yourself advice or would you tell yourself about the future and I ask because there's a really cool internet project that shows photos of celebrities hanging out with the past versions of themselves and check out this one I drew barrymore oh not Egypt why does that age is my spirit or a younger one is the blonde I've been kissed drew Barrymore here's one of the one the other they don't try have made them for all five of us now we haven't seen this which is yet an I for one I'm say all party people I am nervous okay so when you see your past self I want you to tell us about who that girl was and what you would want to say to her knowing what you know today I'm scared I feel tears that's right I'm not crying anymore Adrian you up first oh oh I'm scared you better be a cheetah and have that same face oh you look exactly the same well thank God I got my teeth bags you know what they're a little bit I don't it's so weird if you ever looks back at pictures of yourself and been like um I don't know who I was then do you ever look do you ever think about your like what was I thinking like you did so I look at that and if I'm honest the first thing I would say to any of my younger pictures is I would say sorry I know that sounds really weird like that sounds funny but I would say sorry I think that when we're younger and the older you get um we're hard on ourselves especially as young women with our bodies with ever like so hard on myself I think at that time I didn't know how to say no I I would say yes the things I really didn't want to do or just I just didn't know how to say no I I wanted people to like me so badly but I think at that time I just kind of like okay I'll do it I did it was just that sort of I was torn a lot because I didn't know how to say no along with that I would say to myself I was anxious when I was young I was really anxious I would wake up everyday not sure of what was coming in the future I was worried about just what what was gonna happen to my I know it sounds weird I was really worried about what what life was gonna be and I wish somebody would have told me then you know that God has a plan for your life it's all gonna work out exactly the way it's supposed to and I was an anxious teenager because I just wanted to control everything and I wanted I think I was hard on myself I wanted to be perfect so I say sorry I'd say sorry and girl when you hit 30 your metabolism start to change so appreciate that that I had that I was so hard on myself then probably thought I was fat then crazy and and I yeah just a cigarette now yeah alright three pounds more than that bitch exactly like you tell but yeah I think yeah girl you are fine just the way you are I wish I could give her a hug well Jeannie guess what you're up next it's so awkward right it's hard oh my god you guys picked the picture I hate the most oh my god that's so good what would you say to that girl well you're gonna learn about contour in about four years I thought it no okay okay there are many areas in my life where I thought I was ugly it's not always just about looks you think the way you date men the way you the way you treat yourself the way you look in the mirror you think a lot of things are ugly and then I saw a quote and I loved it so much because it took me into a full 360 perspective of my life and it's from The Velveteen Rabbit and I don't know if you guys know but The Velveteen Rabbit is a story about a toy rabbit who's really fluffy and furry and he asks the toy horse how do I become real and the toy horse tells them you don't start out real you become real life kind of makes you become real sometimes your fur gets rubbed off sometimes you go through some hardship but eventually when you become most vulnerable that is when you are real and real is never ugly except to people who don't understand you well here's where it hit me hard I realized I thought I was ugly because I didn't understand myself up until like three days ago right tell that girl right there who didn't know a broad could help her out right there I would tell her that Jeannie allow yourself to become vulnerable take time to understand it because the real you is never ugly

32 thoughts on “What Advice Would You Give Your Younger Self? Part 1

  1. Jeanie is attractive but I think her younger picture with some extra weight makes her look fuller in her face – she looked so BEAUTIFUL! Her attitude makes her look gorgeous too.

  2. I’d tell myself that I am worth it and I am smart and worthy of a bright future. To love myself deeply and forget men until I got myself together.

  3. I would have told my younger self to cherish your mother because she will not always be around. Also, I would have just stayed single instead of wasting time in dead end relationships.

  4. Stop being worrying about these boys and worry about your future . I would've worked on my credit score before I graduated , been involved in sports , because I didnt do squat I literally I'm out of school when that last bell rings , rushing too ! I guess I just hated school I guess

  5. I would probably Advise Myself to be more Focussed/Ruthless/Decisive/Brave because to Borrow Lines from a Michael Jackson Song "Too High to get Over"
    "Too Low to get under"
    "Caught in the Middle"
    "the Pain is Thunder"!,

    The Comfort Zone/Easy Route can leave You Comfortably trapped in Your own Life Aided by Fear of Failing & Succeeding!, (some might not get this Analogy & that is okay!.).

  6. Omg I started crying when jeannie said she thought she was ugly us women have so much to deal with the pressures of society and people telling us what's beautiful and whats not makes this world so shitty

  7. So I have answered this question before and after careful consideration this is the advice I would give my younger self: Don't try so hard when it comes to finding and falling in love. Always stand up for yourself do not look to others to fight your battles for you you must fight for yourself. When it comes to dreams and goals remember they are not meant to come easy which is why you must not give up or throw in the towel when things don't go your way or don't work out the way you hoped they would. And lastly (but most importantly) always remember that happiness begins with you do not leave this task up to others

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