What advice would you give your past self?

What advice would you give your past self?

In today’s video I asked individuals what advice they would give themselves if they could travel back in time.

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49 thoughts on “What advice would you give your past self?

  1. 🛑 I have a feeling you won’t take the time to read this ⭕️

    I get it tho.

    The chat is filled with other advices but if your going through a similar situation, please take the time to read

    Some advice I would give to my past self would be to stay strong, things are gonna get better, this is not gonna be long, you’re going to make it out of here, there’s something better for you and it requires for you to make very big decisions for it. Just to hold onto your faith and hope, trust yourself on the decisions you make and go with it. Time is a very important key in your situation. Just have to learn to cope with it and be strong.

  2. "So I'm just being me, but uh, I guess just being me hurts some people, so…"

    I have never related so hard to something. "Just be yourself" doesn't work for everybody. Because just being yourself — not trying to be a dick or anything — can fuck a lot of people over, because some of us just genuinely aren't very considerate or understanding or empathetic of others.

  3. I would go back to 7 weeks ago because I did something that I really regret.. and uh it ruined me and I should've chose the other option

  4. I would say to younger me that I am a much better person than everyone i surrounded myself with. Better than my friends, boyfriend, etc and i was just too nice. Time has taught me that there is a huge difference between being a nice person an a good person because a good person has the courage, i never had back then, to put abusive people in their place.

  5. to just be a child and to not feel pressured to understand things that i didn’t really have the mental strength to take such as taking someone’s life into your hands because you feel like you need to.

  6. I would tell my past to never start self harming because it’s addictive and it’s always gonna be there, ask for help.
    Don’t bottle up all your emotions

  7. I'd tell my past self

    "You're gonna be made a young mom after going through all the bullshit of the past 3 years so your baby is gonna be the cherry on top. Its gonna be rough alone but itll be worth it. You'll find friends to make your own family and literally FUCK that dude that left you."

  8. To not close yourself off from the world.

    Years ago my family used to say i was too moody and one day i decided to stop expressing my feelings in my face and voice. I picked up a rock to remember and I still have it. I spent around 3 years closed off and quiet, during that time one of our dogs died, but at that point I couldn't cry. I was still sad, but I couldn't cry. I now have social anxiety and fear I may have depression, but I don't know who to talk to because I'm still trying to be okay with having emotions. I'm just stressed all the time now and panic a lot, most days I wish I could just sleep forever because that's when I feel at peace.

  9. I'm 17 yo and I had very bad attemps to get on good terms with girls. There was this girl who was the same age as me, and she approached me first when I was 5 years younger. I had a childish crush on her, although 3 years later since that point, I got rejected and still foolishly follow her. I stuck with her a good 4 years in class. She would occasionally sit next to me at my table during school breaks and, ya'know, talk. I was kind of a social-awkward person, but having her around me made me feel comfortable and accompanied. She was really nice to me. Whenever I follow her group of friends back home, I would oftenly walk slowly behind em not saying a word, but she always had catched my mood and try to cheer me up by talking. At the end of Secondary school and it was my last days, I fucked up hard. It was her birthday that I wasn't aware of, and I unintentionally angered her RIGHT ON her birthday, just in 3 minutes. I flamed her on Facebook for not paying attention to me while what she was doing was just simply having fun with her friends the whole night. Right now, I haven't talked to her for a year, and idk if we'll ever get a chance to talk again. I just wanna say I'm sorry for everything I did.

    As for everyone who's still very young and is preparing for your important steps, do not let your selfishness and emotions take over you. Finding a friend for me was hard enough, but even today I can't even keep friends close to me. Value your relationships, keep em close as much as you can. You don't wanna lose them, especially to something you have no idea that might happen.

    As for me, you son of a bitch. Stand on your legs and confront your fears. The society welcomes everyone, as long as you accept the aura. You should have embraced yourself to be more open and talkative instead of being a shut-in that noone can understand. If you didn't fuck up so hard, you wouldn't regret so much like this.

    Thx for reading, everyone. I appreciate your time to read this. Take control of your life, be happy <3

  10. I would tell my past self these things:

    1. "Study hard, don't be arrogant." I was a consecutive honor student from elementary till highschool freshman. Moving up to second year, I procrastinated and got really lazy studying, having the mindset "I'm better than everyone in the class" and "I can ace the exams without studying" made me self destruct. Now I'm just a senior drop out in a call center job with a $500 monthly income. I could have done more, I could have been more.

    2. "Be the best son."

    3. "Cherish the girl named Emi. I failed. I fucked up."

  11. I will make my own videos off of this, Mark my words you are a wonderful YouTuber, never let anyone tell you the opposite

  12. If I was able to meet my past self from middle school to freshman year of high school, I probably would give him a hug and backhand slap across the face. I was really socially awkward and was at an argument with myself during those years. I wanted to interact more with people in my school but was terrified of what to say to strike up a conversation. It was a double edged sword that damaged my self confidence and I had this stupid mentality to refuse asking for help from others because I saw it as weakness and not maturing to become a young adult. That and I didn’t want any physical contact from my family like a hug or a pat on the shoulder and that made me even more awkward.
    Last I would tell him to not rush and try to form meaningful relationship with someone. I saw students in my class dating others and I thought I gained enough self confidence to talk to people again. Nope……still awkward as hell and if not ruined friendships I was lucky enough to form with students. Now I’m at intersection of what to do with my life with whatever time I may be granted in this life.

  13. If I had a chance, I want to tell my old self (in third grade of highschool) to think about yourself more. Don't even bother about everyone around you telling you to do this and that. Take and grab everything you feel you love it. Just don't even bother to hear everyone, just don't!

  14. I would tell my past self to not let my emotions control the choices I make and be nice to everyone or I’d regret it in the future c:

  15. I would honestly not say anything, because if I did, it might just make things worse. I honestly cannot complain about life lately, seeing as I finally beat my depression when I completed the „Realschule“, I managed to fight it, by helping others to fight it, and I still do, because some of these people only have me left in their lives, and that made me finally realize that I do matter to this world.

  16. If I could go back and tell my younger self something.

    For me I’d tell my 11 year old self to go for the boy that obviously liked me, I knew he liked me but I was scared because I didn’t know what to do since all my life my family would always mention about finding the right girl so I assumed it was wrong and something was wrong with me because I was gay. Every kid was very homophobic.

    Shit sucks when you’re expected to be “Normal” like you’re expected to be straight, I’ve missed out on a lot of things because I could never be myself or open up and here I am 20 years old coming out, cried because all my life up until 20 my parents would ask “when are we getting a grandson”. I missed out on opportunities to be happy and have experiences that most others would’ve regardless of gender and sexual orientation.

    Now I’m depressed and I don’t even feel like I’m supposed to be in this body, my mind and body feel foreign to one another, hate having been born with a girls heart in a boys body and it’s killing me to think that I should’ve been born a girl or at least “Normal” so I wouldn’t have suffered not being able to experience what it’s like to actually have a life and a childhood in elementary and highschool.

    I wish to whoever has hurt me unintentionally or has bullied me to know how I feel right now and that they owe me a life that can never be repaid or repaired. And now I feel like I’m left behind and I have an anxiety of being left out of things, I just wonna talk to old classmates and old bullies but I don’t know how to open up because I cannot trust anyone who isn’t in my small circle of friends.

    There’s a lot more that I regret because I did not take care of myself because being gay was “bad” so health wise and I don’t mean eating unhealthy things.

    I don’t know how long I can live while feeling this lonely, depressed and empty while my bullies and unintentional hurtful people have better more social lives than me. Fuck all of you cunts.

    All I really want is someone to lay next to me and show me things, tell me about their day, tell me all the things they’ve experienced that I couldn’t, someone to hold me and embrace me.

    But I can’t and I won’t so god help me get through this shit or take me in my sleep right now when I post this because I’m too much of a coward to commit suicide.

  17. What advice would I give myself in the future? Man. Tough one to let out but easy to learn from. If I could give my 14 year old self some advice, it’s to ignore having trying to be cool or have lots of friends. Fuck that stuff. It was never worth trying in the first place. Work harder in school and actually put more effort in. You would have had a better outcome if you did. Don’t do what I did because you’ll end up like me. Depressed and alone. And when you lose your brother, when you see your father get in a accident. Do not be shy to let your feelings go for a moment. Embrace it. But once your done become the rock that holds down your mother and father. Don’t fall for those who never spent one cent for you.

  18. I would probably say something along the lines of "play a little more with your friends" and "not everyone is out there to get you"
    Would have saved me some trouble.
    Also, "believe in yourself" and "don't bottle everything"

  19. My past advice would be to focus on school rather than being a jackass and focusing on a channel that was taken down a few months ago 🙁 but im doing better in high school so its good other than having depression because of my grandmother

  20. Use your free time to develop a talent, spend more time with family, stay away from porn, don't play too much games.

  21. Well I give my past self an advise so simple.
    Finish the fucking school right now, and enjoy the time with mom, the things are going to become even worse with every year.

  22. İf ı was in the vid ı would propbably say
    I wouldnt help anyone because when ı try things go f up and about a 5 months ago ı lost my friend because ı tried to keep him and his girlriend together and he became jealous cause his gf and ı was nice to each other and he thinked ı try to steal her from him and he didnt talked to me ever again and we are in same class about 3 years.

  23. The advice I would give my past self is to……not to argue with my parents 24 7 because the bullying I got from school everyday by the people I called friends and other people at that school . years ago it made me very angry and upset so I let it all out on my parents I still argue to them today…. I can tell its not gonna get any better in the future because my siblings they framed me for things I didn't do like stealing my parents earned money or doing drugs and etc. lets just say ive had enough of everything rn but im not gonna end it all because ive actually got people that like me like my new friends the teachers at my new school.its just that ever time I try to be nice or show my love to my parents they just….ignore me or just stare at me while I try to talk to them….ive never had the best childhood that every other kid had, ive never had good clothing and toys I felt like the shadow of everything yet the only person back them that actually cared for me was my old primary school teacher I just want to thank her for helping me with the bullying and the hard days I had heck she didn't even give me homework I just want to repay that teacher that helped me in year 6 but I cant…I know she wont be reading this  but idc….thanks Mrs Smith you helped me a lot threw the hard times I had at primary im doing well in year 9 I got some real friends and a boyfriend that really loves me…

  24. You’re such a underrated YouTube channel, I wish you uploading more I love it. I wish I could tell my story one day😔

  25. If i can give advice to my past self i would say "go learn BJJ and keep striving to be better, keep moving forward even if i born as a disappointment cause i know that my past self can do it as well"

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