47 thoughts on “Warhammer: Chaosbane – The Review (2019)

  1. Actually, I have to disagree in one regard, at least personally: Even in an ARPG I am absolutely 100 % open for a more deliberately designed and finite experience, I definitely, totally am.

  2. This was funny to me. I actually enjoyed Chaosbane quite a lot but I will admit it's at best a slightly above average game. It was fun. Martyr however? How the fuck can anyone have fun with that game for more than an hour? And that's stretching it.

  3. I love Warhammer Fantasy. I bought the game as a way of voting with my wallet. So far I'm not disappointed. It's fun. Could the lore and some other aspects of the game be improved? Sure, but I still find the game enjoyable despite the criticisms.

  4. I bought it the day it came out because I'm an aRPG addict. It's definitely a game I enjoy playing, but it's not worth 60 bucks. Wait for it to go on sale for 20 or so and grab it up!

  5. Lol Blizzard's deal with GW falls through we get Warcraft instead of Warhammer and Starcraft instead of 40k. Blizzard wow such originality.

  6. was really looking forward to this game since i lost vermintide 1 and 2 so much. firstly, disappointed that they made the same type of characters but they weren't the ubershriek 5. they might as well make new characters instead of copying them. secondly…. everything else.

  7. I love that you're a big aRPG fan because I am too, and in parts of the review that may seem somewhat nitpicky to some who haven't really invested as much time in the genre as we have I personally find extremely important and and very appreciative of… the second you said pay to win that kills all games in my eyes and I may have stopped the video there but you were smart and left it till the end haha. Where this game truly lost me 100% though was where you were speaking about the skills and skill trees, at that point even without the commentary those clips alone had me say fuck off. I've played through the progression of the mechanics of this genre through the years and the genre currently is only Path Of Exile as being a game worthy of saying yeh this game is awesome and I'd come back to it (it's still installed on my XB1), as Diablo 2 is still on my PC.. Games like this need to do better and companies need to be less predatory with micro transactions if they're going to get a cent of my money… thanks for the thoughtful in-depth review brother 😁👊

  8. Chaosbane to be completely honest, offers very little to someone not already quite involved and aware of the Warhammer fantasy universe. With this in mind, I think people who really enjoy Warhammer fantasy might find it fun and interesting for a quick romp, but otherwise this review rings quite true.

  9. I still don't know how I feel about this game. I loved martyr. But the drops in that game were horrible. This ones just meh to me. Walk 3 seconds horde of enemies. Another 3 seconds horde of the same.enemies. the maps are the same. Don't change. And the story is so not there… I enjoyed space Marine and martyr and I am highly disappointed with this one. Also 2 unobtainable achievements. Nice

  10. What i very like about this game is the low amount of time you have to spend to have fun and fist some enemys. I don´t have the time to play Diablo and i like Chaosbane much more then Diablo.

  11. I just bought it and I wish I had seen this review first. There’s so little content in this game. Chapter one is just playing around in the sewers over and over again. Loot sucks. Money is worthless, there are no side quests.

  12. So what would be like your 5 recommended aRPG titles to play at the moment? Question goes to everyone else as well, feel free to answer. Since i am looking for stuff i could try out.

  13. "Already putting the number of skills behind other games like diablo"

    Mate are you fucking retarded diablo has a max of 6 skills for your hero with passives and runes.
    CB Has 6 skills with passives and extra passives what the fuck are you even talking about this review is garbage rofl.

  14. Mobile games are awesome & there are tons of mobile games that are bette than consoles & pc games,playing on a phone doesn’t make anyone less of a gamer(in fact it makes them more of a real/hardcore gamer since you can play them everywhere)lifeless retarded trolls like Marcus Kane don’t know anything(not even the meaning of austistic,even though he’s obviously beyond autistic)I still have my consoles but I play more on my phone than on my consoles nowadays & im still a real/hardcore gamer,these are facts.

  15. You are as dumb as Marcus Kane,both inquisitor & chaosbane are very different games(they aren’t clones like every japs games)these are facts.

  16. I just subscribed after watching your MHW reviews… but when I take a look at your videos… well I kinda disappointed there's no Witcher 3 review

  17. Marcus Kane is a pathetic cocksucking bitch who’s always crying & who’s also an autistic kid(he doesn’t even know what that means even though he’s obviously retarded & autistic)nothing you say about me is true,only fake shit,but everything I say & you say applies to you,these are facts.

  18. Skillup – as the Grim Dawn: Forgotten Gods expansion has just launched would love you see you do a retrospective review of this highly underated game that is still one of the best and long lasting ARPGs on the market…… 👍

  19. I remember after Blizzcon disaster last year, Chaosbane post a video saying that they're NOT going to release it on pHOneS.

    Because they're making a mobile game on PC!

  20. THANK YOU for this! I was wondering why I was (seemingly) the ONLY person severely disappointed with this game.
    I was bored with it after 10 hours and felt obligated (because of wasting money) to continue on, and was just let down even more as I went on.
    I (sadly) bought the expensive edition. What did I get?? A pet I couldn't figure out how to use until it just appeared (and I couldn't get rid of it similar to how I couldn't activate it) that doesn't NOTHING, 3 "bonuses" of 5% more whatever and 3 emotes that I have NO IDEA why I'd even want to use them given bonuses on stats or gear and an overwhelming feeling of stupidity for paying for a preorder yet again.

  21. If you are a Warhammer fun i suggest everyone to try Warhammer Return of Reckoning.

    It's not an action rpg tho.

  22. My biggest issue was the CH2 boss. Playing as a mage(hard difficulty) I only had the portal to jump around and since the boss likes to just chase you in the first phase I literally couldn’t survive the first phase since he also likes to use instant attacks which I couldn’t dodge or had no warning for, other bosses have slow attack but this guy, fuck this guy

  23. Mobile games aren’t bad,you dumb faggots,what’s bad is all of your faggy weeaboo & pc shit which is always outdated,these are facts.

  24. Ok lol last post on this. This is the chaos gods and their demons used as units in your armies. https://warhammerfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Chaos_Gods Each of the 4 gods is well represented in the game that way. But take a read down this list with possible units and the huge variety. https://warhammerfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Warriors_of_Chaos, this is very underrepresented which like I said is a shame.

    edit: That said I enjoy the game and have hopes it will get a lot better soon.

  25. About your confusion with magnus, you might have mixed up magnus the pious from warhammer fantasy with magnus the red from wh40k. The former seems to be a hero but also just a man (don't know much about him since I mainly play wh40k), while the latter is a traitor space marine primarch who then later turned into a daemon prince (and thus looks way more spectacular than magnus the pious). Since wh40k is more successful than its fantasy counterpart you'll usually get results for magnus the red which can be confusing. Just wanted to let you know in case your confusion stems from this misunderstanding. If not… welp, sorry for wasting your time 😛

  26. As far as demons go in warhammer, there are not a lot to pick from when it comes to variety.

    edit: I think each of the 4 have maybe 5. That is for the table top game that is. There are other units ranging from ogres to humans that serve chaos though. They basically are just using the demons for mobs for the most part which is a shame. If they used the whole variety of the host of chaos it would have been way better, maybe they will add more.

  27. Game is really generic, gameplay is kindergarten easy, the 'world' is just a series of maps connected by a a portal hub. Absolutely nothing unique to this game, wait for a $5 sale

  28. All the warhammer games mostly seem to lack several things that could make it a great game. I can tell by watching videos it's lacking quite a bit I know they can do better than this but I think they end up doing the bare minimum at most. I like the older warhammer RTS games over anything else they have done space marine and vermintide were both not fun for long at all and the reason I'd never buy anything else till they step it up.

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