Virgil Van Dijk predicts his FIFA 20 rating!

Virgil Van Dijk predicts his FIFA 20 rating!

Interview with the new FIFA 20 Cover star Virgil Van Dijk
Van Dijk packed his own Team of the Year card! FIFA 20 rating?
Big thanks to EA!

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hey guys today it's very special day here in Boston as you can see doing good my name burger one day I do failed to be the focused on very special very proud it's a bit of unreal feeling that basically and obviously very good but I'm enjoying every bit of it actually on the covers I like it yeah it did a great job does its best see I've got an alternative sometimes play with among but when I'm home like this that stage where now my kids we bring something fun to the channel guys Virgil we're gonna do the twist no pressure no pressure so how many goals have you scored well I didn't even know that I'm enduring it was no idea sorry oh my god that's what I find it'll be different how many records it's read that's right again it's really good great bonus point yes one of the teams in Scotland padeen yes so this is person view it's been an interesting one Marcy's not seems fantastic women Champions League it's not something thinking of like a game the Muslims things like it's very I try to it's something that suits me that is like my play I think it's also a good thing for my teammates to have someone around you that calms things down that's something part of my game all raising City have in 2019 Buster units couponing egg greatest 88 so this is another I think that she got hate today's least now I think 88 should be it's varied but I've no control so these guys work 88 on the camera so maybe something about maybe five that's your opinion pace speak I think I should have my face a little bit up I'm not sure what it is this year was difficult because I'm sorry thing is dead funny I was seriously that opening pecs really and laughs couple of points open the last Peck you buy people's at that time so my last points I opened the peg oh my god and I had a picture of my father my wife was next to me I could believe we exciting all the really exciting I wasn't [Applause] it's gonna be this good I think one of it must be one of the younger guys must be parents Curtis thinks it's alright Korean they must be things he's all right there so yeah hope you guys have plenty of time to play all guys they go it's been myself and Van Dyke in Boston Thank You Joey this in the follow we didn't already leave a like subscribe see you guys later hope you guys enjoyed the fee per 20 cover star reveal and really fun interviewer Virgil really was just a sound and just fun guys filming man so hopefully want to see more in this kind of content guys big thanks though to EA SPORTS FIFA and Liverpool for this just brilliant and fantastic time at Boston and New York so yeah hopefully you guys enjoyed it leave a like them all subscribe and I'll see you guys later

44 thoughts on “Virgil Van Dijk predicts his FIFA 20 rating!

  1. Gotta do more videos like this… just without any construction work or helicopters flying past! Hope you enjoyed!

  2. i laughed at liverpool for paying so much for him. i was wrong he is an amazing player. now i laugh at man united for paying so much for maguire. lets see how that goes.

  3. Virgil Van Dijk is the best centre back in football history absolute LEGEND UNTOUCHABLE 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

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