Victoria’s Secret Hair Tutorial | Martha Hunt

Victoria’s Secret Hair Tutorial | Martha Hunt

I finally did a beachy loose wave hair tutorial & salon chat with my professional hair stylist & friend, Danielle Priano! Her secret technique with the curling iron (& flat iron) at the end surprised me! All of the products/ some of hers – are listed below to achieve the sexy “Iconic Bombshell” hair look:) Hope you enjoy;)

list of products:
PSxDanielle medium round brush

GHD curling irons

R + Co setting spray

L’Oreal Root Cover up Spray

Oribe Volume Powder root volume powder

PSxDanielle no-crease clips

Glam seamless extensions
Instagram › glamseamlessGlam Seamless Hair Extensions (@glamseamless) • Instagram photos …
R + Co Anti- humidity spray

PSxDanielle Wide tooth comb

GHD Flat Iron

Music by Epidemic Sound:
Guustavv – Caribbean Christmas
Music by
Oscar Oscar – Himeji
Serious Klein- 91 Flex
Nacala – Do it right Instrumental
Verzache – blueberry
Awake – Tonight

Edited by Tori Pante & Martha Hunt
Produced by Martha Hunt

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  2. I would guess the irons aren't incredibly hot, because your hair looks super healthy and she's able to hold the curl in her hand afterwards. Just making a note for myself I guess

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