Vertical 101 Rainbow Six Siege Tips And Tricks

Vertical 101 Rainbow Six Siege Tips And Tricks

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What i use:
Mouse : zowie FK2

Keyboard : Anne Pro 2

Mouse Pad : Logitech L

Headphones : Logitech G433

Monitor : Acer 144HZ 24″

Aspect Ratio : 4:3 83 FOV

Sens :
H : 70
V : 70
ADS : 83
Multiplier : 0.00223
DPI : 400

31 thoughts on “Vertical 101 Rainbow Six Siege Tips And Tricks

  1. I literally just came across your channel and watched like four tips and tricks videos so far, and I just wanted to say that I really appreciate your content and you're by far the best informative siege content creator in my opinion. No disrespect to other siege youtubers that strive to help players like Get_Flanked, Rogue, Varsity, etc, but you're legit so much better than them in terms of explaining and teaching it's insane. It honestly hurts to run across content creators that are amazing but underrated/unnoticed. You deserve so many more subs and views and I hope you get there in the future my guy

  2. The problem with vertical play is when you solo play people are dumb as fuck and have no idea how or just won't tell you where they are. You basically just have to hope you can remember all the hiding spots from the floor below.

  3. I recommended this video a few months back so if he made it because of me (which he probably didnt), you’re welcome😂

  4. Its so hard to find an indepth guide these days ever since iceycat stopped making em. All i can find are streamers/pros making a montage videos of themselves with clickbait title and uploading their gameplay. Barely find any vids where they actually sit down, make a 'custom' game and spend time to explain. Its mostly 70% of them laughing, 1 minute gameplay that got to do with their title and the rest are random. For example, if there's a 10 minute video that says "How to play castle", you'll see 1 min footage of them playing castle and 9 minutes of random chats, operator selection screen, and playing anything BUT castle. This is one thing that i appreciate Braction. He takes his time playing a custom game and edits his vids. Keep up the good work bro

  5. I switched from ps4 to pc 2 seasons ago and I play high gold low plat level. At the moment I play support like Thermite, Smoke, Kaid, Capitao etc but I have a 1.4 kd should I continue playing support or switch to a frag role?(I usually play with 1 or 2 friends)

  6. Can you do more map guides like you did with Kanal that was the most informative video I’ve seen you do it was a big help and I would love if you did some other maps in ranked

  7. You should do a video on mindset. I myself am very guilty of this but it happens a lot to me and other players. So many times have I lost because whether it’s me or my team we one or the other always goes for the last kill and we all rush brainlessly and all die. It will be 4v1 or 5v2 and the whole team rushes and it ends up a 1v1 that the enemy easily wins. It’s a common thing in siege I don’t think is talked about because as you get into the higher ranks it happens less, but still enough to cost the round which is too much.

  8. so I'm level 57 and I've been playing for one month i still learn a lot but i went to ranked and it putted me in gold 2 which is pretty good but the thing is I'm just not able to compete with them but whenever i play unranked it feels like casual i need some tips for my reflex and mindset cause whenever I'm in a situation i stress and lose my marbles thank you for reading

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