Vegetable Chopper Test ONE HANDED - Does It Actually Work?? (Amazon Kitchen Gadget Review)

Vegetable Chopper Test ONE HANDED – Does It Actually Work?? (Amazon Kitchen Gadget Review)

Do kitchen gadgets like this one from Amazon actually work?? If a one handed person can easily use it, then it must be good, right?! =P

Fullstar Vegetable Chopper Link:

Any suggestions for another product I should try on my channel? Let me know in the comments below! Haha product testing is so fun…

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here it is hey YouTube it's Abby again a while back I made a how do I chop an onion with only five fingers video and I got a lot of comments responding these things like hey you should try some kitchen gadgets that might help you or use a slap chop or use something that will assist you in a recent vlog I posted I went to Michigan and one of my cousins was using this thing the full star chopper plus he was dicing onions and I was like you know what I need to try that because it was making it look really easy and I was thinking maybe it's so easy even a one-handed person can do it so I ordered this thing on Amazon I'll put the link below in case you wanted to check it out if this turns out okay maybe you'll want to get one for yourself if it doesn't work very well then but I'm gonna test it out I'm gonna test it out on a few different things I'm going to do an onion of course carrots avocado a zucchini and an apple I want to test this thing out to see if this makes the Fivefinger life any easier okay I'm gonna open this up don't put your fingers in there I'm not living a bad life but let's just not do it five cups you can put a lot of stuff in here Oh a little scraper with wait the chopper Plus perfectly dices and spiralize is your favorite foods and seconds to fire realize this I feel invigorated by that word bonus finalize my morning commute wash the food peel of necess before slicing okay clean this mess up so let's start with the onion so I guess they said cut this into half their quarters I'm gonna try halves because we want to go big I'm gonna put you to the test chopper plus in half the large dice pieces thing is already in here so I'm gonna start with that you know this is really great because my paw can just like press down my left hand can take a break nothing come on Oh oh my gosh but worked that was violent but I think it works yeah yeah this is great that was really easy okay so now I'm gonna do this ribbon blade thing it makes like little ribbons of carrots or other things I'm just gonna use it with carrots peas carrots maybe two okay this is kind of working but I think I'm realizing I should have gotten thicker carrots okay this did not work that well but it was probably user error huh zucchini let's cut the end off real quick I'm sure I was supposed to peel this okay look at this thing this is awesome whoo that that's like one huge long piece of zucchini and I think there might be a way to make like this zucchini spaghetti thing but I'm not going to try and find out right now Apple Oh fingers off I'm thinking if this does the onion just fine it'll do yeah that was way easier than the onion I saw pieces of Apple Granny Smith are the best last but not least and I mean but not least because for some reason Americans are obsessed with avocados I'll kind of oh this is a little side tip has nothing to do with the chopper this is the way I slice up in an avocado even if you're a two-handed person you should be doing it this way because it's awesome and it works great so you cut long ways all the way around until you reach the other side of your cut twisted open like that's the pit is exposed and then you get the pit out by just kind of sinking the blade into it and then give it a twist spoon and yes I can hold this with my palm well and do it like that obviously this one's gonna be these is because this is soft can you probably do both pieces at once yeah there you have it it's cool so is the full star chopper plus and I actually really like it I think I might start using this regularly if you're a Lin different person check it out I'll put the link below in the description but thanks to all those people who are suggesting convenience tools like little kitchen tools that might help me because I usually just use a knife this thing's awesome especially if you're gonna make large quantities of stuff just like grow stuff in here food prep food prep that's another thing if you are one of those Sunday night booth Preppers right here big deal so my cousins are saying to their only we should do some food prep this will make it easy so this thing is definitely five finger friendly I will probably start to use this a lot more now that I have it now they tested it out during this video if you thought of something else that you'd like to see me try let me know in the comments and maybe I will get it and try it I love to try stuff out so that I can see if it really makes a difference for a little different person or maybe just a doing it person who's trying to make their life a little bit more convenient hopefully this video helps you too if you like this video give it a thumbs up and for more videos down the road about how I live my life and Five Fingers and other stuff too subscribe

36 thoughts on “Vegetable Chopper Test ONE HANDED – Does It Actually Work?? (Amazon Kitchen Gadget Review)

  1. Thank you for showing us this handy kitchen too. I am going to order one for my kitchen this weekend. I lost my arm in an accident when I was 16, wow, that was almost 25 years ago, and am always looking for gadgets to help me out in the kitchen. My arm is kind of short, just 6 or 7 inches below my shoulder, so I can always use things like that.

  2. You are awesome and way more efficient now than my 10 finger self: we need more people like you in this world. Thank you !!

  3. How small can you chop an onion.most i am seeing look like smallest is about 1/4-1/4.looking for smaller then that.give it a while kiddo.TY

  4. Really enjoyed your video. I just got my whopper chopper (the Fullstar Chopper Plus); I bought it solely for the purpose of chopping tomatoes. Just my luck, the instructions say "blade not suitable for tomatoes." But me being me, I chopped a few tomatoes anyway and it worked ok. Thanks for your demo.

  5. Was wondering cause I had a stroke and lost the use of my whole left side I don't vknoe when or if I will gain use of it again I might vhave to prepare myself to use one hand

  6. What I really like is your upbeat attitude.
    But just opened mine and instead of reading the instructions I watched you
    Waaaaay cool

  7. Good chopping and all, but I'm disappointed in your apple choice. Granny Smith? bruh. Everyone knows that Pink Lady is the best apple, with Honeycrisp as a close 2nd. still, great vid.

  8. The cucumber looked like a pencil😆😆😆 it reminded me of sharpening a pencil too. Love your enthusiasm and your sense of humor Abby! Thanks for sharing! Very cool tool!

  9. Have you considered a knife attachment for your stump? You could hold things with your hand and slice with the other arm.

  10. Hey! Came here from QuintonReviews awhile back and I really enjoy your videos! Don't put yourself down so much — I know you can do just about everything anyone with two hands can, so how about show us how you're unique and special rather than proving you can be just like us normies? Keep up the great content 🙂 <3

  11. I felt like you were about to go down that slippery slope all infomercials do and start spiralizing the shit out of everything, like leather shoes, small stuffed animals,

  12. ello, here from Quinton Reviews. I love all your videos and curious too see how you can solve a rubiks cube, if you don't know how then a video of you trying to figure it out would be cool.

  13. Your so lame in the cutest way but love that. Good video very useful culinary tool I would use for certain vegetables not all to spare time

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