Vegan Nutritionist Reviews Fully Raw Kristina | What I Ate Today

Vegan Nutritionist Reviews Fully Raw Kristina | What I Ate Today

In today’s video I review a random Fully Raw Kristina’s what I eat in A Day video sent to me by a subscriber.

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today I'm reviewing a fully royal Christina's was I in a day video role the titles welcome back it's good to see you again if you haven't met before then hi I'm Gautam and I'm currently finishing a master's in nutrition and qualifying as a nutritionist and later this year I'm going to be doing a PhD in nutritional science as always just a quick reminder that I'm now offering consults the SIBO tests the organic acids test and still test by my website so if you have any health or digestive problems and consider taking these tests as they will provide a lot of valuable information which can help you make informed decisions and start getting your health back on track and on that bombshell to the video so I usually wake up around 7:30 8 o'clock and the first thing that I do when I wake up is I drink lemon water or lime water even coconut water squeezed with lime and this is great because when you wake up in the morning and usually really thirsty because you've just gone an entire night of fasting so it's time to break the fast and it's so important to be hydrated when you first wake up so I have some delicious lime coconut water here and those of you who know me well know that I'm a big fan of evermore water especially throughout the day or in the morning as well because it is the most alkaline water and it keeps me so so hydrated so hydration is obviously essential in the body the problem that I have with what christina is suggesting or alluding to though is that drinking alkaline water in the morning is somehow gonna kickstart your metabolism and get everything moving in the right direction and this is a perpetual myth that I hear in the raw vegan community a lot so your metabolism is primarily controlled by your mitochondria which are those willpower plants in your cells that produce adenosine triphosphate and adenosine diphosphate which are the energy currencies in your body drinking water or alkaline water will do nothing to kick-start this process loading the body up with a loss of alkaline water first thing in the morning will also simply dilute the hydrochloric acid in your stomach that is essential for helping you digest and break down your breath therefore what can start to happen is that your stomach acidity is increased and then as a result you have more undigested food and proteins hitting your small intestines which is not what you want if you want healthy digestion also by diluting your stomach acid before your meals with water can also create another issue you need your stomach acid to be around 1.5 to 3 to not only break down your food but also to kill off and prevent pathogens bacteria and yeasts from entering your intestines if you dilute your stomach acidity by drinking a lot of water before a milk it can allow bacteria and pathogens through your stomach and into your intestines which could potentially trigger conditions such as small intestinal bacterial overgrowth therefore I would suggest if you are thirsty in the morning then have a few sips eat your milk and then drink water 45 minutes after the milk so it is not impairing your digestion so probably about 30 minutes after I drink water which is typically around like 8 o'clock or so sometimes 9 o'clock I usually introduce about 32 ounces of juice into my day and you guys know how much I love juice and lately around this time I've been having my fat-ass juice recipe which I'll share that link for the recipe below it probably cost me about five dollars to make this juice a few apples I would save me about five or six oranges some mint from my backyard and one beet and I know that that sounds like a super weird recipe but when it's really hot outside this tastes amazing when it is just like chilled cold so again we are simply causing dilution of stomach acids so yes apples orange and beet juice are slightly acidic that pH is 3 to 6 so in combination with the alkaline water that Kristina drank 30 minutes before her stomach could potentially struggle to break down her food properly also when you juice things like beets you are simply concentrating compounds such as oxalate which is not a good thing for your digestion or overall health so my best advice if you're going to juice these sort of concoctions is to have the drink after your meal so you're not going to further dilute your stomach acid I would also suggest drinking type of drinks in the form of smoothies so that the fiber in the smoothie will control not only the rate of which you absorb the sugars but also to help you control oxalate absorption so I'm usually buzzing around that time getting things done getting ready for work doing things for roughly organic and in the midst of that time between like 9:00 and 10:30 I would say is when I have like breakfast breakfast and usually I have about half of a watermelon and I know that this sounds like a lot but a half of the watermelon is so juicy and sweet and hydrating and depending on the size of your melon this is only going to be about 400 to 500 calories so it's really not that much it looks like a lot but it's really not that much this watermelon I got from roughly organic and it literally only cost me five to six dollars so if I'm eating a half of a watermelon this is literally like a three to four dollar meal you can't beat that my friends can't beat that so melons are very limited in terms of nutrients and my main other problem with half a melon for breakfast as Christina says is that it only contains about four to five hundred calories so not only are you not getting sufficient energy from those calories these sugars in the melon are typically in the form of monosaccharides so essentially all this means is that your body will use this up very quickly and you will crash fairly quickly afterwards to avoid these type of issues try eating things like porridge in the morning with your fruits so you are also getting some of those slower release and carbohydrates which are in the form of polysaccharides which will help you better regulate your blood sugar levels lunchtime I am usually on the go and whether I am at co-op or filming videos or doing whatever I do running all over Texas we're traveling the easiest thing for me to eat is fruit and lately my fig trees in my backyard and the figs at Raleigh Organic have been same so I've been mono Mealing figs literally for about two weeks now straight we have black mission figs and the kalimera figs that are green and we have Tiger figs with like the jelly in the middle they're just insane so I've been having about three pounds sometimes four of these if my tongue can take it and I typically flip my figs inside out that way it doesn't burn my mouth but I love figs and if I can handle some grapes in there I will eat some grapes in there too but for me basically lunch anytime around noon to one o'clock and I'm usually eating about three or four pounds of fruit so easy so delicious no time at all and depending on whether you're picking your own fruit shopping in a co-op or buying in cases of discount at the grocery store you can save yourself a lot of money by doing so again with Christina's lunch there is very little diversity no real healthy fats poor protein profiles lower amounts of vitamin E low levels of minerals such as zinc and selenium calorie wise it's okay at about a thousand calories or so but beyond that I don't really have anything else to add it's just very restrictive in terms of nutrition and for dinner I love dinner and I'm usually all over the place during the day so when I get home my biggest thing is that I love to exercise or run or I'll go box or I'll do a little bit of yoga and stretching outside and I'll earn my meal I will earn my meal and I'll build up my appetite and I'll get hungry that way I'm sure that I'm using up energy and then I'm also refueling that energy into my body my favorite time to eat dinner is usually around 6:30 to seven o'clock but me being so busy sometimes I get home at 10:30 and I still eat and I have to make that okay that's something that I've kind of struggled with but I've learned to no matter where I am bring my food with me or somehow prepare and have it wherever I am that way I am not eating it like midnight when I get my favorite dinner lately let's assume that I'm eating around 6:30 7:00 o'clock every night which is my optimal time to eat has been a small plate of fruit which I always love thinking that a small plate of fruit is my appetizer and I've been eating a lot of figs lately more figs and grapes but if you don't want any of these you can also do just like a small bowl of berries like blueberries or strawberries or whatever hits the spot for you and literally every night you guys know me all about that rainbow salad except for I've been putting a little twist on it lately and I've been enjoying my fully raw taco salad like almost every night I love this it's just filled with fresh greens rainbow bell peppers yellow orange red purple cabbage cherry tomatoes baby mix greens some raw organic flax crackers you can even add some corn on here sprinkle it with some lime and I love making my own side of guacamole or even pesto sauce to put on the side and I have a recipe for that on my website at Philly rod comm if you want to reference it and don't forget the avocado on top these greens I got local from my co-op and I'd probably say this is about 2 or 3 dollars worth of greens and about a few dollars of the other ingredients so altogether I'd say that my salad with everything included is probably about 10 to 12 dollars which that would be the amount that you would spend at a restaurant if you were going to get it except for you're getting so much more abundance here and it's organic and it's the highest quality produce so well I totally agree with the principle of eating the rainbow you have to balance that with getting sufficient calories to sustain your energy levels so while there are some healthy fats from the avocado and an array of vitamins and minerals on the plates there are hardly any calories particularly for someone like Kristina who appears to be leading an active lifestyle so in summary to Cristina's day of eating that my thoughts are as follows number one I would be concerned about the constant dilution of the stomach acid levels and we have already seen many raw X vegans run into digestive problems probably down to this type of problem number two the nutritional profile of the day of eating is fairly restricted not a great deal of healthy fats probably low minerals such as zinc or phosphorus and selenium and vitamins such as vitamin E and folate are also probably fairly low for that day of eating number three the amount of calories during that day of eating was probably around 1900 to 2000 calories giving that christina is fairly active with running and boxing etc she probably needs at least two thousand four hundred to two thousand five hundred calories a day just to maintain her body right and finally number four I would also be concerned about some vital nutrients such as iodine which is essential for thyroid function and also the lack of Omega threes I don't know she is supplementing these nutrients but either way she needs to inform her subscribers of how she is getting these vital nutrients because it doesn't appear that it is coming from her diet so that's the end of today's video I hope you will enjoy it as always remember to look after your body because it's the only place you have to live and I'll see you next time

37 thoughts on “Vegan Nutritionist Reviews Fully Raw Kristina | What I Ate Today

  1. Spirulina!!!!! You can’t just eat fruits…. I’ve read that humans can live with only water and Spirulina. But I wouldn’t do this. 😂

  2. She says it's ok to spend $12 for dinner every day… because you occasionally go out to eat and spend that much??

  3. Having cold pressed juice after a meal is terrible advice, as that's not going to be good for digestion and is also very bad food combining

  4. I don't see how she could have met her RDI for Vitamin E that day. Half an Avocado and some Mango (if she even ate mango) doesn't quite cut it.

  5. So you couldn’t think for yourself so you had to put down someone else who is only suggesting what she eats… dude find your own way!!

  6. how about when you look and feel as amazing as Kristina does then maybe I will listen to this bogus science. I do agree about not drinking Alkaline water

  7. Wish you had examples of where to get these missing vitamins carbs and fats….what’s the point of making a video just critiquing someone without giving help on how they can better themselves? Very vague

  8. yeah, that's why you gotta drink water, not alkaline water but coconut water is good, or mountain spring water or whatever good source of water you got and not before, after nor during a meal either…there's gotta be time in between so as to not dilute the digestive/gastric juices, generally you might wanna wait 2 hours after your meal and about 30 minutes before a meal… but drinking water/natural fluids in the morning is good to flush out the system after the heavy detoxing and rebuilding through the night and also it's better not to consume concentrated proteins and starches in the morning, you can of course if you want, but you will burden the system, fruit is truly optimal in this period. And no melons are not deficient in nutrients, that's not right. But overall, as for water or juice, drink only when you are thirsty and as for food, eat only when hungry, it's that simple. The only criticism I have on this Fully raw girl is the alkaline water, that stuff is nonesense but otherwise ain't nothing wrong with eating fruits and greens, and yeah, add some nuts and natural grains, the notion of calory counting is mad, just eat and be satiated…Iodine is present in sea vegetables and even prunes, proteins are in every plant, some concentrated than others however, that's never a concern unless you're undereating, too much protein is in fact not healthy at all, omega 3's are present widly in the plant kingdom including the greens and fruits, especially berries. And fruit does not = sugar, fruit is primarily water, and then fibre + minerals. fruit is probably one of the best sources of hydration (it's best to eat fruit, good to blend it rather than juicing, keep the fibre), However juicing is not bad, it can be used therapeutically for various conditions, because in any case the food we eat actually has to be turned into some form of liquid, this is what the gastric and digestive juices do so no juicing your fruit and veggies is not the worse thing you can do, it can be real good, it saves metabolic energy, this fear mongering over sugar is absurd. Refined sugar, concentrates etc, that's the real problem not juicing.

  9. Is it weird I eat savory baked sweet potato "fries" for breakfast? (with basil, garlic, and cayenne or sometimes curry powder).

  10. After waking up I drink half a litre of cold brew green tea and half a litre of tap water, cause that's what I loose over night (very warm here in summer and no a/c). So 1 litre in the first 30 minutes after waking up. But I will then have my first meal (porridge + fruits) some hours later, because I can't stand eating anything in the hours after waking up, there has to be some time. It's called intermittent fasting nowadays, but I've done it my whole life, because I literally hate eating in the morning, although I love eating in abundance in general. At the same time my digestion is perfect as it can be and working like a clock. I guess, worrying about drinking should mostly be about what you drink (water, teas etc.) and how much (many people are struggling to drink enough). And not too much about when, as I see no problem at all with this.

  11. Your education is useless. I don't eat breakfast, I eat late afternoon, I have tons of energy, I do not crash as you say it, and light dinner in the evening.
    Your advise to eat porridge is BS. Your body is still digesting the dinner from yesterday, and you put more hard food in the morning. Which makes you tired. If you drink what Kristina suggested is much better.
    You eat to live, which means you eat when you are hungry, not predetermined meal times.

  12. I have been having lemon water in morning and I don't eat for a couple hours at least… It's just the way I feel not agenda. I have been alot more regular after doing the lemon water

  13. kristina has some really good food, i really don't mind drinking lemon water in the morning… but i know being alkaline is good, but i also know what that can do if you drink water that isn't naturally alkaline from foods 😁😁🤙🤙but i love her tho…. her smoothie ideas are great… i drink smoothies every morning hahaha

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