Vāpshot Mini Alcohol Vaporizing Machine (inhale booze) First Look - Gadget Review

Vāpshot Mini Alcohol Vaporizing Machine (inhale booze) First Look – Gadget Review

Here’s our first impressions of the Vāpshot Mini, a countertop sized machine that turns liquid alcohol into a breathable vapor. Yes, you can now inhale alcohol.

Alcohol: Barcardi 151 (it burns a bit going in)
Camera: Sony NEX 6
iPhone Mount: Une Bobine

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hey guys this is Gabi with gadget reviews and here we have Kristin today we're taking a look at the vape shot but so here's the here's the idea with a vein shot you get drunk quicker and sober up quicker loser so we switched to 151 which is effectively on a doubled out go home so it's got fun not for nothing Jesus if you have small hands be careful filling it up it comes actually so it comes to these special bottles and they're effectively SodaStream so they're SodaStream bottles has been retrofitted with what I believe is a pass pending the Pat pending design which has like a little rubber kind of nozzle in the top that you stick what is also just like a bike tire pimp from Fight Club right this is really nice this looks like a dentist tool and it's got suppressed and you release it alcohol vaporizes that my strong yeah you get a smoking effect pretty damn cool enjoy some of that hey hold it in for maximum effect of this so you kind of pull it off the last thing the better I'm leaking so it's kind of a flawed design burger you maybe we had to get out of the system now we're doing the 151 bullshit I think we were doing the 80 because that bird didn't even guts in here that's what it looks like on the inside but I will say though there is a strong odor of like oil and machinery coming from it and when I first got it it was like very much more evident in terms of taste and it's still there a little bit yeah the 151 deftly makes a difference in terms of just overall burn and like the head rush Kristen you've had about five of these do you feel like here I mean I feel like a little haze but nothing like it's not controlling that I'm drinking alcohol we what happened dude the pen came out and that was a sawed-off yeah you see it so that is actually supposed to be like that and there's the pulling part right there always been pulling it out of there and there's Robert and it's friction this broken then figure out bit like I want to be to get the Newlyn without like how much friction you have to get a little bit of alcohol the tip and then just jam it in just slowly guy today but you don't have wish to are not rich okay you just made okay I did I zoomed it on her but do I feel different I do you come out of a bizarre jump around you can drape our out Kuljit first battle throws travel that's the bait shot at least the first impressions will come back and take a full review say higher shelf hope you a hope you guys enjoyed our kind of behind the scenes having fun with the babe shot and some breath oh this and not to go will be like a third person the mix you

9 thoughts on “Vāpshot Mini Alcohol Vaporizing Machine (inhale booze) First Look – Gadget Review

  1. the cup should have color LED's in so when you pull the top off the bottle glows like crazy from the lights.

  2. I would think you'd need more than like 3-4 shots of the 151 in the machine to actually feel a buzz (depending on tolerance)

  3. havent bought one yet dont know how it works but five shots that bottle is barely missing 3 shots at the end of the movie. 2 guys 5 shots each halfway thru movie…. explain? baby shots?

  4. Actualy you can doo that at home witoth the "vaporazer" all you need is bicicle pump empti plastick bottle and corck effect the same and you dont need to buy expensive usles machine lol 

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