Unleash Your Inner Artist Makeup Tutorial

Unleash Your Inner Artist Makeup Tutorial

HI SISTERS! I am so excited to show you my full Sister Collection LAUNCHING NOVEMBER 13TH AT 8AM PST ON MORPHE.COM AND AT ALL ULTA LOCATIONS ON NOVEMBER 16th. We created a BEAUTIFUL rainbow palette with insane pigmentation & the best brush set on the market, so you can #UnleashYourInnerArtist.

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Comes with many different formulas, a mix of both eyeshadows and pressed pigments. Within the palette we have metallics, which are insanely pigmented, and beautiful mega mattes, which perform best over a primer.

Canvas – Matte cream
Ringlight – Shimmer pearl
So Good – Metallic true gold
518 – Matte neon orange
Rusted – Matte chili orange
Halloween – Metallic copper
Wig – Metallic warm brass
Tea – Matte dark taupe
Punch me – Matte latte
Sister – Shimmer rose gold
Mary – Matte dusty rose
Literally – Shimmer flamingo pink
You’re kidding – Matte RED
Shook – Metallic cranberry
Boutique – Matte maroon
Benny – Matte black coffee
Flashback – Matte true white
Face – Shimmer champagne highlight
Tune – Matte light peach
Code James – Matte sunset orange
10% Off – Matte Burnt orange
No Beans – Matte warm brown
Spooky – Matte true black
Bee – Matte bright yellow
Guac – Metallic avocado green
Hello – Shimmer blue ice
Playground – Matte neon blue
Brother – Matte true blue
Artistry – Metallic amethyst purple
Love that – Matte magenta
Pinkity Drinkity – Matte baby pink
Social Blade – Matte lime green
Daddy – Matte forest green
Cape Cod – Metallic sea foam blue
Cola – Matte royal blue
A Cappella – Metallic navy blue
Escape – Matte plum purple
Single – Matte orchid purple
Skip – Matte neon pink

A HUGE brush set hand picked out for any artist. I included all of my favorite brushes for each step of your makeup routine, as well as duplicates of my favorite eye brushes. This way, you can create any look without having to clean in between, or ordering extras.

Custom James Charles x Morphe Brush Tubby
Highlight & Contour Beauty Sponge
M439 Deluxe Buffer Brush
E48 Mini Pointed Powder Brush
M527 Deluxe Pointed Powder Brush
M405 Contour Blush Brush
E62 Angled Nose Contouring Brush
E4 Angled Contour Brush
M501 Pro Pointed Blender
M410 Flat Concealer Brush
M173 Mini Buffer Brush
M224 Oval Camouflage Brush X 2
M431 Precision Pencil Crease Brush X 2
M158 Angle Liner/Spoolie Brush
M441 Pro Firm Blending Crease Brush X 3
M433 Pro Firm Blending Fluff Brush X 3
M456 Mini Firm Blending Brush X 3
M166 Oval Shadow Brush X 2
M124 Firm Shadow Brush X 2
M506 Tapered Mini Blender Brush X 2
M152 Medium Chisel Fluff Brush X 2
M250-1 Detail Liner Brush X 2



My favorite kitty girl Jon Sams

REGULAR EDITORS: Louis & Anthony Gargiula

WRITER: Eros Gomez

GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

hi sisters James Charles here and welcome back to my youtube channel so I am currently on set right now for my campaign video and photo shoot for my sister collection with morphe oh my god a few days ago now we posted our official reveal video upload my talent and my brush collection that I have created over the past several months and oh my god you guys I cannot even begin to explain how thankful and grateful I am for all of your feedback and support this launch is literally going to wake makeup history I'm so glad that I got to partner with Murphy because creating this collection has been so much fun and so incredible they have truly given me so much artistic freedom to really create the collection that I wanted forever as an artist and also as well I got to produce my very own commercial for the entire collection which was so much fun if you guys have not yet seen my reveal be to make sure it's like right up here for the full on commercial and full review of the collection the palette all the swatches the prices every single brush that is in this brush set it's a pretty good and beefy video and it's gonna have all the information that you're gonna want to know before you actually get the collection for today's the do I want it to do a tutorial and one of the looks for my campaign commercial and that is the image that is on all packaging for my palette this iconic unleash your inner artist look hello flaming I am obsessed with this look I love this and ironically enough as well we honestly shot the packaging photos for the palette over six months ago now and somehow this look happened to become a trend in the big community a few months ago which I thought was so so so funny so major sound us to all the artists out there for giving me a little bit of promo before my product was even out Co but in reality great minds do think alike and I thought this is just be so much fun to just thank you guys for all your love and support and to give you guys a cute little easy tutorial on this campaign look today so that further ado let's jump into this first ever tutorial using my palette my brushes my collection with morphe and let's unleash our inner artists so my face is already completely on because we just thought the music slips for the commercial this morning about I'm just going to uh oh ouch pop off my lashes and add my look on top of this I'm first gonna go up in 4 3 3 brush and dip into the shade escape and I'm going to pop this right on the outer corner and start Tilly and like imagine it's gonna be like a Hello the outer V I normally don't apply shadows like this either but my goal for creating this palette was to create really really pigmented and fully matte eyeshadows because it's saying that I've wanted in my kit as an artist literally since starting in the makeup game and of course it's been a lot of really really bomb talent but one of the problems with propellants I feel like is that they all look so beautiful inside the actual palette but a lot of the shadows don't actually apply that pigmented onto the skin but I really wanted to create a really pigmented really bomb and really really bright rainbow colors and through doing that some of the matte shades are either matte or some of them are actually pressed pigments which means you just have to work with them in a little bit of a different way and that means packing on that shadow first next thing we have another M 4-3-3 brush and dip into the shade single which is that lighter purple shade and I'm gonna use this too lightly diffuse out the edges I'm just gonna tuck that right into the crease as well moving on we're gonna come back to that in a little bath now that the Purple's all place on the outer corner and it's all set in place I'm just going to grab an Emma four-for-one brush and dip into B which is the bright yellow shade this is by far the best bright yellow shadow I have ever tried look at this ready hello oh my god like literally you're kidding me and I was gonna pop this right on my inner corner kind of letting into the nose contour as well I just pull something right into that crease region next I'm going to grab another and 4-3-3 brush this is why I love this brush that's so so so much because they're multiples of many of the different eye brushes which make it so perfect for doing rainbow looks like this you don't have to wash your brushes in the middle of them and you also don't have to buy a million-two them from the website you get them all at once in the brush kit so good it's so fresh so helpful I went to this shade right into the bright red which is called you're kidding why is it called that you're gonna find out when I put this on you're kidding look at the pigmentation oh my god that is like a true true true rad rad as all of the shades that I was most excited about but also most nervous about because firm leading a bright red shadow is really really hard and I also feel like it's something that is always missing from every single palette I feel like every read either reads a burnt orange or magenta and I was like now I want red like is it that hard and it was apparently I was wrong but we did it and it looks bomb know that same exact brush I'm gonna dip into the shade of five on eight which is the bright light orange color I'm obsessed with this orange it is so neon so cool and I'm going to just blend the yellow and red shades together so now I'm going to take my favorite brush of this entire collection this ladies and gentlemen is the M 4 5 6 so you're probably thinking that's just another fuzzy batch no it's not you guys know the Emperor 33 is my ride-or-die okay I literally have 36 of these in my makeup collection and they all are covered and dirty and a million different eye shadow colors I love this brush I could literally do an entire shadow look with this brush but now we have the M 4 5 6 which is literally a brush that I have wanted to create since I started working with morphe so many years ago it is literally the m-43 threes babies sister it is the same exact brush just half the size now this brush is going to be so perfect for those of you out there who have a smaller eyes and still want to create that beautiful blended look or if you people like me who have big eyes but like to do kind of detailed rainbow intricate blending looks this brush is perfect because it still blows everything out but you can really get right in those crease regions to just blend in to fuse that color without getting it everywhere so I'm gonna dip this brush into the shade skip which is the bright neon pink and I'm gonna use this to connect the red and diffuse out the edge of the purple if you ever need to fix any blending describe your atom at 4 or 5 6 the perfect tiny blending brush and just go right back in there NextEra grab by other at four five six that comes into the collection and dip into the shade escape this is the darker purple shade I'm gonna pop this right in the outer V to start creating some dimension I'm just gonna put a little bit more of that single shade into the crease for some more dimension to for my auto color I'm gonna grab my IVA 506 brush from the brush tat I love this tiny brush for blending out the outer V and dip into a little bit of the shade of spooky deep blonde shade in the palette I'm gonna be very very careful cuz I don't want to add too much just kind of patting that on there and lightly blending it out and then going back into the M four five six and there's escape so this is looking messy right now we're obviously going to clean it up do not worry so now we're at the stage where I want to cut the crease and lay down the rest of the shadows so I'm going to grab an damnit two to four brush this is my favorite concealer and just a thick white concealer and I'm just gonna go right in on the inner corner cutting my crease a little bit bigger than normal and then governing to n43 one this is the little pencil brush from the kit I'm gonna grab a tiny bit more of that concealer on the paint brush I just got a little bit off and I'm gonna go in and actually diffuse out those edges because I don't want this to be a crease I want it to be like a paper cut crease now we're gonna have a one 6x brush and dip into the white shade in the palette which is a flashback based on the most iconic internet meme of all time I really wanted to make a super pigmented white eye shadow because I feel like these are really really really hard to find and I also decided to place it in the middle row as well because a lot of you guys love using white when it comes to either track or theater or just avant-garde looks in general I will say confidently non bias as well this is by far the best most pigmented white eyeshadow I have ever tried or seen I swear to God you could either put it on once purchased a light little wash of white or the shadow does layer up and you can literally make it like bright white that's what I wait so good once that why I said it I'm just gonna take my original fluffy brushes and just go lightly over those edges to even diffuse it a little bit more now to fix this whole moment in here because this is obviously not the tea I'm gonna add some blue my ab12 for brush this is just a tiny little packing brush and dip into the shade acappella which is our metallic blue shade and I'm gonna give it a little bit of a spritz using the morphe preppin set I'm gonna pack this shade right on here that are dirty I'm four five six I'm gonna grab the shade at kolob which is our dark blue matte shade I'm obsessed with this color it is obviously named after Pepsi my favorite soda just pop it right in there to make sure the purple and blue are blended together and then going back in and blending this edge and on that same brush the next under grab the shade hello and pop that right in the middle of that dark blue and the white just to add some more dimension to the lid I'm gonna use the peaches and cream at glitter base and a few different glitters that I have this one is from in your dreams as well as from peaches and this one is from the craft store and I'm just gonna pack that right over top of the white driving a little bit of that chunkier glitter from in your dream just gonna pop that on just lightly dabbing that on as well I do want to show the glitter reflex but I don't want my eyelid to literally feel crusty because that's the worst feeling in the entire world and then just finally some super chunky pieces probably the craft store just here and there now I definitely have a little bit of fallout that is for sure so I'm gonna grab the e48 brush I love this brush for under-eye powder ever is going to dust that all away and pray that it actually goes away good smells my palate is pigmented then to finish off the upper lash center it's gonna grab me a liquid black liner and just go right over that to hide with the wash that we're gonna put on it a little bit the lower lash line for this look is actually going to be pretty easy just slopping on some colors I'm first gonna grab a I'm a four five six that has a little bit of the excess purple shade on it interested one more time into it single and I'm gonna use this to blend together this outer corner with my am one two four brush dipping into the shade of brother deeper ice blue shade I love this color it is obviously named after sister Yan I'm just going to pop this right up against that lower lash there next to the purple this is another one of those shades that was really hard to formulate so you definitely want back the shades on there and then with the m15 – this is a tiny brush but I love this for buffing out the lower lash line I'm gonna dip into the bright green shade which is called socialblade in honor of all of you guys and my crazy growth throughout this past year gotta stay green always and I'm going to pop this right next to that blue and also creating a faux inner corner as well now gonna go to the a before two one brush intimate ooh a little bit more of that white concealer and I'm gonna use this to create a new lower lash line using a tiny little liner brush was gonna dip into the darker green shade which is called daddy and honor of my best friend Laura's husband Victor you guys in the him in ton of videos now it's gonna line are right up against the white over top of the green area just a little bit more dimension and then using that same brush gonna dip into Cola and do the same thing in the blue and then the same thing would escape in the purple using a tiny bit more of that peaches glitter glue I'm just going to pop some right on top of that way as well just so everything is like flowing nicely together just gonna pop on a quick coat of a mascara and then just popping on a wispy lash and then it's gonna pop on a little lash spike right in the middle of the lower lash line it just for funsies alright you guys and that is one eye of this unleash your inner earnest campaign look all complete I'm gonna go do the other one off-camera quickly to save some time and I'll be right back to finish off the rest of this look oh we're back I just finished both eyes that I'm looking at so beautiful I literally love this look of so so so much but we're not even close to being done yet because now I have to turn myself into the whole blank canvas unleash your inner artist imagine this is the paintbrush moment so I'm gonna paint a lot of my face and body white so I'm gonna get my fresh makeup wipe oh okay it's definitely this way yeah okay I'm gonna take a brush makeup wipe and I'm going to basically like wipe off this area because I'm gonna put white there and it's not gonna mix alright well I don't want it to mix with the foundation or else that'll be tan instead of white to paint my face right I'm going to use the Kryolan aqua color what is this pan thing I'm gonna give it a good spread so using the morphe prep and set this is water activated but fun fact this does actually work too so it used hojae's for 10% off that looks beautiful no one does an everyday makeup look I think so this is the grocery store maybe mm-hmm I always love a putting makeup on my ears too I feel like every time I do like more creative looks like this I always try to incorporate it and I always get weird comments be like oh my god why don't you put on this ear but like it just pulls the entire piece together like your ears are part of your face and it also low-key tickles and kind of feels got to him I'm just gonna grab a tiny bit of foundation on the back of my hand and with that savings like fan brush I'm just gonna go like over just like I did with the white some of those edges just to kind of bring back for the foundation and make it truly look like it is being painted on now I decide to make my entire body white okay let's do it then you get the entire Murphy team to help you make yourself life all right you guys a nice oh that's weird look that is the finished unleash your inner artist look for my Murphy XG and Charles campaign all complete I had the idea with this look so long ago and I had so much fun to conceptualize and get designing it and finally putting it into place on my face today I hope you guys really enjoyed this video and I cannot wait to see all of you recreated this luck with your palettes as well you can get my iconic palette with 39 shades for only thirty and nine dollars it has a full a beautiful rainbow and lots of other clan shades as well perfect to create literally any look you could possibly imagine and my brush set as well which retails for hundred and forty-nine dollars it's a two hundred $18 value that has so many brushes it comes in a custom morphe X James Charles hubby case a perfect for traveling a contour and blending sponge for those of you who don't like foundation brushes and 34 of my all-time favorite brushes including duplicates of meting my favorite eye brushes as well so you can create any single look without having to clean in between the perfect brush set to unleash your inner artist oh and also don't forget to use code days for 10% off your entire purchase if you enjoy this video today please don't forget to give it a big thumbs up down below and show your sisters support and love it means so much to me and also click that big red subscribe button down below it's all income from the sisterhood we are almost 10 million sisters strong oh my god oh also click the bow mic on so you can get a notification every time I upload a brand new video if you like to follow me on my makeup turn you can follow me on Instagram and Twitter they're both the same Charles and my snapchat more by the seaside self its James Charles the next rise after Charles yes they do a sister so that goes to sister Kenz and thank you so much love we're always falling in supporting no I love you literally it's so so so much and if you liked read the next videos sister shout out don't forget to always retweet my middle east like a lion on Twitter but also shout out to every single person out there following me and supporting me whether you join yesterday or three years ago I am so thankful for all your guys's kind about this collection I've been working on this for so long now and this has been a project that I wanted to do it's an enjoyed in the makeup community and I can finally say that it is here and I am so proud of the products that we are putting out and I can that way for all you guys to have them in your hands all that being said Thank You sisters so much for watching this videos today I love you unleash your inner artist

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