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06:28 – Training Mode Overview
11:30 – Drop/Loot Guide
16:20 – Map Strategy


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hey y'all Moses here hub G is one of the most prohibitively difficult games to get into as a new player and since pub G is on sale there are a lot of new players coming into the game this video is for you if you're new to the game or even if you're trying to brush up on some old bad habits this is a video designed for the player coming in without really telling you how to play specifically you can play pub G however you want but I want to give you the tools to help make you a better player faster so that's what we're gonna do today we're gonna go over some tips some tricks some strategies maybe some of what you've heard before in my own content or others but this is gonna be as boiled down as simple as I can make it so let's jump in let's get started the antlion mod mike wireless is a fully wireless to mode microphone with best-in-class audio quality and latency the 12 hour battery means you can use this thing all day long it attaches to any headphone you want and it has absolutely top level sound I have to say this thing is probably one of the best microphones I have ever used this Barry ad was recorded with the mod mic Wireless so this is the type of sound you can expect to get out of one of the best accessories I have ever seen check out the link down in the description below get yourself one of these things right now alright first things first let's get you set up with your settings this is just going to be a brief overview of my settings I'll give you an idea as to why I have them set the way they are and we'll move on from there these are my settings I'm not gonna explain too much as to why I have them the way they are but let's just say in my experience this is the best for visibility as well as performance now the only variable here is textures I have mine an ultra because I want my character model and guns to look sweet you can lower this depending on your PC but just take a look at this and you can you can copy these ultra by the way off review distance you're gonna render players and foliage no matter what this is set to this is more so for like the really far away stuff but for the most part within the operating range you'll find yourself in I leave this on ultra so I can see vehicles a little bit further away when I'm dropping if you want to drop for vehicles vsync is off sharpen is on other than that just take a look at these settings copy them if you want and tinker with them and find your best way but this is a good starting point alright let's talk about controls in this situation here I don't think that there's too much you can you can really learn other than if you want to have a little bit better recoil control from a vertical standpoint you might want to mess with your vertical sensitivity multiplier don't go too high because that'll really mess with your flicks or your just general aiming mine is just 10% above the baseline so this is just a little bit of a boost in controlling my vertical recoil I play with 400 dpi and this would basically mean if you copy my settings you're gonna have fairly low sensitivity so if you want to get to this level you're probably gonna have to work your way towards it or if you're already playing on Lois you can just copy this if you want I have a universal sensitivity for all my scopes but you can also independently set your scope sensitivity if you like I like consistency just for muscle memory so I leave these two things the same other than that you can kind of choose your personal preference here but for the most part I have hold two ad s enabled if you if you think that or if you want to play with the cod-style aiming this is the way you said it so you said aim to toggle ad s to hold and then you can set your independent key bindings which is the next section regardless so let's jump right into that alright so here are my key bindings I'm gonna try and keep this relatively high level not to go to my Newt on the detail here one big tip set a vault only button – V and jump is as jump is still gonna be spacebar keeping these two things independent will make sure that you don't accidentally vault over stuff and get yourself killed when you're fighting people so I suggest V or finding another key that works for you and vaulting is just jumping over the walls and climbing onto stuff a side note with ledge grabbing you're gonna need to press this vault only button when you're trying to ledge grab or I'll still just bounce off the side of stuff setting your 80s key if you're going going with a hold option set that to right-click canted size for me is alton right-click and now the only other thing I'll tell you to do is to independently bind your grenades so you'll see that my throwables button is unbound here because the reason behind that is I have my frag grenade set to five my stun grenades set to G smoke grenade is actually Mouse five and then shift G from Molotov this is gonna make sure that you don't accidentally throw frag grenades instead the smokes flashbangs etc this is gonna make sure that you always throw that grenade you intend and it's also really nice for quick smokes that's why I have the smoke key bound at the ready and I could use it whenever I want because that means you're gonna be able to cover your down teammates or yourself even get in trouble but we'll get more into the into that stuff in a little bit oh here's one for you make sure that you bind your med usage specifically now you can copy my binds if you like but first-aid kit is f1 f2 f3 f4 for the for the boost items and then I don't have anything set for adrenalin syringe because I typically tab and then right-click that item when I need it so yeah having this and getting used to this early as a player will make you much faster and engagements I still to this day don't use these as much as I should so if you are getting into the game fresh set and use your independent item binds like grenades and your med items so a little tip if you like set your quick marker to the same as your shoot button that way you'll always put a quick marker when you're shooting in an enemy so when you're playing duos you will automatically mark where you're looking for your teammates when you start shooting at an enemy this is just a little quality of life improvement that a lot of people have found useful and I think you might as well other than that not too much in here you can oh this as well set your default firing mode to a full auto for ARS and SMGs it'll prevent you from getting into that single fire issue if you're in a fast fast fight to do scenario in the beginning of the game you want to pick up your reload it full auto spray that's what you want all right so now that we're out of the settings and getting ready for the game here is the most important tool you will have in your entire pub G career this is something I use every single day and that's the training mode this is by far the best tool to get used to the game before this came out people were just forced to jump into the game and get trashed over and over again now you have the ability to join in and find a game that has no consequences you can test the vehicles you can test the gun mechanics everything grenades meds literally everything you can test on this now this isn't gonna teach you much but I want to show you my little training regimen that gets me warmed up for my games every single day so let's jump in and I'll show you alright so this is the training mode now I'm gonna give you my quick tips to make this as good of an experience as possible this is a very loud environment once everyone gets going and driving and shooting it's gonna be oppressive ly annoying to listen to so hit that ctrl M key bind and mute your game sound put on whatever music you like and if you want you can change your fr your view model to first-person if you're a first person player or if you're a third-person player quick note on third-person vs. first-person play what you like don't let anyone guilt you into playing is something you don't like and don't listen to all the people telling you that one mode is better than the other just play whatever you like I prefer first-person it seems like a more fair game mode and it's just my preferred style but let's focus on what you're gonna be doing in here so select whatever gun you want I would suggest if you're a brand new player you start to focus on the basic ARS just use them all grab the m16 the m416 the aka the scar these are gonna be your bread-and-butter guns as you play the game this weapon right here the m416 is the best AR in the game and it has been that way for a very very long time learn this gun and make it your absolute best friend the quick reasons as to why it's the best is it's really easy to handle it has a very fast fire rate and it does take a lot of attachments but it is very versatile and is very very friendly to use I use this gun every single day and most people consider it the best gun in the game basically since the game came out the other option you can choose if you want to practice your recoil control as the a kay this is like the tried-and-true old style gun in the game it's always been pretty good but has never been the best and the reason behind that is that the recoil and the fire rate are a little bit subpar now the recoil isn't that bad but really the fire rate is where you lose out because pub G is setup in a let's say interesting configuration with only one server for North America that means that you're gonna be trying to fight against things like desync and lag terms you might have heard they've really improved on those two issues over the last couple of months in pub G but they still do exist so you want to prioritize fire rate but for me there's no better way to get warmed up and get used to recoil control than using the a K so what I like to do is I get my kit my compensator my my extended mag and my red dot you can use the hollow if you like quick tip here as well if your ad essing hit the T button you can change how your site looks I like this site personally the little red dot is good for picking off edge headshots and that's just something that you can get used to but you can use the standard red dot just as well so once you get situated with your gun I would recommend also picking up a backpack and a lot of ammo is you basically just stand around on the shooting range and shoot the people walking around because these are the best training dummies you can have these players are moving around they're jumping around they're doing different things that'll get you used to tracking enemies in a real scenario so what I like to do is again stand in the center of the shooting range where everyone's getting their ammo and messing around and I like to just pick targets and shoot at them now the best way to control your recoil is just a practice just find a target start shooting at them hold your sprays as long as you can accurately keep it on target now with the a Kay that might be five shots it might be ten shots it might be fifteen shots if you're really good but just flick around practice on targets that are moving hit the Crouch in their crouching will always make your recoil control easier and you'll see that I'm leaning a lot this is a habit that I've picked up it's not necessary but if you lean it kind of makes your body awkward to shoot at you know your head is not straight up on your on your on your hips so if recoil is going up your body it's not gonna naturally go to your head they're gonna have to lean it there and you can see a lot of people do this leaning is gonna be a important part of your gameplay but you can add that little thing into your into your repertoire if you like but go slowly um so yeah here we go just shooting at targets picking them as they appear reacquiring targets you know I'm an advanced level player so it's not good it might look easy but this is not easy for a lot of players just being able to control recoil switch the targets in different areas the map even turning all the way around and seeing targets behind you the one rule I like to practice with in the training range is that there are no helmets allowed so if you see a guy wearing that helmet just make sure to pop it off his head because he's not following the rules so this is one of the best ways to warm up in the game it's a great way to practice get very used to this mode and really exploit it because it's gonna make you a much better player much faster than just playing regular games so let's jump into an errand Gale game and I'm gonna tell you about how to pick your loot spots now picking loot spots is not all about you know the best places to drop it's more about what kind of pace of game do you want to play do you want to start dropping in really hot getting used to looting quickly all that type of stuff if you want to do that then of course you can drop at places like school the military base any major city severe knee is our key what you can basically assume is that if you jump out early in the plane path you're gonna get action so in this particular plane path a small mill to power plant would be where I want to go because I like this spot it's fight it's fun to fight in it has decent loot so I'm gonna get a couple of kills here and then I'll be able to move on to mill to get myself a vehicle and find elsewhere to go so when you're picking a loot spot don't worry about where all the hottest spots are because hot dropping is an advice or a piece of advice that a lot of people used to give out saying if you want to learn the game drop school a lot of people still say that I think it's actually bad advice you are not gonna learn anything by jumping in getting dummied at school over and over and over again I would suggest jumping into a small part just there's lots of places to go on arendelle there is no harm in jumping and do a quieter part of the map but the only thing you're gonna have to worry about is what kind of gear are you gonna be leaving this place with obviously if you landed but chinky and fight your way out of that if you're taking loot off of players and because there's a lot more buildings involved your loot will typically be better than if you jump in a spot that only has one compound that you have to run from place to place so that's kind of my drop philosophy this applies to all the maps in different ways I'm not gonna go through every single map because I'm trying to keep this thing nice and tight but just pick a spot jump down figure out the map map knowledge is a huge part of this game so let's jump in I'm not even wearing my headphones let's jump into small mil to power and see how things go alright so we're in the plane and we are gonna jump into small mill to power so you see the big mill to power plant and then you have the smaller one right there so as soon as that thing goes green I'm out of the plane and here's my drop strategy as far as actually parachuting there's no sense in really doing the wave that you might have heard about in the past just kind of glide as quickly as you can to where you want to drop and when you get relatively close and just mind how I time this you're gonna hit shift and go straight down and that's gonna try and hit that maximum velocity and then you're going to open your parachute and down you go so you can aim your parachute in the para the new parachute system is quite nice what I'm aiming for that entry way at the bottom and I'm gonna see how close I can get now again I'm not I'm playing with my sound off I've got no headphones on but I want to show you a very important little loot trick here which is to F over anything you can get immediately but you want to try and get a weapon first obviously so here's an f-16 I'm gonna right-click drag my gun quickly reload and acquire my first target just like that so that this is the important trick there is the right-click drag I'll show you again right-click your gun drag the ammo that is gonna mean that you are doing two actions essentially at once and that's gonna allow you to get your gun nice and fast and start engaging targets almost got that guy dead we're gonna move over we want to pressure him because he's already damaged he knows that we're gonna switch over to burst mode get right up on top of him and just like that take him out so once if you can get that gun fastest if you can get the armor and everything the fastest that means you're gonna have a much bigger advantage in the early game so when I prioritize looting in the early game I'm thinking about the absolute basics helmet vest gun backpacks and attachments come after always prioritize killing the targets nearby because that's the only thing that couldn't that's gonna prevent you from getting that loot that you're running over so I just wanted to show you that very important right-click drag I'll do a one more time for you just to show you how easy it is you find your gun right click drag the ammo just like that very very easy get your gun loaded up ready to go so that's my name my quick guide to dropping in and pub G and this is effective anywhere you go at all stages of the game learn that right click drag and be very fast picking those guns up and a quick aside for those of you wondering I tab loot everything because if you're trying to hit F on the ground it's good if you're just like grabbing things and passing as you're running past them but if there's multiple stuff tabbing and dragging will always always be faster so just keep that in mind when you're looting is to learn that tab looting strategy make sure that you're right-clicking stuff and it's the same thing with players boxes as well right-click the stuff out of their boxes and then drag the guns over it's not it's not any faster to right-click stuff off the ground but it is much faster to right-click out of inventory so that's my basic looting guide and then that's it so now that I'm alive I'm just gonna quit out and give someone a free kill all right now it's time to talk about map strategy this is something that I find to be kind of a problem for some new players that's kind of figuring out how to judge or how to determine where players will be coming from and how to move around the map in your learning period of this game so we're in the plane we have a fairly standard plane path I don't want to jump too hot I don't want to have anyone bothering me while I teach you guys a couple of things so we're gonna land in one of those spots I pointed out a little bit earlier we are gonna drop off the plane path just around the Gatka field area we might have a couple of friends here but maybe we'll jump even further away if we absolutely have to now you can long jump using the parachute to get further away from the plane path if you really want to ensure a safe drop but for the most part if you kind of land in these smaller compound areas maybe you'll have one or two people follow you around which is a lot easier to deal with and if you land it but chinky or the military base or somewhere else like that where you might have multiple people landing near you so I've chosen this little spot we'll get our parachute open and we'll get to the ground all right so we're still in the loot phase but the first circle has revealed itself now I'm gonna give you the basics of this strategy because I don't really have the time to play this entire game but you can already see that I'm outside the first place on so this big white circle the first plays own the centering strategy is to get your loot and get a vehicle and then you're gonna drive straight to the center of the map and find the best Center most compound now compounds being groups of buildings or even this a single building a compound is basically any hard cover building form in the zone now what you want to do is get your blue phase done as quickly as possible so going back to what I said before is if you're looting in a smaller area you're not gonna have as good a loot but if you land in a larger area you might find yourself with decent loot now I haven't even found a vest or a backpack or anything yet but I'm gonna get looted as quickly as I can and then I'm gonna jump in a vehicle and head to the center that is the center in a strategy now looking at the way the map is set itself up most of the important parts of pachinko sorry excuse me of arendelle are still in the map like rock but chinky Yasnaya these are very popular loot spots but if I'm say looting in prison I I'm gonna have to assume that in the first couple of zones people will be coming from places like small mill to power main mill to power and even potentially the military base coming up from here that is map pressure that means that players will be applying pressure to the play zone from the area in which they're traveling same with lopaka severe knee all around the map so this will continue as the game progresses the circle will continue to get smaller and more of these larger areas will come out of the zone because a lot of players like to spend a lot of time in these areas without moving because it's safe you don't want to you don't want to have to leave patinka if you're just holed up in a house somewhere you don't really have to move so until p'chenk e comes out you can just sit still but once it does come out that means that map pressure will be applied to the outside of patinka where the circle has shrank so if it goes north there will be pressure coming out of the north side up at shinky if it goes south etc you get the idea but for the most part that is the map pressure and strategy that you should try and focus on keep trying to get that Center most compound every single time the circle closes now it's gonna get harder because players will have the same idea it is like playing poker you're playing the odds that the circle will land on you if you're in the center just draw a bunch of circles where do they overlap typically in the middle that's why you want to find yourself nice cover in the middle of the zone that'll give you the highest chance to win games and survive longer but as the game progresses you're gonna need to defend those compounds or even attack to gain entry so that's gonna be a strategy you're gonna have to work on but that's the best way to win more games so that's it for the in-game portion and let's wrap things up with the closing thoughts okay that is a lot to digest I tried to keep this video short but we're already at the 20-minute mark so apologies for going as long as I did but even some of this stuff can be expanded on and I've done it in the past so you can scroll through my videos and see if there's any topics that jump out at you where I have a lot of my guides in a playlist so just pick through and see if there's anything you can learn from there as well even if the contents a little bit older if you want to learn from me while I play live you can also check me out on twitter at twitch TV / WTF Moses you can follow me on Twitter where I talk about the game a lot at twitter.com slash WTF Moses and you can watch me cast the NPL currently I run the off season but phase 3 starts in September I cover the pro league for North America and watching pros play is always very enlightening for even the regular player like myself so be sure to check that out as well as the Grand Slam which is coming in July a couple weeks from now I'll be covering that in Sweden so that's it don't forget to Like comment and subscribe if you like this content and if you want to see more of this in the future just let me know down below aside from that guys super happy to have you on the pub G train stay haunted as long as you can even if it's overwhelming frustrating but at the end of the day it's gonna be very rewarding if you stick with it thank you for watching and until next time I'll see you out there


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  4. Just clocked just over 100 days played. First 10 – 15 days played was getting the mechanics down and trying many many many different strategies. Now I would say I’m a top tier player knowing every single bullet lead and drop on every weapon. 1500+ wins, 20,000 kills, and a 21% win percentage, and 6,000 matches played. This game takes HOURS of time put in consistently to get your gun skill up and tactics down. It is not a game you pick up and can just play all of the sudden. After all the sweat I put in, learning and playing with the top 20 players on Xbox leaderboards the secret was shared throughout “their” community. For example; radar was a major one used especially with Mixer streamers, no recoil scripts, cronusmax, Xim4 adapter that PC players are using. It really is depressing but I still enjoy the game.

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