Tyler, the Creator - Flower Boy ALBUM REVIEW

Tyler, the Creator – Flower Boy ALBUM REVIEW


Tyler, the Creator blossoms as a rapper, producer, and lyricist on Flower Boy, his most beautiful and well-crafted album to date.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?

hahaha good the hi everyone don't say anything to hear the Internet's busiest music nerd and it's time for a review of the new Tyler the Creator albums flower boy yellow flannel is on view is going cameras on microphone is on over here cue Cal Church esta making out with a picture of Tyler the Creator and I think we are ready to start the review this is the latest full-length album from California rapper Tyler the Creator once the flagship member of the slightly defunct Odd Future Wolf Gang kill them all a West Coast rap collective whose member to member relations seemed more tentative than ever I mean that they're still kind of the kind of thing but in my opinion Odd Future kind of waning a little bit as a group is not necessarily a bad thing because there's always been a massive talent gap between the group's best and worst members and with that separation I've been hoping that the group's best members kind of find more clarity in their work especially Tyler over here who I have been kind of disappointed in his past efforts because I feel like he is one of the members of the collective who has had the most potential which I hope would be capitalized on with each new release and yet however in the lead-up to this new album over here fell like flower boy for me at least was going to be that artistically defining moment for Tyler not because of the revelations about his sexuality peppered throughout some of the lyrics on this album which the music media and sensationalist hip hop fans made a bigger deal of than Tyler's actual core fanbase but some of the lead singles on this thing like who dat boy and nine-one-one slash mr. lonely in my opinion where some of Tyler's best material to date it finally felt like Tyler was brushing up on his rapping and his production skills his flows were smoother his performance seemed more animated than he mature the production was well mixed well balanced Eddi hard-hitting bassy and exciting and visceral on who that some of the finer and smoother and jazzier moments on some of the lead singles of this thing were very beautiful the awkwardness and the clunkiness that ruins some of tyler slow jams in the past especially on Cherry Bomb seems to have kind of dissipated so going into this record I was looking forward and hoping to hear a Tyler album that wasn't plagued by some of the same technical flaws that made some of his past work just difficult listen but one more thing that had me excited on the lead up to this record is that everything has been relatively silent on the social media and the headline front meaning it's been a while since Tyler's been embroiled in a lot of the same Internet drama that seemed to be kind of informing a lot of the lyrical content on his past work much of which I just found really uninteresting and petty and boring now I feel like I'm finally able to hear a record where Tyler is just completely out of the woods on this endless feedback cycle between him and the music media and now that he's out of that bubble I'm just kind of curious to see if he has anything interesting to say is there really anything to him just beyond being confrontational with his online detractors and Tyler actually does have a lot of interesting things to say on this record right from the start of it on the track forward Tyler hits listeners with a nice string of thoughtful rhymes coated with some strong wordplay and it's almost like he's questioning just how much longer he has in the limelight or if he'll continue exceeding expectations as he has in the past this is kind of an introspective side of Tyler that I found very interesting on bastard when I heard it but I only got little bits of it in the future once Odd Future blew up and one more thing I found pretty striking on this track as well as other cuts on here are all these references to materialism cars chains things that Tyler really seems to be infatuated with on this new record but in the past was something that he didn't really care about or would actively talk about caring about which almost kind of leads me to believe that he's using things like cars to fill a void that's very clearly informing the moodiness of a lot of songs on this project like pothole and boredom and garden shed there are a lot of songs on this that had this dreamy yet dreary aesthetic like many cuts that were on Cherry Bomb they're smooth they're lavishly layered they're jazzy they're soulful however this time I feel like we're dealing with instrumentals and songs that are much more solidly composed and gorgeously arranged too and just the sound of this thing man I've never been so impressed with just the sound of the instrumentation on a tiler project which in the past especially on goblin has come off kind of shoddy by comparison flower boy is expansive it's kaleidoscopic it's so intricate it just sounds like Tyler's finally coming into his own as a producer while still showcasing a lot of the things that made his music special in the first place this deep appreciation of jazz and a very healthy dose of Pharrell worship which turns up on a lot of the percussion patterns and the beats or in some of the Corky synthesizer leads that squawk their way through some of these very smooth instrumentals if I had to pick on one instrumental on this record though it would be where this flower blooms featuring Frank Ocean it's one of the few beats on this thing I found to be kind of hollow a little lifeless and flat Tyler doesn't have the most passionate delivery on the track and Frank Ocean I think leaves a little bit to be desired the kind of lazy demeanor to his performance I think works a little bit better when he appears on the song nine-one-one generally though I think the features on this thing do add a lot to the record Tyler really did string together some pretty capable singers to carry some of the jazzy or interludes on this thing even Jaden Smith on this thing who I was not anticipating liking at all I feel like his boyish a voice and very stone cold demeanor played very nicely against Tyler's a very cartoony rasp and little Wayne's feature on drop-in seeds actually played very nicely into the floral themes that are kind of peppered throughout the record so not only are there a lot of good guests on this thing but there's so many sticky melodies and hooks 20 times on a 20 vision cool a boy via me is Who am I gonna check out is there gotta check out her chest find some time find some time to do something I'm just surprised how many moments on this record cemented themselves in my head even after just a few listens of the album it just felt really easy to become very some Miller with the album very quickly and yet it still feels like I'm peeling back little musical details and intricacies each time I listen now as far as the lyrical content goes on this thing I feel like we're finally getting an opportunity to unravel Tyler as a personality and kind of a weird musical celebrity a weird popular culture enigma kind of like this album is just a fainting couch for him to lay on as he tells us everything that's been driving him crazy over the past few years and we're just a silent therapist listening and nodding but I think a lot of what Tyler says on this thing kind of boils down to the dichotomy of the title of the album itself scum flower boy just think of those two phrases kind of playing off of each other what each one signifies though I do think that this album is more flower boy than it is scum there are a few grimy bangers on this thing like I ain't got time and who died boy but even on these tracks you'll find lines where Tyler is talking about his sexuality as queerness making reference to more of that flower boy side of the title and after listening to this entire album I I don't so much feel like we're talking about two sides of Tyler that are at war or odds with one another rather I came away from this record feeling like these two sides are a little more like yin and yang they're kind of deeply ingrained and informed by one another and very inseparable and it's not like the tracks on the track listing that are more sonically smooth and soulful and sugary don't have any bite to them either we have lots of lyrics on the softer cuts here where Tyler makes reference to his kind of lone wolf status his tendency to push people away his loneliness how he's just kind of unapologetic about his somewhat antisocial behavior yeah this album also shows Tyler at his softest I think the softest we've ever seen him in his entire discography putting out some actually like very capable love songs on this thing other tracks on here more about his insecurities his struggle to beat himself his sexuality his vulnerability which I think if there's one word that you could boil a lot of this album down to it's that this is a legitimately emotional and personal album from Tyler the Creator Tyler the freaking Creator like if you told me when goblin came out we'd eventually be here I might have laughed in your face but somehow the album ends up being pretty gratifying and relatable to and actually works beyond the Tyler the Creator and Odd Future cult of personality a few tracks in the tracklisting pale in comparison to others and I think that I would have been more interested to see Tyler organize some of these thoughts into more bite-sized and cohesive and focused tracks taking on specific topics with each song occasionally he does do that but not throughout but most of the time I just kind of feel like I'm listening to Tyler just spill out the contents of a toy box or something which is not necessarily a bad thing because it's very fun and very easy to sort of sift through all of what he's saying my last major critique of the album is really that it does not end on the strongest of notes I don't really feel like the song glitter is all that much of a final statement or a thematic wrap-up to everything that Tyler has sort of dumped on us with this record it's lovey dovey it's pretty it's kind of well put together and it expands the space of Tyler softer side on this record but it's essentially the last song of the album with the actual last track of the record just being this extended instrumental which I kind of like it's a decent instrumental Tyler is clearly trying to tell us something with the title of this instrumental too but really what does it say as far as a summation of everything this album has been about thus far not really much still though despite those shortcomings I think this album is Tyler's best effort to date it's very tight 47 minutes it's his best produced album his best written and conceived album his best performed and wrapped album and I loved a great deal of the tracks on this thing I'm feeling a decent a strong eight on this record transition have you given this album a listen did you love it did you hate it what would you rate it you're the best you're the best what should I review next hit like if you like please subscribe and please don't cry just leave an angry comment in the comments if you're angry you and there's another Tyler the Creator review next to my head over here that you should check out or you can click to subscribe to the channel and that's it I'll see you guys in the next video Tyler the Creator flower boy forever

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  2. I'm the biggest Tyler fan I've ever met, this album may be his greatest and shouldve hands down won over Kendrick's shit. Igor sucks ass tho tbh

  3. Sweatshirt was the best, not really impressed with Tyler new stuff, not doing it for me, I’m not really impressed, and I hate to be a critical, but, let’s be honest, the guy is no Mozart.

  4. Imma stop you there meolony headtano: you gave this an 8 but you gave Igor a 9. Now I ain't hating on Igor, cause that is some high IQ material, but if you gonna suggest to me that new magic wand is better than where this flower blooms, we gon have some probs chief.

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