Two New Electronic RV Gadgets That I Won't Travel Without In 2019

Two New Electronic RV Gadgets That I Won't Travel Without In 2019

There are lots of gadgets and gizmos we RVers like to travel with. But there are two that I won’t leave the driveway without – a dash cam system and a cell phone booster. In this video, I show you the two I have picked for our new RV.

The cell booster is the SolidRF MobileForce 4G –
The dashcam system is the BlackVue DR900 2 Channel 4K UHD –

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hey youtubers as many of you know jennifer and i have a brand-new RV we call it major for Mike and Jennifer's other residents well we have spent the last couple of weeks personalizing it and outfitting it just so and today I'm going to show you two electronic gadgets that I would not travel without I've already installed several things by amateur radio to meter and 440 VHF UHF transceiver which always gives me strong communications backup when needed and I showed you in another video how we replace the stock radio in our mercedes-benz Sprinter Road tracks aventuras XL but those aren't what I want to talk about in this video in this video I want to talk about a cell phone booster and a top-of-the-line dash cam system these are two gadgets that I would not travel without as we criss cross North America as digital nomads reporting on the RV lifestyle let's start with the dash cam now I need a dash cam system for two reasons one for safety and security in the result of an accident a dash cam provides irrefutable evidence about who was at fault and in case of a break-in a dash cam can also capture the people responsible and that's a big help to police as they try and recover any of your lost property but there's a second reason as a videographer I like to take a lot of photos of the routes that we're traveling I like to share them with you to document our travels to show you what we're seeing out the front windows to share our experiences and the sights of North America as we travel now I've had several different dash cam systems over the years but with this new RV I wanted a true top-of-the-line capable of giving me the best video that you can possibly get from a dash cam and that's why I picked this this is the black view it is the dr 900s it is 4k video Ultra High Definition the system consists of two cameras now the main one mounts on the windshield just under the mirror it has a very wide 162 degree field of view and it delivers that 4k ultra high def resolution and it records it to an internal memory card but also this can back up to the cloud and it can be accessed via Wi-Fi on your tablet or your smartphone through a special app that BlackVue has and from there you can save or export or do whatever you want with those videos accessing them without having to take the card out of the camera now there is a second camera I use this camera for another view and I mounted mine back about oh six eight ten feet on the bulkhead just inside the sliding door in the passenger side some people like to aim that second camera out the rear window but in a van like this that's nearly 25 feet long I just didn't have enough cable to run that second camera back there besides I wanted to be able to give you a view of Bo as he rides with this in the RV now at about $500 this black view system is overkill for a lot of different RVs most of you don't need anything that's sophisticated like I said I want something that I can count on that's reliable and delivers high quality video that's why I picked this but at 500 bucks well you can probably find lots of other ways to spend your $500 if a dashcam is not a top priority for you now that takes me to the second gadget that I would not travel without and that is the cell phone system now a couple of weeks ago I did a video that showed you some Wi-Fi boosters and cell boosters and the different systems that I was considering to put in our new RV well this is the one that I chose it's the solid RF mobile force 4G it sells for just under three hundred dollars and that's about sixty seventy dollars less expensive than the comparable model it had that that's on the market from a company called weboost that I previously had this is from a Canadian company that's trying to make some inroads in the cell phone booster market I really liked what I saw but I also like the fact that they were really willing to work with me in trying to figure out the biggest problem I had with this system and that namely was where do you put the antenna now I had already determined that I wanted and over the road type trucker antenna they just do a better job than those little tiny plastic ones that are only a couple inches long that the little magma I wanted a real antenna that would get the maximum amount of signal out of those cell phone signals it was boosting so why did I choose this mobile force 4G from solid RF instead of saying are we boost or one of the other companies that I was considering well truth told it's because the company was willing to really work with me in choosing the best place to mount the antenna and where I put it as the biggest challenge when you're installing a robust cell booster antenna system in a Class B campervan like we have well solid RF looked carefully at the roof of our van and they ended up fabricating a mount just for us that would attach to one of the solar panels frames without having to drill a hole through the roof of the antenna so there it is it raises my height about 1617 inches or so that should be fine I just want to make sure I don't bump into any limbs or branches although it's got a substantial spring here and it can handle some shock it's got a nice 360 degree radius that's unobstructed a great ground plane here I think this is going to do a great great job I ran the antenna cable back across the roof and in through the back doors the amplifier mounts on the back of our headboard and I ran the inside antenna up and into my entertainment cupboard where the controls are for all of our entertainment systems I placed my jetpack data card from Verizon in that same cabinet where it is very close to the indoor antenna and thus it picks up that boosted signal and then of course the jetpack creates its own Wi-Fi hotspot for us inside the RV so how does it work well let's do a comparison I ran a speed test in an area with the poor cell signal download speed was a miserable 1.2 4 Mbps upload speed which I depend on sent photos video and audio files barely moved at point 0 9 basically unusable but when I plugged in the booster here are the results download speed jumped to 10 point 4 Mbps upload speed to a very robust 6 point 8 3 Mbps I couldn't be more pleased so there you go a new dash cam system you'll be seeing all the video I shoot with that as we start our travel season here for 2019 in just a couple of weeks and a brand new cell phone booster that's how I'm going to get all my reports in my videos when we're out in the middle of nowhere boondocking I'll use that cell phone booster to get a great signal and be able to send it back to youtube or the podcast or whatever platform we're uploading to so I'm pretty excited about all of this stuff I will obviously tell you if I find some things down the with either one of these systems that makes me tarnish my optimism a bit but so far so good and as you saw with the cellphone test it it seems to be doing a really good job so look for more stuff I'd love to hear your comments and let's stay in touch best way for you to do that is to subscribe to the RV lifestyle Channel right here on YouTube and when you do that click that little bell up top because that will then notify you when we have new videos up I'm Mike Wendland thanks so much for watching and we'll see you down the road happy trails

31 thoughts on “Two New Electronic RV Gadgets That I Won't Travel Without In 2019

  1. Highly recommend the WeBoost. A code on RVWithTito gave me a very significant discount. The WeBoost has been flawless. Also, I believe your new stereo system has the ability (depending on model you chose) to hook up a windshield cam and uses the stereo system data storage. That extra $500 could have allowed you to upgrade to the stereo model that would allow the integrated dashcam along with some other neat features. Again, I have that and it works flawlessly. A $500 standalone dash cam would be a target for thieves. It would be a good idea to put the antenna on the left side of the coach. If you are in the right lane in the city many tree branches on the right side of the road can come very close/hit to your roof and knock that antenna right off. Being on the left side of the rig will reduce this chance.

  2. While I appreciate your review of the Cell WIFI booster, I have to admit, that reports on a companies customer service leave me wondering if the great service you report on is something ALL customers would get, or something you recieved because they know you have a YouTube following of 65,000+?

  3. I need help to learn how to live in a van.. I am all alone i cant afford rents i want to live free. Can you guys help me i want a family

  4. Mike, it appears that your outside antenna is quite close to your inside antenna – just above through the roof. How are you avoiding the feedback loop between the two antennas? I have the large WeBoost with the antenna on the roof centered right above the driver and passenger seats, and the inside antenna about four feet below on a cabinet. I am constantly having trouble with it shutting down because of the feedback.

  5. Can you please list the antenna and the mast you used in the video? The only color I've seen has been white, and I would like a black one with a spring-loaded mast. Thanks!

  6. With the antenna position next to your panel are you not concerned about shading losses whenever the sun is from the front? I would think you'd want the antenna away from the panels as far as possible to avoid shadowing.

  7. Hey Mike! Another great video! It’s been a pleasure helping you get your signal booster up and running! Glad to see you are happy with it!

  8. Nice report, good info to know for my retirement next year. I'm pimping my RV this year, getting it all ready. Timely.

  9. When I saw you were talking about the two-channel Blackview dashcam, I was really hoping you were going to offer a practical solution to actually have a rear view mounted camera on a Roadtrek. IMO, the rear camera is actually more valuable than the front for recording accidents since most accident footage that you'd actually want to show anyone where it's not your fault is more likely to be someone rear-ending you, but Roadtrek has those shades on the rear door windows which leave no place to attach a rear camera even if you were willing to pay for the extra cable.

  10. Thank you. Love the booster. What is a good camera to see out back of my trailer as I travel to see who is behind me? Thanks.

  11. Very Nice! I'm seeing a trend in the competitive electronics market. Personal service and advice is the best way to increase market share.

  12. Would like to know part number, make and model on your truck style antenna that used with new cell booster .

  13. I would love to hear your thoughts on ham equipment for rvs. How has your coverage been in remote areas and what antenna and radio you prefer

  14. Love my BlackVue 750 1ch. It very cool to download a 60 second clip onto my iPhone in the field! I did add a very large data card so I can record at least 24 hours of on-the-road footage.

  15. Mike and Jennifer, thanks for this upload. I'm new to your channel and am glad I found it. Your 2 product reviews were very useful and you are obviously handy with a screwdriver and drill!!! I'm an Englishman who lives in Russia and when you know the size of this country (17 100 000 км²) you would think touring either in an RV or Motorcycle would have limitless possibilities but its not so, this vast expanse of land is just not set up for non extreme tourism (I'm 52 and like my creature comforts nowadays) anyway, I will continue watching your vlogs and enjoy the experience with you both, thanks again. Be safe for 2019.

  16. Nice. Look up Cradlepoint products. The devices are cellular based and more robust. It has built in Wifi. Works really well.

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