50 thoughts on “Trump's approval ratings on the rise

  1. ABC News has not found its way from “Alice in Wonderland”. Polls are hoaxes. You proved it last time with Hillary Clinton.

  2. some one call me and ask me who I vote, ,I sad I vote for Trump 100% . they hand up the phone right away..why?

  3. "he's been in hot water"

    no he hasn't. YOURE the one who keeps bringing it up!

    "for weeks he faced criticism.."


    you know who cares the most about biden's "race issues"?


  4. Polls dont mean crap. Look at the size of the rallys. The dems struggle to fill a school gymnasium and trump packs football stadiums and has to turn some away because theyve run out of seats.

  5. lol they want trump out so much they make this crap up since when did I vot e on how a president acts over what he has done that has made all of our lifes better. shame on this channel

  6. These are the same polls that had Hillary Clinton winning in a landslide in 2016 – these pollsters couldn't get a poll on the result of the 2016 election correct even if they did it today!!!

  7. There is something called statistical power. If statistical power is low, results are essentially meaningless. Many if not most political polls have low statistical power. The smaller the sample relative to the whole population of interest (the entire population of registered voters in the US) and high variability in the target population (also the case with US registered voters) makes for low statistical power. Polls generally only sample a minuscule proportion of the population of interest and also are subject to many other sampling biases (e.g., most people don’t even answer those calls and those who do are therefore unrepresentative in some way). Do not pay attention to poll results unless you know the confidence interval, effect size, and overall statistical power. You also need to know how they reached these people in the first place.

  8. Quick, check yourself, ABC, your bias is showing. Every phrase screams how much you hope Trump will lose. Here is a tip…get out of your bubble and talk to real Trump supporters in the fly over states. You will out they are not racists, but Americans who are done being abused by your ilk.

  9. I think Trump will win in 2020 to spite the liberal agenda in media. The culture today is so PC it's stupid….

  10. Real Simple, President Trump is a poor speaker and does not read the teleprompter very well BUT he defends the interest of the American Middle Class and Working Poor, and the Independents from both classes will reelect him. I like flowery speeches but I NEED a great job; 3.6% Unemployment = Reelection. China is finally having to play fair too. There are "doers" and there are lookers, our President is a doer.

  11. Trump is the only president in U.S. history who's approval rating never made it to 50%. He became president with a less than 50% approval rating. So these polls mean nothing.

  12. Polls are like statistics, anyone can make up some Numbers and say that's what's happening…. Regardless of what the question is.

    That's why people still think Uncle Touchy (Joe Biden) has a chance.

  13. Why is the media avoiding the Trump Epstein connection?? Trump has been friends with this repulsive predator since the late 90's and Trump has publicly stated that Epstein has been a good friend for decades and they have alot in common, including a fondness for young women! Besides the fact that Trump also had access to unlimited young teenage models in the 90's (many were foreign models and only 14 or 15 years old, and were working for him in the USA without legal work permits) at his Trump Modeling Agency. Trump was also the owner of the Miss Universe and Miss USA pageant in the 90's and again could easily provide beautiful women to his rich, powerful and well connected 'friends' whenever it suited him. Epstein had a huge private plane called 'Lolita Express' filled with teenage girls for his well connected 'friends' to enjoy themselves, in privacy. No surprise that Trump also has a huge private plane as well, to use however he wants. Epstein had a huge mansion in Palm beach and Trump also had a huge mansion in Palm Beach. The lead lawyer, that worked for Epstein when he was charged with sex trafficing, made a very rare and unusual SECRET plea deal for Epstein, designed to protect the list of names of all of the well connected men (co-conspirators such as Epsteins long time friends President Clinton and Prince Andrew, they were all granted immunity forever) that Epstein set up with teenage girls for decades. That same lawyer, Acosta, now has a very cushy job and works for Trump in the White House as the Labor Secretary. So again, why is it that the media refuses to jump all over Trump and dig into his unlimited access to teenage models in the 90's and his access to a private plane and private mansions and how it benefited his well connected friends and the Trump business. Epstein and Trump are toxic clones of each other, that exploited teenage girls for decades, to build profitable business connections, without any regard for the endless suffering of so many naive and defenseless girls. Shame on the corporate owned puppet media, for choosing to just look the other way, when there is so much proof available, if they could be bothered to do their job!

  14. Corrupt democrats keep on lying and lying so that the lies repeated, as Nazi Goebbels believed, would become TRUE at least to most democrat voters. Their purpose is to spread fake news by fabrication repeatedly until the democrat voters are confused enough to believe their continuing lyings as true thus voting democrats again in the next election. Hence it explains why corrupt democrats continuingly make nonsensical accusations without proofs against Presidents and the republicans until they win the next election. Then all the corrupted democrats would not face corruption charges and would be free to corrupt themselves with impunity freely again.

  15. He's never broken 50%, nor really come close. The poll's margin of error is 3%, so it could just as easily be 41%. 47% would be an all-time high, and thus unlikely.

  16. Some people are just gullible. There's no other excuse. Most of the mass media, along with the democrats and their owners are promoting and generating fake news, aka propaganda, against our president, his family, and our government. Trump is slowly repairing our nation, to the point that it is becoming functional again. With Barr as attorney General, we might even see a little equal justice for a change. The USA is not for sale. It is not to be controlled by a handful of wealthy. ALL of us must live by the same rules. Personally, I don't care if Trump has orange hair or not. I don't care if he is rich or poor. I don't care if he is black or female. What I do care about, is that he ATTEMPTS to do what he says he will do as president. I do care that he represents "We, the people" with efforts directed towards helping the people that he represents. Democrats have a nasty habit of giving things away, and ALWAYS to the wrong people. Trump is going to be reelected simply because he is restoring our belief in our nation and each other. We are back. He really has MAGA. Guess what ?…. He has just getting started. Just think what 6 more years can bring.. If you have children, think of them.

  17. the leftist poll ratings shows that Biden more popular than Trump?! 🤣😂🤣 that's another FAKE NEWS! (like any other crap from the leftist media)

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