Tripp Advice EXPLOSIVE Interview With Alpha Male Strategies

Tripp Advice EXPLOSIVE Interview With Alpha Male Strategies

Here’s an interview I just did with the creator of the Alpha Male Strategies Youtube channel. AMS teaches men how to successfully navigate the dating world by being more masculine and standing up for yourself. 

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38 thoughts on “Tripp Advice EXPLOSIVE Interview With Alpha Male Strategies

  1. Thats what I didnt understand I thought by straightening out things a muthafucka would get back in line but she ended up finding other stuff make noise about.

  2. Tripp Advice = Luke Sky-walker (The light side)
    Alpha Male Strategies = Darth Vader (The Dark side)

    I will tell you this………when watching star wars im a HUGE fan of the dark side XD. Absolutely loved this live stream, much respect to Tripp Advice i loved hearing both sides when it comes to getting laid.

  3. the caller made a 10 minute convo asking tripp and ams bout why.someone called him asshole just to find out the girls he dating didnt say it

  4. This is a sad world we live in now. So what's going to happen when you get old? Who's going to gonna be there for you to take care of you when all you've had are these meaningless relationships ? That's a lonely life. Not all women are the same. Just like not all men are the same. Just because you had some bad experiences in the past doesn't mean you should put all of us in the same category. But okay! 🙄

  5. If I feel attracted, I say so. Then I let them decide if they want to earn my trust. If they earn my trust, then they may have my heart. Once they have my heart, I admire and please them.

  6. Depends what you looking for 👌🙄
    You can have women friends
    It will allow you to meet other women
    Have her co-pilot if shes a real friend

  7. Based from this conversation : it seemed to me that this white guy trying to play off this high moral ethic to show off on AMS. Trying to project how much a good guy he is when it comes to women.
    In short, while He comes a white knight in shining armour, Tripp tried to project AMS as the primitive brute in his undertones.

  8. If I have to ask if he even likes me, I assume he doesn't and I move on. This advice to ignore her may work with SOME women not all.

  9. All the stuff about the womans rules book. They dont neccesarily have to have read it. The writers of the girly magazines would have and are filling the magazines full of this mindset and content.

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