Transformers Combiner Force Ultra Bee Robots in Disguise Bumblebee Is ready for Menasor

Transformers Combiner Force Ultra Bee Robots in Disguise Bumblebee Is ready for Menasor

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Brand New and so fun Transformers Ultra Bee Combiner from Robots in Disguise Combiner Force! The ultimate combiner toys is finally here with Bumblebee, Strongarm, Sideswipe, Grimlock and Autobot Drift teaming up to form Ultra Bee! They each can transform into vehicle mode or robot mode and also combine to form a huge transformer. Coming out next is Menosaur and Galvatronus.

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hey guys welcome to show-and-tell toys alright buddy what do we have right here in today's episode guys combiner force that's right combiner for us we've got combiner activators wave 1 and 2 with sideswipe and 3 and 3 yet well going on three yet not yet well then we also have crash combiners whoa pretty cool check that out sky sledge and storm hammer that's pretty cool then we've got some two steps some three step some awesome four step and then some even what are these big ones called Titan not Titan masters they're called Titan changers wave one and two so awesome very cool transformers Robots in Disguise combine your force but guess what what I have got something so cool are you ready for it it's gonna be awesome here we go close your eyes okay a brand new epic transformers Robots in Disguise combiner force open your eyes who's that it's ultra b combiner wars check it out isn't that what we just watched today a new episode so check it out it's got strong arm bumblebee sized soy and Grimlock and I guess I guess look at the sword the sword is orange size its desk that's supposed to be whoo drift Autobot drift but I guess they couldn't make they couldn't make a transformer for a sword good day so check this out this is awesome right here so we definitely need to get these out and check this out woah look at that they combine and that's the whole part of combiner force right right so we need to give these out okay here we go okay here we go let me just slide this out here look you still gotta take the rubber bands out of there look at that very cool what's this right here block it's grimlocks the legs right so that's pretty cool okay we'll get these out of here and here are the instructions that it comes with and show you how all right so we've got it out of the box and we put them into vehicle mode right yeah so this is what bumblebee looks like so he's pretty much the same as any other bumblebee all right and here is what sideswipe looks like very small as you can see the size comparison okay here is a strong arm yep here's Grimlock and you can take Autobot drift and you can use it as a tail you put it on him as a tail or you can just take it off but either way this is what grim like grim like Grimlock looks like okay so there's Grimlock the hardest one to transform is probably Grimlock because he transforms into robot mode right and he also trans transforms into legs hey these are pretty simple so I will show you boldly yet but I'll show you sideswipe okay sideswipe you pretty much just flip over and there's his head and there's his body and he flipped that up for him to stand okay these are pretty simple but the reason they're simple is because we're not after making a side so if we're mad after making a Ultra be right and same was strong-armed she has her arms and then you can put these actually she's already standing up okay so there's side I sideswipe and strongarm and boom right look at that he just did it Baldy so there's movi all by himself okay and here's Grimlock so we should put him into robot mode yeah this is gonna take a while cuz grimlocks the hardest one to transform let's pull that out there and then split them apart flip this down flip this down here head is in here like that we'll put them back together just like that bring his arms around then he's got some hands right here put those out put that out okay and then you put his feet down and they kind of flip around just like that okay so there is grimlock in robot mode oh yeah man I'm not feeling so good about this old ultrabeat thing I don't want to be legs alright so there you go now they're all in robot mode now it's time to what should we do transform them to ultra B should we combine them with this sword from from Autobot drift okay let's do it is take a little bit but let's transform them okay you start transforming bubbly I'll do these two okay here we go okay so we've got all the pieces ready and here's bumblebee the middle section okay let's combine them here we go all right good job we combined bubble via Grimlock and now we've got sideswipe as an armed and strong horn as an arm you check out he's got plans down here press the button Ultra B it's ultra beat alright now put that sword in there here we go Autobot drift you're part of the team too right and there's a little slot in there okay just like that so there's this sword Autobot drift whoa check it out what do you think of that is that pretty cool yeah yeah it is this ultra B is so strong watch what he can do with this sword well what do you think of that Oh what he didn't take Optimus down even though they said in the show he said I think we're almost as big as Optimus or bigger right you said it's bigger than Optimus okay we take them dap take Optimus Prime down go good job Ultra be your comic I gotta cook it a little bit okay so now check it out for the game if you want to scan the screen right now you can scan that image right there and you might have ultra beat in the video game okay so let's scan this and see what happens there's a button and let's stand this Ultra be okay here we go – these crash combiners alright look at all those levels right that's pretty good awesome okay so like it said crash combiner did you pay attention to that yeah so what do you think of this Olaf bumblebee all right and then we can take a crash combiner like this strong arm right here and look at that does that look right that looks pretty funny doesn't it okay Oh are we gonna take let's see we could take storm ham or a sky hammer oh look at that does that look right I'm not so sure oh good optimist with grimlocks legs I had so sure about that one either or you could take sideswipe okay and put him right there and oh that doesn't look good this ball B only has a one arm now and then let's see what can we attach right here we can put skyhammer on on his arm does that look right watch it for me uh I don't think that looks right bumblebee on top of Grimlock Bobby you've got really big legs so that bumblebee doesn't look right what if you could attach these right here that'd be awesome then it he'd be another ultra be right all right let's get the real Ultra be all right let's put ball beats back on Grimlock there we go oh oh Bowlby doesn't have any arms we better fix that we're gonna flip these out right here for hands flip that down boom then we've got some hands some arm shops oh we need sideswipe you did this blitz there we go now they're ready they go alright so now what happens in this show they all son get crash they all son crash right they just fall back boom like that and then they all they all come back apart they wake up they're like oh man what was that all about what happened how did we combine like that that was crazy except for a drift he's a sword still we're having a drift I guess he's just gonna stay is a sword forever okay in there sideswipe Oh except what happened to sideswipe another sideswipe came out right and two side swipes came out oh great now we've got two side slips to deal with all right let's transform this ultra be one more time Grimlock bumblebee left arm sideswipe right arm is strong arm and the final combiner is Autobot drift with the sword just like that so there you go there's Ultra be what do you think of this right here it's cool yeah it is pretty cool do you know who else is coming out next net Menace or that's right so we're gonna have motor master heat seeker wild break drag strip and slash mark to make Menace or what do you think of that they'll be pretty cool and then Ultra be can fight menace or there's also going to be a future wave of another one of Galvatron us what do you think of that that'll be pretty cool right well that's it for this episode Show and Tell make sure you check out my channel for more transformers Robots in Disguise combine ur force toy videos and for more exciting toys do you like seeing really cool and exciting toys then select a video to see really awesome toys from the Show and Tell toys channel there are so many cool toy videos which one are you going to pick

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