Toy Story 4 Toys Lego Duplo Train Bunny Ducky Funny Toy Stories for Kids Imaginext Pizza Planet Set

Toy Story 4 Toys Lego Duplo Train Bunny Ducky Funny Toy Stories for Kids Imaginext Pizza Planet Set

I hope you enjoy this funny toy story video for kids! This video features the NEW Toy Story Lego Duplo Train set with Woody and Buzz! We also have the Toy Story 4 Lego Bunny and Ducky too! In the story today Lotso and Evil Dr Porkchop spaceship team up to steal our train! We have to find all the missing pieces at the Imaginext Pizza Planet and Landfill playset! I hope you have fun watching the stories and the bloopers at the end! Thank you for watching!

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we've got Legos today you're not gonna believe all the fun Legos from Toy Story we're gonna put together this is the Pizza Planet truck but we've got the brand-new Lego train from Toy Story whoa look at that it is Woody's train and it's got Buzz Lightyear and woody and I cannot wait to put it together wow this is gonna be a lot of fun and we've got our little green alien right here he's driving our Pizza Planet truck so let's go ahead and get started getting this out of the box let's see what's in here Oh No is this it but I thought they were supposed to be a train we've just got Buzz and Woody and here are our directions but no more pieces they've gone missing we are gonna have to get woody and buzzes help to find our missing train pieces so we can put them together you guys we've got to find them let's get started you heard the lady we've got to find those train pieces and I know just where to start looking I saw a lot so at the landfill no he wouldn't dare I bet he's trying to throw away our train pieces come on Buzz let's get started we're at the landfill but I have no idea where to get started we need help did I hear someone say they need help me and my friend ducky would love to help you find your Lego train why thank you little bunny we would love your help we should we get started I know just the spot here we are but I don't see anything just wait for it here comes the claw oh no it's got one of our train pieces it's trying to dump it in the trash we better go and get it whew that was close we almost lost the main part of the train thank you so much bunny and ducky you've been a big help we better keep looking we've got lots more pieces to find oh no Lotta's got part of our train in the destroyer he's trying to burn it all up we better stop him there's no stopping me your train is going to be destroyed oh no it's starting to fall in it's time to take action Buzz Lightyear is here to the rescue now we can get that train out of there we're almost done finding the Train then we can put it together we're so close to finding all of the train and you guys have been such a big help what is that oh it's evil dr. pork chop ha ha I got the rest of your train and you'll never see it again and woody I've got your cowboy lasso we've got to catch that pig Oh No he's landed on top of pizza planet how will we get him now [Applause] you guys RC is trying to tell us something he said that he can make the jump and get to evil dr. pork chop hmm Wow RC that is so brave thank you Kari goes wish him luck good luck RC good job now let's go get our stuff Oh what happened Oh lottos not gonna be happy about this I've crashed his spaceship I better get out of here all right piggy it's time to take off hmm hey more train pieces and woody it's your lasso Oh we just make it like this and tada I've got my lasso back I'm ready to go for a train ride yay but we've just got one more thing to find there's a bag of pieces to go with our train and I think I know exactly where it is look so give us the rest of the pieces not a chance you'll have to take them not a problem it's Pizza time try again Buzz Lightyear moi you can't take me out your pizzas do nothing oh no we're gonna need more help Arcee to the rescue again RCM woody are here to team up Woody's got his lasso can he lasso a teddy bear let's find out hmm got you lot so you are coming with us oh man now we can put our train together whoo-hoo great job everybody thank you so much bunny and ducky for your help would you like a ride on our train that sounds like lots of fun let's get started putting it together we get to open up our bag and get all of our pieces out and here are the train pieces that we found so we need to put these together like this and we have the front of the train right there and that was the first piece we found and then we made this piece and these two go back here that and we have our train here is the top of the Train good snap on and this go here and actually you know what I did that wrong this one goes back here we have two black ones and they open up whoa that is so cool and then the yellow one goes here yeah that's for the front and this is pretty cool you've got dynamite is you can put in the Train there we go and then we've got woody with his lasso he's standing up on top and where did buzz go buzz lightyear yeah and then we've got our little bunny and ducky they're gonna ride in here we go and we've got some money and some other things that we can build oh look at this it's Buzz Lightyear's wings whoa oh I didn't even know that was in there but it makes sense you were flying without wings earlier huh there we go and look at this it's evil dr. pork chop he is wanted for many crimes especially the crime of stealing our blocks ha ha ha ha and what else do we have we have some green pieces some miscellaneous pieces here we can put our wanted poster in here and I bet evil dr. pork chop uses the dynamite to try and blow up the train go and our money all safe and sound in there is on top tada and that's how it is on the front of the box and we've got the money stored away in the Train evil dr. pork chop has the dynamite oh no he's got the dynamite loaded up I hope he doesn't hit the train Buzz Lightyear and woody will protect the Train evil dr. pork chop bombs away don't run into the dynamite Oh quick turn around and they got out of there fast before that dynamite blew up good job safe and sound we'll have to catch that evil pork chop another day ah there's no stopping me Buzz Lightyear to the rescue I've got this Buzz Lightyear to the rescue good luck RC here it goes good luck RC oh good luck RC how do you get the pig to fall off without knocking the playset over is it even possible ha we've got imbalanced wha let's try this yeah I'm definitely gonna need a blooper section for this video here it goes good luck RC good luck RC get that pig how hard could possibly be to knock a pig off the top of a pizza planet this is my question for you guys how hard could it possibly be good luck RC good job I really hope you enjoyed these toys if you have any questions place them in the comments and be sure to subscribe for lots more toys thanks guys oh the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life you deeply if you do the Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the grave you will be saved yes you we'll be safe

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