Top 5 Programming Languages to Learn in 2018 to Get a Job Without a College Degree

Top 5 Programming Languages to Learn in 2018 to Get a Job Without a College Degree

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hey you in this video we're gonna be covering the top 5 programming languages for you to learn so you can get a job in 2018 without needing a college degree how we're gonna rank his programming languages from number 5 to number 1 is based on three things number one the time it takes for even an absolute beginner to go from just learning to building practical real-world apps and then going on to get a job without even needing a college degree number two the job market so what is the demand for these programming languages what's the average salary for each developer and number three what we're gonna base it off on is productivity so in terms of development time how quickly does it let you bring your ideas to life this is very important because when a company is looking to hire you they want to make sure that you're very productive in terms of your development and if you can build things quicker you're effectively saving them a lot of cost what they would pay a developer two times for you can do it you know twice faster or maybe five times faster and so they're saving a lot of money on you which means that they're profitable on you which means that they're likely to pay you more with that said I hope you're excited and without any further ado let's jump right into it [Applause] hey this is Kazi from clever programmer calm all right let's start with number five Java Java is primarily an object-oriented language and it is a de facto standard it's been around forever and now it's in most companies the great thing about it is also that you can build native Android apps using the Java programming language average developer salaries start at 74 thousand dollars a year the only reason I put it kind of at the bottom is that the learning curve for somebody who's a beginner it's a little bit difficult so take the simplest example in terms of writing the simplest program ever in bunch of programming languages you can just write one line of code and it actually does stuff in Java you have to actually know about compiling in classes and command-line and it's not very easy to just run anywhere on the web so learning curve portability all those things pretty difficult and that's why we're gonna place it on number five with that said let's move on number four we got swift swift you've probably heard of it if not no problem that's what I'm here to tell you about Swift is a programming language that is used for iOS apps so iPad iPods iPhones the Swift programming language and you can use it to build native iOS apps okay so think about any app that you download on your phone right like for example Wunderlist if you download it on your phone chances are it's written in iOS if you download it on your iPhone that's what I mean and then if you're using it you know that's where it's made that's what it's made with average developer salaries are starting at eighty thousand dollars a year so great programming language I see a lot of future and Swift especially with iPhone kind of you know it's gonna be around for a long time iOS apps are not going anywhere and they're very very powerful and needed the only problem is that it is a little bit difficult to learn and get started with with that said let's move on to number three Ruby on Rails now what is Ruby on Rails it's essentially the programming language Ruby but then when you combine a web development framework on it so that's called Rails when you combine them together people call them Ruby on Rails Ruby on Rails is for developing web applications and being able to do it very very quickly so making things like e-commerce stores or something like Twitter you can make those apps in Ruby and it's very very easy the learning curve is pretty simple and straightforward another great thing about it is that it reads like English almost feels like when you look at the code you feel like you're reading you know English you're reading a book the only reason I'm putting it on number three is because there some of the other programming languages that I'm gonna mention that are actually more popular and higher paid than Ruby Ruby average developer makes seventy four thousand dollars a year awesome with that said let's move on to the next programming language number two javascript this is a very very hot language and a lot of you're probably gonna be very surprised and I'm probably gonna get a lot of controversy on this way oh my god javascript okay let me break it down javascript is an awesome programming language very very popular if you type it in it's gonna come up like as one of the first ones and you can run it pretty much anywhere so if you just go to Chrome and right click and hit inspect you can see you can actually even type in JavaScript right there and run it so you can run it right inside of your web browser you don't need anything installed on your computer and it just runs in the web and this programming language is pretty much on all websites or all web sites that you visit as well so it's on Facebook it's gonna be on CNN over you know wherever you go Amazon JavaScript is gonna be there this is a great programming language but you know still because of how JavaScript it's not it's the reason why I would say it's a little bit difficult to learn and practice is because of also the reason that it's on the web there are many many different things you can do and many different options and that's what also can be confusing about it especially when you're starting to learn coding you want to just do stuff and move on and not have to worry about that oder hundred different ways to do one thing and they're now trying to make it simpler that's one of their goals and make it more standardized but when it was being made earlier it was kind of like a project that got done really really quickly in just a few days and it became really popular and a turning to javascript and now everybody is using it and they're like man this seems like there is no control and we have to make it more modularized and make it more simple for everybody to follow for somebody who's just trying to learn and starting out javascript I would think about not starting off with right away also great language and the average salary for developers is starts at one hundred and ten thousand dollars a year awesome number one Python so the reason why I've put Python a number one is because of mainly three reasons number one it's the easiest programming language to learn it's one of the most paid programming languages average salary start at one hundred and sixteen thousand dollars a year and it's one of the most popular programming languages to learn so the reason why I say it's easy to learn is that if you look at a lot of the introductory courses that are being taught in u.s. even you'll see that all of them are shifting to teaching Python and the reason for that is that it's easy so they want the college students to start off with python but then it can be skilled and it's very powerful so to give you an example of how powerful it is is this platform you might be watching this video on is YouTube and YouTube is built with Python right that granted there are many other programming languages there as well but primarily it's written in Python Google is written in Python you have Spotify in Python reddit Quora Hipmunk and the list goes on so this is to show you that this is not just a beginner programming language but then you can scale it and do really real-world things with it and that's really the beauty of it and you can do anything from machine learning so you can create robots that can think for themselves and do really cool stuff to web development creating apps sharing your ideas with the world you can combine web development with machine learning you know the possibilities are kind of limitless now I don't want to just talk about I want to show you how easy it is and you don't even need anything installed to run Python you can even run it online on web services like rep lit okay so I'm highlighting that here and you can do it very simply so for example if I want to do something I can do it very easily so check this out okay YouTube turtle we have this all right let's run it so I really hope that you enjoyed this video these were the top five programming languages and here are their salaries with that said if you are interested in taking your career as a developer to the next level I have a course coming up is called the profitable programmer it's our flagship course at clever programmer that shows you how to create apps and how to land your first client with Python and less than 90 days we show you step by step even if you are a complete beginner and this course has everything from the basics of Python to web development to landing clients if you're interested I have the link in the description and here's the link in the video as well go to this page put in your name and email and we'll put you on the VIP waitlist for this course and I'll give you a bonus of showing you my top resources I use to learn programming in less than three months and I'll give you all of that for free if you join this list now that's it for this video thank you so much for watching don't forget to leave a like and subscribe to this channel as always I love your faces off and I'll see you in the next video

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  1. 1) Action! (Atari)

    2) Basic (Atari 800XL, Commodore 64, Sinclair ZX-81. TI-99/4A Texas Instrument, Amiga, MSX, Sinclair zx-Spectrum. Amstrad CPC, ATARI 520ST


  2. Bro iam bsc cs student I had idea to study extra language course which is best which helps important for my job consists

  3. Fun fact. Python is name after Monty python and has a lot the lingo on the film series associated with the coding

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