Top 5 Palettes with Jen Luvs Reviews

Top 5 Palettes with Jen Luvs Reviews

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Palettes Shown (in no order)

Natasha Denona Green-Brown

Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts
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Viseart Warm Mattes

Juvia’s Place Masquerade
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KVD Mi Vida Loca – Limited Edition

ABH Modern Renaissance

Viseart Neutral Mattes

Viseart Dark Mattes

Jaclyn Hill x Morphe

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hey guys I just wanted to hop on here before the video this is like a week later on Jen doesn't know I'm doing this but I thought it would be a nice incentive for you guys to take some time out of your day just to head over and check out her channel if you're not familiar with it cuz I know all of our lives can get busy but I really do you think a lot of you guys will enjoy her channel my hair is air drying blah blah blah so this is my Natasha – Nona sunset palette that I bought myself that I have used and then they actually sent me one in PR that has not been used this is brand new if you can see the only thing is it came in a display box so it doesn't have like the individual sleeve on it but this is brand new and I'll wrap it up really well so if you guys want to be entered for a chance to win that go check out Jen's channel and that will be linked below and if you guys like it please subscribe to her Channel and then come back over and tell me something that you enjoyed about one of her videos that are on her channel or just the overall feel of the channel this video is gonna go live on the 6th of November so let's do a full week so on November 13th on Monday at 12 let's say like 12 noon pacific standard time I will have Ronnie who's my comment moderator pick at random a comment that just said something that they liked about her channel will comment that you've won with my email and then you guys will have 3 business days to email me an address where you want this shipped is open internationally and if you don't answer within the 3 days then I'll have Ronnie pick another name just so I can have it come to an end and not drag out forever I really like Jen she works really hard on her content and it is very hard when you're working your way up to try to get noticed so I just think that this could be like a nice little incentive to help share some of the awesome community that I have here with her so thanks your time guys and I hope you enjoyed the video oh and one more thing towards the very end of this video I do swear maybe once or twice so if you are going to watch around children please don't or wear headphones sorry about that hey guys welcome back to my channel today I am here with a lovely guest Jen loves reviews I wanted to film with her because her channel is amazing I think a lot of you are well aware of who she is but for those who aren't you guys should go subscribe to her channel she does this awesome segment called the makeup news where every week she shows you all the new makeup releases coming out she gives you the details it's kind of like a sneak peek you're like the online trend living thanks yeah so you guys should go watch her she does amazing reviews – um I'll have her channeling blue I'm a video up on Jenn's channel so you guys again go check that out I'll link it below don't forget to subscribe to her Channel and now we're gonna do a top five pallets of what our favorites are yes because I wanted to know what her top five pallets were yeah yeah I think it's gonna be a good one I know so I'm curious I'm terrible I'm like what are your favorite she's like you want to be surprised like nope show me now either show me a veil alright so we'll count we'll count up from from the least favorite of the top five okay to the favorite of the top five does that sound good I don't think I can pick that's gonna pick a favorite childhood okay alright just me ELISA okjung I'm the favorite but I feel like the oldest always for the special place are you the oldest no I'm the youngest oh you know so she'll disagree with that but now alright do you want to go first and no even worse okay alright well I'll go first okay so I'm having them in your order Jen's don't know I'm in her order because she's organized and I don't know Olli there you go okay so modern renaissance palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills this is kind of a classic I think at this point I think a lot of people are just digging on this palette and I think one of the big reasons why is because it's got a nice variety of tones so you've got light tone medium tone deep tone so it can be use for a lot of different skin tones it's very easy to blend lasting powers fantastic on it the limitation of this palette is just that it's warm you know if you're a cool tone lover then this towel is definitely not for you but the quality of it is wonderful and I love that how easy it is to use and how blendable the shadows are and they're very opaque you know when you when you put them on they go on and you don't have to think about it it's very easy so very beginner friendly and it's just a wonderful palette I did take the brush off of the brush yeah the brush at the brush is terrible it falls out and it's and it's up to the the all of the Anastasi I feel like the ones that come in the palette especially the fluffy side is very scratchy for me and I don't wait so I always use other brushes with it but the palette itself is wonderful that's weird because they're synthetic brushes I find them scratchy – that's weird person that I brush yeah they're really soft yeah I don't know what they're doing they need to fix that yeah my first palette is going to be the color green Queen of Hearts I had to go back and forth cuz we could only pick five and that was hard and it was between this and the modern Renaissance so but I feel like these are more pigmented no I love the shimmers in here I just love this palette they've color green meet some amazing shadows they just came out with those little minis mm-hmm would they say that bill with the names you would think mini means that they're gonna be smaller okay but they're not they're they're seen full-size palettes I just stick so you get a little bit of a discount I think it's like you get see like three or four bucks I think by buying them like that yeah they're really nice but if you guys haven't tried their shadows I have a full review on this too I will link that below if you're interested you have a review and I do have all they run a review down there as well if you want to see but I think everyone loves that hella cute yeah yeah it's really good it's really really good speaking of that my next one Lorraine queen of Arts phallic and show yeah it's it's really good it's actually what I have on my eyes today I really love this palette I'm wearing on my eyes the Queen Mother shade and real Highness and then a little bit of this one called crown and it's just really good quality this one is a little more intense like stephanie was saying I've been to modern Renaissance I feel like it's a little bit harder to blend but you do get that punch of pigment like it's no joke you have to like like put it on light and layer it up because it will punch you in the eye like it is it's really really good and it definitely be careful with the shimmer shades especially because I feel like if you take your brush too hard you're gonna break it up the shadow so keep that in mind but it's a fantastic palette I constantly am reaching for this and it's very enjoyable again we're looking at a lot of warmer shades here too but I like both I have a neutral undertone so I can kind of go either way but you know the warm trend has been around and you know that's where a lot of the clouds were going and happens to be a fantastic quality palette and I'm looking forward to trying some of those smaller palettes I'm curious to see how the formula compares to you how them are you kidding me nice little beauty brush I love wait lease you see this one Oh hold your finger in that berry this is like my porn yeah I would never say that on my channel but Stephanie's channel like yeah just Jen just like my favorite colors they're so pretty so when they say many think that that means like half the pan but those are full pan sizes they are so soft though Sami and so pigmented and because coloured raine is a black-owned brand as well they don't mess around with their pigmentation because obviously you're not typically putting on and someone that's like a piece of paper like me so you need to have pigmentation the pink one here has a yellow shift in it which I was not expecting because in the pan it just looks like it's gonna be a light pink but there's a there's definitely yeah we're gonna be able to see it there it's opening in but wait Trevor I'm losing it I'm losing it Stephanie I'm losing it you know okay these are done that's easier with these is that it's like an entire look like you can do it so like sometimes you have a jewels you have to like kind of decide the shades look very purposeful and I love that because sometimes I feel like some palettes they just kind of throw shades in there that they think are kind of close in the color wheel whatever you know that people but they they look very purposeful like look at this like I can see this being like you could make this even like a Christmas look if you gotta do you know kind of or like right exactly but then you've got these pinks in here where you could use any of these closures one thing that drives me nuts about a palette is because I'm not an artist that when their shades that don't have anything to do with each other and you try to put them together and it looks horrible yeah and it's like it makes me feel bad and I don't want to use the palette because I feel like the pilot made me feel like a idiot so like a palette like this I feel like I could put any of those shades together and they're gonna look good together and I don't have to feel like I make up a yeah no I like that that's what I my review I was talking about with the abh prison palette mm-hmm when I saw that it's like so many pretty colors but I was having a hard time caring some of them together cuz I went in with too many colors and then I was like oh no it doesn't look good it's not cohesive so those I find a lot of those like the Mario palette – that's soft formula they have on those shimmers it's best to just like two or three shades yes stick to that because if you try to get too crazy it's like yeah yeah I'm having the same problem with the prison palette I haven't done my review of that yet it's coming because I'm still testing it I'm not quite ready yet like I am I almost filmed it I'm like nope I'm not ready so but I was having the same problem with it yeah yeah I have to literally just stick like two or three it's like too much yeah so my next favorite palette is you know Tasha – Nona the twenty pan palettes I love that one I love this one which is weird cuz the first one I got was the blue purple or purple blue or whatever it was because I'm always drawing blues and my favorite man in purple is my favorite color but I get the most use out of this like especially the shape mm-hmm I have this have that chef – I love this palette yup oh yeah it's got the gold it's like almost no I'm gonna give it a little more now it has like almost like up this ghoulish there reminds me a little bit of Liam differently my sister of Max Bluebell yeah but it's more subtle yeah yeah so this is like her heard shimmers are no joke I mean it looks like liquid metal she makes my favorite I mean that's just one to watch tennis is insane I like this formula way better than man my nails are causing damage – I like this way better like she has those chroma crystals which are beautiful they give like an editorial texture look on the eye but for me I don't like those glitter formulas I've said it a million times I get Fallout on my face and they're just not the easiest to work but they look great for print but like every day walking around usually see that little shimmer on your cheek not a huge fan of but I find I can do everyday wearable looks with this or I can wear something like this and you like a smoky eye with some gold on it which is really pretty so I would definitely get this in these palettes our investment holy crap yeah the first one I bought I was like this is gonna be the best thing ever and it is a little weird because even the map the mounts in this palette aren't my favorite okay she updated the formula have you tried our new maps hmm yes I have the lilah palette yeah you have a palette lilah Palin I know what it is one of the hell palette will call it the purple palette these mats were a lot more dry than the new ones that she has so those are my favorite but this has the majority of like shimmers and the duo crumbs all right this is this I can't believe I'm bringing this on the stuff you can feel a little guilty by but it you know yeah this is the thing is you have to look at the palette for what the shadows do in the performance of them and we're gonna be talking about the Jaclyn hill palette by morphe and okay I don't think Stephanie's ever having contact with this I have I think four videos on my channel based on this palette because I was so intrigued by it and I wanted to make sure there was a lot of information that I I wanted to present a lot of information out there about this palace of people had an accurate representation of what it was and what I loved about this I actually brought this to New York when I went to FC's generation beauty and it was perfect because I felt like I could get so many looks out of this palette and the performance is really really good and I know Stephanie's told you this and I've said it on my channel as well this is not the same formula as like the morphe 35o the 3502 is a completely new formula it seems yeah it seems like it's completely new formula this is the same formula as the 25 pan palette so if you've tried to 25-minute palettes that's the same formula but the other palettes are different i personally don't enjoy the other palettes but i only like this one this is the only one but i love the color selection in here there's definitely something that yes it is this one right here is really really nice the color selection is really really good and i love that you can it's like i was saying before you can really bring the shades together in lots of different ways and not having to worry about ruining your look by using one shade that doesn't go with another one my biggest critique of this is that it doesn't have a brow bone matte shade there's two shimmer shades down here which i think is kind of lame but I feel like this one should have been they're similar this one is a little bit more yellow tone and it's a lot a little more poppy or this one is a little more muted where I wish that this one was a matte that would have made me very happy also I wish that there was a cool transition because she's thrown some cool tones up here for deeper shades but she didn't give us something cool that's lighter to kind of balance out a cooler look I think that would have really made it a great palette but it is a really good palette and it's great for travel especially now with the new packaging that's coming out I feel like that's even gonna be better for travel than what I have I did take the color shade selection and I taped it up here like raw Beauty Christy I watched her do it so I did it but now the new packaging it's gonna be on the back of the pallet so I think that's really good and that was a smart move of them but but yeah overall I really loved the performance the the lasting powers fantastic blendabilities fantastic and I love the looks I've created with this so I have no complaints about other than ones I mentioned mmm so my next three are all gonna be busy are surprised because I yeah and not just that since I have hooded eyes I do like to wear shimmer but for me every day at work I have to wear pretty much mattes mostly because I want people to pay attention to the things that are coming out of my mouth not staring at what I necessarily have on my face you know what I mean because I have like crazy winged eyeliner or something I might be slightly distracting litter glitter yeah so I typically just wear mattes and I keep it neutral so I get the most use out of my matte palette from them so um even though this one isn't neutral this is something I'd wear like on the weekends or at night this is their dark Nats palette and play with this palette no I don't know this one oh it's so nice like these colors especially around the wall yeah I there love this with like a rusty smokey eye well I mean that's that's leaves uh-huh right there yeah I love this palette and you can tone I mean it's not necessarily you can't buy this palette and do like an entire look with it right right because it starts actually unless you have more pigment in your skin yeah obviously some oh yeah sometimes I forget because these can be like transition shades and things for you but um I do feel like it doesn't have a black in there which I don't I don't but I love this palette again always in fall these are the colors I come for do you like this little rusty see you can see that was made for makeup artists yeah well it's very makeup artist focus yeah yeah and that's why they mentioned in that video I did with them and the last one why they don't mix shimmers in maths because on set if you were to have like a piece of mica that's catching the light it could really mess things up so they always keep like for their pro palettes or shimmers and matte some room I didn't know that yeah there you go though next for me is I have trouble picking a devious place palette because I'll honestly love them all equally they're all really good so I picked this one for the shade selection because some of these are just insanely gorgeous and fun and they make me so happy this one right here just gorgeous I mean they're they're just wonderful this purple I found that Purple's are notoriously difficult to stay purple you'll put them on your eye it looks purple and then a couple hours later it's gray and I hate that this one stays true purple which I love and it stays super pigmented purple like it doesn't fade down to like a light wash of purple it looks like this when you put it on and it looks like that eight hours later it is gorgeous and the price point on these are really good for what you get and then pay huge fans they're insane if I would go back though I wouldn't buy the big one of this I would buy the small one because no one is ever gonna use it unless you use this every single day for years and you're not gonna hit pan I mean these pans are gigantic so it's not like five or ten dollars something like that it's not much the difference I'd have to look it up to know but the price difference isn't a whole lot but the quality is just amazing and honestly all of the genius plays I shadows I haven't had any variation of quality not some brands you get one palette in swamp all you get another palette and it's a different following I'm like crap why did I buy this like but this this brand is very consistent and they're high-quality so I ended up picking this one even though I probably could have picked any of their palettes for this you know I like the Nubian chinos a newbie into is great yeah I have that one too it's good I haven't got any their new ones though I need to I need to get some of their new ones how super pigmented yeah these like some of these colors aren't the ones I always reach for right yeah and that's why I didn't pick that one because I don't really use the colors as much yeah next is the this palette I love this is their newest one in their 12 pan palettes and this is their warm they I think they say warm neutrals no just warm that that's about saying how many more move it has make sense now this is the more mats and again I love these like reds oranges those little colors I wear the most you can do a complete look with this because you can even have like them hat I label like feeling this so you see how they have like they don't have that relaxed feel right they don't that silicone in there but they're super pigmented in that blend I'm amazing yeah they're nice so I would definitely get this one chance because I tried to take colors like palettes that I can do all my favorite looks with yeah wanna sing about favorite palettes of all time I included palettes that were limited edition that you can no longer get and I'm really sorry if you didn't own this and now I'm you know I'm reinforcing that like that sore spot I know I'm like it like just nail it rich I'm sorry I'm sorry this is a Kat Von D TV Aloka palette this is one of those that if I all my my room caught on fire and I lost all my makeup this one would make me cry like I would cry like the tears would be coming and I would I would feel sick if I lost this palette and the size of it is stupid I don't like the size of it it's gigantic but I felt like this was a genius layout with the neutrals in the middle and then the colors on the outside because really you can take these neutrals put them together as a nice base and then use whatever colors you're feeling like using it as accent colors or you can you know mix a couple them together I really like doing the purple and the blue together I think that looks really really pretty and doing like maybe greens and yellows or I mean they just it just so so pretty and it gave me the confidence to use color this was the palette that really inspired my confidence and that's why this one's special in my heart and I think they cat designed this for people like me that didn't really a hundred percent know how to put the colors my eyes I mean she's a she's a makeup we should not a makeup artist but she's an artist she knows how to put colors together but like the new one the st. Center palette that one's all over the place I'd like she designed that one more for people that already know what they're doing but this one I feel like was designed for me and that makes me feel good not pretty me personally of course but for people that aren't as used to using color and again this one gave me confidence and using colors that's why I love it so much and the quality is amazing I like that she put transition shades like neutrals new in there and it's nice that she put some darker shades in here – thinking of different skin tones and things I thought that was really nice and and also you know going daytime wearable tonight time where a mole I think that's really great – I mean you've got even in the colors you've got some deeper shades and some lighter shades so you can bury your look a lot and it's just just really good my last palette is the palette I use the most I use this almost every single day like this is my go to work this is actually my second one does this say it doesn't look they're out yes this is my this is my second one well what happened is when I was watching all the busy art palettes they brought over like a big bunch of all of them and so some of them all got mixed up and they accidentally took my one that's like well so she's like I don't know which one it is anymore so I'm just gonna give you a new one on my own there you go yeah I love this palette you do I have that one can do yeah if I want to here like smokey eyes with it if you want with the black but I just I mean they blend really easy I can't say enough good things about these and at first when you looked at make things like yeah that's kind of boring but this is what I wear like I'm a day-to-day basis if I'm not sitting down to film it's like I'm not typically where I'm a very blue yeah I don't go something like this it's easy just to pick like a shade or two and even ideas that I'm really not wearing a ton of makeup I'll put like one of these kind of cooler shades in my crease and though and it's nice if you're you know getting ready for work in the morning you've got a lot going on and you just want to put something on very quickly and not have to think that's what I think of when I think of that account is that in the morning and you don't have time like I just don't have time I have to leave now you go pom pom pom and you'll have to think yeah like you just go in and you do it and then you're done and if you move on with your life yeah good guys we did have some good ones and only one repeat only one I know I you know I was gonna pick Modern Renaissance too but I was like going back and forth I was thinking I was gonna have to kick out a busier pallet and I'm like yeah laughter that's him like I can't bring myself to do it you had to go in their heart I did so I let myself pick like the warm mats that I like and then I was between queen-of-hearts Modern Renaissance and I was like those ones are a little more pigmented so I want those there you go yeah there you go thank you so much for tuning in guys again I'm gonna have Jun's channel link below please go check her out and be nice it'll say something nice and you but if you want to say something meaning that your honest opinion oh do it don't do it be nice and just I'm getting I'm getting rude right now on Twitter I know I saw it side you know she's so nice too well but you're honest well you know what we the whole conversation was if someone was making fun of Thomas's hair right and so he said why are older people on there making fun of my like she's 20 years old it's like why are they doing that and so I said miserable people are people that log on line to like attack people they don't have anything better to do because people that are happy focus on things they like and now I have like all I've read it on my ass why do people that that you weren't talking to took it personal yeah but I'm like why would you personally if you're not tapping people I don't I don't know I guess people at Pete you know yeah you attacked me oh you went in to talk about their home I guess I made they didn't like it but you're honest yeah I I don't think if you attack someone's parents you are in DIC I don't think that back there you I'll take that back I don't blame you don't attack anything right well you gotta be kind you know especially when it's somebody you know talking about somebody personally it's different than if you're talking about a choice they made or you know actions if someone in the same thing if someone doesn't like someone's content or something like that I totally get it but like when people start attacking people's voices or appearance or hair of weight and like that's tacky especially like the weight thing that bothers me a lot oh god that's what that I told you that thread which I'm not gonna say who I was reading about but that was horrible worst stuff I've ever seen I am and people were egging them on and all the up votes that those comments were getting tells me about a decent amount of those people were reading right and liking right and for me I've been on reddit I would not been on I have I have a lurker account I don't ever post anything but for me with them I feel like there's a nice balance of positive and negative but you know and there are some good people that are on right but there's also some bad people just like everywhere in the world I mean you just leave our you know job you have a Yuki on YouTube and whatever your workplace is there's people that are jerks and there's nice people and I think that's the way read it is as well as there's there's there's all title there so anytime you speak in absolutes we sound like assholes anytime you say all of this group unless it's like the KKK or someone that obviously oh yeah you know like and that's their ideology if that's what the group based on hate but anytime you make like sweeping generalizations but it's so crazy because I specifically said anybody that attacks like I can talk crap like that right and then people got so mad about that I'm like yeah I don't think people necessarily read all the way through to because I think when the emotions get involved and they start they see you know that you are talking about this group in general and they know they're part of that group their emotions take over and they'll necessarily listen in to what was actually being said and they take it where they want to take it instead of where it was actually intended to be taken yeah yeah I don't think I've ever know I'd never do I actually stand out for people I've never like randomly attacked people or like insulted people if someone says something mean I chemically say something mean back just I like to keep well I think an offense in in off in authentic inauthenticity you know people that aren't being people that aren't being authentic I think that that that's where our world is going so scared of being honest and I think that's a big problem not just instant YouTube but its society you know it's a problem where you know sometimes it's good to hear something that isn't you know some constructive feedback things like that so that we can be better yeah you know and and and be better people and be better at what we do but you know when it turns to mean and hate and cruel then that's a whole nother level well you know doesn't even think of a bath though I'm like if it's supposed to be constructive I'm like why wouldn't you say that to the person yes like my wife go into a separate forum yeah I can't help but if that's not to feel like end people onto other people come on and attack person too because if they say it's coming from a good place to help them wouldn't you say next time I would like the video to be this and that but instead you don't leave that comment you log onto a separate forum post the video and say I didn't like this and that it's like how is that constructive how would that person get that feedback from you unless they're searching to then see people and even if it's something nice it's sometimes like someone will say oh I love those videos and then it'll be the next comment being like oh my god I can't stand her voice she's so annoying it's like and then other people will start chiming in and then something that started nice really it's a dark turn it's like yeah and I'm so sorry some decent Imam of those Suns I've read I mean they have some pretty horrific stuff and again I'm not saying everybody but it is a pretty negative place I feel like a lot when you start reading through that stuff and fortunately negativity sounds a lot louder mm-hmm it does it's easier to focus on the negative – and there are a lot of positively driven threads every the guru one it's like beauty gurus or something like that that's when I read but I will actually learn a lot from reading that because I see what people are talking about what are people interested in whatever the videos people are watching and sometimes it's you know somebody did a makeup tutorial and it was amazing yeah and then there's a whole thread about how amazing this person is so there is positive but I think it like you're saying it is easy to focus on the negative I think someone said to you that really bad like the one that I had originally seen a subreddit or something got closed down okay I did hear that site I think it was one of those and that and apparently it's a new one but the ones that I've read where people are attacking like peoples wait mental health and parents and family and children and relationships I'm just like I think it takes it takes it too far it does take it too far so I think people sometimes think like oh they're online they open themselves up to the criticism but again the funny part is is like so when I could have sighs the way that they're criticizing and they get mad and like but wait didn't you put your opinion out there right and and when people are saying you know in cuss at you and insult you and then you say well you know I really didn't mean it like that and you know really you're kind of off base and then I'm the one who's angry and I'm the one but what I really wasn't you know and I replied that very nicely to someone who said something really rude but now I'm a terrible person yeah no I'm less scratching my head like no huh but if I said the same thing back then some people say to me right I'm a bully right right exactly I'm getting exactly I don't know when I'm gonna be anyway you just got off on a reddit tangent that's okay what we were stations for special flowers anyway so well thanks for tuning in guys and I will see you next time and go check out Jen she'll see you next time all right bye guys you

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