Top 10 Awesome Computer Tricks/Hacks - Tricks You Should Try

Top 10 Awesome Computer Tricks/Hacks – Tricks You Should Try

In this iam going to show some Awesome useful Computer Tricks/Hacks and some shortcut that every one should use or try.

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hello friends this is really in this video I'm going to show you the 10 awesome PC tricks that will change how you use your PC so let's get started number 1 YouTube chuckles while playing a video on YouTube if you press the letter K the video will be get post and if you press it again it will get played if you press the letter J then the video will move backwards by 10 seconds if you press the letter L the video will go forward by 10 seconds number 2 priest you're accidentally closed taps while boasting if you close a tap accidentally don't worry just press ctrl or shift + P the tap will be restored to back number 3 protecting a drive with password right click on the drive and turn on BitLocker and use a safe password to protect it with a password number four taking screenshots there's a tool on windows collars snipping goo company and select the area which you want to take a screenshot boom the screenshot is ready now you can save it number five changing the case on Microsoft Word if you type something on the wrong keys on word don't break just select it and press Shift + f3 it will change the keys if you typed it on uppercase it will change it to lowercase and vice versa number six remove format while tasting when you copy something from web page and paste it on a wood it will be showing a lot of formats and links you can easily remove that after copying it from Rapids paste it on a notepad and then copy it from the North pad and again based on work now it will be free from any type of formatting Ashley number seven reverse image search while browsing on Google Club if you want to find out more information about a picture press the letter S and click on that image it will be reverse search poodles will find very similar images and details regarding that image memory PowerPoint presentation hat while saving a presentation if you saved it as PowerPoint so then if you open that file it will directly go to the presentation mode number nine open hailing on business if you want to open a link on a new tab click it with the middle mouse button it will be opened up in a new family number ten customizing a folder select the folder you want to customize then go to properties then go to customization then change the icon to whatever you want there's a predefined list of symbols over there or you can choose a custom one this will help you to find the specified folder from a bunch of other folders hope that you liked this video click subscribe button and subscribe to this channel to get more awesome stuffs like this Thank You Bubba you

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