Tom's Take - Tips about Alternative Monetization

Tom's Take – Tips about Alternative Monetization

This week we sat down with Rohit from the Alternative Monetization product management team at YouTube. He discusses how we’re thinking about new ways to help Creators make money on YouTube. It was louder and windier than expected and it was a bit of an impromptu interview for the channel during a company meeting so apologies for the audio. We’re working on getting better hardware.

Please note Rohit describes lots of ideas we’re currently researching, so any programs and activities described in this video may not reflect the actual experience.

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Team Creator Insider

Hey creators. We are in Los Angeles for a company meeting, and I ran into my buddy Rohit Rohit Welcome to the show thank you ever excited to be here, so you joined YouTube Wet so I joined Youtube about seven months ago, and you move from London all the way to the bay area I did I was I've been at Google for a very long time a lot of different things And I'm pretty close to some of the folks at YouTube That was based in London very happy with kind of like my life the world that I could ahead And my boss called me up my current boss, and you do said you got to do this role? I said well, you know it sounds interesting, but is it gonna be something. We're really gonna invested and make it very big He said yeah This is like one of the most important connect areas within Youtube obviously those others he told me that my I know exactly but he convinced me that it's made it to the made sense for me to like take my kids out of school moved to the Bay area and kind of do this role, and so what is this area? That's so much more important than fire We'll have a drink after yeah. Yeah, but it's a so we call it alternative Monetization, so that's an alliance of like monetization another way of saying it and As you know many of our creators? They make significant amount of money from YouTube ads but there's a lot of other revenue sources that our creators also generate money from So for example like deal so tickets or merchandising to create content deals and the list is actually fairly long and A lot of times they're creators they tell us that you know we're generating can be some of the money from this But it's a lot of effort on our part. We don't necessarily ships both with someone's advertisers be able with content partners and so on and if we could Productize this as company google that it could really make their lives essentially better Just from an effort at that point while making a lot more money for that. So everybody wins hopefully everybody wins yeah, so like You've got in alternative monetization fame bits also included because we were just talking to agnes at famebit Recently so how does fame bit how does that fit into this big picture? Yeah, so basically? the way that the team and I said let's let's figure out like where should we invest and the lowest hanging Fruit is like what our creator is currently doing right and product placement slash branded content deals is a very big current source of revenue for for our creators and You know from a Google perspective we have all the relationships with pretty much every single Meaningful advertiser throughout the world that creators could Substantially benefit and they'd actually benefit and become a couple ways one is it that'd be more revenue flowing through them, but secondly I've been inspired my time connect youtube in terms of the type of the passion the creators have with their work Right and they want it for you know put Forth like kind of the best kind of user kind of experience for like a video And so that's what we're trying to do with fame bit is I bring a lot more choice to our creators So they could not only I think said earlier like make money, but think that should make the organic video just that much better Yeah, so we need to get like Ferrari to sponsor this Go tool around So like you so that's fame bid and then you were mentioning other things like Ticketing or other things like can you share a little bit about other areas that you're exploring. I know you guys are still Researching okay like what are some examples of other ways people can monetize their videos yeah, so a lot of our creators they are credibly popular right so be it enough your music artist, then you'll often like a big concerts, but in a uniform on music our creators that the Millions of fans you know are tens of thousands hundred thousand thousand in size of you are You know people come want to meet you And so I didn't realize how big of an opportunity there is with respect to like enabling. It's Gonna meet greets yeah, where people buy tickets to kind of mean and You know traditionally you'd have to kind of be of a certain size to be able to couldn't like sell tickets Mm-hmm But what we want is is that when your fans come engage with you ie which is watching videos on YouTube watch page That if you so choose as a creator There's an opportunity for these viewers your fans to be able to buy tickets To come and see you and we wanted we want to be intelligent about it So if for example, you're gonna be in New York as a creator next month Then we would show just to the people who would then make it this up. Maybe a hundred miles and a venue a Fairly Prominent kind of unit says a Humans I Spend $5 $50. Whatever it is to come and meet this creator at this kind of venue, and that will all happen in The watch page as a person's viewing the video in terms of the viewer interaction terms of what they've seen. Yes They'll see like on the watch page For the time being you click in a new row to off-site Yeah, but in terms of the most prominent. Yeah aspect of this overall funnel that would happen on the watch creature very cool are there other things in your researching yeah, so in the same vein creators very popular and who doesn't want to wear like creator gear so We are enabling merchandising kind of the same way, so if you want to it's a creator if you want to sell t-shirts or coffee mugs, or Anything else that a fan may Just kinda like owning right we are doing two things. What is that? Partnering with some third party providers that we've gotta get embedded making sure that they have a good quality product. They're very easy to use They work internationally And so use a crater you can sign up for one of these you know these providers and right now We're still early, so there's only a one or two that we're working with the time being Sign up with them. You can possibly help you a bit with the designs that you made so choose, but it should ideally be filling and then Once you're ready to go we will show those products again on the YouTube watch page So today a lot of creators Could put links in the description to these things yep So we do when you feature it more prominently does it make a big difference in terms of the potential Absolutely yeah, yeah, I mean absolutely I Can't tell you the number of times we've seen videos and haven't read the description Right I do see the description from time to time, but certainly not every time yeah the way We're trying to do it is is that when you're watching the video? That there's a much higher likelihood that you're gonna see not only like a link But it's gonna be like a graphical kind of unit, right, so you have to kind of guess Okay, like what what does a t-shirt look like you guys you can see what the t-shirt looks like yeah? And so those are two things that are very much kind of under way. We're also looking at efforts to help creators often talk about you know products in the videos often Sometimes wearing like you know fancy shoes or being like a nice stuff. You got a jag that I wear right now, but you got the bull shoes exactly it basically mean for trips find out And then you know you talk about It might might talk about the shoes might not talk about the shoes, but it's on the camera Yeah And a lot of the fans are getting what the type of video is there sometimes interested in purchasing the product or the products? That are in the videos. It's also making that much more accessible cool now we have we did a video in the past with Barbara from Super chat and She was talking about all the cool stuff with like Live-streaming and virtual goods and stuff and then and then we also did a video around ads Update and a lot of people have asked about hey like why can't you tube do more around? Sort of fan funding not just for the live streaming, but not just for regular Videos is that something you've looked into I think it's a great question and something that we are definitely looking into I don't know if it's specifically fan funding even right Versus a different way of than I'm thinking about it Yeah, but you know possibly the same concepts where we enable our fans not our fans, but the creator spans to The super ones super fans to get closer to the creator some of the things that are Super cool about what you're doing is for a creator Today they may be very dependent on the one sort of ad system yep And for whatever reason like that that might be doing great with it or the main wish they could be doing differently? And what you're doing is like kind of giving them diversification Yeah, I'm the weird look at it. Is is that I? Mean I really believed in Youtube spent a place for really bringing. You know people and kind of creators together Mm-Hmm, right? And I think we have like a massive opportunity for really kind of like the watch page Or that clear like channel to kind of be the home for graters where not only can Fans come and like engage in making a break and like not video content but also be able to buy my tickets and merchandise and maybe Something we talked about some bad funding type of stuff and one of the things that's awesome about this channel is There's a lot of creators that that do watch the videos. I know you don't watch all I Watch all of your kids videos there you go. I appreciate that And and they watch these videos they're really great at leaving comments and giving feedback If you could ask creators out there Anything you wanted to kind of give you more insights or perspective about what you're working on like what would you want Feedback on? Oh, I mean without a doubt. I mean the number one most important thing they love for all of you to do for me is provide feedback in terms of How can we Are the things that we can prototype so we made it kind of like part like native to like going to YouTube? Provided via tools, or just made it accessible to all kind of like viewers To suit you or make it available to viewers like what would make your life better And how could we kind of in a way that will generate more revenue all of you? Got it So if you had a magic wand and you had any way you could think of to make more revenue for your channel yep? And ro here here would build it for you. Well, what would you want in the built? Exactly awesome. Thank you very much. Thank you. That was the real right. Thanks for your time.

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  1. That's amazing!! 🙂 I like the idea of also having a tip Jar from @NextTimeTech … that would bee cool to meet some of our closest fans… that also makes it more accountable so that we can be safer when we meet people as well!!! And a one stop shop for shopping 😀 …

  2. The thing you could build would be better tools for working with comments. I need to see all previous posts and my responses to them when I am responding to comments and questions. I cannot see the entire conversation easily nor all the other posts made by someone posting. First I have to copy the name and paste into another tab open on comments. This requires the old interface as the new beta makes it impossible to copy the name. Then the search is psychotic. Many times saying no posts have been made by person whose post I am answering. Often times it comes up with posts that do not have the search terms in it at all.
    On top of that I have to use the new broken and badly designed interface for the search as it always switches over to it. The new interface when it does show other comments from the person I am responding to, it doesn't show my previous replies. I need to see all my prior interaction with someone when I am responding to their comments and questions.
    I also have no way of knowing about posts made in response to old comments as those do not show up ANYWHERE! They are supposed to be in the bell icon and that has been broken since they separated from G+. The accursed load more button does not work so at best I see 5 comments in there and that is it.
    This is SO BAD that I have on many occasion considered shutting off comments on all videos and directing people to comment elsewhere like my blog or a forum somewhere else.

  3. Thank you Tom,,, for you explanations but we need help anyway. The new rules, are affecting alot small channels, I hope is getting better, I just start two months loading my videos, but I am working in Youtube for more than 2 years . I feel bad for those that beenworking hard and doing this for along time., Anyway. I am going to write here to The Creator – you tubers ………
    Hey Guys ..If you need me subscribe to your channels I will do, .Let's help each others, anyway it's not legal help each others,, so please subscribe to my channel. Just write your channel's name and the word" DONE" … I will be right back and subscribe to your channels .. believe me,,, this is a long road… I don't know what's going on Tomorrow,, but let's bit all those new rules, unfortunately looks like the small channels , we have to pay a big price for the for the bad ..bsbsbsbs,good luck guys don't give up….we are in the same page,,NikyMonik,,,,

  4. Could anyone here explain if you can monetize your owned same video into 2 of your channels? means same video uploaded in 2 of your channels and monetize both. Thanks

  5. Hi, since 1 Jan 2018 I see that CPM it's half of what it was on average in the last months of 2017. Is there a reason for that?
    Now, with the same number of views per day, what I earn from monetization is about half wrt to last year.
    Something happened since start of 2018?

  6. I have a drawing/painting channel and I think it would be great if people would be able to buy my stuff directly from youtube. A lot of channels have videos in which they create tangible stuff that a lot of viewers would want (I'm sure hundreds of people would buy a drawing made my Jazza), drawing/painting/sculpture/hand made/blacksmith etc. There are already a lot of creators who sell their work to their viewers trough other sites, why not take youtube to an other level (so viewers won't need to leave to an other site), when people come to youtube they should know that what they see is within their reach. And because the most of us don't do more than one object per video, I think that having an auction would be perfect for this concept. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to share our ideas!

  7. Let creators auction the ad spaces on selected upcoming or already posted videos.

    An option for advertisers to bid for ad spaces directly on selected videos. There could be no direct communication between the advertiser and creator to keep everyone happy. The creator simple chooses an option to auction a particular video for a minimum CPM, then advertises bid on the ad space and the creator then accepts which advertisements they agree with for that particular video.

    This could be done on upcoming or already posted videos using an auction tab (named something else?) on a creators channel page.

    I think this may be the future of advertising actually. Creators are already directly sourcing advertisers and vice versa through sponsored videos and exclusive adverts on videos, so then why not make it much easier for advertisers to connect with creators to display premium adverts on the videos they want their adverts seen on more directly. Youtube would still earn a percentage share, maybe a bit less at 35% to 40%.

    This could establish a much better relationship between creators and advertisers where currently its a bad situation with demonetization and Youtube is stuck in the middle taking getting bad press.

    Create an option for advertisers to directly bid on selected videos chosen by creators and a healthy and profitable relationship between creator, advertiser, and Youtube may result. Creators would be encouraged and feel valued to make more acceptable and higher quality content with the incentive for higher CPM bids on their selected videos, rather than feeling forced into demonetization and loosing high initial advertisement revenue by the algorithm.

    Creators are crying out to be valued by Youtube, generally not realizing how much Youtube has already done for them. This could help creators feel more valued and encourage more acceptable video content overall. People that continue to produce unacceptable content for advertisers and Youtube will loose out further, which is needed for Youtube to become a respectable media application.

  8. Make an exclusive content option (besides Youtube Red) that creators can set a price for. It could apply to single videos, or a playlist, or even a live stream that tickets can be brought for.

    Super Chat has proven that viewers are willing to support creators with essentially donations from $1 to $500 per Super Chat comment.

    So then why not give creators the option to sell their videos directly to the viewer!?

    Youtube would still take a percentage share that less than advertised videos, but more than their percentage share for Super Chat donations.

  9. Can superchat be enabled for those with at least 100 subs 🙂 kinda of speed up bringing in more money for them

  10. Can youtube unsuspend my channel. My kids spammed and thought it was advertising. Not fair to suspend them for life from youtube it was a first offense. The appeal system is a farce! It is automated and full of BOTS

  11. You need to look at either buying Pateron or creating your own version and integrating it into YouTube. People go to Patreon and create extra videos (that your servers are hosting), which are available at an extra fee. Why can't YouTube create it's own version and integrate it right into our channel's page? Or, you could allow us to make premium content that available for an extra charge?

  12. As other's mentioned, the integrated tip jar is a good idea. The money should simply go through the same system as adsense does. The creator should have control where it shows up on the page and/or when it shows up in the video(s).

  13. Could Rohit please take a look at the programming link between AdSense and YouTube/Google? It currently will not allow us to monetize our channel. It looks like it is due to a glitch in the code when I try to link from the Analytics Revenue tab to try to sign up for AdSense. Lot's of other channels are having this problem as well, it appears to be a broken link between YouTube, Google accounts and AdSense. Any help would be much appreciated.

  14. I just think you have fucked a lot of creators in the ass, especially the smaller ones. The whole ad boycott has messed with peoples livelihood and I dont think you realise how badly it did so, I've seen so may people forced to quit because of it, its sad to see

  15. Hi Tom and Rohit! It would be great if we could enable a button that "approved" brands could click to contact creators they are interested in working with. I signed up for Famebit a few years ago but — submitting a proposal has been on my "to-do" list for ages. It would be great if the brands could do more of the work to get in touch with us — instead of the other way around. After all they have teams and more resources at their disposal than we creators do. Thanks for asking.

  16. A drop down option alongside +Add to >Share …More for Support, where we could put links to patreon, redbubble, etc.

  17. This is really cool, but a lot of the time I've seen this feature it's been far more to Google's benefit than the creators. Looking at camera reviews for example the Cameras are listed below with Amazon prices. To my knowledge this isn't being tied in any way to the creators own Amazon Affiliate link for example. Are you taking steps to solve this?

  18. Who are the merch providers who will be embedded in the YouTube watch page? Also, please keep us posted on this revamped effort at fan funding.

    Also, I think you should look into "alternative advertisers". I know there are companies out there who will be willing to advertise on more adult oriented content with violence and strong language. I know this, because when I go to a rated R movie, there are advertisers in front of it. These brands are out there. Find them.

  19. Hi Tom, hope you are well.

    While we're also on the topic of Monetization, how come when your channel is cleared of this – "After reviewing your videos, we determined that the content in your videos and video details are advertiser-friendly. As a result, your videos can be monetized" – the revenue is still much less than an account that didn't get hit?

    I compared stats to another channel that didn't get any videos "demonized" during the blanket situation in March and I discovered that despite having x5 1/2 fewer views, (the channel which didn't get hit) made almost as much $ as the one that did.

    All I'm asking is for your company to be fair as this shouldn't be happening as the channel WAS CLEARED of any wrong doing ok?

    Look Tom, I appreciate you getting back to me on this wrestling situation and all though how would you feel if you received a massive pay cut through no fault of your own?

    Thanks again, best wishes.

  20. I have a request, though I'm not sure this is the right place to write it: Can you add a option to subscribe to certain playlists (without necessarily subscribing to the channel they're from)? For example, I'll take the channel Nerdist. My main interest in the channel is "Because Science with Kyle Hill". If this option would exist, I could just subscribe to the playlist, without needing to see the rest of the content in my subscription box.
    I think it'll be the best if there will be another section in the subscription box for playlists, but do whatever seems right to you.

    (The request doesn't have to do with the content of the video).

  21. Please do a video on soft/shadow monetization. Ourselves (and many other gaming channels) are getting around 90% less revenue on every second video we make, however the video is apparently fully monetized and there are no indicators of what is wrong/no option to appeal.

  22. i would just like a way to get seen, it seems youtube only promotes those who are all ready popular, which just makes it even harder for new people to get started, we should not have to resort to click bait to get seen as that just sets a president like we have seen taking over youtube and destroying it, maybe its to late maybe we need to hope amazon or someone big makes a new video site.

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