Tips to Play Riven Like a Pro

Tips to Play Riven Like a Pro

Straight to the point Riven tips.

Sorry this video took longer to make than the other ones. I got a new mic so I’m trying commentary again. This video was supposed to be tips to play Riven like BoxBox, but I learned a lot from Adrian Riven as well. I’m always trying to make my videos the best!

0:26 Mechanics
●Fast Q Combo
●When to Q through
●Holding your Q
●EW Escape combo
●Combos Under Tower
●Ult Mechanics
●Tiamat Combos
●Wallhop Tricks
●Advanced Wallhops
6:52 Macro
●Super Leash
●Laning Phase Tips
●Teamfight Combo
9:51 Runes
10:02 Summoner Spells
10:12 Skill Order
●The Level 2 W Cheese
●E Level 1 vs Rengar/Jayce
10:23 Items
●Starting Items
●For the latest build orders check or
●GA + Stopwatch Trick

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Highscore by Panda Eyes & Teminite

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learn from your mistakes he just got worked hi my name is Jeff Roe I got a new mic and these are tips to play Riven like a pro you can make ribbons cue and auto tech go faster by doing the fast Q combo you can fast Q combo at hour you can also fast cucumber Ward's at level 1 wait in the River Bush for an enemy to place a ward and fast queue compo it before it disappears when you queue make sure your mass is over the target if your mouse is not over the target you will go through them using queue through the target is not always a bad idea when you're chasing an enemy use queue in front of the direction they are running to catch up to them and it helps you not lose distance when you auto attack you can also queue through an enemy to multiple directions the Dodge abilities and survive the moment you press your first cue the cooldown starts ticking so to have your cue ready faster after using your third cue wait the maximum duration for ease and cue if you have 40% CDR the cooldown becomes zero it's good for having your cue ready after engaging a fight when you press e w really quick it stuns the area in the beginning it's really good for getting out it's also a good combo to counter Jax's e these are some combos you could use to poke under tower without getting hit a quick basic trade on the tower is QW Auto Attack EQ a shorter version is w auto-attack e another combo under tower you could use is using your third q auto-attack and e w really quick you can skip the animation of your old by using II before you are you can eat our cue to go even farther you can alt during a wall up by doing erq you can ER to make your old go far you can press R before you flush to make it hard to react to you can eat our flash to make it go even farther you can use the W and Q at the same time by doing a double cast to do a double cast you have to start with E or else I won't work and it only works while your shield is active you can auto attack after you E and before you W Q so the order is e Auto attack WQ you can flash before you auto-attack so the order is a flash auto-attack WQ you can use ol after E and forward flash so the order looks like ER flash auto tag WQ this combo is if you have to kill someone really fast so they can't even react that's the reason aging Riven did this combo here against illaoi so she couldn't old and turn the fight around this is another version of the combo which starts out the second casserole you here's some time at combos that are useful take advantage of corner cuts and wall hops to escape ganks I see box Fox escape a lot doing this there's a cool trick you could do with the blue buff red plant which is will hop over and hit it to chase your enemy some people that don't play Riven don't expect the range of Riven's third queue when she jumps over a tower you could take advantage of that and catch them off-guard I remember when this used to not work a long time ago so this is new to me if you don't have time to get into position to wall jump you could hover your mouse over a target on the other side of the wall and press Q it doesn't matter how far they are here's some difficult wall jumps you could do if you want to make your jungler clear faster and you're not in the rush to go toppling you can super leash by sodding queue at 123 when you leash for your jungler make sure you're not getting hit like box box the jungler should be the one taking it I don't know why scar was walking back and forth at the beginning of the game ward the river bush at 120 or 130 to get vision of the enemy jungler possibly there's a mind game box box likes to play he pretends to ward when an ally minion is low so the enemy top laner can walk up a little bit and try to farm and that's when you go all-in if the enemy top laner arrived to Layne from your side of the map they probably stole your junglers buff so be careful for a level 2 gank make sure you scare the enemy top laner from farming under tower if they get too close to farm use the combos earlier in the video take advantage of the fruit in the river for free health this way you could survive a bad trade or a lot of poking if you somehow go against an ADC top always trade flash for flash most ATC's don't have mobility and they're squishy and on the other hand Riven has a bunch of mobility if you trade flash for flash it's an easy gank if you're like one minion away from level six you could kill a minion using Q towards the direction of the enemy and they won't have time to react if the enemy used their CC ability or escape spell like a stunner – you have a window to go in for a kill so remember the cooldowns of the champions are against if you think your botlane is gonna get pushed in make sure to tell them the word in this spot it's not too far and it's not too close for the enemy bot lane to escape when you arrive during a teamfight box foxes rule of thumb for flash q is three people you conker is the most popular rune page for Riven because conker gives bonus ad and sure damage on all of your auto attacks and abilities at 20% true damage is good against people who try to build armor against you bring ignite if you know you could kill early TP is good for a mid late game scaling it's also good to fix the minion wave early game if you kill the enemy top laner when the minion wave is in a bad spot you max QEW against most matchups start a level one against rengar or chase level up W at level two if the enemy misstepped so you could get a good trade or a kill by a longsword against most matchups start Dorn shield against heavy poke matchups like Jason Teemo it's really good against Teemo because his poison is damaged over time and it resets Doran shield's passive healing an optional early game by is dorans blade or call for the extra HP and 1v1 potential here's agent river installs on a new item basically he said only the sphere of shogen first item if you're snowballing and have enough money to buy bf sword first back if you can't build a first item the build past sucks so build it third item instead for full Riven builds I recommend checking out you do GG pro build section or opt a GG some Riven one tricks if you complete GA without using stopwatch you could still buy another stopwatch and use it during a game changing teamfight late-game and change the outcome of the game alright that's all I got hopefully your god at Riven now after watching this video before you go I see a lot of jungle requests and I haven't made a jungle video before so pick which one you want on Twitter alright hi

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  1. I am Korean. I've heard a lot of piano sounds, so I thought about it. It was KPOP's Korean song. Thank you for loving K-pop in Korea.

  2. Just found you, and holy fuck…
    You are straight to the point, show clips of what u mean, the tips are great and they just keep coming.
    U can just tell u put a lot of effort and time into these videos, keep doing what ur doing man.

  3. if u want to leash charge up at 1.17. u will get 3 passive stacks and get your q up at 1.30. so u can give full combo leash. i think its better then 1.23

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