Tips for TIG Welding Stainless

Tips for TIG Welding Stainless

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One important technique for tig welding stainless steel is to get the puddle started quickly and to get moving quickly before too much heat builds up.
Because stainless steel is not very thermally conductive, heat does not dissipate quickly and its easy to overheat.
In this video, you will see getting a puddle started quickly at 120 amps and after 2 or 3 dabs, reducing amperage to around 90 amps on .120 wall stainless tubing.
Also toward the end of the video, you will see the importance of purging the back side of stainless steel that is fully penetrated.

48 thoughts on “Tips for TIG Welding Stainless

  1. “Sugaring”… so we saw on the plate that you got sugaring. Also..on the inside of the pipe there wasn’t any sugaring. I assume because of the amperage used. What about on the inside of the other pipe where we might’ve seen some heat affected area? Might there have been some sugaring in there?

  2. I have trouble with my auto darkening helmet when doing tig welding. For some reason it doesn't trip the lense so i always have to use my passive helmet. Does anyone else have this problem and know why that may be happening? It's an older, fast glass helmet

  3. Hey Jody

    I appreciate your Video's! I learned a lot from you man!
    I wonder whats your normal go to grinding degree?
    I tested a lot by myself and figured out that for me 29 degree is the best set up. I just wondered what's your standpoint is in this case.

    Greetings from Switzerland


  4. I don't know how you aren't getting colorless welds with that fupa…… I weld thinner tube with no color with ease with that set up.

  5. Hey Jody! Another fan of yours… I'm just starting to TIG weld. Food grade stainless is most likely where I'll start, welding on triclamps to pots for a brewery I'm making. As a newbie welder, I'm still unsure of the type of TIG welder that you would recommend. Which one would you start with?

  6. Hi there Jody,been watching you for years and you make great content,can i order stuff from you store as i am in Australia:)

  7. Anybody have tips for filling gaps up to 3/16 on stainless? I've been welding for 7 years but tig welding for 2 months, I dont have any issues with a good fit but I'm having trouble filling gaps and that's happening everyday now due to bad machining of parts and what not. So far haven't seen any helpful videos, any tips would be greatly appreciated!

  8. 10:17 & onward is a valuable lesson.

    What i have the most difficulty with is getting a puddle started and managing to turn the heat down quick enough & get moving without sugaring the backside.
    It's also hard to get a nice "wet" puddle with stainless steel . The puddle tends to ball up / solidify if I back off on the heat too much. Sticky filler ain't fun !

    This one is a re-watcher.
    Thank you 🙂

  9. Whenever I think my TIG welding is starting to come together, I watch these videos and realize, nope…I still suck….LOL. Nearly everything I have learned however, that wasn't from hard-knock disasters….was from watching this channel. Jody is the man!

  10. Whats the tungsten and filler rod size being used in the video? Secondly i dont have a pedal, using a on off hand switch, i tried at 50amps and it creates holes. If i lower down the amp, it takes time for the puddle and it creates a lot of heat. Any advise?

  11. it's a pretty amazing video pal. Could you make a video welding 6G TIG stainless stell since de root pass in 6 o' clock position til the 12 o' clock. If you could show us the keyhole techinique it will be awesome man. Thanks you for all job for supporting the welder worldwide

  12. Thank you Jody.
    Would love a T-Shirt that says:
    “What would Jody do?”
    A question most of us ask when something isn’t welding right. Thank you.

  13. No internal purge with inert gas? Won't you get the dreaded 'sugar' and other contaminate issues on the inner wall? Or are these so thick that the weld won't penetrate all the way into the material?

  14. Curious to know if you bother with pre-flow when you're doing your tack welds? Or, do you reserve the pre-flow for when you begin the actual bead?

  15. Hi Jody, my company has a product that requires a t pipe joint just like here. The difference is that the weld is required to be full penetration ( full 3mm wall thickness) due to corrosion and fatigue reasons. If you still have this pipe, could you make a video showing the fit up and weld to get full penetration with this pipe? Our supplier seems to be struggling with this.

  16. How fast you must go to avoid the grey weld i get on that thickness? Im on 85 amps and the 316 im trying to weld gets grey on the color. I have trued both with number 8 and number 12 cups…

  17. YouTube shouldn’t even have an option for idiots to choose “unlike” the information is free for God’s sake. Do you see that little “v” at the top left corner, hit that instead of “unlike”. Those individuals are upset that they can’t use an app to lay beads.

    Thanks for all the hours it takes to figure out your lighting for the videos, the hours of recording, the hours of editing, then literally giving all of it to us for free. Keep up the amazing work. Stay up!

  18. I have to say. The thing that I hate the most is using a pedal. I learned a long time ago that pedals are for bench welding or beginners. The thing that pisses me off the most is no body knows how to weld with anything other than scratch start or a pedal. Why? Teach people how to use a button or finger control. In the field they need to know how to do it and how it works!!!

  19. How do you keep your tungsten so clean and sharp,after only a minute or two my tungsten looks a little black/discolored and not quite as sharp as when I started

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