Tips For Riding With A Passenger On A Motorcycle ~ MotoJitsu

Tips For Riding With A Passenger On A Motorcycle ~ MotoJitsu

In this video I explain various tips to consider before taking a passenger on a motorcycle. I speak about both riders have full gear, having the passenger not bounce around, and knowing how to adjust the suspension to compensate for the extra weight.

hello everyone Fast Eddie again and this video is gonna be about tips and tricks for passenger riding so the first thing I'd like to show you is I took a passenger today and the very first thing to do is make sure your passenger is fully geared up just like you are at full gear you got the good armor the knees the hips the shoulders the back the tall boots full face helmets gloves quality stuff everything just like I'm writing the reason why I did that first because I could be a good rider and I could take a bunch of courses but someone could still be texting and driving not paying attention they could slam into me and again only what you wear is the only protection you have so fully geared up if you don't have a passenger's fully geared up or if they're not willing to be fully geared up or if they don't have full gear I would just say sorry you're not riding with me because I only let people on my bike that are fully geared up regardless of how good I am or how good I think I am or whatever it is just full gear is very part it so that's what I would recommend first I see people riding around I mean it's 80 degrees in San Diego almost all year and there's a guy that's fully geared up and the girls on the back with shorts and flip-flops on and a t-shirt or a sweatshirt it's just ridiculous they have no control of what you're doing so they have to fully trust your capabilities and if they're not even ensuring that you're safe by having you fully geared up well how safe are they gonna be how good of a rider are they how much I'll where are they so that's absolutely first always before you got a bike and go ride around be fully geared up or don't I mean it's your choice but it's you're gonna be your skin and your medical bills and your broken back and everything else so it's pretty simple to me $5,000 but the full quality gear is way better than five hundred thousand dollars in medical bills good dear next so passenger riding I always say this so think about when you took the basic course you spent two days in a parking lot going 20-25 miles per hour and you had to do to leave maybe a sharp turn or a u-turn if you cannot do that with the passenger on your bike if you can't complete that course and complete the eval with the passenger why would you ever go outside that environment a big empty parking lot on the public roads so think about that if you're not good enough to take a passenger and go 20 miles per hour in a parking lot don't take it past another public roads I mean you really gotta know what you're doing to ride with the passenger and not just think oh I've been riding for years and years I take a passenger it's no big deal so can you take a passenger and do aggressive braking how good do they know how to respond and react when you're doing swerving do you know how to react with another 100-plus pounds in the back of your bike what does that gonna do your your cornering what is that gonna do your weight how is that gonna affect your suspension do you know what to say to them to brief them before they even get on the bike this what this means this I want you to act this I want you to do on the bike or not do on the bike you have to know all those things because you have to teach and tell your passenger what to do on the bike how to get on and off the bike I see a lot of people there go to jumps on the bike and they both tip over it's always the guys fault it's the rider's fault the owner of the Grover is driving the bike it's their fault because they didn't properly to tell the passenger what they're supposed to be expectations are I was supposed to do this or that it's the first thing but I always say when I jump on the bike so let me give you a I'll do a fake demonstration so I'm on the bike end up I got the bike turned on it's in first gear I'm pulling the clutch I'm holding the brake I got my feet planted on the ground if I go to take a passenger this if I say so before you ever get on the bike I'll assume you're the passenger all right before you jump on the bike make sure it asked me verbally am I ready if I say I'm ready to go that means I'm holding the brake I'm already in first gear I'll have to take my feet off again my feet are playing on the ground I'm in a really solid stance now once I say okay I'm ready then they could jump on the bike don't really matter how usually just put one foot on jump on over sit on the bike now once they go to take a passenger around their bike this is my little brief to them so first I tell them are you comfortable riding with me and where we're going and how aggressive are gonna be riding or whatever else if they're comfortable with that that's great and I tell them your job is to not move your job is to not try to lean try to lean the opposite way if I'm going left I want you to go with left me if there's a 100-plus pounds in the back of my bike just like a rock imagine a rock I just strapped to the back of my bike that's 150 pounds I could drive around all day with that rock and I'm will be no problem and a big hole 150 pound rock is sometimes better than passengers because a lot of people had bad passengers before and that means they're wriggling around they're bouncing around they're shifting they're doing all kinds of crazy stuff because if 150 pound rock is moving that's not jacked me up incredibly so I tell the passenger don't move it's my job to control the bike and I have to know what I'm doing well enough to control me 500 pound bike and your weight so if the passengers sits there and does not move that is best what I want another thing the bathrooms on the bike hey I'm the passenger to my own bike when you get on the bike it all depends on your type of bike if you're in a sport bike there's no back support like I have all right so then have to hold on to you or hold on to the straps or your code or do something but so what I mean by not moving around if I'm the passenger I got my handles right here I just hold on I just secure myself to the bike if the person that they're lighter is doing by position if they're moving around if they're doing whatever is their job to control their bike not my job to help and most likely I will mess up the rider if I try to move around say we're going left if I try to do this I just shifted 150 pounds over to the inside which is gonna affect the steering the suspension everything which this person was not ready for and I can't control how much the passenger mousse so as I tell them just don't move I don't care what happens what you do do not move at all let the rider be responsible but sometimes only thing I rider wants to do anything if I'm going left just do this just look in the direction you want to go you can move your head around that's not gonna be a big deal but if you try to shift your weight or do anything else it's gonna jack you vote so I highly suggest the passenger just be a sack of potatoes just sit there and let the rider do their job next big big thing are you gonna get off the bike so you stopped you're a stop sign or you're done riding and the pastor's still on the bike I recommend you turn off the bike completely hold on to the brake get your feet back on the ground and then say okay now I'm ready for the passion to jump off the passenger jumps off the bike they're gonna be like this you know jumping off the bike and right before they put their foot down that's 100-plus pounds on one side of the bike and if you're not prepared I've seen many people they both just tip over so you as the passenger let the rider know are you ready I'm about to jump off are you ready I'm about to jump on so have that conversation so besides all that some of you may be thinking bla bla bla I know how to ride a passenger it's not irrelevant okay so here's PI the most important thing if you don't know enough about suspension to adjust the rear preload to compensate for the way the passenger don't take a passenger if you have no idea what suspension is or preload or sag or damping don't take a passenger this is what I mean so my bike the cool thing about this I just did a review on the bike yesterday it has automatic suspension so I could press and hold the button two helmets will start flashing and the rear of the bike will rise up so the bike is like this once I add preload to the rear of the bike the back the rear of the bike raises up so that way when I take a passenger though extra weight of the passenger sags it down like it sinks down you jump on and now it's back to the level where it's supposed to be but if you just jump on your bike and ride around with yourself like normal and you don't know anything about suspension now you jump on the bike now the passenger jumps on the bike now the bike is like this it changes everything about the bike so if you don't know enough about it to adjust it to compensate for the passenger don't do it so I'll give you a demonstration I'm gonna jump on the bike I'm gonna turn it on I'll press it hold the button so two helmets are start flashing I don't have the cameraman come on over here and you'll be able to see the rear of the bike actually rise and this is what you need to do before you ever take a passenger and when you're done with the passenger passenger you're not right with the past anymore you got to readjust your suspension back to where it was in the first place I'm just gonna right on with the bike like this so again if you don't know enough about suspension to do that I highly suggest do not take a passenger at all so watch what the bike does this one it automatically does the entire here the bacons rising up if you check it out I'm like just on my tippy-toes right now and before when I started I was flat-footed so the entire rear of the bike just raised up because I hit the button that says two helmets and the whole rear of the bike raised up so now I'll turn it back on I'll go back to one helmet and you be able to see the whole thing sink ballerina now it's back to where it was just one helmet feet are back flat on the ground again you're adjusting that it's adjusting the rear preload the preload determines how much suspension is available to jump into a hole or to absorb a bump so again if you look up total control addition to by Lee parks there's two different chapters on suspension what it all means everything I just explained and how to do it so it's pretty neat I highly suggest you check it up so overall summary about the key points about ride with the passenger fully geared up if you don't think you could pass a basic course with the pass it on the back of your bike don't ever ride in the public roads with the passenger just doesn't make any sense where you're going pod rupal the speed if you have no idea what to do with suspension i'd suggest not taking a passenger and have a conversation with your passengers about where you're going do you know the risks are you okay with me riding are you comfortable and tell them not to move bad passengers do this they bounced around they ship their weight and it could jacked me up incredibly so I can ride with the passenger or any passenger how 250-pound guy in the back of my bike all day long as long as they do not move their weight last thing I just thought of so you're riding around in traffic the passengers just can't be just oblivious to what's going on the pastor needs to pay attention if we're driving on the road and the light turns yellow I obviously have to start stopping that's gotten the brakes have to downshift so they should hold onto handlebars or push back on the lower back of the rider on the gas tank and brace themselves so they're not going forward and bunk in their head on their their helmet to helmet if you take off know you're about to take off and it shouldn't be a violent you should be paying attention to what's going on so pay attention to roads the traffic if you're going through an intersection and might turn yellow understand the writer might stop so be ready to stop don't just be lollygagging and just oblivious to everything again that 100 plus pounds of weight shifting back and forth stop being accelerating all its gonna do is jack up the driver and they're not gonna want to take you as a passenger be more if you decide to take anybody so of course I've been riding with the person with behind the camera the passenger for a long time now so she knows how I ride how many courses I've been through how much I practice there's a lot of other videos with her on the back of my bike doing demonstrations knee dragging everything else again if there's a 200 pound rock on the back of my bike it's no problem but once that rock begins the movement starts shifting now it becomes a problem so don't move and tell your passengers not to move if you ever decide to take one when you're fully geared up you know what you're doing etc etc so I hope this make sense about passenger riding I'm not sure if I ever saw any other videos about people explaining the tips and tricks of it all if you have any questions feel free to comment on it sit back as soon as I can and don't forget to subscribe see you next time

33 thoughts on “Tips For Riding With A Passenger On A Motorcycle ~ MotoJitsu

  1. New rider here. Was about to take a lady on the back of my bike today and clearly am not ready to do so. Thanks for the save.

  2. And a different driving stile you have to have on an off road bike with a passenger. Even on slow speed on dirt trucks on up or down hill a moving passenger will make your bike fall over. you won't be able to counteract that moving wight and track bikes are very light.

  3. Dude, where in the world did you get the nickname Fast Eddie, it does not fit your personality at all. I vote you change it to Smooth Eddie, after all you taught us smooth is fast……thanks for all the great content brother.

  4. I like it when my passenger holds on to me around the waist. That makes it easier to get the hands to the tank when I break. It also allows me to determine her level of tension.

  5. Think about this. The roads are much easier and more open to opportunity than a small compact course thats designed to challenge you. The roads arnt a test. The roads are built for safety or as safe as they can get them. This statement would only depend on where you live.

  6. Many thanks for this video. Especially the tip at the end about adjusting the shock absorber preload. Makes perfect sense but I never thought of it. And the dealer that I went to to install the passenger pegs never mentioned it. Turns out it's a simple diy adjustment on my bike. There's even a wrench for it under the seat.

  7. I always tell them never to take their foot off a peg. An ex-girlfriend put her foot down in a very slow speed turn and almost made us crash. Also, as an alternative to telling people not to move at all I always tell them to go with my flow to where the only pressure they feel is downward force.

  8. That's awesome EDDIE! I got to 930 and had to comment! I'm willing to bet that most of us don't have ur pimped out self adjusting pumpus bikes.. So… You care to cover how to adjust the rear suspension or you're just going to show us a push of a button? …. Make no mistake Ed… I have a Duc.. Just not self adjusting brother..I know you have suspension videos but please elaborate on one up adjustable. Thx Eddie

  9. Great videos!
    I’m new to riding, here in Denmark because of the law you have to spent at least 20 hours with an instructor riding around in closed places, city, highways etc before getting the license, not to mention the 48 hours theory and practical and theory exam to get the license, so, I’ve been a little around, still, very new. When do you think is going to be wise to let a passenger join you? Is it enough after 2 months practicing or is it too soon?

  10. readjust suspension? not everyone has a super fancy bmw. im sure its a better ride but not necessarily a safer one. if you have skills and experience with passengers thats all that matters. i was advised to wait a year before riding with passengers a long time ago. and i did. and that made all the difference once i had experience managing a motorcycle.

  11. I have never had passenger, but the theory test and also my instructor said that the advice to the passenger is "lean with me". (UK)

    Your advice makes more sense to me.

  12. I always told my wife, if I am turning left, look just over my left shoulder and vice versa. She was such a great passenger, I could get aggressive without ever having to worry about her. One day We where railing a clover, I felt a tiny shift, look down and she is dragging her glove on the road mid turn. never occurred to me that we where that far over.

  13. I'll be upgrading soon from a Honda 750 to a harley. Been riding for several years, but never rode with a passenger I am a large dude and my wife ain't tiny. That 750 barely has enough power for my fat ass. Things change and this will be the first time I'll be able to ride with a passenger. Thank you for making these videos. I'll take them to heart and set up a practice area to ride around in for a few days to get used to the feeling.

  14. I find road bikes and scooters fine for taking a pillion and even make the bike feel planted. But sport machines scare me with a pillion. Think the weight over the front is effected badly by someone perched at the back.

  15. One time, years ago, riding with a now ex-girlfriend, I turned left into a parking lot, across oncoming traffic, to check directions. She decided to climb around the high side of the bike to try to look at me like "WTF are you doing?" Made it a lot harder to avoid hitting oncoming traffic.

  16. Is there anyway of simulating a passenger without risking a passenger? I want to take a passenger (after practise) but don't want to risk them without being sure. Thanks.

  17. I won't ride 2 up. My wife doesn't like it, but I know she can't sit still and she's easily scared.
    I took the rear pegs off lol

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