This Patch is Full of New Toys!! Summoners War Balance Patch July 2019

This Patch is Full of New Toys!! Summoners War Balance Patch July 2019

So many new toys to build and test out fron LnD Nat 5 to budget units!

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what's up guys Sean B here and today I have a balance patch to discuss with you guys it would not be a meta breaking patch because we are stepping into the World Championship finals but it did address some weak families like our angel like Dragon Knight which I really appreciate because I have them so let's dive right in we start off with the dark paladin Leona a lot of people complained that this unit is like an f3 her kid is way too simple but in my opinion she's pretty strong she can be very tanky while doing a lot of damage and both of her skill have a hundred percent chance to activate stun and provoke very strong but she can be better now she can create a shield equivalent to her defense which is gonna be pretty high and then she'd do more damage when she have the shield so she is tankier and she can do even more damage than before next we have a dark pioneer who is a pretty bad tripper according to his owner now when you strip you also increase attack power of all allies which is like a Tiana but this Tiana can be resisted however dark Pioneer has insane basely so imagine a Tiana with Triton base be scary right I think those who own dark pioneer will destroy arena defense meta and also those who use tiana religiously and not yet up and such to him if you happen we have unicorn light another LD net 5 now her glancing passive is for everybody in the team it used to be for her only not bad we're stepping into the bird counter area because being able to have glancing passive for everybody it's really really good we complain that area is nothing but a healing machine and you don't need that much healing anymore in most areas of the game they buff the healing amount I don't need him to you more he's already healing more than I asked for why healing amount give him a cleanse give him better baby speed give him a defense buff I don't know decrease cool time so he heals better which I don't need he's already healing better than I asked for so aerial buff to me it's like a early game buff like if you have him early game and you use him which I don't really recommend I'd rather you focus on building a good ballad-y on win our angel he now revive all dead ally which is really good okay it's like a mana revive but he will lose more HP the more Ally he revived which is okay consume your HP by 15% if he has two HP he can still revive all that ally gilberto defense just got a little bit more annoying siege just got a little bit more annoying Dragon Knight water he now cleanse one hand for fight only one when he get a turn so if he violent pro he cleanse to which make nemesis the must build set on him in my opinion because you want him to gain the turn as fast as possible if let's say he has imma break on his head he get hit he got a turn then he cleansed the imma break he need to get a turn it's not like Camila so nemesis is like a must-have if you want to cleanse your own diva like her the inflicted damage won't exceed 30% of max HP so he just become a little bit tanky oh that's about it nothing crazy no stun coming back for Lika you once done go despair oh don't do that please like Dragon Knight the passive effect will be activated even when other allies get a turn but to balance that they change the combination times 220 times takes longer to accumulate the tag power but the Allies can give him the stack as well so when L a violent pox he gets stacked faster I think the problem with like Dragon Knight is not his damage is that he doesn't really do anything beside to being damaged and he could control easily by attack by reduction that's why fire monkeys a little bit better because fire monkey can AMA brain so fire monkey can set up for himself for the D for attack to even do more damage and fire monkey stun the thing that live dragon eyes does is just damage and a dot monkey stun and i'ma break that's why I think he's just a worse version of the monkey I don't know but he get killed by attack or reduction anyway not too sure about this Bob doll but I don't think it's gonna change much fire P ray this units gonna be interesting I maybe owe her her skill wheel of fire now changed to dragon dance strip and stun with 30% chance not a hundred so not like Gianna but three hits though so it's like is like dragon dance I just wanna be that spring he's just my immunity and then stuns me buffing the entire cannon girl family should have been done long time ago but they they took so long to buff the druid so they're gonna take a while to buff the cannon girl water one get more attack by decrease which is fine what a one is really good already on her own but we don't see her a lot because skill up issues I can use her all the time if I have max skill fire one now she can decrease defense before she go for the next hit but only on one enemy so maybe she can set up and destroy one enemy on her own and then destroy the max HP of the rest of the enemies the wind r1 now have single targets trip I don't know it's whatever to me her passive become better she will increase damage when her allies is attacked not just herself so she can easily do much more damage in the next turn with the passive good good buff thank you still for okay this is the very very funny skill damage increase proportionate to number of allies alive an attack of oli is changed to the damage increase in proportionate to number of allies alive so they take away the attack power of all allies skilling I'm not sure is this gonna be better damage so you don't have to depend on the attack power of all allies you can have a full tank team is that what they mean I'm not too sure I need to test that thing else or if you have a wind cannon girl you wanted to test it out for you just hit me up in the emails in a discount PM I'm ready okay damage buff too like Kenan go we don't see this girl a lot she's like she's like a bharat what attack type she's not crazy as well so nice bomb dark cannon girl effect added skill is activated additionally after the attack attack the same target so more damage but she's a net 5 so we rarely see this one to sylph win airbender now it will do even more damage and strip very good for those who use the budget cleave with this unit you can strip the enemy immunity so they can't even run away from death very nice and also absorb tank bar which mean he can go back to doing his skill to even faster good news for cleave rush our family gets buff increased damage for default type water wind are fast swing they want to do continuous damage we're now absorb enemy attack by by 20% they do 3 hits so absorb 60% attack bar you don't get an instant turn they don't really lose a turn as well they lose their turn though so good for dungeon ok decreased boss tank but if you use them in dungeon the water one now have increased their if target Simmons done I think this meant for Dragons beat and if you use her in Dragons beat n the win one now have done Tara's thing the win one passive skill activation chance increased by 20% so the win one not have better additional turn chance so good news for whitey CB I guess I think he's the only guy who build his unit she's just gonna prop a lot maybe one to use her not seeing the crazy props that I thought I would see to be honest from what's his face from yen Raksha light decreased the duration of beneficial effect by one turn this sounds like a strip to rear rooms buff to assassins damage buff water one very interesting modify the attacked am increasing condition doesn't really say what is the modification it only say the number of minimum attacks increased from two to three times maybe she will only need less speed for the fool the forehead the cool time for the skill three won't be activated if the enemy gets defeated this is fun she killed violent proc she do it again and that skill can do a lot of damage the win one do more damage if the first attack kill so they trying to make the win one comparable to the dark one the dark one is just way better and that's the same thing way way better so the win one if you manage to kill then the next target will probably die too because you are doing even more damage but because your win your glance if it hit fire you can't control that and her base that is much lower than dark one so a damage output is not as good she doesn't get quit great awakening to so you have to invest some quick right into her elven Ranger buff but really nobody use them anyway overall no matter changing and I'll be looking forward to playing with these new unit especially those I have like an angel dragon knight cannon girl silver ahsha assassins I'll be playing with all of them if I can if your unit gets buff are you excited let me know all that stuff in the comment section down below and I'll see you guys in the next video soon as possible bye

41 thoughts on “This Patch is Full of New Toys!! Summoners War Balance Patch July 2019

  1. Players: we need buff on Chow
    Com2us: buff Chow
    Players: still not enough
    Next balance patch: aegir no more strip, no more absorb attack bar.

  2. when u have fire mk and light dk but u would always want to use fire mk because of added cc ( defbreak and stun) feelsbadman

  3. The laika buff is like trying to negociate the price of a 10k$ product in a shop and u get 5$ réduction it's literally insulting dude

  4. Chow still shit compared to Aegir. Dragon knights biggest issue is their first skill is literally useless in any meta. It’s just bad. They need a better first skill. Like a maybe a Cleave attack that hits all enemies and removes 1 beneficial chance at 50% chance, if the attack crits on 2 or more enemies creates a shield for 1 turn for the total amount of damage on all enemies hit.

    So now they have some better self sustain, are viable everywhere, but more shit on single target. (Where justice is more viable) making them more well rounded.

    I mean if freaking Aegir can have a double strip atb decrease in 1 more then this is fine. It’s still worse than Aegir.

  5. This patch is the worst one..
    Laika needed his s1 to stun, defense break or revenge to have a higher chance!!
    No Leo buff also!! Let his reduce go thru Immunity
    Dark Dragon still no buff to his damage S3!
    Light pony buff but dark pony shatt!!

    Ariel should have be given s1 stun
    Wind cannon girl should have aoe ignore defense!! Now that’s a buff

    Fucken Nat 4 better than 40% Nat 5
    Aegir, Garo, Fran *3, Verde wtf

  6. glad for the ela buff, will he take back the throne from wind druid though?
    was hoping for a light silvia buff. recently pulled her and well, dissapointment when the shape took color 🙁 her transmog looks so cool though, i want to use her.

  7. dont have a stripper on my alt but i do have a lot of pierrets so now i can build fire which i was planning on doing soon anyways.

  8. They buffed all the units I fed long time ago… Thank Odin I still have my Leona and it will be fun to use her now.

  9. I guess I build my eladriel on vio/nemesis with high hp as lushen arena counter.
    Lushen nukes my team eladriel just revives them again

  10. iv contact com2us to ask them to focus chow more on hp ( so he dosent need all the stats of the world and can be a real hp% bruiser) and he get a little self cleans that proc at the end of turn and dont remoove control ( i guess that they intended to not nerf hator too much by not include control in this cleans) …

  11. watch the dark pio atb bost be 20 for each stealed buff and break the meta
    they really needed to leave the debuff extend on clara only reason was bad is cuz anything thats not 70% wont prox unless is stun and pang even more op now want her even more

  12. @SeanB Can you pls test out Christinas dmg with S4 after the patch? She is still a little bit underwhelming for a nat5 but i need to know the dmg output she is able to 🙂

  13. I would like to see a Fire Pierret (Clara) video! Shes now my first AOE stripper until i can finish Fire Fairy 2A!

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