Things Not To Say To Amputees

Things Not To Say To Amputees

Children innocently ask if the missing limb will grow back, non-amputees want to ‘try on’ the prosthetic, and someone is almost always going to be disappointed if there isn’t a dramatic backstory behind the amputation. Here eight people with amputations share their experiences, from being labelled ‘inspirational’, to finding themselves the object of strange fetishes.

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31 thoughts on “Things Not To Say To Amputees

  1. People say to me wow your hand is cool so I say yeah I know, you will get a better look when it's in your face they never say it again

  2. My friend has a amputated arm and my 3 year old niece asked him what happened.

    He said it was bored and went to Mexico😂

  3. You should do another disabled episode! I'm disabled- I use crutches to walk & I wear hearing aids in both ears as I am hard of hearing. I get really sick of people asking me "What have you done/how did you hurt yourself?!" or asking if they can have a go on my crutches, let alone when they see my hearing aids & speak to me really LOUDLY and S-L-O-W-L-Y like I'm stupid. Also really hate it when people ask me what is wrong with me- like it is any of their bloody business?! Been told I shouldn't be using disabled parking spaces, toilets ect too as I am not in a wheelchair! The ignorance of some people still is bloody shocking 😣😝😒😲😬😠😩

  4. I honestly think I would ask a weird question, cuz I've heard one amputee said they could still feel her toes or something, even though from the knee down her leg was gone. I'm not sure what it's called but like, ghost limbs?

    Like you can still feel them but they're not there…

    Edit: watched the whole video now, got to the phantom limb part, so at least I got that answered tbh cuz I don't feel like offending ppl

  5. So personally, I’m lovingggg the relationship between the male and female who sang ‘just the stump of us’
    Anyone else? Hope they’re still pals or something

  6. Okay…open message to all the abled folks: if you want to ask any disabled person "what happened?"…DON'T.

  7. Question to arm-amputees: if someone asks "doo you need a hand" then immediately go "oh my god that's rude" when they notice, would you just laugh it off?

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