The Young & Homeless (Streetlife)

The Young & Homeless (Streetlife)

A new film for BBC Children in Need sees Stacey Dooley uncover stories from homeless teenagers across the UK, giving a voice to some of society’s most vulnerable young people. The film shines a light on the struggle homeless young people face in finding a safe place to sleep and their journey in securing a stable and permanent home.

“Our film for BBC Children in Need shares stories from some incredible teenagers from across the UK facing the struggles of finding a stable roof over their heads.” said Stacey

“I am so grateful to all of the brave young people involved and hope that their honesty will go on to start a really important conversation about today’s homeless young people.”

If you have been affected by any of the issues raised in this film, the following organisations may be able to provide help and advice.

If you are interested in the Host Family Scheme as mentioned in the film, please visit Nightstop at

Or find out more about the documentary from the makers and see an interactive map on getting help here.

Funded by BBC Children in Need

Streetlife Trust
Blackpool, Lancashire

Encompass Southwest

Depaul UK
South Yorkshire


YMCA Crewe Ltd

Whitechapel Centre
Greater Merseyside

The Foxton Centre

East London Out Project

Herts Young Homeless Group

National (not funded by BBC Children in Need)

Crisis works with single homeless people and delivers services including education, employment, housing and well-being services addressing individual needs.
Phone on 0300 636 1967

Shelter helps people struggling with bad housing or homelessness, via their website, helpline and face to face services.
Phone: 0808 800 4444

Shelter Cymru provides free specialist legal advice and advocacy to anyone with housing difficulties in Wales.
Phone: 0345 075 5005

Shelter Northern Ireland works to secure rights to housing for all households in Northern Ireland.

Local (not funded by BBC Children in Need)

London, Sunderland, Bradford, Manchester and Barnsley

End Youth Homelessness

London, Yorkshire, NE & NW


Salvation Army

1625 Independent People

Bristol Youth Maps

Bristol Mediation

Young Devon

Caring in Bristol

Wild Goose

Bristol Soup Run


no I'm gonna make it cuz I have a lot of faith never gonna fake it goddess written on my babe last year Centrepointe estimated that over a hundred thousand young people behind us or at risk of homelessness you know is it gonna be true because that's the stuff I hate no matter what you do you'll never be she the real number of homeless teens could be much higher as thousands go under the radar by sofa surfing I'd usually just use the cushion off the sofa is like a pillow and that's pretty much what I'd have for the night if you're part of this so-called hidden homeless you don't get help so these teams face that struggles alone it's like we just won a house call on instead of just being lost what's it like when you don't know where you're sleeping from night to night that's me for the Heartland when you're a homeless teen how do you build a future or have any sort of life how do you escape the homelessness we start to not like a free thousands much no because you've not really got all your old stuff we're not got your own place or anything it's really stressful over the last nine months I've got to know for young people across the country who have no place to call home I moved out when I was fourteen was the right thing for me at the time I had to focus on what was good for me this is their story 80s first vehicle cheering it free to do everything free to struggle on yours anyway last year in Blackpool 346 young people came to the council saying they had nowhere to live but only seven of these were accepted as homes for the homeless nomination more interested in bargaining very mature them to sleeping in railway stations nor harm our money they wish we could phone their mommies to put hot meal in the tummies so I'm at when the temperature drops I'm asking your Blackpool woman boy you've got are you homeless how long have you know at Ohio night Christmas Eve Alma Thomas inside yeah it's a good thought I'll show you early so I thought your mum died Christmas yes okay so we're gonna sleep tonight how long you been doing that since okay you've got this base here then you've got but this baby I'll feed almost people yeah then you've got a shell around there that's down in town and yeah that streetlife cellar street life supported by children in need is the only charity specifically helping the city's young homeless and I say Rachel Rachel yes I'm meeting one of the support workers Rachel to understand what they do I'm the 18 and under support worker for children in need I'm funded by them and so I work with the 16 17 and 18 year-olds we work with about 400 billion people every year 33 yeah hundreds of young homeless people yes it is really sadly some of them are hid in the drug the hidden homeless the self-assurance this is a town that I feel like we've heard a lot more recently yeah kids and homelessness what do you mean by that so young people there haven't got a fixed address they're not living with the parents and they're not living in a flat with dependency of themselves Bolivian on sofas they might not see yeah and still the city they might not see it as homeless they might just see it as with it getting by so if this place wasn't here there would be hundreds of young homeless people with absolutely nowhere to go it's lifeline yeah I mean it's hard being homeless at any age right yeah 16 years old I can't even imagine yeah and that's most cases due to coming right down nobody on the road so 16 year-olds had an argument with mum and dads yeah they've been chucked out yeah and now I was present here in the daytime we did you to Spain a night shot right or straight to the night show hey guys street life smite self is a meal and eight emergency beds to homeless young people first time is always getting but I'm here to understand what happens when there are more people than beds outside the course was one two three four five six seven eight with ten of us there's only eight beds yes I was a bit kicked i sleeping you just after God everything why she asleep and you don't mean you have to hide your shoes and you sleep in my sleep on your back – damn opponents do not that new Maxim's about drug use come up to your neck you store fat they try to rob you yes countless lazarsfeld stop being taken from top of your head you have to tell them if you don't all just take it okay if you back down to them they'll walk over under-18s always get a bit but Josh who told me how it works is 18 so he has to take his chances in the queue and upstairs are the bedrooms first job when they get in is to make dinner justice guys minion so where do you get all this food from these are donation that's 12 yeah I always so you boys fight work yeah you're both working oh I used to work in a food place I still don't hear how many nights a week do that Josh this is zero context see that warned you all working would you work yesterday no it's my time to start court possible yeah yeah later so could be about half anyway that means you yeah I'll be up that's more my manager goes mad when I sleep outside he offers to get me being being still put I turn it down I like the other night when I was actually outside I said I've sorted it but really I haven't I just lied to her so she wouldn't get me B&B I hate relying on people so that's the only reason I said it just being out there and stuff it's not nice is it really isn't so wait sometimes they have to stay out so you just don't like the idea of girls being outside no not when not when you get people coming up to me in the night and I'm allowed you know I mean if it's a girl there's one about you not me yeah so even a very they're ten times bigger than you've got put your foot down on your Jose I don't know what to do so you don't you don't might have happen there do not we turn over chicken over please kind this place is to sell such a safety net for them it's so vital it's so precious and the idea of this not existing fills you with dread because these kids that shadow if it's out could be out on the streets and that's much more flammable when they're out there that's good I'll give you your bedding now you'll have to make your your bed I've never been homeless but I wanted to have a glimpse of what life in a show it was like I had a B&B book that's but one of the girls agreed to swap with me so I could stay the night morning Josh what if they see morning Jackie time to wake up alright Josh what you did today um not really a lot I'm gonna sway for me ideas come true like and sloppy and reward look it's although not a lot thank you try and get some willing to get some money you've got nothing very demeaning over money because they assume this you may use it to buy to ask yeah that's usually after we had around all day yeah together very yeah I get that although people often link homelessness with addiction and mental health problems for young people the number one cause is a breakdown in family relationships at home why here why am that for me my mom when the menthe brothers and sisters just moved down here and then she decided well just now decided to kick me out for a boyfriend so I'll just you know she's her boyfriends better than I am by the sounds of it so there's what if she said it wasn't enough room and then blocks one number blocks every contact just so I couldn't get all over did she ask where you were gonna go no the counts or when they tried to get order one wanted to see if there was any way that I could get back in she said there's no chance she'd ever let me back in again I went to streetlife the next day but it didn't get real it didn't seem real until a couple nights ago I was like on the streets and I fought I'm actually homeless I was probably on its own then I got my old job I'm suing a lot more jobs that's that's when the proud and everything went yeah level three of that three qualifications level one like vehicle maintenance and then up to three so that's three years worth for us for support I mean you're only 18 that's what you're missing yeah last I was working on my 16th birthday so I was that laughs we see I like Java three years ago I didn't expect myself to be in this situation well then in free gifts time um I had be sorted from when I might have a good job on my other good house masks one who gives a about me but until then you won't know will ya so you just only time will tell I really hope things get better for Josh it feels so unfair that is career and drive have been messed up by having no home but josh is just one of a growing number of young people all over the country faced with homelessness is happening everywhere in seaside towns like Blackpool and in big cities like Manchester like Carla Mechele babe yeah and welcome to my chest oh thank you so much I love Manchester over 1300 young people said they were homeless in Manchester in the past okay yeah just two hundred and sixty-six of these we count it's the official homelessness figures this is what quite a few of you are homeless yeah yeah that's amazing you got home how I'll do you nineteen ninety and how long have you been home to school I am very popular I started like boyfriend you got homeless obviously I stayed with him so where are you staying now they're my friends or sofa surfing I mean it sounds like you're pals of entertains the hostels is that something that you would consider I know every every single person I wrestle just not like them I would never send it back bars on the windows you sure you've got a room that's actually no bigger than from to the skateboarder gosh males are so big did I just put the thought of jail they've got no Watson I was like to live a dream well we wouldn't say in a hospital like Karen's like Karen's arrivai but like meet some of the people like in there it's not like what like hustles like 20 million Zeidler like I wanna see so were you in care yeah I wasn't girls looks like a child from beautiful to you and I've just left her when he sent a team not soon as I turned 18 but they give me 28 years north and then on the last day just said God presents our homeless and that was it really it's a normal situation she's got got on fit have friends around you and that don't know what you're going through only one in 200 kids go into care shall we sing us a song but almost one in five young homeless people are care leavers it seems to me that somehow these kids are being let down what else I was about 14 they're like social workers cave and did you said that I'm going in car and I just went into a car room it was meant to be rest by but the like for some reason you kept me in long I don't know because I obviously I didn't really look behind the scenes when I was 4 years old but now like I just know that smell fresh spy and they put me in the car or I have just been in car ever since and then I left about my sister left when she was 18 but cuz I was eight like it kind of left a big part of me missing like because obviously like we used to play we Toralei stuff I like she used to look after me I missed her and I think that kind of affected me a little bit because my sister and it was just me and my mum with each other all the time hi each of us rose struggling at 14 when someone comes in the ass and says you're leaving coming into care how does that make you feel it shocked me because like my mom had always said like while I was growing up I'm gonna put you in that I didn't know I had a lot of mom say that is just like that night I did I did have like a lot of like hatred towards my mom doing it for no mordor I kind of understand why and I kind of understand like behind the scenes so I quickly won't actually help it just make you feel how she do it now she's good she's proud of me even know like I'm in a really bad position now but she's proud of like how I'm doing something about it yeah yeah I'm doing something about I'm not just sitting there and being honest I'm actually try and scout house that's telling me how to get a place together yeah therefore it's exactly like sisters the girls are putting on a brave face but after hearing from Josh about the dangers of rough sleeping I can't help be a bit scared for them like Josh said girls can be more vulnerable have you told the authoritative figures and the people that they're to help that you've slept on the drinks I haven't said that the machine is left on the streets ones book like we do but that's still crazy like you're still that's homelessness like you've got nowhere to go but because you're so proud I would didn't II don't going to look homeless you're just walking about instead of sleeping never got robbed difficulty sleeping out the old just old robber features were you know what every month and sounds around and I yeah it's just not cat and Shelby but reminds me with my crowds when we were growing up they're very kind of streetwise and sassy and you know I've got this I'm grown I can sort this I can handle air to me that baby it's just heard 18 and she's not long 19 we've been sleeping in tents and spent the night out on the streets I don't look Congress or be label holiness don't just walk about til the Sun comes up it's almost like they're trying to make the most of a bad situation well it's far from ideal but we're in this together I can adventure almost but the truth is so fun and their lives are so chaotic and they need protecting you know else they're never going to flourish and that's our responsibility that's our job collectively as a society to make sure that we're not failing the kids that are coming through back in Blackpool Josh's finished a late shift at dominoes which means he's missed out on a bed at the night shelter like a quarter of homeless young people he now faces and night on the streets how was work those all right long my backside here kid I think ya understand six just finished now it's time for one and so what typically happens because obviously if you want to bed you've gotta get here before 7:00 yeah we weren't able to do that snakes yeah yeah yeah so I'll just ring the buzzer in the way that I let's get myself a sleeping bag and then plonk myself over there free jumpers on annotation yeah can I have a sleeping bag please yeah Cheers thank you I mean you know it's joking you know usually work nights that amount there so I feel like you're stuck between a rock and hard place because you're working to try and better yourself but in order to work you've got a sacrifice your bed it's a night where when they give up a bed to work if there's much quiet and then it's even an hour ago caught by an hour or two you usually get people walk up to you and asking who you are and stuff like this and it's usually over as well just to see how vulnerable you are really you've just basically got her be like you let a landowner do you know I mean you've got a moving one yeah if I had to fire no it's Torchwood of not but it has nearly got to that point whatever I'll just you know I mean keep cool with it just move on it's just a we've to blackboard to get that life Annie around being homeless is there is a really shitty situation but it is what it is and it's just a part I've got because you're because you're not from here you're not a priority connections I've not got a local connection with Blackpool you've got a beer like three out of five years so you've got I've been here five years we've you can move way for them to years and be there be here three out of five years I don't know how it works and how it makes sense what yeah um lower priority of it so um because I'm working as well I'm even worse of it do not mean anything yeah when you were 17 you had that safety net yeah I'd have been on two percent priority but that's not the case just it's just but Chuck trim Elijah not Reid is the second snapshot you've not done anything to warrant or deserve this just open it all this summit spot the obviously mmm I'm sort of hoping that next month I can celebrate my birthday not being homeless because I'm 90 next month so what they 17th July yeah so I won't be hold was next month I'm hoping so anyway every bin car you know being told by a Josh that he slept out on the streets over 10 times what can you even say to him how how could anybody justify that we'll be okay with that it's utter madness is completely insane but when an a situation where organizations who have only got eight beds having to come out to him hand him sleeping bag over it's better than nothing I'm wishing him the best of luck and that's him sort yourself out look after yourself good luck someone's gonna try and rob you this is awful a new law came in this April that means every homeless young person should be a priority but Centrepointe reckons an extra 10 million pounds would be needed to cover the number of 16 to 24 year olds asking for help last year only one in 8 young people who presented as homeless were housed by their councils in Manchester has been given a tent by a charity so for now she and her boyfriend are sleeping under a railway watch until recently she was working at a fast food place but couldn't manage both the job and the rough sleeping so when we were in here wake up get ready and they would just go to town spend the whole day there so we come back up the night side know what spend much time here and my day-to-day concerns are completely different to another icing your girls concerns as I could guess why more completely different so there's anyway smells like we're ever gonna go and wash my clothes so I'm gonna grab how I have a wash needs to go get something to eat I've got no money I've got on home about November to do my makeup in here how we gonna start our day thinking how we gonna started I'd lose him I think he makes you depressed a little bit I'm not I don't want to go and try and I don't want to work from here or anything I don't think I'd show up I think I'd be upset and I get I get down it sounds weird only get out bed and not the woman is it's hard doing here so if I had like when I was at our house and stuff and be able to if I had bad days I'd be able to still get up and go to work but like I imagine me doing that in here get down I do get down up quite a lot of probably why I was smiling laughing for you just you can't sit him all about things he's just not get you anywhere got something wrong we used to get up and fix it I'm just gonna keep trying most of the people that may give up as I seen there's no point in sitting there crying I'm just got to try to get something done about it suppose so otherwise you just trapped it you get literally trust in this loop so here we've got like a big bag of spare clothes we've got some quilts and jumpers jackets and stuff like that just stuff we can leave in here like soft things to sleep on it's just I'm rock hard to see here so like you just sleep like I have always yeah when I first found you it wasn't anything here at all and then I've come back like years later it was tougher I just seen it be Messier Messier was a joke rubbish all the books was it have you truly been born again of water and the spirits the bubbling black the be radiant their beers mmm quack fine it's just like bottles and deer and Chris packets it's like a teenager's bedroom mm-hmm but anything's better than being on the streets really in it things got somewhere safe to live yeah this is my front door let's open it and then you close it so he stayed here last night while cats in a 10 Shelby's been sleeping on a sofa in a friend's back garden what's the scariest part as an 18 year old girl being home there's a quite a lot of crime going on these days and like men women anyone it's just like getting quiet but but like you just gotta be wise like girls are getting and all this stuff like on the streets like that's quite this quiet a lot of that going on like there's an art to grooming apparently where they can twist your mind and stuff like that and just make you feel like it's your fault if they ever approached you yeah don't know me mom recently I'm quite clever little father like I say it tends to stay away from the bad people really because I've been through stuff before so I kind of can spot them sometimes what's the hardest part of being homeless just not having like a place you can just go for a nice bath and just know you can go on cook me on and just chill on the city watching TV just relax she's like we just want stability like we've been people who have been moved around move around it's like we just want a house call our own instead of just being lost homeless under 18 are treated as a priority by housing teams once you turn 18 that contribute shall be in care protesting outside a housing convention in manchester city centre about what they feel is unfair treatment Shelburne high shall be I've got no problem whatsoever you do what you're doing yeah sorry which name i Acadian my name's Gary based on the Social Security Manager I've got no issues whatsoever what you're doing and I understand your plight because I'm x-force's and I've got a lot of friends our exports that also homeless yeah I'd like to I don't when you draw on the paper but I ask you to draw more down that area please rather than I don't want you to do is to all parts a step that make sense you can go down there not only shoot put your message down they're not concern but this point could be last one then just do the rest down there yeah yeah I'm at cut a half heart she was going through being homeless and just wrong in the streets in in Terence officer fear at that point I never firm that doze then it would be available friends it's good to have your friends in universe because it's like you're in a community and you've got like a family you want made family and small people around you that will come for you and help you and you're like in a situation feeling that you have family support is important at any age but especially when you're growing on the council's housing budgets hit by cuts charities and the public are having to fill the gap 250 miles south of Manchester in Devon I've come to find out about a new scheme to put homeless teams with families many had to move out of a family home when she was 14 because a relationship with her mum broke down I moved out of my parents home when I was 14 was the right thing for me at the time I had to focus on what was good for me and my GCSEs were coming up and I knew what I wanted in life and I just I knew that it was the best thing for me say oh yeah so talk me through how you were exploring all of your options yeah so I spent I think like three weeks trying to get hold of the counts or trying to get someone who can come out and help me and I didn't really get through to anyone so my teacher at school my pastoral coordinator she referred me to encompass who are apart at the junction and I met this lady called Charlie who was my house and officer and she sort of just sat down with me asked me what I wanted to do and what I wanted really shouldn't really tell me to go just a one place or just sort it out for herself she wanted to know what I wanted and so she showed me the hostel which you had to apply to going to but I knew straight away that it wasn't for me he knew straight away that I wasn't the type of person that it would sue and then yeah from there then on we just worked together to try and find somewhere I was gonna be comfortable somewhere I could stay she's been super helpful yeah she has been really helpful Meli support worker charlie is running a special drop-in tenant for teenagers at risk of homelessness which is part of the children in the funded project school Junction and seen more and more young people with no place to come home tell me how you met Milly I met Billy through school actually her pastoral care coordinator gave me a ring because she'd heard that she'd had a bit of a tough time so I got called in to school and I went to meet her she's obviously an active part of her church she's really proactive she's she's a bright intelligent young lady teaming as well and she's not angry at all I don't which I find so impressive because I've met lots of other young girls who have been through similar situations who are understandably so furious yeah with stay with you know authority figures with their family members I mean throughout the time I've known her I have her to get angry I have seen and get upset and I have you know so I know that it's that bit of course of court like I think it's its raw emotion and she's feeling at the time that she's feeling it she's not holding on to it so it doesn't have chance to be all-consuming and whether that's her I don't I don't know where she's learnt it or how she's learnt it but I think she'll be because of that she's gonna be so amazing in her future like she's volunteering for us as well she wants to some of our educational packages yeah she's how many times of young people come up to you and said I've got nowhere to stay tonight today I've had three already today yeah today I've had three in in places like those where will they go because I've turned 18 so in the eyes of the law there are Arenado so we try to help them the best we can putting them on like night staff or finding them a host family I didn't know this existed like prior to starting this I didn't realize obviously I understood that there were foster parents and adoption you know but host families you can give someone he's like having a real tough time somewhere to stay the bed for the night shower yeah we know that children thrive better when they're in the family home anyway and laughing in fire man yeah got that stupor yeah and that that also brings it back to wanting you know more people to host or go into all those sorts of things cuz you know they're okay it's a lot I suppose it's a more natural environment isn't it's more nurturing people do better like I know I don't know I do better when I'm in a place where I feel like I'm cared for and you hear a lot people just like oh no one gives a crap about me whatsoever and it's absolutely heartbreaking it makes perfect sense that the best place for a teenager is in a family home even if it's not their own milliner it wouldn't be right for her to live in a hostel and Charlie supported her to find a local host family willing to take her in hey Karen with councils facing seemingly endless cuts host families seems to be a brilliant new idea it's spreading fast but the charities that run these schemes are always desperate to find more people willing to take part so many of us know that there are young people who need help with housing when they need a roof over their heads but well you know we don't always jump up and say you know what you can have my place what made you think actually I'm I'm up for sharing my home I suppose I felt like I should have an open home you know my parents had fostered and it was always something that was within me if you like a sort of desire to help young folks and then there was the spare room and then actually Miller you were like hi Evan got a place to stay home life isn't great that first night you must remember it well what was that like yeah it was it was I was shocked because I was I wasn't expecting it and it was really nice to know that I had somewhere else I could go and especially someone that was so homely and family yeah it was really nice she's lovely and we we do get on really well and I think with everything he's been through he's really come to a great deal and she come out the other end and I think he's you know he's a hard worker and to my mind it it is a privilege to have her as part of this family I think it's just giving me time to really try and just do well and calm and yeah step back and just uptake now yeah Millie's doing brilliantly in a new home and wants to go to university to study medicine but the stress of being homeless and sofa surfing when she was so young stole part of their childhoods and is still taking its toll I think not having a home me just feel worried it's very exhausting it affected my mental health quite a lot and I found myself getting down into really low places of my life and I found getting out of those those pieces were just even harder just because of the situations that was going on and I was constantly stressed and I didn't really know what to do I didn't even know how to deal with myself and my own emotions so yeah I think it does so really affect your mental health as a teenager already going through so many different changes within yourself and your body is constantly changing every day and you're going through things and all your height your emotions feel like so heightened all the time and to have to put all that stress on top of what you're going through already just it it really does affect you in ways that other things mine or my host family it was so much easier and had so much help and I got to the place I am today with that help so yeah Milly be in place with this host family has worked out so well I don't think it could have gone any better I can't imagine her in a hostel I've been to a couple of hostels in the past and they can feel so aggressive and everything's so heightened and there were drugs and drink and if they're so reactive and she's so passive and she's quite hidden see – a bit of a kind of introvert so you know she's flying because she's had that calm safe space which is flourished you know when I see all these youngsters on there when the street is seeing a car the kids in Manchester they're like they're safe they're feral they're they're wild lots of people from the outside will say they're crazy you know it's what they want they choose to live like that they choose to exist – well now you know in in many ways no one's invested time in them they've not believed in them they've not encouraged them to be the best versions of themselves I say that's why organisations NGOs charities are Parham at they're so necessary and they're so important back in Manchester Shelby has been reflecting on some of the hard time she's been through in the past it when I was at home I was going through hard times being about the like 12 I'd say like I started like attempting suicide for 11 her side is how army I just got myself an overdose I just came home about day at school take him with me down the park you in and I don't know doing for myself just out of girl who's not like self-hating Zafar but yeah all that phase is called when I sing got just feel like I'm not thinking about anything else split the words and when you're singing and I just feels good to sing like you just feel the vibration come out here I just like oh no it's like I'm saying I just just feel like not hey in that moment all right Shelby oh yay c'mon hit it nice there's toothpaste in the sink seeing how happy and secure Milly is now makes me worry about cat and Shelby last time I saw them they were sleeping rough and it was clearly getting to both of them if you eat in the shelves peach I'm meeting them at lifeshare which has a drop-in service twice a week for the city's young homeless it offers the girls a place to wash and have some food Roxy leave now do ya cats hoping the staff here can help them find a permanent place to live I feel like this place is really busy I think one it is a year the staff of what the work that the young people are marking yeah and just the difference so I mean have you been through what they've been through yeah so we can jump into that puddle for five minutes it's like this understand yeah and I think you're not an it to come in here and the crane and the screaming and the shouting and it's very high-rez people do get intimidate and because it can be like that but unless the throwing chairs and computers out we deal with that because it's like conflicts in aggression that aggression is not aimed at us that's aimed at society on this situation they're in what it's doing to them I think as staff reduce trouble to get people to listen and not be drugged a trip toward your people how many young people to you how hundreds so how long will you sleep on the streets I've been on and off the street since 56 years 15 years old why would you sleep when you were that young Cox was looking at I was fitted in new Bailey car park iya did locked off in there for eight months so tell me about your new house money rose I'm sharing with a lot my two bedroom flat basically we share you know and so when you saw it and you've got all your bits and you're in your own home what are you hoping to achieve what's the plan yeah well I want to go to the Navy me I want to join the Navy in five sighs I just want to be a family proud I've let them down so much like I think No there'll be something to being on the ground it's no coincidence but all the youngsters all the kids gravitate towards life sure I mean the workers in there are incredibly raw and they're very honest they're totally transparent they say you know we've been through it we understand where you're coming from and they fill out that report and so they trust them you know I'm not standing here saying all of these kids are absolute angels and they've never put a foot wrong some of them are nightmares they take the terror ways but you've got to bear in mind what they've been through I'm is something that for years and years and years I've been in care they've been you know back and forth up and down ever felt love they haven't felt cherish they haven't felt supported how can you get your life together and how can you have routine and go to work and hold down a job if you haven't got a place to call home it makes everything so much harder back in Blackpool things have moved on a bit for Josh and he's off the street for now a friend who was also homeless has been given a flat and she's letting Josh sleep on the floor he's joined the one in five teenagers who've sofa served in the last 12 months this is Jackie's flat other me now I'm staying on the floor and that's Jackie's better over there so I dude you just used my quilt and just literally fold it over and I'd usually just use the cushion off for so far as like a pillow that's pretty much what I've lay on it's just somewhere to stave to save to stage you know I mean now it's wake over silly times and just I don't know just somewhere to come back to it like honestly it's been the toughest few ones because I've done and always just it didn't even hit me when I first got kicked out like it was it didn't seem right and then it started dragging on a bit on a for is this ever gonna win the home is where the heart is and I believe that saying now I never knew what it meant but you know when it when I'm not having a home it just I don't know I think that's the only thing that really got me that stressed out because it's just not kept me stable I've just not had nowhere to go back to and to say that's mine I don't know I think that's been the most reason because I've turned relationships down a stuff because I've just been so stressed I've turned I don't know my old attitude toward swings downhill because of the way that my circumstance ISM is is I just wish it and to be honest with you but it will be all over soon because josh has been in Blackpool for less than three years council say he doesn't have the local connection that would have made him a priority his only option is to find a private room but that means he has to find money for deposit and face so what money what money Jeff delays 250 bond the council helping you with that they said the girl oh boy there the process for that long as well it's taken a while at the minute that said right but yeah you're working with someone yeah for that now the admin fee yeah the admin fees another like 250 for that it's like it's like 600 altogether so we are we can apply to vicars relief the admin fee but what we need for that is back details yeah what an agent yeah things like that which I've got now so I need to drop them in bank statements yeah and proof of ID would have got my birth certificate that's really good that's really good you got that by the time I get paid I've gotta wait then a couple of weeks for everything to go through the bond schemes gonna want to look at the place as well to make sure it's fit yeah it's gonna be about four weeks again before anything happens so Vickers release takes about three days to come through if you're successful but I'm sure I'm sure you will be because the situation and you haven't got a local connection to pull off you know right then it's not the next step so money and bank details were right let's and we can really move forward with that I sense that josh is quietly confident but it's almost like you can't allow himself you won't allow himself to get too carried away in case it all falls through and it doesn't happen then he's so desperate for it to materialize it's a bit reserved which I get I am so excited for him and the idea of him being in his little home all set up and good to go just fills me with delight it's so deserved it you know when I think back to when I was 18 we just our priorities our concerns our worries just doesn't compare you know I was working at Luton hippo and I was all of my money went on going out and buying tops and downloading on day oh yeah our Bellinis this kind of semi happening nightclub minister I had no fears no responsibilities and he has to think about absolutely every penny and he has to look after himself because he's got no one else when I think about that I get quite sexy you know has he missed out on the childhood that everyone deserves I suppose but hopefully his happiness will come a bit further down the line Katz is also moving on she's decided to accept a place she's been offered in an all-female hostel leaving our 10:00 and so for surfing days behind her life isn't about why you for the start of us it's about learning to dance in Lorraine I'm still under star on but it's a it's a lot much easier style there's nearly over now and I'm dancing in the room I've been drawing since I was really young so my dad used to teach me some know techniques at all when I was little and I've always just loved it so much so it's like making something out of nothing you see it's just a blank canvas about his favor and it's all just like transfer me and your thoughts onto paper to create something beautiful or something dark the past few months no I haven't been drawing or anything about had any of the equipment I've had no time I've had too much stress but then I just don't really differently in a way off I'm living in a ten is absolutely not productive at all he starts to not look after yourself as much you know because you've not really got all your old stuff you've not got your own place or anything it's really stressful yeah you kind of wash your hands you haven't got a toilet or anything is so stressful but some people's don't care do their you know so that that's not a good method either so I say being a hostel it's actually quite one of the best methods and is what people try out so much as well young people because they have to say as far as I did like it's gonna be dirty it's gonna be full of druggies and you know really bad people but we we don't get enough information about it because if I knew I'm so they knew there's places like these before I would have gotten help a long time ago instead of trying to avoid the system because I thought it was bad for you and I thought they're not even gonna help they're gonna put me in a dirty room and leave me there but it's not like that at all when you're in sofa surfing you always end up back at square one where you like oh I can't stay here anymore where I'm gonna stay I'm home myself but people are always there people are always available just to stay inside and I because you need to bed you know what I mean so it's not the live life you wanna live it's from here I can get myself and my own flat and she'll become staying with me can come save me you know I could have my friends come in no sofa surface well you have close friends who Scooby nice so eventually I have my own don't be like you won't even be able to tell I was ever homeless at some point hopefully I'm so delighted that cat is getting herself sorted at last and the news I've been hoping for from Blackpool has just come through as well job has finally got a permanent place to live this is my new flat just got the keys earlier on today Bibles oh this half it's a call with my home could it be asking it to be a list doesn't seem real yet you know I mean I love it's real little bit it's not quite sunk in no just I was quite confused just out happy how quick it went you know I mean and I was just buzzing all day about it there's just not been one thing that's like gone right and now it's all slowly coming together I can do the things that would didn't do before do you know what I mean I've got a sort of a council tax and sets up my Housing Benefit but I have got some good news I've got a love a job so I won't have to rely on the hours in benefit now so well on my attitude for the first month but after the first walk I'll be able to pay the rent myself because I've got two jobs on the go now so I'm happy about that as well the other jobs just a Valletta her via double box wagon so I'm dead happy about it everything's just slowly starts coming together it was just like just like a new chapter in the walk it's been a long day warm sport I think now it's over it's just someone's put in the passport so there's going to be a story to tell of course our young people that we've been following are in a better position now Josh shall be care and I'm delighted about that but you can't forget that every single day there are so many of our young people that are homeless right they don't know whether staying that night they've got nowhere to go they're so unbelievably vulnerable and I think I did probably underestimate the enormity of the situation here at home we have to really champion those advocates people like Charlie people like Rachel who believed in them because how can we expect them to go on and grow and shine and become you know fully independent adults if we haven't nurtured them or looked after them it's that it's painfully predictable if it starts now and we don't intervene that will be down for 20-30 years and that's art it's our responsibility to look after them BBC children in need supports young people experiencing homelessness all over the UK if you need advice visit BBC door code at UK forward slash Pudsey every child deserves a childhood they only have one chance please support this year's appeal to give ten pounds text the word donate to seven oh four ten to give 20 pounds text the word donate to 704 NZ text will cost your donation plus your standard Network message charge and a hundred percent of your donation will go to BBC children and needs must be 16 or over and please ask the bill payers permission for full terms and more information visit BBC doctor at UK forward slash potty [Applause] you

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