The Wall: A 2,000-mile border journey

The Wall: A 2,000-mile border journey

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Journalists from the USA TODAY NETWORK flew and drove the entire length of the U.S.-Mexico border in search for answers. This is what they found.

A USA TODAY Network video production.

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watch clearcuts not playing we are coming off the Gulf of Mexico right now moving into the mouth of the Rio Grande River starting a 2,000 mile expedition or journey along the us-mexico border through Texas and on to New Mexico Arizona coming out in San Diego California our mission is to survey and inspect the border fencing in the border security systems all along the way what all would be involved with trying to build what that President Trump has called a big beautiful wall along much of the border as we were flying along I didn't know where the border was especially in Texas because there is no fence there's no no barrier the only thing we had to guide us basically was inside the helicopter we had a software system hooked up to our video camera so I could look at the video screen and it showed a red line delineating where the border is based on GPS markings the border in Texas follows the Rio Grande the entire length of the state it's over 1,200 miles it's more than half of the entire us-mexico border my assignment was to drive the whole extent of the us-mexico border we started in the Gulf of Mexico from there we just headed west there's some places where you can just walk right up to the river where you can't even you don't even know where the international border is almost certainly is the first sign of there's a 650 miles or so by fencing the whole two thousand mile border 300 miles our vehicle barrier they're not designed to stop human traffic but what you have is a border that's 2,000 miles long with roughly 350 miles of pedestrian fencing the rest of its open more or less there's a distinction that's kind of getting lost in the political debate about this whole thing and that is people are now referring to the fence that exists as a wall and it's not a wall the wall that the president has called for is 20 feet at least and more likely 30 feet tall the existing fencing at that very highest is 18 feet much of its 15 feet and there's only 300 miles of that for me something that I think surprises a lot of people is that the border you think of it as this dangerous dark place that you know kind of feels sketchy or or that you're afraid to be in but most of these places are just regular small towns cities and if there wasn't 15 18 feet fence next to them you wouldn't know that you're in the border one of the things that was really driven home by this trip was was just the immense distances we're talking about but also the incredible topography the landscape challenges that exist to building any kind of suggested the border wall might be built in a place like this it seems unrealistic because of the topography and the sheer distances you're looking for it scores of miles without seeing any anything really we're now in the Barry Goldwater air force range it's a kind of a roller coaster of craggy mountains the border runs right through them and we fly up and over them it's a really parched and desolate desert with fierce heat little shade no water it's maybe one of the most treacherous places to try to enter the United States those illegal crossers who choose this kind of route must hike for days to reach roads or some way to get into the United States further many of them try and each year many of them die at the end of our trip we try to find the site where the prototype border walls were going to be built it's in an area outside of San Diego we had a map and we took a dirt road we were stopped by Border Patrol we told them what we were doing they said we couldn't either because it's private property so we had to turn away that was the end for Tripp this is the end of the line we've been going for Kennedy's 1985 nine miles or so four states dozens of town we've covered 653 miles of existing fence we've seen so far the CEO suspected illegal immigrants or smugglers and crossing the border zero people being apprehended by the Border Patrol during this trip we're now coming up to the Pacific Ocean a fence goes out to sea but obviously can't ride the surf so after it gets out way as it stops now the question remains little rocket built in milk what kind of law will instill how much it will cost and what collateral impacts there may be all those questions remain unanswered it will be up to Congress the president and the American people that is side exactly how all this plays out

20 thoughts on “The Wall: A 2,000-mile border journey

  1. Tell the truth, Democrats need illegals to swarm in, because they want millions of non white voters to keep them in power forever – they are race traitors

  2. What a surprise, anti Trump propaganda by USA Today, lol. Bloody joke, the American people are awake to your liberal left wing nonsense.

  3. You Destroyed and abandoned your country. They let you in, accepted you, gave you citizenship, now you are turning against them, eating them from inside, calling them racists. Shame on you people…

  4. Only show what YOU want us to see… Nothing here, nope, nothing. REALLY? Maybe it is because there is a wall..

  5. we should not care of much it wll cost we care how much fence comes with the cost…
    if it was built before we can replace it with taller better stronger material now

  6. Lets see…build a wall in the canyons and mountains?? Think out of the box a little…how about calling them natural barriers. Nothing so much needed there. how do you spell "fkae nwes"

  7. I am really in love with this wall it is a very smart idea. The design we are seeing is very safe and law enforcement officers on both sides will be is always good to know and see what's coming towards you . Thanks

  8. Just like some prisons have, enact a shoot to kill policy. They will think twice about going from a safe zone to a kill zone.

  9. There are a lot of ways that people will climb Trump's wall: telescoping ladders, tossing over rocks with twine and twisting together to make a rope, handholds and footholds attached with contact cement or industrial tape, rope attached with adhesive to the other side, pole walking method (see Vietnamese SWAT team video), and any wall with bars on the bottom can be climbed and descended with 2 ropes and 2 pieces of wood very quickly. More info on my channel.

  10. People put fences along their property line, ranchers put fences on their vast ranch lands, so what's the big deal on Wall/fencing in
    U.S. property line? No it's true people used to cross in and out between the USA and Mexico. Mexicans and others would cross,
    maybe earn a few bucks and go home. But now it's different, in the USA even if you are not a citizen, you can still get LIVING, educational
    and medical assistance. Um, so why bother to go back home? Someone, (the taxpayers) will shell out. It's a great deal, right?

    Now, with the drug smuggling it's a totally different thing. Drug causes addiction. When you run out of money, um, you're gonna do something, that something is to commit crimes. Drugs aren't free, except at first > just to get one addicted then cash becomes an issue.
    It's so sad that people will bite their nose to spite their face. What part of this is so difficult to understand?
    Leave politics out of it. Understand the danger to the USA's financial health …. and to the lives broken by the use of drugs.
    It's bad enough that the Pharma industry has turned itselt into drug pushers to keep a major part of the USA dependent on drugs
    This is what TRUMP is working to rectify for the USA..

  11. This Doc only showed me where the old rickety fence in more populated areas should be upgraded or replaced.. and did you see the remote areas where there is no people for hundreds of miles where it’s very unlikely for people will try to make that trip to cross.. in those areas they would not build a wall dummies… what trump has proposed makes perfect sense.. the wall is just one deterrent in the plan. Boarder security is essential, the wall is one part of it..Trump is keeping his promises and construction of the wall barrier has begun now. The DummyCRATS and even 12 Rat republicans voted against Trump on the national emergency boarder crisis.. Then Trump vetoed, and now the pentagon has given Trump much more money for the wall then what he was asking the DummyCRATS s for.. it called winning folks and not giving up..Trump 2020…👍🏽💪🏽

  12. Omg three things:

    1. just ATTEMPT some critical thinking- obviously the area at 5:00 doesn’t need a wall, and no one is suggesting it does! These illegals aren’t superhuman ffs.

    2. OBVIOUSLY you didn’t see anyone trying to cross in broad daylight while a loud ass helicopter is flying over.

    3. Yes, about 1/8th of the “border fencing” has been built. Quit lying.

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