The Vlog Squad's Zane Hijazi And Matt King Critique Dating Advice

The Vlog Squad's Zane Hijazi And Matt King Critique Dating Advice

Hint: don’t narrate a girl’s photo.

We provided Vlog Squad members Zane Hijazi and Matt King with a series of YouTube clips of Tinder tips, and their hilariously honest reactions are internet gold. Oh, and they have some actually great dating advice, too. (Since, you know, that’s what you were searching for in the first place.) Tune in for proof that these two don’t hold back.

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whenever I want a girl's picture and every single picture is like her hi kid skydiving hey I'm Matt and I'm Zane and today we're critiquing tender advice from the internet this guy has a lot of experience yes I've been on tinder since college I feel like I've been on tinder now for like eight years I've had a lot of experience talking to different girls on tinder but I don't make it much far the truth is we really don't know what we're doing when it comes to dating we just like to think we know what we're doing I took a photo of myself that I knew women weren't gonna like this one here I shaved my head a few years ago I got creative I took a picture of myself and I took a picture of Bruce Willis and then stuck him next to me in my profile photo and then I wrote underneath I'm Bruce Willis's evil twin all of a sudden I was getting matches if you're insecure about your looks I think having a sense of humor can really add some extra bonus points when it comes to getting more man that's I mean I totally I felt that guy that's what I do I put like kind of not my worst pictures up but I put like not the best pictures of myself so when I do get imagine like oh this Cole likes me for who I know you you are the king and having funny photos on your tender there's a structure to tinder profiles and you want to structure it so that the first two-thirds so about the first 30 to 35 words or so is about you and the last 15 towards 10 to 15 maybe 20 words is about what you're looking for in a man that guy is looking way too into it 35 words just tart I know what you wanted in your MLA format oh that's way too long that is way too much information half right you're being way too methodical when it comes to expressing yourself on tinder then you're overthinking it and you're not gonna have a good time so I think you should take it much more easy than that good yeah ask questions you want to get the conversation flowing straight away so that she can see that you were actually interested in her so that you can get to know who she is yes yeah yes interested is interesting you will find the best group when it comes to talking about their interests I met a girl who liked in 1975 I said I liked the 1975 and we immediately bonded and we ended up going out on a few dates and it's been really great but because of that in like going on about those things really finds a good mesh feel like a muscle washing hand your tinder over to your friends now this might sound like bad advice but it can help you get a third-party perspective on your tinder profile your friends know more about the type of tinder matches you want to attract and what pictures or pieces of your bio you need to add for optimal matches sometimes I get really embarrassed when I have to show you like my photos cuz like I don't think it's embarrassing at all I mean oh I guess I had like one photo I thought I looked really good and where I was like in the hot tub and you were like Matt delete that you do not have that photo if Carly gives me a tender and I see your victory I think about it too much yeah I'm not a good person I can ask we have a very large friend group so it does help that we have about 10 other people looking at because it will be the living room where we'll have our attenders out does my page look good like what would you like this would you like spritzer or not yeah it works ask your friends for their opinion but make sure you're asking a friend who is supportive and makes you feel good about yourself don't go and ask somebody he's gonna be hard on you and make you feel insecure when you're putting yourself out there on the Internet secure knows all I said was all I said was you have a ton of better pictures okay okay look what it was can we even put it up it was a picture of him in like a jacuzzi no no no no I wasn't lexing I've been working out I don't get it look like you're reflexing they just look like you're you no way that's why I was like maybe Oh those show some of your photos because if that you view or you are I'm not I don't flex on my pictures if anything I push out I gotta let them know what I got just so it doesn't come as a surprise when they see it later okay okay your other pressures are great though it was just that one I just felt like a kid I told you put it in the back like put it I do they get that the end you see I think I think in the end that's great but like your first one you did you don't want like it pictures like no sure there wasn't my first picture yeah that wasn't yeah was you don't have anyone who could potentially be your lover in your photos even if it's your brother or sister if anyone has to look at that photo and be like hmm who is that person no I think it's not bad having each other with you and a few girls because here's the thing I may be completely wrong about this I think it makes you approachable to other women it when you show that you're around other women actually no no I agree I agree I think it just depends on how you set it up on your page just want to make sure you set it up right yeah don't make it seem like you're like walk around girls all day just show that you have friends just don't show that it looks like they're your girlfriend so for most of your pictures I think you should like include like some of you doing their hobbies clothes stuff like that kids that's how you can start a conversation with a girl also small shots of you in the mirror as well it was okay whenever I hided down that I saw one guy who wrote please have curves and personality and that was pretty much all his profile set if you have those types of things in your bio you are crazy like don't do it guys don't do it don't don't put that stuff in your bio what are you doing bro I'm here to give you my top 5 dating app Oakland for what's better netflix our avocados are they someone that prefers avocados maybe they prefer going to the gym and keeping active and healthy or do they just want to lie on their ass and watch Netflix my opening line on tinder when I first got on it was have you ever heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moon you take a reference to Pocahontas Princess Diaries bring it on that always scores you extra points with the ladies I'm really really bad at it I'm the type of person that goes hey I either go hey I like I just straight just hey I know it's so bad it's so bad it's so embarrassing great a story based around one of their pictures look at one of the girls tinder pictures and write out a little story of what you think is happening in the picture but there's a picture for looking out at the ocean you might want to write photo three Stephanie look longingly at the ocean wondering how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood that like nobody would respond to that I don't know anybody that would ever ever respond to something like that oh I really feel for that guy no because I bet that's what he's doing him to find love but I would have be like funny you don't have to do it there's a chance he's gonna see this too and I feel so bad but no no it's an idea it's an if you are willing to give it a shot I say go for it but I don't think it's the best move we're talking to somebody but we do appreciate the cruel far you'll go yeah avoid a compliment physical complex you're so pretty you're so beautiful that it uh the reason is there's just an autopilot response when a girl here is that she automatically just cuts it off opening mind you got it either be funny or you talk about like or you mentioned something something in their bio if they're going to school for something you mentioned something about that like what they're going to school for or if they make a joke in their bio you complement the jealous yes I agree agree I just don't like basic physical complements like telling you girly oh you've such pretty eyes like it's very like okay this is really like you're kind of moved you have to like find something really unique about them and compliment that yeah I told the girl that like she had like I was like you had like an incredible nose and she was like really that's a great compliment and I was like it's like it's just like perfect and then she was just like thank you and then she likes the national message alright guys so download tinder maybe you could run into one of us please like me I'm desperate I really am please like me yes please just you

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  1. Hello, my name is Elena. Unfortunately, there will be no story here about how I found the love of my life, ask why? Because my account was blocked without explanation, and your excellent service does not allow me to apply for an appeal. I am very sad, because I could meet someone with whom I would not speak in my life. Please return my account.

    With love, Elena

  2. I HATE when guys have pics with other girls on their tinder. Even the ones who blur her face and write "this could be you" to be funny. It just comes off as a douchey thing to me. Like they're either saying "this is my standard of girls" or "in a while YOU'RE gonna be the random girl in my tinder profile pic".

  3. I matched with a guy because we both liked the 1975. We went on a few dates and then he surprised me with tickets to go see them Play in London for my birthday. We have been together for two and a half years so far💗

  4. I gotta know.. does Matt have some crazy secret fetish or habit no one knows about? Because how else is this man SINGLE?!
    He’s attractive, funny af, intelligent, has a great voice😂 and has a good circle of friends…

  5. Them both being single is crazy. Matt will be my forever crush, thats not even a question, and Zane is so damn funny I would love to be around him.

  6. zane is so funny. like when he said he wouldn’t date someone adventurous because he’s lazy i was like same.😂 also the advice about make up a story about the girls picture was the worst advice. 😂😂😂

  7. Im sorry but i agree with Matt, that Pocahontas line would get me 👌🏼👌🏼 and other Disney ones too! Also like I would date Matt. Like he seems like a respectable, kind, and super intelligent guy

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