THE ULTIMATE ADVICE FOR EVERY STUDENT (Motivation to Succeed | Duke Law Student)

THE ULTIMATE ADVICE FOR EVERY STUDENT (Motivation to Succeed | Duke Law Student)

Flip The Switch podcast series is here!! I can’t wait to help and inspire as many individuals out there not only from my struggles and success, but from others as well! JOIN THE MOVEMENT and FLIP THE SWITCH

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31 thoughts on “THE ULTIMATE ADVICE FOR EVERY STUDENT (Motivation to Succeed | Duke Law Student)

  1. THANK YOU guys so much for all the support over the years!! Share this video with someone who you think can benefit from this! I am beyond excited to start this series, join us in this journey ❀️ Submit your questions to [email protected] com (read description for more info!)

  2. Bhai aap log ka literacy rate itna ghatiya kyu hai Bangladesh se kuchh sikha kijiye jitne islamic channel ko dekhte ho agar wahi youTube pe education channel banye jaye to kitne log educate honge padhne k lie chin bhi jana pade to jaie

  3. Jazak'Allah to you, and your Ummi for making me laugh, and also giving me the confidence that anyone can achieve success.

  4. ohh god, how much I can relate to this. Nothing works for me the first time around either, I need to work 10x harder than everyone around me. To be where I am currently.

  5. Salaam peace and blessings to you and your family especially a big blessing to your mamma & papa. & congratulations on coming this fare.

  6. Thank you so much Wajeeh!!! I’m studying for the Mcat and I needed this to keep going. Also we have the same birthday :))) πŸ˜‰ !!! June 21 baby!!

  7. Amazing advice! Your motivation is really helping me get through my LSAT prep. We all have high goals and aspirations but the way that we can make our dreams into realities is by one thing: hard work. Nothing more, nothing less. Hard work is what differentiates great individuals from the rest! Looking forward to the upcoming podcasts. Keep up the great work and all the best in your 2L year πŸ™‚

  8. I’m going the same way you went through I have A’s and B’s but I fail every test my grades going dowb

  9. i watched one of your vids about flipping the switch last year and i actually mentioned it in my transfer essay for Boston University and i got accepted. i ended up not transferring cuz i didnt get enough financial aid but the idea of flipping the switch stuck wit me and now im setting a goal of eventually going to law school after getting a finance degree

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