The Millionaire Investing Advice For Teenagers

The Millionaire Investing Advice For Teenagers

For anyone who wanted a video about how to invest as a teenager, or what to do when you turn 18 years old – here is that video, enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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Doing this is VERY easy – as a first credit card, I highly recommend The Discover It Secured Card.
All you need to do is put down a small deposit, and they will give you a credit card with a limit equal to that amount. To build your credit, all you need to do is put a minimal amount on the credit card each month, then pay it off in full to avoid paying any interest. It’s as simple as that, the entire process should take you less than 15 minutes to do.

I think it’s incredibly important that you have a bank account that’s solely in your own name, that ONLY you have access to – this is just one step closer to becoming a productive, financially responsible adult. Again, this step is just about learning how to manage money on your own, and eventually becoming an independent adult who can support themselves financially…and smash the like button.

A Roth IRA is a tax advantaged retirement account that lets you contribute post tax money…meaning taxes have already been taking out of what you earned…and by the time you’re 59.5, all the PROFIT in that account can be accessed completely tax free.

I’m not referring to a low interest rate mortgage on a rental property, or any type of leverage that makes you more money…instead, I’m referring to credit card debt, expensive personal loans, high interest auto loans, or ANY other type of loan that serves no purpose other than to make your life awful. The responsible way to handle purchases is to only buy things that you can afford, put it in a credit card…and then PAY THE CREDIT CARD OFF IN FULL before its due.

I sound like some old man saying this, but no joke, if there’s ANYTHING that set me up for a successful future, and that got me started on the right path early in life…it was this. GET A JOB. Anything. Even if it’s a few hours per week, JUST GET SOME WORK EXPERIENCE. Doesn’t matter how much money you make, just work…the experience that you’ll get from a part time job will be worth it 100x over by the time you’re older.

Do not buy stupid stuff to impress people who don’t matter. Do not waste your money on things that aren’t going to benefit you long term. I’m a firm believer that it’s totally okay and acceptable to live SUPER cheaply in your 20’s, to set up the rest of your life to live comfortably.

Here’s my solution: if you don’t know what you want to do with your life, either go and get work experience until you figure it out – or go to a 2-year community college part time while you work. This way, you can save a TON of money – you can continue working at the same time – and that gives you more time to figure out what you really want to do.

For most people out there, just invest in a broad low-cost index fund, invest consistently, and invest with the expectation of holding it for the next 30-40 years. That’s literally it. An index fund like FZROX, VTSAX, FIAX, or a target date retirement fund through Vanguard would do the trick. If you just do this one investment, chances are, this will become you full retirement when you’re older.

Now, If you ARE going to take on more risk, while you’re young is the time to do it. If you want to start that business, DO IT. If you’re successful at it, then you’re further ahead financially. Either way, you win…even if you LOSE, it’s better you lose a small amount when you’re 18, then a LARGE amount when you’re 35.

So don’t let those mistakes be made in vain…if everyone can learn from what I did wrong, then at least my mistakes went to a good purpose.

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22 thoughts on “The Millionaire Investing Advice For Teenagers

  1. So I have a little part time job now, but I don’t have a 401k do you think I still be able to invest in a Roth IRA?

  2. Hey!
    Im 15 and i have a stock account (?) on nordnet (swedish investing site) and i just started to learn about investing. I consider myself a head of teenagers generally. I hope i will learn how to invest and make it useful for my adult days 🙂 Good day for y'all ! 😀

  3. Get a Roth IRA before your 18, why wait, same with the bank account. Also I don't need a credit card cause I would never use it. And you can get a loan with a credit score, they just have to look at you at a person and not just your number.

  4. I’m 19 i have worked in the oil felid for a year and a few months I make 100k a year but I don’t have a long credit history and I have a apartment but it’s under my parents name I’m getting married soon and I have a little boy coming soon so I need more room for us maybe rent a house but I need longer credit history any tips on building credit history fast ?

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