The Division 2: How To DO MORE DAMAGE!

The Division 2: How To DO MORE DAMAGE!

Discussing a bunch of tips for how to increase your damage output in The Division 2! The best attachments, weapon talents, armor traits, mods, and more!



Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is here! Another looter to compete with Destiny 2 and Anthem!
In this video we will discussing a bunch of tips to help you increase your damage output and craft the best build from the beginning until the endgame in #TheDivision2

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what is up guys agent cock is here and today we are going to be going over a bunch of tips and information for how to increase your damage output in the division too if you are sick of it taking 3 magazines to take down an enemy if you hate that every enemy is a bullet sponge I've got some bad news enemies are always gonna be bullet sponges in the division but that aside hopefully we can get it down to two magazines to take down an enemy and so let's get started but just before we do guys if you're looking for some new headphones I've partnered with Astro so check the link in the description down below clicking it is gonna automatically apply a code letting you save some money and help the channel out definition of a win-win and the division 2's audio sounds great with those headphones now first things first let's start with the absolute elephant in the room this is the biggest tip I have if you're not doing this you are missing out on so much damage all you need to do to do considerably more damage in the division 2 is put on an assault rifle that uses 5 5 6 rounds and you know you may be wondering why did I do some sort of secret extra damage or something like that no it's just because of one attachment this light extended 556 magazine this attachment is so powerful it is going to warp the meta from when you start the game at level 1 to when the raid comes out and frankly this is such a big deal I hope that developers get on top of this and actually introduce some alternatives because there's no reason to use smg's there's no reason to use any other gun type almost as your primary then an assault rifle with 5 5 6 now why is that well when we're looking at the division you want sustained damage output yes putting on this magazine because it lowers your rate of fire will actually lower your DPS in those first few seconds but because it has 30 extra rounds it makes all assault rifles and 5 5 6 and they almost all of them in fact all of them really come with 30 rounds in magazines so it gives them all 6 a 100% magazine size increase and again when we're looking at the division 2 and you are battling those purple enemies those gold enemies you do not want to reload mid gunfight anytime you do that tanks your damage output so being able to kill two enemies with a single magazine being able to kill one Gold enemy with a single magazine that is so important and it will help you near immeasurably in most gunfights so if you don't have this attachment make it a priority its rewarded for doing the Department of Justice side mission and if you do definitely as your primary weapon run an assault rifle with 5 5 6 with this magazine now for your other weapon because of amyl considerations it's fine to run an LMG is sniper rifle SMG any of those things but your main weapon should always be that combo even if it doesn't necessarily do as much damage you may have an SMG that does you know a hundred a thousand damage more even in some circumstances and have the Racine rate of fire but if it's rocking at 25 30 round magazine and you're capable of 60 with an assault rifle you just have to go with the 60 and this actually also makes LMG certain LMGs like the m60 very very good because they natively come with 100 rounds in the magazine they are fantastic for sustained fire now I should note that there are other extended mags for other ammo types then 5 5 6 in fact there's a 7.62 Meg that also has a 30 round increase but it's available randomly once you get a control point at the absolute end game – it's maxed here and then it can randomly drop blueprints so people have got into world tier 4 without having access to that 7 6 2 mag and for the SMGs you're only talking about a 10 bullet increase a 12 will increase to the Meg so the 5 5 6 1 is available early and it's so clearly the best one all right now moving on from there the next tip I have is that damage and rate of fire are not always the keys to success when it comes to damage output most people are just going to do that calculation well this has a lot of damage and it has a high rate of fire I'm gonna put that on because of course it's gonna do more DPS and while that is technically correct it's technically correct at point-blank range –is in a very controlled environment most circumstances in the division to have you fighting actually a pretty longer ranges this is something that's also kind of key to this game if you're coming from the division one just the design of New York in general compared to Washington DC washington DC is a lot more open you find yourself fighting down alleyways and close quarters a lot less there's a lot more outside engagements and so being able to be lethal at longer ranges is very important so if we take a weapon like this FAMAS assault rifle with an extremely high rate of fire of 900 rounds per minute excellent dps and shoot it with no attachments it kicks up violently then if we switch to this ACR with a much slower rate of fire and potentially not as much damage output it definitely kicks up but it's not as violent and it's much easier to control overall and throw on a few attachments and you are really lethal at very long ranges and that's the thing sometimes it is worth putting on the weapon that does maybe a little bit less damage and that shoots a little bit slower to have that increase to accuracy especially because when we're talking about attachments you don't have to throw on all those attachments to improve those things if you're using something like that F mm like a famas something that has an incredibly high rate of fire you're likely going to have to put attachments on to calm it down increases the stability increases to accuracy but if you're using an already natively stable and accurate gun you can mess around with the attachments more to increase things like critical hit damage critical hit chance or one of my favorites a barrel stabilizer that actually increases damage to elites by 10% elites being like gold enemies and lower stability by 15% if I was to put that on the f2000 it would be absolutely wild all over the place and my damage output wouldn't be as good but putting it on an MK 16 is very reasonable and that is gonna increase your overall damage output now while we're talking about attachments another big tip is that know what attachments go well with certain gun types putting on for example a laser sight that increases critical hit chance by 10% on an assault rifle is all but useless putting it on an SMG is extremely good and will increase your damage output now why is that well assault rifles don't actually natively do a lot of critical hits but smg's do and rifles do as well that's why like I said that compensator that just increases damage to elites is so good on assault rifles whereas stuff that increases critical hit chance and damage those are much better on SMGs and rifles all right now staying on the subject of weapons what kind of weapon talents should you be looking for for increased damage output well there are a bunch of good ones and let's go over some of the best firstly Ranger every 5 meters you are from the target grants plus 2% weapon damage of course this is best on rifles sniper rifles but actually really good on assault rifles as well most gunfights take place you know 20 meters apart that is a free eight to ten percent damage increase you're just getting for that weapon now this perk is also great because it requires 4 or less in your skill value of your build and that's good because if you're going for damage output you don't want to have massive skill value if you have massive skill value you're likely creating a build that's more about obviously utilizing your skills than necessarily getting raw damage output with your weapons so this is gonna allow you to absolutely stack out on your red symbol aka your damage output symbol and still have this perk active something like this perk Reformation that requires 4 or less of this read skill isn't great for a damage output build but not every skill will have these requirements some just automatically are granted to the weapon and some of the best are looking for include Allegro plus 10% rate of fire just a straight damage output increase and it's gonna counteract on assault rifles the magazine which is very important also another great one is extra plus 20% magazine capacity we've talked about how important having a large magazine is this is absolutely fantastic on an assault rifle you're gonna get with the magazine combination like seventy four rounds in fact I have a UMP 45 here and even though normally this would not be a very good gun because it does come with extra and I have the magazine with 12 extra rounds I got it up to 50 rounds in a magazine so that's actually competing that's in the same category as those assault rifles now so that's another really important part to look for another great perk is bread basket essentially head seeker from destiny landing body shots adds a stack of Plus 5% headshot damage so that's just gonna overall increase your output as long as you're mixing body shots and head shots together which is pretty much every gunfight and it requires five or more of the read symbol which is great you can have as much damage output coming from your armor as possible and still have this perk active now some perks that can be good to look for is something like ignited deal plus 20% weapon damage fantastic to Burning enemies if you have skills or equipment that light enemies on fire this can be the absolute god to your perk you're looking for next up close and personal killing a target within 7 meters grants plus 50% weapon damage for 5 seconds an absurd bonus if you can activate it you have to play aggressively but it is worth it and this is where my spiel about magazines comes into play if you have to reload after getting that close-range kill you waste this bonus if you can use half your magazine to kill this enemy and then the other half is dealing plus 50% damage that is the key here another pretty decent one for SMGs and rifles is killer killing an enemy with a critical hit grants plus 50% critical hit chance for 5 seconds honestly although it might not seem like it accurate is good two plus 15% accuracy just to let you hit your shots more often and therefore increase your damage output now another really good perk that you should like prioritize is lucky shot magazine capacity is increased by 20% absurdly powerful missed shots from cover have a 25% chance to return to the magazine such a good perk and actually my role here for this rifle came with extra as well for another plus 20% magazine capacity that is a god role if I've ever seen it unfortunately it happened to spawn in a lower gear score item now moving on from there somewhat counter-intuitively messing around with your weapons isn't the only way to increase your damage output sometimes your armor is key to doing more damage and a lot of people are just gonna be looking for oh I'm not doing enough damage I need a new weapon I need a new weapon actually your new pair of gloves or mask or whatever could substantially increase your damage output and here's how there's a bunch of different bonuses armor comes with and a lot of them affect weapons if we look here I have this chest on right now and that increases LMG damage because of the set bonus and also in terms of attributes increases headshot damage and critical hit damage so a lot of things effecting weapons right there but if I'm using an assault rifle which I am right now I'm not actually getting the most in terms of my damage output in fact if I get a shot on this target just one shot with his assault rifle I do around 15,000 damage now if I switch to just another chest piece actually a lower gear score chest piece but one with much more relevant attributes I get now for the set bonus plus 10% assault rifle damage so already a big boon before I have an LMG bonus if I'm not utilizing LMG is that's a wasted bonus this one is gonna give me a much more practical one for the gun at hand and it gives me a 7.5% straight weapon damage increase and it has perks that are relevant but we'll talk about that later if I use this chest piece I actually do around 17,000 damage so just by switching chess pieces to again a lower gear score actually worse quality chess piece but one with much more relevant skills increase my damage output so this is something you absolutely need to be aware of utilizing the right arm or with the right benefits is going to substantially increase your damage output but what benefits are you looking for well first and foremost you want straight damage increases so stuff like weapon damage increases that's probably one of the best is a very versatile bonus so no matter what weapons you're using they're being affected but also in this category we have like SMG damage bonuses assault rifle damage bonuses LMG damage bonuses of course that only applies if you're actually utilizing that gun type but if you are it's as good as a straight damage bonus next up something like headshot damage really applies to most weapons out there is extremely relevant and then kind of at the bottom of the list we have critical hit damage and critical hit chance again those are only going to apply to mostly rifles and SMGs and they don't apply all the time a weapon damage increase is going to improve an SMG and it's gonna improve its critical hit damage as well whereas a critical hit damage bonus this is obviously just gonna apply to if you hit a critical hit with a weapon like an SMG that can actually make the most of it but of course that tier list applies to similar numerical bonuses a 15% headshot increase is much better than a 3% weapon damage increase for example however something important to know is that if you get a piece of armor that does not come with any weapon damage increases perhaps you're using it because it comes with armor on kill which is extremely good for survivability you can still get that piece of armor to increase your damage output now how well firstly the recalibration station you can go there and change attributes of your armor and your weapons actually but that's kind of its own thing something else you can do is just put on mods seriously remember to mod your armor even in defensive system mod slots I have this one here the just gives a 4% increase to shotgun damage these are things that you're gonna get and sometimes you're gonna forget about so make sure to check them out but in the offense of mod slot is what you're really looking for here you can get I mean look at this increase to weapon damage by 1.5% a 4% increase to rifle damage and a 2% increase to LMG damage just for putting a mod on a piece of armor so not only are you looking for that right armor you're looking for armor that can accommodate those good offensive mods to get damage on top of damage on top of damage and so guys those are all of my tips for how to increase your damage output in the division – I hope you enjoyed this video found it informative and if you did please remember to help me out by simply rating and especially sharing this video if you guys want to see more division 2 content be sure to slap that subscribe button if you guys want to get in touch with me and keep up to date with the latest channel activity the best way is to follow me on twitter at Rick cactus that's linked in the description down below again I hope you enjoyed the video and as always have a good day

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  1. Every single one of my armour pieces for Raid build has Hard Hitting (10% DMG to elites) and my mask also has additional 26% dmg to elites

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  3. how to do more damage: dont be in a damn rush all the time and AIM, wear gear that enhances your chosen weapons damage. the end

  4. 2 mags to drop a standard red enemy? I one shot (headshots off-course)them with bolt guns and even DMR's that have nice roll's,battle rifles do it in 2 to 4 rounds depending on crits.Im sharpshooter and currently wt3.I dont feel that standard mobs are spongy, elites/bosses are but i think thats only to be expected.If i get swamped ill pull out a LMG,normally m60,average about 15rounds per kill of normal mob, obviously not all of those 15 are hitting, that's full auto not aimed single shots.I dont bother with the SMG's or assault rifles as they do feel underwhelming to me.

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  7. They nerfed that Light Extended 5.56 mag – now it's just a +10. Still decent, sure, but not groundbreakingly amazing or anything.

  8. Regrettably, they nerfed the mag with the patch 04/05/2019. They also removed vast majority of "negatives" on weapon mods.

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