The Complete JavaScript Course 2019: Build Real Projects! -  9  Coding Challenge 1

The Complete JavaScript Course 2019: Build Real Projects! – 9 Coding Challenge 1

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welcome to your first coding challenge in this course and so this is the challenge that I want you to take so mark and John are trying to compare their body mass indexes which is calculated by dividing the mass by the squared height okay so this formula here and to calculate the square of a number you simply have to multiply it by itself and so the final formula becomes mass divided by height times height okay and here note that the height must be in meters and the mass in kilograms all right now the first step that you have to complete is to store marks and John's mass and Heights in different variables okay so just like we've been doing all this time up until this point then next up calculate both their BMI s then create a boolean variable containing information about whether mark has a higher BMI than John and so that again we did before and then finally you can print the string to the console saying something like this marks BMI higher than John's and then the boolean that you created or that you calculated in step 3 okay so true or false and so this is again very similar to something that we did before and so this should be not a big problem to you hopefully now if you find some problem here if you cannot really solve it then it's absolutely no problem here okay so don't beat yourself up if you're not able to 100% complete this so everyone has different learning speeds and learning styles and so it's really ok if you're not able to do it 100% on your own here ok so if you need to look up something that we did before that's not a big deal but you should really try to remember the stuff that we did before and and use that to solve this challenge ok anyway the solution to this is in the next video where I'm going to show you how I would calculate us so good luck with this and see you in a video after you complete this coding challenge

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