26 thoughts on “The Beautiful South 36D

  1. Sing this to my missus as a joke …she got me back one time by changing the word to ….3 to 6 inch .so what is that all that you got ….was quick thinking for her …had to grin

  2. First Housemartins and Beautiful South later on… never getting bored again!!! Thanks for sharing these magnificent tunes!

  3. I’d had the chorus stuck in my head for my entire life. My dad played this today and when it got to the chorus I immediately sat up and yelled “I know this” and started singing along

  4. Have always liked this song from back in the day. I had never seen the video until now. Wow! Just wow! Great work. Thanks!

  5. I remember they sang this for the first time at one of their concerts I was at. I was so naive, I had no clue what they were singing about.

  6. The drummer – Dave "steady" Stead – was my dad's apprentice Electrician; always remember answering the door to him in the morning before school. Top lad, top drummer, but a massive piss-head by all accounts, as they all were back then. 😉

  7. Stephen was actually the pimp this song is about pors and the dangers that that face because if dirty old men Manny were getting killed because of it all

  8. Thanks for posting this. I was a huge fan when their first three albums came out. Seeing this video has me going back to their discography.

  9. I read that this song is the reason why Briana Corrigan left the band, because she felt the song targeted the glamour models instead of targeting the media as sexist. Doesn't really change the fact that this song is amazing.

  10. From the album Carry on up the Charts, probably some of the best lyrics bolted onto some of the best tunes ever written…

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