#TerrariaFever EPISODE SEVEN ' How to Bring Statues To LIFE ' Terraria xbox 360 Edition.

#TerrariaFever EPISODE SEVEN ' How to Bring Statues To LIFE ' Terraria xbox 360 Edition.

How To bring Statues to LIFE … more like how to Die! Once again, Thank you 505 GAMES FOR GIVING ME THE BEST GAME and SERIES ever!!!!

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liberty let's play Terraria bunny well hello people how are you today great is here yeah let's chew chew here and today what I'm going to do is I'm gonna teach you guys how to spawn a statue oh yes now I have with me here a bird statue that you find statues all over my plants so what you want to do is you just want to place down your statue and what you want to do is I have a ranch here which place is down wire okay and what you want to do is just wire this statue nobody with me anyway you just want to bring this down here no don't kill the bunny no anyway sorry but I have a see what you want to do is just bring the wire down here now what we can do is I'm also gonna teach you guys how to use a 5 second timer cuz I'm gonna be using these all the time just because look for traps and stuff with maybe a few traps so what you do is you just pull your timer down and you simply wire up to your truck your timer and then you bring the wire this way ok so then we go down we switch and this is it this is how you do it God is you simply just wire all this up then you press your switch and a birdie see that's how you spawn so there's a few other statues you can do so guys have fun with that whatever statue you find off all over the map is up to you anyway and we just want to clarify people are saying them that's I'm using these characters for my let's play well I'm not this is my Opie character this is my character where my friends give me stuff so I can do tutorials where's my other character I earn everything I have so like all the stuff in this tutorial here I did not earn like I don't have 5 I don't 249 5 second timer is my friend gave me now so just clarifying that with you guys so I hope you felt like this tutorial give it a like if you haven't already and there Chuchu out looking in your buddy you guys are the best thanks so much for watching my videos you don't know how much I appreciate it once again I want to say thank so much check out some of these other clips and go subscribe guys if you haven't already like every maybe all you like and once again from this Irish dude love you so much lads keep it up chew chew don't forget to cheer for the potty training

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  1. choo choo my laptop doesn't show any thingwhen I try to watch your vids thanks Sebastian waterman Au Vic Melborn

  2. Oh I thought you were cheating but your friends gave you those things because I was like YOU CAN'T GET A MOLTEN HAMAXE THAT FAST AND YOU HAVE ABOUT A STACK OF WIRE AND A WRENCH? But thanks for telling me that your friends gave you those thing 🙂

  3. hey choo choo i was just wondering if i could be in one of your lets plays my gt is x24th nightmare pleaz you are awesome

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