TacoTime, Tides Pool & Miami Advice on the Carnival Vista

TacoTime, Tides Pool & Miami Advice on the Carnival Vista

What is the best thing to do when it is raining on a cruise ship? Well wander around and eat and drink of course! We start out with lunch at Blue Iguana Cantina with a taco salad for Jason and a taco trio of pork, chicken and fish for Alisa… all delicious! Then we are walking through the Lido buffet and see that they are making fresh gelato. Umm, yes please! I try the coconut gelato with a raspberry sauce and it was very good. Jason takes a look at the savory options on the buffet since he is staying away from sweets. Next up we move to the back of the ship to the Tides Pool and Tides Bar. Here Jason gets a lesson from the bartender on how to keep the liver clean while maximizing your drinking potential… let’s see how this works???

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we haven't tested the automatic washy washing station you have so let's say okay washing washing rinsing rinsing you're going in it's weird innit it's a little funky it does we'll get in there soap in there too he's basically what it's like it's a high pressure like little needles just shoot water it's like a shower for your hand yeah [Applause] you yes hmm well one chicken one fish one quarter yes yes and I get hotter you and then see you take em over here and this is where all lettuce tomatoes everything is so I'm gonna dr. mom I'll show you the finished product cilantro lime Banaras salsa salsa salsa pika over here is all the different salsas – and creme fraiche qey and black bean and corn salsa I think I want some of that on my chicken so I have this one is the pork taco this is the chicken so put some black beans and corn on that one and then the fish I kept a real simple so just some little bit of lettuce cilantro and hukou a little bit of salsa and Jason made a delicious taco salad a whole bunch of salsa on it pretty salsas roasted tomato salsa topped it off little tokyo hot sauce it's basically just onions and peppers Dakota yo I got people chicken and shrimp awesome give it a bite see how it is and Austin wakamoto sauce it's good so I think I'm gonna go in for the pork for her slow slow ball because pork is always my favorite let's go in for the pork first the pork is well fiber have the fish in the fish is they brought a piece of fried fish so I kept this one very simple last up is the chicken and I put the black bean and corn on this one so it's got a little bit extra on it it's good chickens male bird can't really get in there can't see Illinois they're all good so I've got all three of them YUM and the toppings are over here yes yes yes hey that's coconut so what goes near the coconut let's put some raspberry okay so this is coconut gelato with raspberry cream sauce I just got one scoop just a little bit just to try it mmm mmm I was good there's really really good very creamy ice cream or gelato and that raspberry sauce goes really good with coconut I made a good decision on my topping and Jason is in line over here we came he is he's in line for the buffet because he is a savory person and wanted to see what all is available over there he saw someone with fried shrimp so he's like you've gotta go try it I see a pile of cheese on his plate little snack what is that beef stroganoff it was it was beef with noodles like beef stroganoff I just I want to just try to just try the beef just be there yeah I know that cheese is always good there such a latte right there that was so good it was actually really good is it it smells good that gelato is delicious gelatos good oh my god yes it's coconut gelato and then their sauces over there put raspberry sauce hey Shawn turning it up yeah it's real soft it's softer than soft-serve yummy it's delicious so I'm gonna try what the bark singer said that I was telling you yesterday I said I tapped out we met some friends on the ship lots of beautiful people that we've met off this trip but they liked it you like to buy me a beer because Jason drinks beer right and I'm never gonna turn one day keep on bringing them I started early about 10:30 because it's the first C day and you know you're excited and it's just what happens and I ended up maxing my chairs out and having a few extra from all the people for five years but anyway so today it's the next day and I'm taking it a little bit slower bartender come over and asked me if I wanted a beer yeah I'll take a beer you brought me a beer and I said Haven so that told them I tapped out yesterday and he says uh really well he says you just need some lemons and some salt helps detoxified a little you know yes the assault has sodium extracts the alcohol not real sure about that how all that works but he said or suggested take eat some lemons and some salt along the way and of course drink lots of water which I knew but I'm gonna put it to the test and I got me a cup of livers and salt ramp Cup and assault rooms up so more bear oh my god tried to maximize my mileage wish me luck so we're just sitting over here where's the tide pool and it's raining still but it's okay because Jason actually got hot tub for a little bit and then you got your cold now aren't you drink whoo man I love lemons oh my gosh this is the guy that this is that I use this is the guy that told me so if he's lying if he's lying it's his fault because he's the one that told me that this will help detoxify my liver so we're putting hey my first Miami wife of the trip half strawberry daiquiri a pina colada my drink of choice oh good you got a pineapple you got a cherry save that for a little later so that's I guess my advice is basically you have comunicados get out strawberry daiquiri yeah see how pretty it is it's real pretty in the beginning or or half strawberry collage it turns into a slushy mess about half way through but it's real pretty at the beginning and it tastes yummy not a whole lot of didn't pack a lot of punch hearing splash of alcohol in it tastes good dog yeah it's more for tasted for little fruity vacation drainage you know Lisa like some another so we're still posted up here at the tides pool been here for a while now we're just chilling because it's it's raining that it stops and it rains it's not but jason has the ideal a little while ago they were gonna walk out support to Ron John and get him a t-shirt but he changed his mind well you said that and then about 20 minutes after you said it it started raining again so we would have been caught out in the rain for a second time today so I'm glad we didn't Jeffrey [Applause] yeah I mean it's guys burgers time is what kind of you're ready I'm so ready it's a beautiful thing oh yeah donkey I just want I just want here a few patterns no Bret check it over here doctor it on up finally almost time to leave Cozumel it's like the clock we've been here all day and it has stopped raining and we are getting incise burgers for dinner tonight so the boys are coming to meet us in just a few minutes but we went ahead and grabbed our so Jason Scott just the meat – meat patties hojoon power yeah – patty is loaded with all the yummy goodness but no bread me I have my traditional with the donkey sauce gotta have donkey sauce and the delicious fries I love me a guy's burger y'all let my said this peer runner so let's do it yeah there is literally appear runner literally running his poncho running the show literally running it's really dark from our camera there again three Joe that was nice we'll make sure the drinks kitty beer anyway Lisa Scott the first remedy of the cruise and she's not a big drinker she really she rarely drinks [Applause]

21 thoughts on “TacoTime, Tides Pool & Miami Advice on the Carnival Vista

  1. Someone please help me understand. Everyone always raves about the Alchemy Bar. All the Carnival cruises I've been on and I've only tried it out a couple of times. Never have I been thrilled with it, why?… What am I not getting?🤷‍♀️

  2. Just love watching your videos!  You guys do a great job!  Definitely one of my favorites YouTube Channels to watch!  My husband and I are porting out of New Orleans on the 25th, on the Valor (first time porting from New Orleans)….I really wish you guys lived closer to the port so that we could hang out the night before we get on the ship!  Keep up the good work!  Can't wait to see the next video!  I hope that you guys are safe and receive no damage from the upcoming storm!  Be safe!

  3. Love the Miami Vice. Got the Drink Cards cruise before last, was done by noon. Had too many mixed drinks, oops. This last cruise on the Dream, just stuck with one type, much better. And I'm not a heavy drinker. I was trying to get my money's worth LOL. Love your channel!

  4. 😂 the chair runner! I've never cruised I live vicariously through you…..I had no idea! 😂🤣😂🤣 but of course! Thanks guys you made me laugh out loud!great video!

  5. I agree. Guy’s Burgers had the best food on the ship. Normally we enjoy having pizza available 24hrs a day but we were disappointed on the Vista. They rarely had any pizza ready! 😩 1st world problems!😂😂

  6. I hope my cruise out of new orelans doesn’t get canceled by that tropical storm seeing this makes me want blind iguana more and more

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