Style guide for plus size - Dressing tips Do's and Don'ts /UPDATED 2019

Style guide for plus size – Dressing tips Do's and Don'ts /UPDATED 2019

Every body shape can look flattering if dressed right. Every Plus size body is different but this video will show you some easy follow Dressing and styling tips to look confident if you are a plus size woman. simple tips to Hide Belly fat, look slimmer, hacks to hide your problem areas and bring attention to your strengths are just a few problems solved in this Updated video. Do watch my old video on a similar topic. These tips are will be useful for a lot of women. please share it with your friends.




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how to dress to look thinner slimming fashion tips that actually work if you are looking for tips and tricks to help you learn how to dress to look thinner and how to make yourself look skinny in pictures then you have come to the right place my dear I did make a video a couple of years ago on the same topic but since then you guys have requested for the same video to be made with an actual plus-sized woman so here I am a new and improved tips with a confident plus-sized woman Olga Olga is a very popular blogger and she looks super confident in all her pictures on Instagram do check her out her handle is echo underscore mass welcome to blush with me so at the first glance you look extremely confident in all your pictures what is it that really works for you for me it is understanding what to wear for your body type and how to pose and I actually remember watching one of your videos a couple years ago and I definitely learned some tips and tricks so I'm very excited to show you how to pose for a plus-size oh so she has learned something no but you've been there for a while and I've seen your stuff which is amazing so you will see Olga in not just one but two videos because like she said you need to understand what to wear for your body type which is what we will discuss today and the second one will be about how to pose for plus-size bodies this is huge help Olga thank you so much for collaborating with me because this is not just for me but for thousands of other women out there who need more body confidence videos so thank you for having me okay so you know whoever comes to blush with me has to say welcome to blush with me that was amazing tip number one is to define your ways if you want to know how to dress to look thinner finding ways to define your waist is a great first step this has to create the illusion that you have that perfect hourglass figure with curves exactly in the right place even if you don't well for me the reason I have this belt it's because it brings attention to the high waist because I am not only voluptuous I'm also 5 feet tall so that creates an illusion that my waist is higher so that I look taller obviously nice good tip so opt for high waist bottoms that are made with mostly structured fabrics tuck loose fitted shirts into pants and skirts clinched the dresses with a small belt nothing too baked nothing too broad on your waist also consider wearing shapewear this brings us to our next point shapewear next step is to wear clothes that are your correct size contrary to popular belief wearing clothes that are too big or too small for your frame doesn't always make you look slimmer so bulky clothes are more likely to make you look bigger than you actually are and sizing down has its own problems what are those for example back fat muffin tops and ladies we all have it cellulite it's it's very important to choose clothing that fits true to size right absolutely and also when you shop we always have this issue that we think I'm gonna lose that a couple pounds I'll buy this no guys smaller it's still in the closet that I good with a tag on I brought some clothes today for the town still so don't do it by your own size so choose the right undergarments when it comes to finding clothes that make you look slimmer your undergarments are just as if not more important than your outfit like Olga mention tight bras draw attention to your back fat and tight panties can cause rolls muffin tops and cellulite can also show through clothes that are very tight so take some time to get fitted properly invest in good body shaper this is very important ladies if you want to know how to dress to look thinner shapewear is about to become your new best friend but I suggest like Rita said to invest in it because you can wear it daily I used to wear things that would not highlight my shape just to hide my cellulite my fat and my rolls I all love it all by the way but now with the shapewear I can highlight the things I want to highlight and I can wear tighter clothes I can show my curves and hide the imperfections on my body but I suggest wearing it every day because it can highlight the parts you want to be highlighted and hides the imperfections of your body next tip is to avoid rounded shoes what well they may look cute rounded toed shoes do nothing but make your legs look short and stumpy opt for pointed toe shoes because they elongate your legs and give the illusion that they are longer than they actually are see what a difference it makes you don't have to wear heels as long as they're a little more pointed in front they will elongate you also with your everyday jeans try to wear skinny jeans and pair it with heels if you're a fan of skinny jeans but feel self-conscious about the width of your legs then avoid flats or flip-flops at all costs even just 1 inch heel helps you can make your legs look longer by ensuring that your denim is about ankle length or slightly longer but avoid boot cut and pairing them with sexy pair of pointed toe heels will only elongate your legs more next tip is to dress in one color any color except white when you dress in two contrasting color or different prints the eye is naturally drawn to the area where these two colors come together which is typically at your waistline this can be a good thing if you have a natural hourglass figure but if you want to elongate your already boxy frame then dressing in one color is a simple way to lengthen your body to create one sweeping look cover-up with a long outerwear if you live in cooler climates and want to find ways to stay warm without adding that unnecessary bulk to your look then sweeping outerwear will help lengthen your frame again pair it with skinny jeans and pointy toed shoes or boots and leave your coat open or cinch at the waist for a more flattering look when you really need to bundle up now when clothing with vertical stress is a thing of the past vertical or horizontal wear thinner stripes versus broader stripes broad vertical stripes will make you look bigger than 10 horizontal stripes it's no secret that horizontal stripes can make you look wider but that doesn't mean you need to avoid stripes completely you just need to be more strategic when wearing them remember that stripes tend to stand out so if you are trying to figure out how to dress to look thinner opt for thinner smaller stripes especially in dark colors and avoid dressing yourself in the same pattern from head to toe while stripes can certainly be slimming you want to accentuate your waist for example a black top tucked into a pair of pinstripe pants or skirt can elongate your legs and make you look slimmer instantly my next tip is to avoid the current trend of pleated skirts and dresses why please can be sexy and feminine when worn correctly the moment they start to part and open up they immediately add bulk to your frame especially right below the belted area there are certain things you can do to avoid this but many of these techniques have the potential to make your waist look thicker if you are looking for clothes to make you look slimmer than my advice is to avoid fleas completely opt for a high waist jeans if you want to draw attention away from your tummy and the muffin top or your thighs then ditch the low waist jeans opt for a high waist jeans to add height to your frame choose a dark wash with a high waist I said high waist again and pair it with pointy toed shoes yet again ensuring that the bottom of your jeans hits the shoe for maximum effect avoid light colored jeans and pants white and light wash jeans and pants have potential to make your legs look thicker so if you are blessed with big pies always choose darker colors as they can have more slimming effect another simple but very effective tip to teach you how to dress to look thinner is to wear v-neck tops as they help elongate your upper body by adding that balance to your hips and pies this is an especially great tip for girls with bigger bustline as we make tops will naturally draw the eye away from the problem areas and towards the neckline instead you don't have big boobs don't worry invest in a good push-up brand this can go a long way it will also elongate the appearance of your waist choose your accessories wisely my next step to teach you to dress to look thinner is to accessorize necklaces earrings belts and bracelets they can all draw the eye away from the problem areas while accentuating your best features for example long necklace can take the focus away from big hips big earrings draw attention away from your upper body and towards your face big bracelets are great at hiding big upper arms by bringing the eyes towards your wrist and help define your waist and like I mentioned before just be sure to avoid thick belts as they can cut your torso into half and that can have the exact opposite effect of what you are looking for as much as we all strive to follow the latest fad diet and workout regimes to help us shed the excess body weight so we can look and feel our best many of us don't have the time or we don't get the exact results that we are hoping for or we just lack willpower to stick to our goals 100% of the time and that is completely ok not all of us are meant to be Size Zero and the sooner we accept this and learn to love our bodies we are in the happier we will be every plus-sized girl is different whether you are a voluptuous plus-size woman with sexy hourglass figure or a broad shouldered girl with absolutely no curves or a petite who has fallen off track with her weight loss goals or feels bloated or swollen I am sharing ideas to help you learn how to dress to look thinner and look confident and show off your most attractive features that you already have how did you like this video do you want to see how to pose for plus-sized women because I cannot wait to share it this is going to be a life and confidence transforming video for you just as it is for my clients in person I am the kind of image coach that aims to shift your mindset I first want you to make changes to find your beauty love yourself and then the rest of the process becomes much easier share this video and channel with your other friends I'm sure you know tons of women who need this information I love your comments so do write to me don't forget to subscribe the channel so much information so many interesting videos subscribe thank you and don't forget to hit the like button and yes I am currently training alda to become a youtuber because she has some amazing content to share make sure to follow her Instagram page and mine because women like her are always an inspiration I'm sure when you decided to be on Instagram your first thought might have been this platform is filled with these beautiful skinny girls did you ever think will there be space to me yes you know obviously you compare yourself to these beautiful women who are beautiful but also you know that everything is changing words are different and there's so many women out there that are different body types and it's a place for everyone online offline everywhere exactly people want to see real women they want to follow real women and you are a real woman I'm a real woman I've also realized that no matter what my body changes all the time our body weight fluctuates right but I do have that confidence so I wanted to share with my subscribers when future followers on YouTube hopefully because this lady is teaching me so big reveal stay tuned No thank you so much Olga for coming today and joining me on this video thank you for having me thank you and I hope you will continue to blush with me

36 thoughts on “Style guide for plus size – Dressing tips Do's and Don'ts /UPDATED 2019

  1. don't mean to be disrespectful but this video is with filled with horrible advice and use of language that re-enforces the concept that the "European standard" of beauty is the epitome of acceptable. Although you talk about how "confident" she is a lot you don't mention how she's beautiful and there's nothing wrong with her body type. The goal should NOT be to look skinnier but to look your absolute best regardless of what your clothing label or scale says.

  2. I really found this video to be very helpful. Olga is a beautiful plus size woman and her confidence really shows through. A lot of people commented negatively about this video because it was tips on how to look thinner but there are a lot of plus size women that do want to try to accentuate their positive features and minimize their negative ones. Not everyone that is plus size is happy to show off how big they are and videos like this help us to find ways to dress more flattering that will ultimately make us feel more confident. Thank you so much for making this video and I do hope you make additional videos for plus size women.

  3. I am a bigger girl and appreciate it when someone can give me some tips on how to dress a little more sliming. Not everybody will have the same oppinion its not bad to like the size you are or love yourself the way you are but some bigger girls might want to make themselves appear thinner there is no crime in wanting to look how you want if, you dont like the video thats okay but you dont have to be rude about it there are other videos out there on how bigger girls can dress to accentuate their bodys but then there are bigger girls who would love to dress using the tips in this video Thank you For this video!

  4. 1st Thang- ion want someone who ain’t had/have my struggle tell me how to dress my body so condescendingly.
    2nd- ur quite triggering!! U saying stuff we heard from so-called friends & fy all our lives!
    3rd- we wear all-white whenever the *#@%/€ we want!!
    4th- we wear what we WANT! BYEEEEEEE! Neva subscribe👎🏾

  5. "Don't wear rounded-toe shoes. Choose pointed toe."—— looks like the toe wasn't the issue. She went from flats to 4 inch heels. I hate heels & I won't wear them. Those shoes would make me over 6 feet tall.

  6. All the comments from people not picking. If you don’t like the tips, don’t take them on. She’s mentioning the fact that Olga is beautiful but you’re only hearing what you want to hear for the sake of complaining. Yes she’s saying she looks “confident” because she does. She’s saying to emphasise the good things you have going for you and take the attention away from the bad- because whether you like it or not we all have things we rather take attention away from. Don’t click on a video called “how to dress to look thin” if you have a problem with trying to look thin. For crying out loud

  7. This Olga is an absolutely gorgeous and extremely sexy woman. She should wear more short skirts because her legs are stunning.

  8. Why is this about plus size video about making women thinner? Definitely what is needed, a thin women telling plus size repeatedly saying slimmer and thinner🤦🏾‍♀️

  9. I love this! I appreciate the positive outlook, the tips and the visuals. I will definitely keep this in mind the next time I go clothes shopping for myself. Thank you for posting! XO

  10. Thank you for this. My mom is a former model and I…let’s just say I have a completely different body type. This really gave me a lot of ideas and I have been looking for something like this.

  11. I’m gonna break all these rules like a savage

    No one can stop me

    You should try telling people that they look amazing despite what they wear, try it ya might feel nice-

  12. It's hard to give tips for plus size women when you are not a plus size woman yourself. However, there are thin ladies out here that genuinely care about all women of all shapes, sizes, and styles, and give very helpful tips. We have to stick together and encourage each other. Beauty has no sizes. That's why I started a fashion clothing website that includes a curved woman collection even though I'm not considered curvy myself. It's called Love your video and message.

  13. U know I'm getting tired of skinny girls saying love ur body the sooner u except that u will feel better, easy for them to say. I was 120 but cause of shitty doctors ignoring me I'm 200pounds, 5'7, DD chest,size 10 shoe. Now that I have found a good Dr who ameditaly checked my thyroid and it's completely ruined and I have growths all over, it's so bad it's caused extra fluid in my brain that's now putting pressure on my brain making me sick. Not only am I a divorced mom and in my 30's trying to just find my "look" I now have to figure out and learn about being heavy and yes depressed 😔 I don't want to be unhealthy or over weight. people judge think I'm lazy did it to my self by over eating ect. They dont now me or know I'm ill and have no control over my weight at all any more it's all controlled by medicine because my body can't do that any more. It sucks and I wish their was videos with women who get it and really understand and want to help us figure out tips or tricks or ways to dress that are reality I can't wear hills not even 1inch I can't balance cause of the pressure on my brain so that wouldn't be smart. I am divorced mother of two boys and raising my niece I can't run around in a dress all day or a blouce that cost an arm and a leg to have power aid spilt on it or bmx oil on it from the boys pilling in to the van there friends and their bikes and stuff who need rides home. I'm sure there's other moms and women who get what I'm saying we don't always have the $ we don't have the time, and we don't have the courage most days. Yes we need to love our selfs yes I except what's gone on but that doesn't mean much my body changes on a weekly basis what fit one week might not the next cuz I'm swollen or I've dropped to much weight to fast. I'm still big but what worked one week might not work the next that's why knowing as much as possible about the different things we can do I can at least try to stalk my closet up with different things that I can switch up with when this happens. But ya I'm sorry tired of seeing really skinny girls compliane about needing to loose weight and how hard it is or they can't wear stuff or they understand. Yes skinny girls have feelings and have there own complications not trying to say they don't but let's face it they don't have it as hard as girls who are heavy they don't fear strangers yelling at them or saying shit to them cause u wanted to buy a Dr pepper that day or the food ur getting is for your son and his friends that are 16,17,18 but the strangers say well no wonder ur fat maybe if u stopped shuving ur face with shit, or saying that's allot of food , like some how what ur doing in ur personal life effects them in there totally separate lives come on! You literally start to fear going out so u just stop one day cuz the world is just to mean being cofandent is great but we still hurt we still cry we still need help to feel cofandent so do skinny girls it's not all a mind set if that was the case we wouldn't care what we wore our hair style mec up nails non of it would matter but it does thus giving and helping us except our selves and have cofadence but that can be quickly stomped out by one Nasty judging, word or look. Sorry for the rambling I just got triggered by some of the stuff said.

  14. I don’t like the title nor the main focus of this video. I have no problem with wanting to wear what makes you feel good but to look “thinner”…? To me personally that sounds like you’re fat shaming or not embracing who you are. It should have been called how to dress with body confidence or something to that effect. Idk. I really don’t agree with trying to make plus people feel like they have to try to LOOK thinner like everybody else. Plus I don’t wear just one color and I think I look fine.

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