Starship robot aims to reduce delivery costs - BBC Click

Starship robot aims to reduce delivery costs – BBC Click

A new robot developed by one of the original founders of Skype could help reduce the price we pay for deliveries – and possibly make them free in the future. Starship drives autonomously to the shopper’s doorway and then texts an alert message to announce its arrival. The low speed robot is designed to drive for a few miles from a local hub or a shop and can only carry small loads.
The company is currently testing its prototypes and hopes to launch pilot services in the UK next year.
BBC Click’s Talia Franco spoke to Ahti Heinla about his new robot.

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11 thoughts on “Starship robot aims to reduce delivery costs – BBC Click

  1. So this is RoBBoT   and if any one do,s robb it the pigs  I mean cops will turn up in time to nick the thief like in a weeks time or  2  or  most like never as always  in most cases

  2. Yeah, but if 50 -60 of these are just delivering, in a day, knowing what goods are what unit would be difficult. Anyways, that would not be needed. It's nothing new. I can see this being used as a tactic of war and not a benevolent way of shipping. Considering how the social system operates this would then further lathargize the people. Where Walmart's and grocery stores would then further increase the laziness of people rather than being a benefit. However kept in the postal services it would make sense. There is a down side also.

    When Electricity  was created the Torch wardens and Lantern lighters, for the streets of towns have disappeared. This may replace other delivery service. Since DHL / Loomis and many other transport companies have undermined through efforts against the governing body to monopolize a business sector to harpen liberty's of the people, this so called better outlets, actually were already thought of. Then then assimilated the governing bodies model and within its chain of command, intended and made poor choices and also lured in retards to then over paid positions. In doing so undermined the delivery sector and increased its over all load cost exponentially. See, the art of war, used as the love of money, in doing so created the transfer of useless goods to an alarming level, because they or individuals have a thought of delivering the wants and wishes of anyone, destroying their independence and development of virtue and self autonomy, putting them in a further health decay and risk of premature death. This is the current model of the use of the art of war.

    Its the same as the Carbs and sugar creations made to dull and impeded the mental functions of the once benevolent world, then the rewriting of history, just war and no Love. Real love, is kind of what the strong women and men did, like Cridge, instead jealousy and thieves, come in and in no time, setup their lies and assimilate the ideas the like.

    Such as the hotel of Parkside, read the Innkeepers act, still recognizes a chamber maid or housekeeping as Servants to the master of the innkeeper in the fine print on the door. Yes, we live in a world still filled with enemies, that have a love of money.

    Then this division is linked to the cardinals of Jesuits at the time. Not the saints. Now we have a Jesuit pope, who is as mindless and war mongering as ever, to the mental faculties of the human mind. the one who calls himself the Viccar of Christ.

    In other words a careful wise eye's sees, through hall the war and lies of individuals and nations that are pursuing the goal of extermination, without thinking of the ideals their serving, furthering tightening their grasp around life.There is nothing new, but it constantly expressed as modern or new, but is socially engineering lies, but cunningly stealing knowledge, but the perverts never address the author to its own creation, thus the dreamer isn't a dreamer but a thief.

    I mentioned drone program for delivery, but there was also transportation of an identical molecule over a long distance. That was debunked as an error. Perhaps with the call of war freedom of monetary investment in individuals would actually and have the planet, but instead, avarice locks humanity down. Because war is used as a thief in the night to those that create. German war is far more complex then Hitler and axis allies. France and Poland had already made by political and geopolitical means to attack and cut off Germany, they were creating an environment for war. The whole White supremacy thing is ridiculous which is nothing more then propaganda. China today has an actual class of race, which the Germans never really had, they were honest with their allies and worked, and its was an intelligent force that was working with their puppet then using influence in a terrible way. Nice people on the planet with tech and being full of knowledge s possible, but as long as commerce and sorcery exist into capturing or putting minds in bondage to its submission, I see only a dead world; nowhere near truth, it itself. These lies stem right into the world of sex.

    Like migration and diversity is not a virtue in itself, so it would be strange that someone would claim it to be morally right, while agitating and stealing from the works of others, thus creating a breaking of the laws of land. Instead of justice support the liar and thieves that came in and stole the works. It would seem rather strange, but meh.. the world burns another house down.

    What do you do when a people are trained to think another is stupid of less by their indoctrinating government?! Fuck you mao.

    So delivery agent has to be put on hold until the clean up of lawless commerce and wars are subsided, because it will be detrimental to the living earth.Another thing to think about is to work 4000 hours or to sell 4000 items? hmm.

  3. I hate to be a naysayer so I'll just wait and see how this turns out. But! That being said, from what I know flying drones would be a better option. Flying drones do not have as many obstacles as ground drones would. as for the CEOs concerns about (flying over kids in backyards) this can be avoided, by flying over roads, streets and highways traveling the same path as automobiles.

  4. Lol! The police is coming….I bet the police isn't very interested at some robot or robots that are vandalised if there are more important things to do…ridiculous idea.

  5. CoD C.L.A.W. units had the right idea. Giant walking mech dogs with guns.

    Happy robbing, chav scrubs. 😈😈😈😈😈

    10/10 GUN. Would never steal again.

  6. Erm, wow! If he think yelling and telling someone they have 5 minutes until the police arrive is going to stop people he's off his "trolley". Apart from the fact police numbers are at an all time low, are they really there to protect thousands of these things pootling around? If the companies potentially using these want them protected they can contribute the necessary financing to the police force. Amazon has the right idea with drones, they're still vulnerable but nowhere near as much as these things. You can just picture mobs of kids chasing these things around and smashing them up for a laugh.

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