Star Wars DIY - Princess Leia Hologram Phone Hack - RIP Carrie Fisher | Screen Team

Star Wars DIY – Princess Leia Hologram Phone Hack – RIP Carrie Fisher | Screen Team

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Ready for a Star Wars DIY? Today we show how you can make a real life Princess Leia hologram We also talk about the Star Wars Trading Card App Feel free to add us as a friend, our username is Kapoof Lets do some trades 🙂
In this video, Angie cosplays as Princess Leia and Chad cosplays as Darth Vader & Han Solo. For written directions on how to make the Princess Leia hologram, check out end of this description)
Turn your Smartphone into a 3D Hologram

Princess Leia Hologram template:
Princess Leia Hologram video:

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How to make a Princess Leia Hologram
Turn your Smartphone into a 3D Hologram

Things you need.
Plastic packaging or a cd case
Thin marker
Clear tape
Mobile phone!
Template (get it from our Facebook

Step 1 – Draw your template on to the plastic
Step 2 – Cut shapes out of plastic (we tried cd case first, it works but its harder to cut)
Step 3 – Tape each Side together
Step 4 – Go to and place hologram projector on to of the video!

Star Wars DIY – Princess Leia Hologram Phone Hack – RIP Carrie Fisher | Screen Team

Screen Team

it's Princess Leia kitty she she looks so happy about it too hey guys uh so last week I asked you guys who or should cosplay as next and you guys voted for Princess Leia yeah we made the cat do it instead help me obi-wan Kenobi you're my only hope licorice he he has no hope you guys know we're huge Star Wars thing sorry and we've also been hooked on the top Star Wars card trading app Hey what'd I tell you about throwing guns in the house look at all my cards I got I have force awakens cards I have plastic art Star Wars cards and all the space paintings alright yeah so today I want to show you guys how to make your very own Princess Leia hologram it actually works it's like a freakin hologram you can make in your house right now we're going to show you how let's do it things you need scissors clear tape plastic packaging or a CD case smartphone a marker and a template that you get from our Facebook many Bothans spies died to bring us this information step 1 draw your template onto the plastic step two cut shapes out of the plastic step3 tape each side together step 4 place the hologram projector on top of your phone and play the video you help me obi-wan Kenobi you guys believe that actually work I know I grew up watching the Princess Leia hologram I guess I just admitted that now you can do in real life and so that's really cool by the way feel free to add us on the Star Wars card trading alley I we're on there all the time we are morning 4:00 a.m. yeah p.m. we got new cards all the time concentrating going on tops has 30 years worth of official Star Wars cards on there they just got done doing the blue 1977 series and there's lots more to come so add us on there the name is kaboom and that assignment will see you on the star wars car trading app you

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  5. I saw this hologram tech at the CNE this year. Now I know how to do it at home.
    The Princess Leia Hologram video is no longer available. Anyone know where can get another or instructions to make one?

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