38 thoughts on “Spider-Man: Far From Home – SPOILER Talk!

  1. I was blown away that JK Simmons came back as Jameson
    I find it hilarious tho that he couldn't get the part in The Amazing Spider-man 2, but was able to in this sequel

  2. I thought this was a pretty boring movie so many plot holes it was ridiculous. If it was a dc movie everyone would be bashing it but since its marvel all the fan boys will be out in full force

  3. even if you have zero idea about Spider-Man and the comics, if the movie is only halfway done and the supposed baddies are already defeated you know there is more to come. I mean was anyone expecting the second half of the movie to just focus on a happy-go-lucky school trip of teenagers? I don't think so.

  4. Best cameo ever because he is the un-replaceable character in comic/movie universes. He’s the BEST. Jksimonds was born to play jjj.

  5. The only reason that I knew Mysterio is the villain from the very start is because of the poster which is the only thing I’ve seen. I didn’t watch any trailer before the movie. The poster only has Spider-Man, Nick Furry, and Mysterio. So who else can the villain be? It’s that simple. I thot everyone knew he is the villain when they walked in the movie theaters.

  6. Hey Jeremy. What you said about the conspiracy is related to what is the greatest value of "Far From Home". It is the fact that this movie really talks about the problem of fake news and post-truth.

    It does not matter what the facts are. Only what people believe in. And, to quote Mysterio, people today will believe anything.

    It's sensational that Marvel touches on such a important and current topic. FINALLY, their film is not just a collection of jokes and action scenes, but also tries to talk about something socially important.

  7. Why does no one talk about the spaceship where fury was in 🤦🏻‍♂️ it’s freaking S.W.O.R.D man come one

  8. Bro exactly I’ve been telling my friends for days now that if spider man had Quinton in front of him he would punch him in the face and be done with it and my friends were just denying how strong Spider-Man is I was like wtf if Spider-Man punched a regular dude in the face he would kill a man

  9. When flying from The Netherlands to London you don't go over Dorset. In fact you'd have to fly past or over London to get to Dorset from there.

  10. I do think Beck is dead cuz the guy downloaded the tech and Edith confirmed that there were no illusions

  11. I would say that the chick that played Betty Brant was really cute, I hope spidey's friend Ned gave it to her good and hard while they were together

  12. Just saying, how did the skrull dude pretending to be fury know about the embarrassing surfboard thing happy was talking about to prove it was him know about that thing. It would have been too embarrassing and random of information for fury to give. And he most likely wouldnt let him go through his memories

  13. Can you imagine Tobby McGuire. Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland in the same scene in the multiverse crossover

  14. Seeing JK Simmons made me think that there could be a multi-verse spin off with the other Spider-Man movie actors

  15. Only super nerds will understand the very last post credits scene beyond its humour….it's setting up S.W.O.R.D, whilst also leaving room for Secret Wars (fun fact, Maria calls Fury "Nick" at one point and Fury also says "not your earth" when referring to the multiverse

  16. This movie really pissed me off its so inaccurate, as a true Spiderman fan.. You'd have to be a fake fan if you give this higher than a B-

    Lol I swear like 10 people trying to justify saying this was better than Tobey McGuire like shut the fuck up lol this movie is ok but it's obviously inaccurate on many variables,

    I love Zendaya in a platonic type of way but she is obviously not MJ..

    They try to hard to crack jokes a sony, thing to do.. Even at the most crucial moments with every character I feel like they get more screen time than they should..

    Tom Hollands Spiderman is veeery incompetent they stripped him of all he stood for.. And it was just annoying and cringey to see.. He couldn't even save 2 people off of a small roller coaster -_- not to mention this crap is to pc culture, they took elements from the Spiderman game.. But mixed and mashed it up in a blinder of nothingness.

    Aunt May… Actor is to young and they try to put her in a relationship with a random shield agent.. Where the hell is uncle Ben cameos? Did he not exist she seems rather to happy to have lost her husband.

    I can't stress this enough, he literally can't keep his mask on for 10 seconds and cant be secretive for crap nothing like his comic book persona.. His ass was fighting an Elemental in Regular get up

    Tom Holland I know they tried to play it off like he was a genius like he's supposed to be but, Tom Holland was very unbelievable..

    He keeps using different suits when he should be wearing his regular suit the black streak stuff looks so tacky.. And he doesn't have the body type to play Spider-Man.. Given that he is like 16 at this point a kid but he has all ways atleast I feel had a very sleak type body tone like a spider.

    Mysterio I'm a little puzzled because I thought he did his own thing not have people behind the scenes doing his dirty work

    Again where is UNCLE BEN… He is the one that taught peter that Great Power, Comes with Great Responsibility NOT freaking Tony Stark he doesn't need Tony Starks shit to be who he can be he doesnt have,to look up to him either..

    And these Assholes at the end of the movie have the nerve to come out with his identity publicly to the masses pulling a One More Day type plot

    Nick Fury is retardedly hanging around with random Skrulls..

    Whoever rates this higher than a C is a dumbass, and the director of this I hope Stan Lee sends a divine boot up the person whoever directed this ass

  17. I felt so stupid for falling for it. I know that Mysterio dealt with illusions and I still fell for that twist >_< lmao. I'm ashamed of myself.

  18. The review from the Guardian spoiled the JJJ cameo. Fuming. Not reading newspaper reviews anymore – just videos and rt scores.

  19. The entire basic plot of this movie: Peter has to fight a bunch of drones to get Tony Stark's glasses back. Bravo Marvel, bravo.

  20. My thought was that this movie was entertaining, but very forgettable. It was meh. Which is a shame for me cause I am a huge Spiderman fan. Also, wish Disney/Marvel can cool it with the out of place, unnecessary humor in their movies. Shazam, Infinity War, Logan, Winter Solider, and Days of Future Past are really the only great comic book movies that have come out the past 5 years.

  21. So Mac Gargan was in Homecoming and now we have J. Jonah Jameson so they really could do a proper Scorpion origin. I'd love for Scorpion to be the villain. I was really expecting him in one of the credits scenes but oh well. J. Jonah Jameson again was fantastic.

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