Spider-Man Far From Home REVIEW

Spider-Man Far From Home REVIEW

Today J and Ben dive into the MCU to give their full SPOILER review of Marvel’s Spider-Man Far From Home. Is Peter Parker the next Iron Man? Is this the best Spider-Man movie? How does it rank vs the rest of the MCU?

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hey brother and welcome everyone to another super Carlin brothers review today we are talking spider-man bar from home this will be a spoiler review yeah today we're gonna dive in and try to answer the question will Peter Parker be the next Iron Man are you going to VidCon no way we're going to VidCon if you see us there make sure you say hey and if you want to make sure you see us there we are hosting a meet and greet in Hall D on Friday July 12th from 5 to 6 p.m. and on Saturday from a 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. we're going to be out on the expo floor at the esports truck like the giant trailer thing videogames and you get to come up and face off with us and you'll probably win because we're not very good at very good see you there so far from home and of phase 3 end of phase 3 weirdly I think we said that wrong in our last week's video we're like it's the kickoff of phase 4 and then I don't think it is realistically I think it's a pretty blurry line to me it's almost like a standalone in between phases movie if you ask me it would it would be weird to me like I almost like I know like Marvel officials have come out and said no this is the end of phase 3 I like fundamentally disagree with my I mean endgame is not the end it has the word end in it right so you know like it's yeah it's like a nice little it's like the epilogue really it's like an epilogue that's I'm happy to give it epilogue status but I would say end of phase 3 is still over this is just the epilogue this is just one phase 3 so it's also not the start to face four anyway they are pretty self-aware about it in the movie yes I don't know if it was Peter and Ned they literally say like move on to a new phase of our lives like in like the first five minutes it was like well that's not unintentional at all I think it's during like the the morning broadcast I think oh yeah that's Betty Betty says it yes yeah ready to move on to a new phase and then at the very end when they're doing like the web swing through New York City like they have like the 1 2 3 question mark and it's like we can't wait to show you what's next and they're like well that's obviously phase 4 right right I thought that was a cool Easter Egg because like um b2 it sort of introduces a new kind of Easter egg altogether like where it's literally speaking to like the production order for the movie I know it's like like they use space for you mrs. like a production term but now they're like no they're literally we're putting them in the movies we are aware of them inside the movie you're like okay I wonder if like the DVD box sets like if you'll buy like phase one like clusters that's very interesting like like you'd buy a Star Wars trilogy right right as if you would buy physical DVD boxes though when is the last physical DVD you bought I do not know maybe for our younger brother for Christmas a few years ago it was a blu-ray okay I think the last one I came to own was sent to us by someone and it was a DVD or a blu-ray of the peanuts movie by members of the Schultz family yes which was very cool really cool yes yes that's not what we're talking about also has nothing at all to do with spider-man unless secretly no that won't happen what possibly no definitely not anyway what did you think of this movie dude I just loved it I know I didn't really know I expected to like it I was really excited about Mysterio being the villain I thought was like okay well there's okay there is such a trend in media right now about subverting expectations like you think this is going to happen we set you up boom that's not what happens we've undercut the trope or whatever alright so Mysterio though is like the ultimate well known villain of like he's the villain of like he's gonna present the wrong way and then be the villain right right like so and he's sure enough and all the trailer she's like I'm a good guy right and he's played by Jake Gyllenhaal and you're like okay okay but if they really really wanted to like sub subvert the expectation like you'd be waiting the whole movie for them to pull the rug out and be like nope he's a bad guy just like you expected but for him to just be a good guy and just be so but it's weird because like I wonder if they knew people would wonder like like just on the edge of your imagination what if Oh what is I totally think they did I feel like the entire Nick Fury twist like is built-in specifically because you're like well there's no way Nick Fury doesn't know like there's no Bo's you're right Nick Fury exact that's sort of the thing that's what sells you want it maybe more especially in the trailers is that like he's Duke Nick Fury right and but it is funny because it's like it's easy to sit here and be like I didn't feel like Nick Fury was really being very Nick Fury you know something felt off the whole time cuz like you can't prove that or anything but she did I mean I'm gonna say it it felt like Nick Fury was a little bit off but even then he's like I've been gone for five years and that was the thing okay so the first pass I get through through the end and I was sort of like well that seemed weird and like I'm not sure they like did a good good enough job explaining like why Nick Fury would would have liked a chip or whatever mm-hmm second pass though there I think it's right when he runs into Peter and where he like is in his room with the tranq gun yeah and he says something along the lines of like I've been gone for five years no team no Intel know anything and right you could sort of get all of a sudden how much the world might have changed in seemingly what's like nothing for him you know I see this belief of time where he was gone who's back yeah and so that's interesting like they I thought there was enough to explain it yeah maybe he would be a little bit ignorant like maybe he is trying like ketchup huh it is funny that put that layer of protection around the like Nick Fury is a little bit off right – totally throwing off the scent and it totally did like when he transformed into tailless at the end I was like wow that's crazy no way it also preserves Nick Fury as always knowing what's up oh I know like he's just like up there like what he's not even concerned at the very end when they call him he's like I gave him the glasses that went to that head and goes according to plan real bad he's like whatever I don't right yeah clearly what you gave it to Peter yeah he handled it it's whatever yeah yeah not worried about that so that being said like in the movie how did you how did you like mysterious Oh like the very first thing we see I think even before like the Marvel little like kind of oh yeah like I want to be part of this yeah I like you don't see him first he's introduced right out of the game right away and then we sort of see him like emerges this hero the elementals are pretty crazy that's when we ran another word you're not really sure how he could be baking it oh yeah like I even ordered that like when the water monster pops up in Venice like Peter gets punched twice and he's like actually soaking wet right you know you're like man that is that's cool right it's it's like well and that's the thing too is like how how were they getting away with it like how is it able to create something that's fake but it's also causing damage and it's like they even explain that it's like he is causing damage right like they've got guns they're blowing stuff up they're pushing the water around they have sonic booms these drones are impressive right and the way is getting away with it is yeah not there at all yeah he's not doing it right yeah oh that's the sneaky thing is that like that's what's so cool is he's not flying around at all it's just think it small a hologram it's like ah like they went like a step further behind what you believe about Holograms yes you know you're like oh now why didn't I just think bigger right I know yeah yeah it's like it's like how does he get like today's like cable system or something like yeah I must be problems with that but no the entire thing is just sort of life thing is the thing set up oh so the first time I like watched it – I wrote like the fact that Peter personally gets hit twice by the water months there it's just like okay now what are the odds of this oh yeah but then it's like no that's part of the tell because it's like they're specifically targeting Peter cuz right yeah it's like ah right but that's the sort of thing that I feel like an other suit like older superhero movies they would have just been like oh it just so happened that Peter Parker was there wouldn't he know what he was in the middle of the action weird right right right yeah yeah this is very intentional though yeah it's like Peter were here where's the fire monster here Peter were here that's been happening yeah super good but no okay so go back to misty real quick the the one thing from the first time I watched it that I was so curious about the second time I watched it if there's the scene after Nick Fury like rages on Peter and he's like sitting up on the wall and Mysterio comes floating up and sits next to him and they have this like heart-to-heart yeah they cannot touch because that's not he's not actually is that actually that who you're right and not think about that one they don't they did not actually tire time and I'm thinking I kept thinking I was like they're gonna blow it they're gonna blow it by like having him I put his you know they give them a high five or something you know like I put his hand on his shoulder they do not touch the entire time so literally Peter is is talking to a hologram yeah yeah okay so the other thing I really liked about Mysterio is like if you've ever seen behind-the-scenes on any like production work for guys who are like in big suits like this yeah what they're actually wearing is this weird jumpsuit with all the like X markers and yeah like that so they like the the graphics people know where to place all the stuff yeah I thought it was just so cool that like inside the movie you're watching somebody wear one of those suits like on purpose right yeah that is funny because like if ever you spotted that at all that would be like a monster mistake and here it is like center screen yeah right in the middle of the time I think in particular is like a total call-out to the industry sure because I don't know if you watch Scott's latest video on nerd singing about why he loves Mysterio or whatever oh this is a really good video yeah check out nerdsync very good channel there he that whole videos about how the special effects crew that made like life of pot is Life of Pi one the one with the kid in the motor Tiger we all know it you know it anyway they put it all this were think of this Oscar knob that win the Oscar and them they like play them off the stage like 30 seconds into their speech like they didn't give them enough time right and like Life of Pi goes under with all this other things and it's just like that was the main thing that made the movie stand out sure there's this big anyway the overarching story is that the like visual effects Department just did not get their due like they didn't get to give like their their toast their speech their thank you thing but then there's this big scene in the movie where Mysterio gets up on the bar and is like giving a speech and giving full on 30 seconds of credit to you know extras assess it totally totally felt like you know the the special effects like voice was being said aloud yeah let's not anywhere like you guys are the unsung here I was here which by the way I love that speech yeah even the moment where he goes from this like hero figure that like you know Peter can all of a sudden look up to even down to putting on the glasses like Jake Gyllenhaal looks like oh Tony's my god it's like uh like it gave me chills when I was like holy crap like I see what they did like the whole gag with the glasses and as far as I'm concerned was for them oh man oh and it's just like you don't realize it at all like Jake Gyllenhaal just looks like Jake Gyllenhaal right but like as soon as I put the glasses on it was like but also let me tell you the moment Peter's like here you try them on like there was like I don't know if you heard it but like in our theater the first time we've heard there was like an audible like oh I'll do it it's like shit he does such a good job of selling now Peter gave it to you right right like like you literally could have accepted it right there it would have been fine right but he like huh ma'am really good so I was it hard but then like you know as Peter walks away and like you sort of see like what they're literally just sitting in like an abandoned building yeah but like as all the layers kind of like peel back and he starts like doing this like kind of like evil maniacal laugh you're like some word yes oh my god yes it's like oh I I think Jake Gyllenhaal absolutely crushed it he's very good thank you I thought he was spectacular yeah I liked him a lot in there all throughout okay so jumping back to special effects for a second because I think we can get off Mysteria moving to Spidey for a moment one area where I was kind of surprised where it like fell flat a little bit in this movie is the Venice fight scene which is when they're fighting I guess hydro-man the big oh yeah monster the water doctor this is the scene where Peter is being spider-man but he's not in his spider-man suit right and I feel like it really starts to show almost why they're in spandex suits right because it's easier to make that look like acceptable but when you're seeing he and like a t-shirt with like an open button down or whatever over top of it okay like I thought the CG was like kind of only okay it was good yeah well it's weird and so after seeing that I was like like I wonder if it falls flat for some reason and it totally doesn't like everyone have seen where he's in a Spidey suit it's absolutely amazing sort of animate Tom Holland it's hard to animate like a real person doing a thing whereas if you're doing spider-man's face which has two giant white eyeballs like right you know it's like that's not hard right to work with it's not it's not as yeah particularly interestingly though they actually had some practical effects for the suit once he went into the black suit where he had like the open and closed oh yeah I like to I like like when it's like they're physically wearing something right as opposed to like early on he's got the iron spider Sudan which is like oh right yes yeah I'm Syria was like fishbowl just sort of so we see him in several different suits in this yeah he's got the iron spider suit he's got the og og suit and he's got the black suit and then the fourth suit that he actually makes next nice yeah yeah what that scene it's really cool oh my gosh that's it like literally go welcome back okay but no so I thought there was a couple of interesting interesting things with the suits for one I think the charity event the Spider Man is that is like hysterically weak like right so bad yeah Peter's just like thank you yeah and it's like that's it like it's funny because like what he's fighting the bad guys he still has like the quips and stop there like the funny one-liners but that like in front of a big crowd agent Lee has no idea what to do right yeah I know there's like I mean like his performances when he comes to the event like they see the check peppers giving them like half a million dollars right so its bigger successful successful a bad eye I thought there were a couple of interesting teases for potential future things going on for sure III don't know if this flash ever go on to be a villain or is he just sort of like the high school bully no I think at one point he becomes venom okay I think I know he's definitely the high school bully but there's a definite theme of like he hasn't seen his parents in a while right right and he like he's like craving attention like he's always on the flashmob yeah like with that he's like and he even says like when he's doing his truth moment in the crown jewel vault or he's like I make video so people will like me or whatever right right like yeah well so the other thing that I think is interesting that makes him a potential peg for future villain is is his obsession with spider-man yeah which absolutely sets up for the idea that spider-man is going to fail to like save his parents or something like that oh sure something like that cuz like well when he puts on the Edith glasses and Peter doesn't he can see all the text messages around like flash is texting his parents like mother father haven't heard from you and like a couple days Oh didn't catch that yeah salt out in the second pass I was like cuz that when he gets back from the airport like his parents don't pick him up right he's also like the not mother couldn't make it ya know mr. Thompson so it seems like interesting to me I'm like I'm wondering if they're like subbing in flash for some sort of like Harry Osborn esque Oh or like if like his parents aren't there because it's like REO dad is Norman Osborn or something and you're gonna be like or you know I don't know maybe him and Peter will like really connect at some point in the future I don't know I know well into that that's the interesting thing about this so like I like the fact that this iteration of spider-man is doing some of its own things so like MJ in this like Michelle Jones yeah he's a character that we've just doesn't exist like this not Mary Jane Watson right exactly so me and you as we were walking out of the theater we had spotted like the Black Dahlia necklace and like they had drawn a whole bunch of attention to this now yeah throughout the entirety of the movie and at the end it's kind of like broken and smashed up which is wearing it anyway and like this was me putting on like my SCB triangles but like I'm immediately spotting like does that look like some type of you know bird or like what is it in this show yeah like I'm like what are there any like female black bug characters and like you know right you know then we look up like there is a group of characters called the black dahlias and it's like I don't know she's carrying the mace and then at one point she has that whole like it's like anti super power oh yeah saying bow yeah saying bow was like you're anti super powers like to you are you saying that you're gonna be like a some you're gonna have like an anti super power in the future cuz that's a type of detail if they drop then in like this totally innocuous way if it comes up later and you see that like retro actively it's like Raymond was like like yeah but like MJ has never been know so the people we were with walking out of the theater we're all like no no stop like it's never like that it's like she's not she normally has red hair black there's it's different it's different it's a different version it's definitely fans and yeah so I don't know like even even like what I thought it like they'd be like could she'd be like the next Black Widow or something that was kind of like like she has like anti super powers and that she's not really a superhero sure or not like super powered at least we don't know yeah well I mean like Natasha right right is not so yeah so I was like I can see that and then also like Natasha is like introduced in an Iron Man movie or like an Iron Man 2 and this is Spider Man 2 right and you know it's like there's an obvious Peters the next Iron Man theme going right and Black Widow with spider-man yeah so pretty dang good fed oh I don't like I don't know I'd be a very very weird turn in like a huge right and difference for MJ but I'm before um I think it could be interesting and so here here's like you know as you start circling the drain a little bit on our topic but like the question as to whether or not like so you could I think you can easily make the argument that Tony Stark ends up being and Robert Downey jr. specifically ends up being like the backbone of phases one through three dope for like he's very consistently in the other movies he's got tons of up here and says in like 10 movies total I think right like critically important to so much of the technology so much of the success and I feel like so much of what this movies about is presenting Peter with this question of like are you going to be the Next Iron Man to which the answer I think is yes right but like the coolest thing to me that makes me so ridiculously excited about that prospect is where Peters at right now as a 16 year old kid right so like I feel like if you're talking about another 10 years worth of runway for these movies to come out before we see like our next endgame level event right yeah yeah the amount of growth that we will get to see that character go through oh yeah gives me shivers tremendous yeah cuz yeah Iron Man starts out as like you know like a middle-aged man yeah he starts as just a older middle-aged man right end of it right I mean he's already like a billionaire like he's got all the technology so like you know where Peter basically has like a few pieces of like major tech and you know like the Spidey suit right clearly backing from you know stars arc now he's got the Edith glasses right so like you got the existing technology exactly yeah and what I'm so excited for is like watching this character who in the beginning is super enthusiastic in the middle is kind of hesitant and is dealing with this sort of like superhero life meets personal life dilemma which is like the classic spider-man yeah and ultimately like kind of that cap catching the older moment where like you see him step out like in front of everyone right like like everyone's everyone's behind him grow and he's got like but that's that's the cat moment the Iron Man moment is the snap right right right know the sacrifice yourself for everyone right which to me just big prediction right now like Peter Parker will eventually by Endemol you know face six ten years from now die Oh saving the day yeah you think it'll you think you don't mirror that nice light thing 100% is gonna mirror it nicely like it's first of all first of all movie literally opens the very first thing you see is the statue of the Virgin Mary right I sure like a Columbia side to that you're like what hmm what is the Virgin Mary have to do with anything you know like oh right she gives birth to Jesus sure that's the thing and then the whole movie is about who's the next Iron Man and it's like pretty obviously Peter like he literally sudden them I know and he says before the next Iron Man and then like happy has that moment where he's building the suit oh when he does that think when the arbok just like oh my I was like gonna cry that is like like my so that's like my favorite moment oh I like because you know happy is seeing yeah exactly exactly the right look doesn't realize it yeah it doesn't fill eyes it which is why it has to be him right then it's like yeah but what is the ultimate fate of iron man it's like he's the one who sacrifices himself for everyone else like he's the Jesus character of that arc sure I know and like I don't know copening on that statue to me pretty much meant he's gonna die 10 years from now he's dying shattered boom that's awesome that's their yeah that's Mike that's my big picture prediction for Peter Parker bold bold action yep Oh cuz I don't just talk him back like everything he learned from Tony you know I bet he tells somebody also predicted I bet he eventually tells somebody like if you can't if you like what does he say about the suit like if you need if you can't do without the suit then you don't deserve to wear it or whatever right right I would like one of these stepping stones have grown yeah like washing him slowly become someone else's like mentor right you know which is the idea of at some point like one person will be looking up to him right that's up so well I don't know who knows how we could all unfold but then on top of all that the Tony Stark just Iron Man imagery throughout the movie everywhere they go there's just like murals and statues and like really like sometimes like vigils with like candles around them which is also just very like religiously and sure now I'm sure so okay did you get any sense with that like that there was supposed to sort of still be this idea that Tony is still kind of watching over him like everywhere he goes um I don't think it was necessarily like a watching over him I think it was like the inescapability like he can't properly mourn because he can't like separate himself like he is more personally affected by this than almost anyone else right right baby besides like pepper and Morgan shuo now and like to that and like he's having trouble mourning because not only does he just miss Tony I think but also like everyone's then possibly looking at him to be Tony it's like he just can't even get over that he died right it's like he literally can't cross the ocean and get away from it but I still just everywhere it's everywhere and it's just like this wall he can't get over for most of the movie and it's crazy though because it is I mean it's it's in stark contrast not on purpose of what we saw in homecoming though like we're all Peter wants through all of them coming is to be here oh he's like right let me have him let me add him look let me help how can I help what are we gonna fight villains oh yeah you know when are we gonna do the thing and it's just like the complete opposite and this he's like right I don't even want to bring my suit like I'm gonna go on vacation I was gonna tell the girls like world this yeah mm-hmm so I don't know it's it's interesting yeah all right so moving into another big theme of this movie is like what is truth what would like which is a really deep question first of all it's a super big one but like it is basically constant throughout this like yeah almost nothing is what it seems and there's like so many different like ways that they bring about either the people in universe questioning things or us the audience questioning things or right not knowing who is who and who is who when right um yeah so yeah they attack it from a bunch of angles yeah and it's like I like the way even the way the mid roll credits and then the post-credits like continue to reinforce this theme throughout like Mysterio's like the truth is what people show them or you know I control the truth I think at one point MJ says like the concept objective the the concept of objective truth is fading out of the world and you know I think at one point I say like news never lies which i think is that most somewhat commentary I'd like current political yeah I'm not gonna govern about but ultimately it's like so you have everything in the movie happened and like then you have the big Jay jonah Jameson reveal with JK Simmons which was amazing absolutely yeah we had just talked about that at lunch that day yes we had it's like would you be okay with it we were like yes of course thank you else can play this guy yeah like how could you have spied about that Jay general Jefferson like he's got to get here eventually sure enough there he was can't wait oh love that guy anyway what's interesting is they introduced that scene right there we're like Mysterio has been like lying to everyone and then you see that Jay jonah Jameson is either buying into the lie or just perpetuating the lie for his own self-interest sure but whatever its peep some people will believe it oh absolutely it's like it's interesting because like you watch it you're like oh no I know what really happened because I watched the movie but all these people in the city you know they're not privy to watch any movie like I was they're just gonna believe what the news says but right but then the post credit scene rolls and then the scroll switch and you're like I didn't even know what was happening right right right oh man so it's just like who knows what to believe it it's very every faster everything got flipped on its head and I do think that it's like it's a very interesting theme going forward like with what this might be setting up right for the next phase because much like the II like infinity saga which is what we just completed with all the Infinity stones and ultimately famous in the gauntlet yeah is if you go to the comics another like major series that exists is Secret Wars right and Secret Wars is like fundamentally this idea if nobody knows who to trust in the scroll or a huge problem right in the secret war don't think that they will be in this particular iteration all like they could be they could be you know like so far the way they introduced the scrolls in Captain Marvel is that like oh they flipped your expectations because the scrolls are normal the bad guys but the some of the good guys but it's like what if you have good guys girls and bad guy scrolls and like both of them can change into the other people and sometimes are changing into people that you can trust and sometimes they're changing into people and you can't trust them and it's like ah like it's gonna be that'd be bonkers to keep track of it's not just like oh you're a scroll what you're a bad guy because you transformed into someone it's like they could be transforming just confuse the other scrolls right it's like oh right so the I'm very excited about that prospect because I do think that it offers a ton of opportunity for you and I just be like completely caught off guard right I'm also terrified of it to the tune of like you've never like you could always go in to watch any Marvel movie as a one-off and enjoy the movie without knowing like what the greater plot is right y'all got their own individual plots it my only concern would be what happens if the day comes where there's just too many different things you have to understand right in order to keep up with like the plot yeah that could be that could be a thing they normally do a pretty good job early on of sort of explaining this this is the set of power so shoot and the twist later sure like certainly if you just walked into spider-man far from home and it was your first Marvel movie you get to the post-credits scene and be like what on earth oh that's true was that right you know right and that even that though is one of those things where on the second pass you could find these little moments where yeah you sort of now that you know it's actually Talos in disguise and like there's there's at least two moments that I specifically caught I'm sure that there are more but the one of them is when Peter's like well why don't we just call Captain Marvel and he's like do not invoke her name and it's like you know like Captain Marvel was like you know like like they're gone right yeah yeah like big time save your status important it's like don't go there but then the other is like there's this one moment where there well how was I supposed to know the scroll had sleeper cells right I think yeah I wrote it down whatever they said there maybe I did yeah I thought I thought scroll the Cree having sleeper cells was top-secret information oh right yeah yeah so there were a couple of moments where that even sounds like something that fury could just be talk to himself but it makes more sense in palos but it's interesting too because like what once you once you know it there are certain things like even when happy comes in these like big fear is gonna call you and he's like me who's gonna call me like like you think in your mind like of course Peter has more potential that he's giving himself credit for like you're so worthy Peter but like right away like if Peter if you trust Peters instincts it's like Peter immediately understands like I'm not know like I shouldn't be the person you're calling for a rule threatening sure sure sure like I know it helped and whatever but you know this is um I shouldn't be the person you're calling right right yeah that's fair that's fair so there's I guess there's like sort of two sides of that coin but so the other thing that happened though like with sort of the twist is Maria Hill who I thought was pretty hilarious throughout this movie yeah yeah like like every every time like something happened and that felt like a berry Maria hill like be like why is this kid here like yeah you know this is not worth our time but then there's like the super cool moment where she like you know goes up on the roof and she's like totally expecting the thing to happen and she like bazookas that yeah the drone and you're like oh what a cool moment for her yeah and then you also I find out like that it wasn't her yeah it was still cool but like it really made sense for her yeah like that felt like a very Maria hill thing yeah I don't know who you are second scroll yes I'm gonna need some more character development on you which maybe we'll get maybe we will yeah thanks I think Captain Marvel – we'll probably go much much deeper into the scroll Kree human galactic situation yes absolutely absolutely maybe tailless actually is the big bad building in we're just like all playing into his hands there's oh okay so the other thing that I think offers have a little bit of like misdirect and it seems like it gets pretty much like flattened in this but the introduction of the like multiverse basic yeah is another thing that could get kind of confusing not totally good and this is one of those like where from the beginning we've sort of predicted that Quentin Beck is lying about being from a different universe but it's accidentally also correct that the multiverse may exist so so far only 50% of that is confirmed at least right exactly and so the thing that I thought maybe gave it like a little extra nudge towards the like his plausible side is the way that Peter reacts to it like he understands like the the science or philosophy I don't even know like the best way to like certainly you're crossing into those blurry lines when you start talking about multiverses exactly so to put like he at the very least seems to understand like how that could happen right and we we are watching a universe where they have recently invented time travel so that's true I think that to say that it's implausible would be well he says he says something and it sounds like he's just saying a bunch of like science mumbo-jumbo but he says like that would like change the way we fundamentally understand the initial singularity I think that was spot-on I believe I'm very modest but to that end the singularity they discuss an infinity war is like the like explosion of the Infinity stones oh so they would have to it like if if what Peter is saying is that they would be like misunderstanding that it's like well let me herd for them to misunderstanding sense we've seen that resolved sure you know show sexual I don't I don't know it's our multiverse is hard I you're gonna bring Loki back the only way to do that is yeah be a some type of you're some sort of tesseract space stone multiverse saying right yeah that'll be interesting we'll have to well have to figure out how that all goes now okay so far from home was there with what were your high points will be your low points oh maybe one of my high point so we haven't even talked about it what about my high point for the whole movie I think is when he does the little arm swoop thing yeah oh but otherwise is like the Mysterio I'm just gonna call the Mysterio trip if that makes sense yes I'm talking about literally on my little content are my list of favorite moments is yeah the fight with Mysterio where he like you get to see the way got Mysterio's manipulation of reality like can completely mmm-hmm overwhelmed yeah because part of like Mysterio's whole thing is that he's like just a regular dude yeah you know like he's not super-powered all he's really doing is just like making you unable to interpret reality right he's got quite an imagination going it almost seems like whatever the drug he's almost like making the drugs do what he thinks which is a little they weird I felt like this was I'm fine with it and I'm not gonna like critique it as like a huge problem but the fact that they gave us the scene where he's like specifically choreographing like no we need more smoke over here double the damage over there that I think is a slight problem with the fight he has with spider-man in like a concrete building where he like has him you know all confused and everything yeah because it does seem like he's making it up completely on the fly right and the fight are you making the special effects happen with your mind right now or did you just predict Spiderman would literally moved and every single spot he actually moved to right right and we just you know yeah the amount of planning involved with that especially in like half a day right exactly yeah exactly I don't know about that but like I think I think that battle was absolutely awesome it reminded me so much of just like comic books which was like a really cool way to like incorporate that type of like visual imagery into what you're what you're seeing there but even just all the different times that you know they would have Mysterio right in front of you and you the audience like totally understands where spider-man would go to punch him but he's actually punching a concrete wall yeah and it's like that doesn't make sense like I get when he pulls the crane down on top of him that moe I think I literally yeah don't write yeah but uh even I love I I think I like the most about it is that he plans in the double fake out like yeah the whole thing is just as great ruse like he fakes killing Nick Fury so that he can AB make Nick Fury fake kill him so Spider Man will tell them the information he wants and then it's like even that was fake it's like man it's like Inception levels deep yes what the thing was and they do it again in the final battle to where he he does the double faked out where like you think he's finally got him you think he's finally got him and then there's like the moment where he's like on the floor and he goes to like he's actually standing next to Spyder right and whatever and it's just like even then I didn't see it coming it kept getting me where I'm like we know what he's gonna do yeah what he's gonna do well that's the thing like well it occurred to me halfway through the final battle after he like a Baymen 'he's the illusion that like you're really you're letting spider-man fight on his own terms all of a sudden you're like letting him see all the drones and it's like of course he's winning all of sudden it's like even if you just like start maxing the drones again you'll just start winning again right like you sort of abandon your strategy even though for like almost no reason like you don't keep doing the monster obviously that's him that's God like you could keep illusion income and then sure enough he does it at the end but the other thing is that they really that allows a lot of like his trickery to work and then they establish earlier is that the spider sense or the Peter tingle yes isn't isn't working which they haven't really totally established thus far yeah I think it's like a power the only thing I think we've seen is really in infinity war when the ring shows up over New York and he gets like his hair stands on end yeah but I had that written down as well where it's like they definitely developed this idea of the spider sense as like like almost a we didn't have a place to include it in the past but like he needs it what I need to make sure he has that they tied it very closely into his like relationship with Tony whereas like him accepting Tony's death is also what will unlock the like the Peter King it's so funny they don't say spider sense at the whole movie but everyone knows what it is all right spider-man but everyone just knows his story right you don't like we don't have to tell you what the radioactive spider weird of the day what it's called the spider said it's like we could make fun of it and you'll already know right exactly exactly it's so funny how well it works it's so funny um that being said I think like happy and Aunt May's relationship and even just happy and for me was a total highlight of this movie yeah it definitely happens best movie oh for sure for sure and it's I like his development too because like in homecoming he's like kind of a jerk and he's like I don't have time for this right guy but then after Tony dies and he has like that like cheeseburger moment with Morgan it's like you're seeing that happy like he's finally change in a post tony world right it's affected him a lot too it's definitely affected him and he's definitely like you know stepped into like a cool like leadership position mm-hmm although the the moment where and this was in the trailer so like I knew it was coming but he's like you're my first butter man I work with spider-man not for spider-man it's like like why are we getting caught up in the details yeah like that's funny oh yeah so I thought that was great other things that I really liked are the fact that MJ and Peter are high school students yeah like in the past like especially with like Tobey Maguire you're like we have like a 30 year old guy playing like you know a 17 year old or something here it just it's harder to believe but like even that awkward moment on the bridge at the end like when you know Peter comes out mm-hmm like even like their awkward kiss yeah feels like you're like you're a nice right like like I was pretty awkward first kiss right exactly yeah what are my favorite Liza's I giving Ben a 50/50 shot that was fantastic man oh did you think they would do like the upside-down kiss or do you think they will I have no idea because that's another major departure with the MJ character is like you've always had MJ sort of had like her hair split interest between either another guy and spider-man or Peter in spider-man and this time she just like she now she knows like this is this is like the first iteration where she would just go basically from the beginning like you you said the whole other story right where it's like while they're dating that she doesn't know and it's like what's the matter right right and uh that's another thing that did fantastic with MJ is she's not the damsel in distress at all no sleep I realize it's really Ned if anything is like emotionally Nettie most frequently most in danger but that was another cool thing like where you know it's you don't constantly have spider-man coming in like saving em do ya largely like largely the classmates are pretty much gone from the scene except for the ferris wheel where yes they do a good job of just making like the four other core classmates of like flash MJ Betty and Ned and then sometimes Brad one what necessary yeah what necessary yeah so yeah I hope that was interesting let's see what else I had here okay so one of the things that I did not like about this movie is actually the bus scene when he puts on Edith for the first time Oh and basically like accidentally summons a drone right a kill Brad and huh like that's a moment where I'm like he's too smart for that like he is too smart to think telling a weapons device that somebody is a target is not going to result in anything other than like yeah invading is he uses a lot of vague terminology with Edith that leaves two questions like the big one of course I agree with you is sort of like no once all that drone or whatever right but like at the end when he's like asking is this real and what he's asking is is Mysterio dead and Edith is like yes all illusions have been canceled and you're like you didn't answer the question right right why didn't you ask them more specifically oh and then even like the the command at the end that's going to ultimately incriminate him with the Daily Bugle is like yes execute them all and yeah it's like really that's the way you're gonna say that sentence even when he said it I was like well that's gonna come back to bite you right I don't know that's a problem that was a weird way to say that yeah yeah so that was that was interesting although of yeah going back to the bus scene I did have the notes here that I thought the baby goat place nearby could be entire classes like oh like moments after almost veering off the road right everybody's like oh my god what just happened whatever and then he so he goes up he'd like shoots the thing out of the air comes in his hairs all windswept him bed he's like Peter I think yeah I'm sure you think none of us have noticed your new look I am loving it it looks like that he's got like the Tony Stark hair going right right yeah so I think the scene had its redeeming factors but I felt like that whole scenario was just a little bit lucrative even the fact that Brad gets like a picture of him like putting on the suit which ultimately doesn't end up mattering at all to put on the suit and it's like right now you're making sure it fits right yeah we're gonna fix it yeah doesn't matter pretty much at all that was a dumb so that seemed like a really weird way to like kind of tables on pad a little bit it was like okay yeah it also just reinforces like the whole like truce theme though because it's like yep Peter standing in his underwear with some random European woman right like that truthfully did happen but it's being obviously misinterpreted and presented the wrong way right yeah so I don't know yeah yeah the one teacher here's like totally useless any like Bulls BRABUS out good you gotta stop doing myself as I do that it would be cool teaching right now holy the cool teacher the teacher dynamic is pretty funny drop you know Martin Starr yeah and yeah smooth smooth and JB Smoove gay be smooth yeah let's move yeah yeah there's a perfume allergy hold on let's start moving people he's like that's it right away and then changes the seating in a way that does not make sense he changes where everyone sit again just this like are you gonna do a switch to pupil go Ned's initial plan would have worked yeah just Betty beater cool yep yeah all right I don't know is there anything we haven't talked about that people are gonna be able to comment since act believe you talked about this cuz that happens in every review and I'm like wow you're right we've been trying to kind of cover an entire movies worth I loved when happy through the shield at the arrow my gosh like how does cap do that it's like no I don't know yet but I think that that covered most of like my major major notes about it do you have a score for the movie oh man let's see I I don't know probably like like I don't know 88 feels right I live under it out of maybe 8.8 whatever you want to put it we don't really I feel like we should develop a more consistent scale we need a good scale and I feel like what we need to also do is like showcase where we have ranked everything else and maybe even us as individuals be aware of well frankly everything else might be good because at some point like you have to make that decision of like whether or not it was better than black panther or something yeah which I don't think it would be better than Black Panther no me neither that I was thinking a 9.2 but I also know that I'm always I feel like whenever I'm caught up in the hype yeah I'm always generous generous but no I love this movie I think it is the funniest well I don't think the funniest Marvel worth or Wagner I've already funny see this is why I can't talk I know I laughed a lot in this movies but I was like this much like the first half an hour which is like man this is hilarious yes yeah absolutely so does it have like a where does it where does it fit in your Marvel rankings or is that too big of a list I would say it's I still don't know that it makes top 5 for me hmm I think probably like probably in the 7 8 spot interesting beef would be mine which so puts it like pretty high tier yeah yeah well I've typically got like endgame infinity war up there like one two ish I don't know which one I think I like more or whatever and there's like black panther and guardians and like homecoming would be like my other three big ones see I saw the Iron Man's survivor I know there's somebody call of Iron Man so I'm like I don't know I don't know I feel like mmm yes I'd like the five six spot right there right there with homecoming okay okay what we really need I don't know like I said just personal enjoyment yeah have you ever watched the TV show Top Gear yes okay they do this like celebrity land thing yeah every time like they finish like they put like the celebrity in there we need a board like that that like shows where we're sliding it into the thing Oh write it and I'm like a 20-19 board or something yes 20:18 board I like it guys I am so curious to hear what your thoughts are on this movie did you love it is it better than homecoming are you excited for phase four leave all your thoughts in the towels section down below hey if you're wondering where you can get the awesome coffee mugs you've been seeing sitting on the desk the entire episode you can head over to Carl and brothers coffee com we've got coffee we've got decaf tea and hot chocolate and of course mugs guys thanks so much for watching today's video please remember to leave a like on if you haven't already and subscribe so you don't miss any future movie reviews from us if you want to see more movie reviews we have a whole playlist of them right here or if you want to see the post-credits scene from far from home explaining and check out this video right here guys that's all I have time for today bye

35 thoughts on “Spider-Man Far From Home REVIEW

  1. Loved the breakdown! One thing (and I didn't even notice this until re-watching after seeing FFH) Peter does use his Spider Sense in CA:CW. In the airport with Bucky and Falcon, when Bucky throws a sign at him. Peter jumps and says "Oh God" before the sign is anywhere near him. I just thought it was worth mentioning in case anyone was curious.

  2. peter will not be the next iron man because spiderman is his own thing, him and ironman are separate heroes

  3. Ben how could you score this higher than endgame? Its a great movie don't get me wrong but not the cultural experience of endgame

  4. I swear to god, If Mysterio doesn't return to the mcu i'm gonna be so mad

    He is my absolute favourite villian/hero in the mcu

  5. Considering the fact that this is the first movie after Endgame I'd say it absolutely nailed it!! Personal faves were Mysterio as a cool villain, Happy as Peter's new father figure and the end scene.
    The theme in FFH was "Whats gonna happen after the blip? Who is the next Stark?" And the post credit scene I think was there as a message that Nick Fury has a plan. Idk if what they were building was some sort of an intergalactial help center but it was DOPE!!

  6. Durning the ‘Mysterio Trip’ when he summoned Tony and said something like ‘you couldn’t even save him’ I was like HE WENT THERE! WHY!

  7. Every single change they’ve done for MJ in the MCU has been towards the character’s benefit.

    As for how it compares to Homecoming… man, I’m just not quite sure. Both movies are incredible, if not quite perfect(obviously, nothing is perfect), but my gut tells me Homecoming still does it for me just a hair more. Even while typing this out I’m second guessing myself, but hey, that’s how close they are.

  8. Hill says that Fury didn’t have any doubts at all, so you had to know that there was something up because Fury doesn’t trust anyone or anything ever.

  9. This movie was awesome. I am not sure they are setting Peter up to be the next "ironman" so much as they have set him up to more like Tony. Where in he may end up doing all the technology stuff as well as taking more of a lead within the MCU. This movie definitely makes the top ten.

  10. Thw whole new saga is gonna be about be about illusions and the concept of truth. Captain Marvel and the Skrulls, Docter Strange is a sorcerer and by so an illusionist, now Far From Home with Mysterio and JJJ. I think the new ultimate bad guy is gonna be an illusionist too.

  11. If you do buy the physical Blu Rays of the MCU, then the boxes do have numbers on the side indicating the phase (I recently got Winter Soldier, Civil War, Thor 3, and Doctor Strange from joining the Disney Movie Club). I still buy certain Blu Rays because the quality is better than a stream, and I think a lot of streams (if any) don't have 7.1 surround sound.

  12. I love any Spider Man movies in the MCU. I personally liked this one better than Homecoming. Homecoming was what really got me interested in the MCU though. Before that movie I didn't really like superhero movies, but now I've really enjoyed all the subsequent Marvel movies since Homecoming. I thought Far From Home was better because I liked the character development Peter went through both before and during the film.

  13. Don't apologize for being the smartest man in the room- epic
    Especially when mysterio was the snartest man in the room

  14. I honestly think that Tony's daughter Morgan is going to be Iron Man eventually. We HAVE a female Iron Man in the comics, so it would be super fitting to have her follow in her father's footsteps. Maybe have her learn from Peter. Also… how cute would that relationship be?


  16. Next movie, Flash joins the military after high school. Flash becomes an amputee then gets the Venom Symbiote in an upcoming movie.

  17. i think that black dahlia necklace was turned into a dragonfly, but i did think it was odd how they didn't draw any attention to it.

  18. Omg I have a theory that Spider-Man becomes the new iron man for a while then he starts teaching milles to become Spider-Man then Peter sacrifices himself to save the world.

  19. I think Flash will end up becoming Venom. He will be obsessive and spiderman finds it creepy and bam. Motive

  20. Why is it in the clip that they showed where he’s at the fund raiser and with Happy walking in with the check he has on the first suit Stark gave him in this video, cause in the movie he had on the Iron Spider Suit during those scenes

  21. I really enjoyed this movie. The ending where nick turned into a skrull blew my mind because I haven’t seen captain marvel. I was like what the heck? I personally liked mystero in this movie. I thought it was a nice take on him. I figured he’d be the villain though. Do you guys think mysterio is actually dead or was he faking that as well? Also what is peter going to do now that everyone knows his identity?

  22. This movie resembles what every marvel movie should be like and spidey movie should be like ps:tom Holland best spidey ever

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