Speed Coloring Toys Num Noms Princess Sofia Minnie My Little Pony Trolls Doc McStuffins | SWTAD

Speed Coloring Toys Num Noms Princess Sofia Minnie My Little Pony Trolls Doc McStuffins | SWTAD

SWTAD Kids video. Family fun playtime coloring My Little Pony, Num Noms, Princess Sofia, Minnie Mouse, Trolls. ❤️❤️ TO SEE ALL MY TOYS & DOLLS VIDEOS click on or use #swtad ❤️❤️ Thanks for watching #swtadkids

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In my videos I unbox, review and play with kids toys and dolls. My short stories try to convey positive messages for children. Here you will find stories with dolls and toys as well as coloring books, toy reviews, some crafts and dress up doll games.

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hi friends welcome to my channel SW tag kids today we're going to be doing something that you guys really enjoy it's been a while since I've last brought you these happy tins so yay I got some more the first one we're going to do is Minnie Mouse we're going to check really quickly what it comes with we have a page of stickers woo a poster on one side it's all color and on the other side it's done so we can color it ourselves oh it's so nice I'm going to start coloring it right away we have three best friends Minnie Daisy and Clarabelle and I think it's a very special day for Minnie and her friends want to know why oh it's because Mickey invited me to go out tonight and he bought me these red roses as a gift oh how romantic Oh Minnie how nice I wish Donald brought me flowers and the poster is finished since I like how it came out I'm going to give myself a sticker what else do we have over here let's check out this big one oh it's a storybook another coloring book friends how about we color the first picture here look at this big ice cream that Minnie is about to eat even the birdies are craving some since I like how it came out I'm going to grade it with this sticker let's see which other picture should we color ooh that was quick Donald Duck is bringing flowers to daizy I'm happy for Daisy friends she really wanted Donald to bring her flowers since I like how it came out we're going to put a daisy sticker on here and now it's time for the book that we all love it's the activity book ooh connect the dots I love it and it looks like whatever this is it's going to be super elegant I think it's one of those bows that Minnie cells in her boutique but it's super elegant totally a Jojo C wat typo friends it says to help Minnie and her nieces get to the picnic table let's see if I don't get lost oh I think I'm going to get there I'm going to get there yeah I made it look for the Minnie that's different oh I already found her this one was super easy because all of the Minnie's had bows on their shoes except for this one Who am I uh-oh it's super easy it's cuckoo loca we have to see what Minnie is watering in the garden oh it's a beautiful flower and now it's time to put away the Minnie stuff because now it's time to do a tin of doc McStuffins and I have good news it's in Spanish so we're going to be learning some Spanish words today the markers are the same color and let's see the stickers whoo I see a lot of Doc McStuffins friends and ding ding ding ding ding it comes with a poster it's full color on one side and for us to color on the other it looks like the doctor has a very important meeting today that's why Aurora is there stuffy Lambie and and Holly the thing is that there's a stuffed animal in the hospital who has fur that's all faded it used to be blue but now it looks light blue that's why the doctor called a very important meeting they're going to go tend to the teddy bear very quickly Wow friends this one was difficult but we finished it and I'm going to grade it with a donk McStuffins sticker let's continue yay a story book and it has some super nice and colorful illustrations and we're going to do the activity book we have to help the characters find their stuff the glasses belong to Hallie the robe is the doctors of course stuffy down here lost his collar Lambie with her bow and this belongs to Aurora can we unscramble the names of the characters this one is Lambie here we have stuffy in Spanish Velveeta here we have chilly in Spanish free Orlean and here we have Aurora find the differences I love it the first one is this cloud then this tree it says there are six the snowman's mouth the snowman's toy hat I don't see the other two friends I'm going to need your help here and the last one we have here is a coloring book and let's color the very friendly stuffy friends snow is falling outside but stuffy still wants to go outside and play I'm sure that he wants to make a snowman all done and since I like how he came out I'm going to put another doc McStuffins sticker on it another one a firetruck Oh No why is the fire trucks sad maybe it's scared to go with doc McStuffins and for this one I'm going to put a Lambie sticker on it friends we've finished with the doc McStuffins tin and we'll continue with the trolls tin oh this one is different let's see what this one comes with it has a wig so we can dress like the trolls how fun hair ties and even two hair clips and it comes with this booklet that gives us ideas on how to play with these hair ties at parties this hairstyle is cute we have another one Wow it gives us so many ideas for different hairstyles and the best part is that it shows us how to do them step by step ooh we have an activity here it says to draw hair for these trolls it's crazy hair day boys and girls so let's make this one we'll make some pigtails for poppy but with some nice bows for the twist we'll give them both perms for this one we'll make something funny oh I remember this one but I don't remember how the hair looked well we'll make something like this it needs to be crazy anyway we'll decorate it here with flowers we'll put a mohawk on this one and it looks like branches grumpy so we'll just give him his regular hairstyle this activity was super fun I liked it ooh a picture we can color how about we make a hairstyle with different colors Wow a super colorful hair salon just like her hair let's put the trolls tit away now let's continue with princess Sofia and this one is also in Spanish so let's take out all of the activities at once markers we have stickers here the poster this one also has one side fully in color and we have to color the other side ourselves so we're going to color it immediately it's a Saturday morning and Princess Sofia decided to stay in bed a little bit late so she can play with all her friends from the forest she was super busy during the week and she couldn't really spend time with her friends in the forest very enthusiastically the animals tell her all of the things that they did during the week and I'm gonna grade it with a princess Sofia sticker let's check out the books yay a princess Sofia story I love these storybooks guys they're super colorful we have to find the correct shadows whoo it's connect the dots and it forms a beautiful Pegasus find the picture that's different super-easy this one doesn't have her tiara and let's look at the coloring book oh yay it's the fairy godmothers from Sleeping Beauty what are flora and fauna up to it looks like Merryweather doesn't agree with the other fairies it's because Merryweather likes to do things her way all done I'm going to put another princess Sofia sticker on now it's time to put away the princess Sofia stuff so we can do the num noms tin now let's see what we're gonna do with the num noms markers look at how nice the stickers are Wow they're so pretty and here we have the poster oh we have to color this one on both sides friends I don't want it to get too late for me to upload this video so we'll leave the poster for another day and now let's see what we have it's a guide with all of the num noms awesome and it has this coloring book oh no it has activities – oh I know which one we're going to do we're going to make a hamburger we'll start off with the bun we'll put a piece of lettuce a slice of cheese a little bit of ketchup the meat a tomato slice and pickles since it's a num nom it has to have a face so let's draw a super kawaii face not bad what do you guys think let's look for another fun activity let's make an ice cream let's start by colouring the dish then we'll put a scoop of chocolate ice cream a scoop of strawberry ice cream a scoop of vanilla we will put some whipped cream on top and sprinkles and of course a cherry on top which of these is the imposter oh oh I found it it's this one because it doesn't have the little hair curl here it says to look for the pears this one goes with this one this one goes with this one this one goes with this one and this one goes with this one oh no this one doesn't have a pear this activity book was fun but we still have one more to do so we have to hurry ooh these are recipes they're pretty much all recipes well the num noms tin was fun but we have to do one more and that is my little pony the movie markers friends I'm also going to leave this one as well because I have to hurry I really want to upload this video early for you guys to enjoy and let's look at the stickers because they look super nice we have a storybook oh no it's actually a book to draw in how interesting let's look at the activity book and we have to look and see which of these paths take Twilight to spike let's start with B let's see how it goes oh yay it was B how lucky first guess is the best and here we have to find the correct shadow this one isn't it because it doesn't have a hat this one either this one does but this one does too oh but this one doesn't have a bow on the tail so the correct shadow is this one oh I like this one we have to follow the correct path the heart means we go to the right the Sun means we go down the cupcake means to go left the Sun Goes Down the heart to the right and we made it and finally we're going to color a picture in here and I already know which one and I already know which one because my favorite is rarity friends rarity looks good even when dressed up as a pirate and for those that don't know yet mr. Hamilton has his own channel so go check it out and subscribe

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